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Never Say Never Chapter 573-574

Chapter 573

I shook my head, “I don’t know!”


Luckily, there was no traffic, and I arrived at the hotel in forty minutes, and when I got out of the car, I went straight into the hotel.


Shen Yu followed me in, and when I was checking in, the lady at the front desk was occasionally looking at the handsome man behind me with one hand in his pocket.


After checking in, the receptionist saw me holding the baby and carrying my things, and said, “Miss, is this convenient for you? Do you want me to take you up?”


“No, I’ll take her up with me!” Before I could say anything, Shen Yu spoke up.


The receptionist lady was stunned, “Mr. Shen!”


Shen Yu nodded and lifted up the bag I had placed on the floor one step ahead of me, directly taking the room card from the receptionist and walking towards the lift entrance.


I frowned and didn’t say anything more.


Once inside the hotel, he saw that I didn’t want to talk to him, so he checked around the security of the hotel and then called for food.


After a long day of tossing and turning, I was a bit tired and when I saw that he kept on not leaving, I couldn’t help but speak up, “There’s nothing to do, go back, I want to rest for a while!”


Seeing that I took the initiative to speak to him, a light flashed in his dark eyes and he spoke, “I ordered a meal, you can eat later before you sleep, I promise not to disturb you.”


I ……


Never mind, I didn’t say much, I went into the bathroom, washed up and got the Four Seasons’ bottle and diaper out.


She would have to be fed later when she woke up, and her diaper had to be changed.


It didn’t take long for his order to arrive. I have a light taste and almost everything he ordered was light and set out the meal.


I looked up at him with little emotion, “Here’s the food, go back!”


He opened his mouth, still wanting to say something, seeing the Four Seasons awake in bed, couldn’t help but be happy, “Four Seasons is awake, you’re not good at eating with her, I’ll take her, when you’re done, I’ll go back!”


I didn’t say much more, after a long day of tossing and turning, I was really hungry too, so I simply ate some and let the waiter take away the cutlery.


Four Seasons kept crying, probably because she was unfamiliar with her surroundings, that’s why she was like that, and I changed her diaper.


I didn’t usually use the water in the hotel, and after thinking about it, I looked up at him and said, “I need some hot mineral water.”


He nodded, probably knowing what I was going to do, and headed out of the hotel.


Luckily, after he left, I nursed Four Seasons and she behaved herself.


When Shen Yu came in, he had a water dispenser and a bucket of mineral water brought in straight away, and a new small basin.


“Use mineral water if you want to bathe Four Seasons later, her skin is tender ……,” he said, looking at me with an attentive face.


I nodded, poured water and wiped the face of the four seasons, the little one had slept well and eaten enough to be in good spirits.


I was a little sleepy after a long day of tossing and turning, and after Shen Yu hugged the Four Seasons, I unknowingly fell asleep on the sofa.


When I woke up, it was already dark and I was so shocked to see that the Four Seasons were not with me that I sat up from the sofa.


The blanket I was covered with fell to the floor and subconsciously I looked around the room and saw that the Four Seasons were not there.


I was still calm and fished out my mobile phone to call Shen Yu.


The door was opened before the call could be made.


Shen Yu pushed the baby stroller in, and the Four Seasons were already asleep in the stroller.


When I saw me break out in a cold sweat, Shen Yu froze for a moment and said, “I saw that you didn’t bring anything with you to the capital, so I had someone buy you some clothes and household items. The capital is colder than Jiangcheng, and you often need to change and wash, so it’s more convenient!”


I nodded, looked at the four seasons, sighed in relief, sat back on the sofa and looked at him, “Thank you, it’s getting late, you should go back!”


He looked at me and said after a moment’s hesitation, “Shen Shu, I know you resent me in your heart, you can hit me and scold me all you want, but I’m your brother, you can’t push me away, you and the Four Seasons both need someone to look after them.”


I pursed my lips, sunk my eyes and said, “No, I can take care of her, you go back!”


Chapter 574

He frowned, a little helpless, “Why do you have to be so stubborn, things are already like this, there’s no point in us struggling, you’re pushing us all away like this, have you thought about your life after the four seasons?”


I raised my eyes and looked at him, my emotions light, “Yes, things are already like this, all I want is to be left alone to calm down, what’s wrong with that?”


He froze, speechless for a moment, and after a long time, he sighed and said helplessly, “Fine, I’ll give you time to calm down.”


I came to the capital, firstly, for Gu’s ai case, because I had been the one following up on it, and now that I had suddenly left, it would be unjustifiable not to account for it.


Secondly, I was saying goodbye to Shen Changlin, going to Huai’an probably for a few more years, and it wasn’t good for me to take the four seasons around for a while.




Four years later!


Time pa*sed almost as fast as just blinking, and I took the Four Seasons to buy an old house in the lanes of Huai’an.


I say old house, but it’s not really an old house, after all it has been renovated and looks almost as good as new.


The house is not big, two floors and four rooms, but the yard is rather large and the households are separated from each other by a fence.


The environment and climate in Huai’an are excellent, and those who come to live here are not only locals, but also people from abroad who come here to retire and like to live an idyllic life.


The courtyard is large and the children have a lot of space to move around, watching the four seasons grow up from wobbling and learning to walk to being fit as a fiddle.


The more time pa*ses, the more things are released.


When I first came to Huai’an, the Four Seasons were uncomfortable and always woke up crying in the middle of the night.


After a serious illness, the one-year-old Four Seasons started to understand my feelings and was much better behaved.


Huai’an is a remote area and I didn’t start looking for a job until she was three years old.


The first day I sent her to kindergarten, she took my hand and said, “Mum, you must come and pick me up at night, I’ll wait for you.”


For three years, the Four Seasons healed me, and she released me from thinking about that child at the beginning, and even from everyone in the capital and the river city.


It seemed my own life no longer had anything to do with them.


I hugged her and kissed her, “Mummy will come on time!”


This child and I have long since become one, inseparable.


There were no listed companies or advanced technology companies in Huai’an, and the first job I got as a single mother was as a dishwasher in a small restaurant.


In a corner of the back kitchen of the restaurant, I scrubbed the dishes, surrounded by the sound of people, while I quietly enjoyed the softness brought by the foam alone.


Life is not as exciting as the capital, but it is all about peace of mind.


At 5pm on the dot, I pick up Four Seasons and take her with me in the dining room, accompanying me in the back kitchen to polish the dishes.


She would always ask me, “Mummy, do I have a daddy?”


I asked her, “Do you want a daddy?”


She knew more than I thought she would, and she would ask me back, “And does mummy want it?”


I smiled lightly and took her on the way home to mention the dumplings as the lights were coming on.


Then back in the courtyard, sitting on a stone bench together, eating them, they tasted extraordinarily good.


Late at night, I occasionally dream of Muzi, who still looks the same as she did when she was a child, still coming to me with a few green mangoes in her arms at the ripening season.


We would eat them in the courtyard together, slicing them into pieces and mixing them with chilli powder, which we always enjoyed for an afternoon.


Once I became familiar with Huai’an in the four seasons, I started to sleep better and better, often until dawn.