Never Say Never Chapter 585-586

Chapter 585

His eyes hurt with a tinge of pain and he smiled to himself, “Yeah, you look all right.”


I nodded shallowly, unable to find too much to talk to him about, and spoke, “Have a seat over here while I go help.”


“Be friends, okay?” His voice came from behind him, helplessly distant, “Four years, I’ve numbed myself in countless ways, but that’s the way people are, the more they try to forget, the deeper they remember and the harder it is to erase.”


I sighed, not knowing what to say to comfort him instead, and looked back at him and said, “Mr. Fu, one must always learn to let go, I’m really fine here, I would resent and break down if I stayed with you. In Jiangcheng and the capital I seem to have a lot of family and friends, but I’m in pain, I can’t let go of those past, Huai’an is where my heart belongs, here I can live as I imagine, Mr. Fu, I hope you can understand me.”


He looked at me, his gaze was complex and warm, and the pain he could not hide overflowed.


He turned to leave, I sighed slightly, life is but the first thing you can’t get over is yourself.


When I entered the kitchen, Zhang Nan was washing dishes, seeing me enter, he faintly stared, “You stay with Mr. Fu and talk, I’ll do it here.”


I smiled lightly, “I can help with the dishes.”


He shook his head and his gaze fell on my ankle, “It seems to be swollen again, go and rest!”


Unable to resist him, I reentered the courtyard and met Chen Yi, who was as cold as ever, his dark eyes looking at me, his back straight.


“Special a*sistant Chen, you want something?”


He handed me the plastic bag in his hand and spoke, “Mr. Fu asked me to give it to you, medicine to apply to a sprain.”


I nodded and took it, “Take a word of thanks for me!”


He nodded and pursed his lips slightly, “Madam, Mr. Fu has been waiting for you for four years, he knows he could easily find you if he wanted to, but he’s afraid, he’s afraid you’ll still resent him and push him away, so he’s waiting, waiting for you to let go, waiting for you to go back.”


I smiled lightly, not quite hard, and opened my mouth slightly, saying calmly, “Thank Mr. Fu for me, and please persuade him, tell him that everyone has their own path to follow, no need to dwell on the past.”


Seeing me open my mouth like this, he opened his mouth, but ultimately did not say a word, and after a slight sigh, left.




The next day.


The injury on my ankle was quite healed, and after dropping off the Four Seasons, I went to the hotel.


I met Zhang Xinxin, who had blocked me in at the door, and saw that she had two sturdy men with her.


I couldn’t help but frown and looked at her coldly, with some suppressed anger.


“Shen Shu, if you kneel down and apologise to me now, I can consider letting bygones be bygones about you scalding me and letting you stay in the hotel to beg for a meal, otherwise ……”


“Or else what?” I spoke, my words shallow.


She snorted coldly, “Or don’t blame me for making your daughter no good and making you …… a known ……”


I frowned, young was originally a romantic and beautiful thing, looking at her, I couldn’t help but feel that young is sometimes, quite annoying.


My eyes fell on the man behind him and I spoke, “You can try if you have it in you.”


Annoyed, she looked at the two men behind her and said, “First cousin, second cousin, do you hear me? Take her away from me and get her properly killed, I’ll let her be so arrogant.”


In this palm-sized county, indeed, a little strength is king, there are not many rich people, and even the rich people do not bother to take care of the people here.


Zhang Xinxin was brash, partly because her father had indeed been in this position for many years and was considered a local snake.


When I saw the two men approaching me, I couldn’t help but frown and my tone cooled, “Zhang Xinxin, don’t you do your research before you offend someone?”


Chapter 586

She sneered, “Investigation, what kind of goods do you think you are, worthy of my investigation.”


I fished out my phone and dialed Shen Changlin’s number, looking coldly at Zhang Xinxin, “I warned you, you deserve to lose your father’s position by playing like this.”


Her face didn’t look too good, so angry that she spoke directly to the two men, “Get rid of her for me.”


The phone in my hand was picked up and Shen Changlin’s voice sank slightly, “Shen Shu, what’s going on?”


Holding the phone, I pursed my lips and said, “Third Uncle, Huai’an County Governor Zhang Dezhu is a fisherman and oppressor of the people, and almost all of the money allocated from above to help the poor is in his pocket.


Shen Changlin gave an encore and said, “Are you alright now?”


“Yes, they don’t dare to do anything to me!”


He gave an encore and spoke, “I’ll come over tonight, just protect yourself, the rest, wait for me to deal with it.”


I nodded my head and hung up the phone.


Zhang Xinxin paused for that few seconds, then sneered and said sarcastically, “Shen Shu, you’re just a single mother who has fallen on hard times, what kind of rich lady are you pretending to be with me?”


Looking at the two strong men, she spoke, “First cousin and second cousin, take her to the wilderness and treat her well, it doesn’t matter if she dies, I’ll take care of it.”


The two men were sensible enough to look at me with some hesitation and looked at me, “What is your surname?”


I raised my eyebrows, “Shen Shu, didn’t Zhang Xinxin tell you what my name was?”


The two men stared at each other and said, “There seems to be a Shen Changlin up there, last time my uncle went to a meeting downtown, he even met him and said he was going to be promoted again.”


Zhang Xinxin looked disdainful, “You two think too much, she’s been in Huai’an for four years, if there was really someone above her, she wouldn’t have stayed here for four years and still haven’t seen anyone come to see their mother and daughter.”


“Heh!” There was a cold laugh coming from a voice that sneered coldly, “You don’t see a coffin without a tear.”


These words came from Chen Yi, who had come out of the hotel. He was followed by Fu Shen Yan, the man’s gaze was low and cold, taking away some of the eerie chill.


Zhang Xinxin was stunned and hurriedly looked at Fu Shen Yan and Chen Yi, “Mr. Fu, Special a*sistant Chen!”


Fu Shen Yan didn’t look at her at all, his gaze fell on me, his eyes sunk slightly, and he said, “Are you well?”


I nodded my head, not speaking.


Chen Yi looked at the two strong men standing beside me and said, “If you two are smart, you should finish apologising and go home to make a good living.”


The two men were not stupid, and seeing Fu Shenyan’s noble elegance, they knew he was no ordinary man.


They froze and looked at me and bowed in apology, “Miss Shen, I’m really sorry for offending you just now, don’t worry about it.”


“Let’s go!” Chen Yi spoke, looking at the two men and waving to hurry up and leave.


Seeing this situation, the two men didn’t say much and looked at Zhang Xinxin and said, “Xinxin don’t fool around, hurry up and go home!”


After saying that, the two men left.


The first time I saw this, Zhang Xinxin’s face got worse and worse, so angry that her face turned white and she looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, don’t you just know how to seduce people? Maybe ……”


I wasn’t in the mood to bother with her much and simply ignored her into the hotel, but she didn’t know what she was mad about and had to tug at me, relentlessly saying, “What are you running for? Aren’t you capable? Why don’t you bring someone here? You want to investigate my father, I’ll wait!”


I frowned and looked up at her with a light expression, “Miss Zhang, I never understood at first why you, the daughter of a prefect, would come to the hotel to work as a receptionist, now I can understand, your father should be smarter than you, and she knows your stupidity well, so she let you come to the hotel to make a living, at least, this brain of yours put you in a higher position, he should have no one to pull down long ago. ”


“You ……”


Pushing her out of the way, I went into the hotel and went to my office.