Never Say Never Chapter 575-576

Chapter 575

Six months ago, a resort hotel was built on the Huaian Lake and I finished my job at the hotel and went to clean it.


It wasn’t hard work, but mainly because it was close to where Four Seasons went to school, so I could pick her up and drop her off.


In the evening, I cleaned up the hotel, changed my clothes and got ready to pick up the Four Seasons.


Zhang Nan leaned against the door frame and looked at me, “Are you going to pick up the Four Seasons?”


I nodded and looked back at him, a man under forty years old, tall with handsome features, “Do you need me to pick up Mo Bai?”


He smiled lightly, shook his head and raised an eyebrow, “I mean I’ll go along with you.”


Zhang Nan was the manager of the hotel and he had interviewed me when I first joined the hotel. After reading my CV, he was a bit puzzled and asked me, “You graduated from a prestigious university, why did you apply for a job in housekeeping?”


I smiled lightly, “There is no distinction between noble and lowly professions, besides, the salary for housekeeping is not low either.”


He raised an eyebrow and smiled. It was true that all other positions in the hotel had a probationary period plus a promotion period.


All the other positions in the hotel had a probationary period plus a promotion period. The pay was lower at first, unlike housekeeping, which was fixed and not bad.


I guess it was a good match, working in the same place, and then we found out that we were both single parents, so we got closer.


He was a manager, so he was inevitably too busy to pick up the kids sometimes, so he occasionally asked me to help him out, and when he picked up the Four Seasons, he picked up Mo Bai at the same time.


When I left the hotel with Zhang Nan, he picked up the car, which wasn’t far away and only took about ten minutes to drive.


There were more parents waiting at the entrance of the kindergarten to pick up their children, and many families had elderly people coming to pick them up.


So the rest area outside the school was full of old people.


“There are still five minutes left, you sit over there and take a rest, the sun is shining over here!” Zhang Nan pointed to the empty seat in the shade and spoke towards me.


I opened my mouth and couldn’t help but smile lightly, “It’s okay, five minutes isn’t long!” Probably because of the after-effects of childbirth, my body has been particularly prone to aches and pains over the years.


He smiled and didn’t push it, he just looked at his watch and chatted with me, “There’s an expatriate job at the hotel in a few days, the pay is higher, if you’re interested, I’ll say hello to the top and help you get placed.”


I shook my head, “I can’t go on a business trip, the Four Seasons will be scared if she stays home alone, I can’t go.”


He held his forehead and laughed, “I’ve taken this into account for you, the hotel now has basically no outgoing a*signments, so basically no need to travel, and because of the staff, there are two salaries in this position, and one for the hotel reception, Huai’an is a small county after all, there are not many business trips and receptions, so one person in the company is arranged to sit in these two jobs. ”


I froze, but was a little heartened, “How much is the salary?”


“Eight thousand!” After a pause, he said, “You are a university student who graduated from a famous brand, doing cleaning is too much, besides the four seasons are now slowly growing up, there are many places to spend money, you do cleaning that little salary, can not afford to spend.”


It’s true, when I left Jiangcheng, before buying a house and spending money over the years, there is not much left.


Four Seasons is going to school later, she is almost five years old, most children are starting to develop hobbies at this time, I was thinking the other day to enroll her in a painting cla*s to follow.


After thinking about it, I looked at him and said, “Are you sure?”


He nodded, “I promise!”


“Then I’ll trouble you!”


He lost his smile, “You’re welcome, but a word of thanks is never enough, you’ll have to treat me to a big meal some day.”


“No problem!”


Chapter 576

The kindergarten doors opened and the teachers took the children one cla*s at a time, with both Four Seasons and Mo Bai in one cla*s.


The two little ones saw us and smiled brightly.


Four Seasons looked at me and shouted, “Mummy!” After a pause, he looked up at the teacher and said, “Teacher Nuan Nuan, me and Mo Bai’s mum and dad are here, we’ll go first.


With that, the little one dragged Mo Bai towards us and ran.


Wrapping her arms around me, Four Seasons said in a milky voice, “Mom, I asked Mo Bai, to our house for dinner today, and he and I complimented your cooking.”


After a pause, she lowered her voice and said, “You can’t make me lose face!”


Helplessly amused, I looked to Mo Bai and said, “Mo Bai, is it okay to go to our dinner today?”


The boy, who spoke little and was introverted, clutched Zhang Nan’s finger, tilted his head to look at the four seasons in my arms and nodded, “Mmmmm, thank you Auntie Shen!”


“Let’s go then!”


Back in the yard, Four Seasons and Mo Bai went to pick melons in the backyard, while Zhang Nan drove out to sell fish.


I washed the vegetables in the kitchen in the backyard and started the fire.


This was how the days had always been, and for four years I had basically cooked for myself and cooked her good food in different ways in order to keep the Four Seasons healthier.


After washing the vegetables, Four Seasons and Mo Bai came back with some small vegetables.


The two little ones each carried a small basket, Mo Bai’s basket was so full that melons were falling out.


Four Seasons’ basket had lost a few beans for a long time, and it looked like they had picked them up after Mo Bai.


“Mum, we’re back!” Four Seasons was carrying the basket and had gotten a lot of mud on her little face.


Seeing that Mo Bai’s little face was sweating, I hastily took the basket, wiped the sweat stains on his forehead and said helplessly, “Next time, give some to your sister, don’t carry it all by yourself!”


The little one smiled and looked at the Four Seasons with a doting face, and said in a milky voice, “My sister is still too young to carry it!”


“Yeah, mum, I don’t even have the strength, that’s why I asked Mo Bai to help me!” Four Seasons had this cheeky skin that I suspected she had learned from Jon.


Glaring at her, I said, “Next time you bully Mo Bai like that, you’ll water the vegetables in the backyard for one person.”


Four Seasons beamed, “Just water it, it’s not like I’m alone anyway.”


I ……


Every time she was punished, Mo Bai ran to help him, and after a long time, this girl was so skinny that I couldn’t do anything about it.


Zhang Nan bought two carp and also got some crayfish.


The four seasons were bold enough to grab one in their hands and chase after Mo Bai to scare him.


The two children were playing in the yard when Zhang Nan took the basket from me and said, “I’ll wash the vegetables, the fish scales are all done, just put them in the pot.”


I nodded my head.


The two children, Four Seasons and Mo Bai, were probably hungry and looked up at me from around the stove when they smelled the aroma.


“You two little gluttons, go get the bowls and chopsticks and get ready to eat!” Zhang Nan put the washed dishes beside me and spoke.


It was usually Mo Bai who went to get the dishes at times like this, and Four Seasons was still standing beside me waiting.


Zhang Nan carried her to one side and smiled, “Be a good boy, go and bring the washed fruit by the sink to the table, dinner will be ready in a moment.”


Four Seasons nodded and looked up at me and said, “Mummy, you have to hurry up, I’m so hungry!”


I nodded, served the meal and Zhang Nan brought it over.


Seeing the two little ones already waiting at the table, I couldn’t help but laugh, “You guys eat first, I’ll just cook another green vegetable soup.”


“Mum, we’ll wait for you!” Four Seasons spoke up, looking at me with an expectant face despite being hungry.