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Never Say Never Chapter 571-572

Chapter 571

I looked at the two of them, “I know, but the two of you should know better than I do in your hearts, I grew up following my grandmother, going around in circles for so many years, I never wanted my biological parents, when you threw me away in the first place, you should have made a plan in your hearts, it’s impossible for me to recognize you again in this lifetime.”


After a pause, when I saw Ivana lowering her head and wiping her tears, I drew a slight breath and spoke, “Besides, so many things have happened in this year’s time, what I can do now that I am afraid of is just not to hate or resent you guys, so in the future, we should not interfere with each other, just live our own lives.”


Lin Ivana’s eyes were already red, looking at me, her eyes haloed with teardrops, “child, it’s my fault, you have resentment, mother understands, but you can’t disown us, you are after all the one I gave birth to in October, I was wrong, I don’t blame impulsiveness, but mother didn’t know about you, ah, if I had known at the beginning, how could I have spared you the slightest harm?”


“So, replace me with Lu Xinran, and as long as I’m not your own, you can hurt as you please? Between people, who doesn’t have grudges with whom?” I suppressed my emotions, “If you kill someone ruthlessly because they have a past grudge, what kind of people have become?”


“I was wrong!” These days, I’ve been thinking all the time about the path I’ve taken over the years, I’ve been wrong too much, and I’ve ended up taking revenge on myself.


Mo Zhi Zhan’s face was somewhat downcast, pulling Lin Ivana into his arms and gently patting her back, helplessly comforting her, “Alright, all this is in the past.”


After a pause, he looked at me, his brows lightly knitted, “Child, I understand your feelings, you don’t want to go back to the Mo family, I won’t force you, but we as parents don’t want our children to suffer outside.”


He took out a black card from his suit, “Take this, you are the daughter of the Mo family, no matter where you are in the future, you must love yourself well, there is no limit to this card, in the future, I don’t force you to live your life how you should, just don’t condemn yourself.”


Lin Ivana looked at him, a little overwhelmed, “What are you doing? Where are you letting her go? She and Fu Shenyan are divorced, we’re all she has left, I can take care of her if she stays with us.


Mo Zhi Zhan sighed, “She has her own plans, we have missed out on so many lives, so don’t involve her in the Mo family, she has the right to choose her own life.”


Lin Ivana froze, silent for a long time, finally nodding slightly, her eyes red as she looked at me, “Child, you are out there alone, don’t suffer yourself, you can come back whenever you want.”


I pursed my lips, did not take Mo Zhi Zhan’s black card, after a moment of silence, spoke, “I appreciate your kindness, although I don’t have much money, but I have saved some over the years, living with the child, I can also afford to support her, your kindness can be withdrawn.”


After saying that, I got up, “It’s getting late, Four Seasons is hungry, so I won’t stay with you two.”


I carried Four Seasons into the bedroom and bumped into Jon standing in the doorway, meeting him with four eyes, he smiled awkwardly and said, “You feed Four Seasons, I’ll be back for a while.”


He then went out of the bedroom and I closed the bedroom door behind me and breastfed Four Seasons.


It didn’t take long for Jon to knock on the door outside, “Shen Shu, are you done feeding yet? Can I come in?”


I put a sleeping Four Seasons on the bed and got up to open the door, lowering my voice, “Four Seasons is sleeping, go outside and talk.”


He nodded.


Chapter 572

The living room!


He looked over at me, reached out, looked at me and said, “Hold your hand out!”


I frowned, “Do what?”


He didn’t say, he just looked at me.


I was speechless and put my hand out, he put the black card in his hand in my palm, I was just about to say no when he stopped me, “Take it, at least give them some peace of mind.”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything for a long time.


“Shen Shu, coming to this point is something no one wants, but we have to move forward after all, we have no way back, all we can do is just live the present moment.”


I nodded, understanding what he meant, and smiled lightly, “Don’t sound so righteous, I’m not as bad as you think, I know it’s all good now, so just live well for the future.”


It was the beginning of spring.


It was drizzling at times and sunny at others, and one by one, flowers were blooming along a viewing path in the centre of Jiangcheng.


Many of the tourist spots were also starting to bloom with peach blossoms. After taking care of the business in Jiangcheng, I took the Four Seasons and booked a ticket to the capital.


The airport.


Qiao En and Chen Xing were a bit uneasy and insisted on sending me to the boarding gate, Qiao En hugged the Four Seasons, her face full of reluctance, “You can still live a good life in Jiangcheng, why do you have to leave.”


I smiled lightly, “We spoke only yesterday, you can’t complain about parting, are you unsure about the Four Seasons following me?”


He bristled, “You are her mother, what do I have to worry about, go away, go away, don’t be an eyesore.”


I didn’t have much in the first place, just a bag with Four Seasons and other things that were a ha*sle to carry, the only thing I had with me was Four Seasons’ bottle and nappy.


Chen Xing had called the flight crew, so someone had already helped me carry everything up.


Seeing that boarding had already started, Qiao En hesitated and spoke, “Is it true that you won’t say anything to Fu Shen Yan?”


I shook my head and smiled lightly.


He sighed, “But he and the Mo family have completely tied the knot, and Mo Zhi Zhan is probably thinking about how to get him right now, so he won’t be able to get away to see you off.”


I didn’t say much, took my ticket and boarded the plane, looked at him and shook my hand and said, “Take care!”


He couldn’t let go of the seasons, a hard look on his face, his voice choked, “When you settle down, make sure you send me a message, Chen Xing and I will come over to see you.”


I nodded, Chen Xing had one hand in his pocket, his eyes were deep, and after a long time, he said, “Take care!”


I smiled lightly, “Take care!”


When we entered the first cla*s cabin, the stewardess brought baby pillows for the four seasons and set up a child seat next to me.


Probably because it was her first time flying, the little one was so excited that she didn’t sleep for the entire four hours.


She was so cute that every now and then a stewardess came over to tease her, and it was only after we arrived in the capital and got off the plane that she fell asleep on top of me.


After leaving the airport, I was going to take a taxi and go straight to the hotel, but I had just walked outside the terminal when I received a call from Shen Yu.


I didn’t answer it, turned off the phone and prepared to take a taxi.


While waiting for the car, a black Bentley pulled up in front of me and the window gla*s was rolled down.


I hadn’t seen her for a few days, and Shen Yu seemed thinner, her features more three-dimensional.


“The airport is not a good place to get a taxi, it will be the rush hour after work in a few minutes, the traffic jam in the capital is serious, get in!” He spoke, his gaze deep.


I pursed my lips, glanced at the taxi coming not far behind him, ignored him and walked straight to the taxi.


When I got into the car, I gave the address of the hotel, the driver saw that I had the children with me and asked kindly, “Are you here to visit your family in the capital?”


I shook my head, the Four Seasons were asleep and I lowered my voice and said, “Had a bit of business over here and came to take care of it.”


The driver started the car and smiled, “Is it a work thing?”


I nodded, “Yes!”


“My daughter is also your age, young people nowadays, it’s not easy, this baby is only this old and she’s taking the baby to work, it’s hard work, hey!” The driver sighed, said, and looked in the rear view mirror.


Frowning, he said, “What’s with this Bentley behind you, it’s been following since the airport, you know it?”