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Never Say Never Chapter 587-588

Chapter 587



Zhang Xinxin didn’t mess with me anymore, but probably because she was in a bad mood, she went straight home.


I didn’t notice when Chen Yi appeared at the office door, I was just attracted by the screams of other female colleagues in the office.


“Miss Shen, can we talk alone?” Chen Yi spoke, his face combed and serious.


Noticing the gossipy gazes cast around me, I pursed my lips and nodded, “Yes!”


As I exited the office with Chen Yi, with no one around, I paused, “What does Special a*sistant Chen need to talk about?”


He pursed his lips, “Mr. Fu wants to see you.”


I subconsciously wanted to say no, but after a pause, I nodded, “Where is he?”


“The hotel garage!”


I nodded, “Yes, I know!”


Seeing me turn to go back to my office, he continued to speak, “Miss Shen, Mr. Fu is waiting for you downstairs.”


I ……


looked back at him, I was silent for a moment and spoke, “I know, I’ll go get my bag!”


He froze for a moment, but didn’t see the look of embarra*sment, nodded and said in a serious manner, “Then I’ll wait for you here.”


“Make yourself at home!”


It’s true that when people spend a lot of time with each other, their magnetic fields get close, and the more these two work together over the years, the more they act alike.


I got my bag and came out of the office, vaguely relieved to see him looking at me, that looked like I would just walk away.


The car park.


In the black Mercedes S-Cla*s, the door had been opened and Chen Yi was halfway to the car when he found an excuse to leave.


I got into the car, the man was looking down very seriously at the documents, the movement was elegant and noble, the colour of his eyes was light.


I spoke, “Two o’clock, I have to work this afternoon!”


He paused, closed the file in his hand, raised his eyes, his gaze fell on me, his voice was light, “I’ll send you back after dinner.”


Huai’an is a small place and there are not many famous and cla*sy restaurants, but Fu Shen Yan found one, and it was a Chinese restaurant.


I had made a reservation in advance, and just as Fu Shen Yan and I arrived, the food began to be served.


I looked out the window with a faint gaze, it was already July, the days were flying by, the summer was almost gone in a flash.


He didn’t make a sound, his gaze was light as he served me the food, very serious, until there was nothing left in my bowl to fill it with anything he stopped moving.


His eyes lightly glanced at me, “Try some, they’re all your favourites.”


I lowered my eyes and my gaze fell on the table, indeed, as he said, they were all what I used to like to eat.


But after several years away from Jiangcheng, people change. I didn’t do anything, I just raised my eyes and looked at him lightly and said, “Chillies are too spicy for your body, I’ve been used to eating light for a long time.”


The four seasons grew up with a fear of spice, and over time, I stopped touching chillies, even occasionally stir-frying without garlic and ginger because it would be spicy.


He slightly twitched the knot of his throat, seemingly some suppressed emotions floating, for a long time, he nodded his head, his voice warm, “I’ll change it again!”


After saying that, he raised his hand, beckoning the waiter to change all the dishes to lighter flavoured ones.


I opened my mouth, wanting to stop, but felt there was no need to, and just looked at him with a faint gaze and a shallow sigh.


The waiter arranged the dishes from new and changed the bowls, and he continued to give me dishes, moving gently, “Eat more, you seem to have lost weight.”


I pursed my lips and looked at the bowl that was heaped with tips, somehow indescribable, having lost my appetite long ago.


Four years have pa*sed and I have become more and more silent. If it were before, I would have taken the initiative to ask him what he had called me for.


But now it seems I am more and more prone to silence, unwilling to say anything more, looking faintly at the bowl in front of me and eating in silence.


He placed a gla*s of water in front of me, his voice warm, “Eat slowly, worry about choking.”


I lowered my eyes and was silent.


After a meal, for half an hour, he did not move a single chopstick, watching me eat.


When he saw me put down my chopsticks, he spoke, “Are you full?”


Chapter 588

I nodded and wiped my mouth slightly.


Looking at the time, 1:30 p.m., and looking over at him, I spoke, “Thank you for your hospitality, it’s late, I’ll go back to work.”


I got up and walked out of the restaurant.


It wasn’t quite indifference, nor was it a deliberate push away, it was just that I always felt that some things pa*s.


He followed me out, “I’ll walk you back.”


I nodded, did not refuse, Huai’an is not good for a taxi, so go back if time.


When I got into the car, there was still silence all the way.


When I didn’t say anything, he spoke up, “I’ll take care of Zhang Xinxin’s place, so you can work without worrying.”


I frowned, “No need!” Since I called Third Uncle, I didn’t want him to handle these trivial matters.


I was just pushing things along.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


Back at the hotel, I spoke lightly, “Thank you!”


He nodded his head, remaining a gentleman and elegant.


Shen Changlin came very quickly, arriving at the hotel at 5pm, perhaps abruptly.


There were also some wealthy local people who followed him, and he didn’t intend to hide them.


Just a few simple and subtle words, he arranged for the people around him to check on the prefect, and the others were sent away by him in droves.


Looking at me, he sighed slightly, “You, child, have lost weight again.”


I smiled lightly, and seeing that it was getting late, I said, “Are you hungry? Why don’t you come to our house for dinner and see the Four Seasons?”


He laughed, “I thought you were going to leave me hanging in the hotel, but it’s rare that you ask, I’m an old man and I have to go.”


I laughed, “You can’t be too proud of it then!”


He frowned, “What are you talking about, you child? You’re still my Shen family’s daughter written into the family tree, when did you become so rusty?”


So I smiled lightly and took him home with me.


As I had told Zhang Nan in advance to pick up the Four Seasons, they were already there when Shen Changlin and I arrived at the courtyard.


Four Seasons looked at Shen Changlin, rather like he knew something, and tilted his head to look at him and said, “Uncle, I’ve seen you in mum’s phone.”


I froze for a moment, and so did Shen Changlin, who was puzzled, “Oh, so you know me?”


Four Seasons nodded, “En, you specialize in catching bad guys.”


I snapped to attention, she must have seen the news and that’s why she said that, sometimes I would watch the evening news so I would notice what was going on in the capital and naturally there would be reports about Shen Changlin.


Four Seasons has a good memory, so it’s normal for her to remember.


Pulling Four Seasons along, I spoke, “Four Seasons, you can’t be so rude, this is Grandpa.”


Four Seasons tilted her head to look at Shen Changlin and said in a ghostly voice, “Can Grandpa help me catch the bad guys?”


Shen Changlin bent down slightly, looked at him and said in a warm voice, “Who does Four Seasons want Grandpa to catch?”


After thinking about it, Four Seasons said, “The bad guy in Uncle Zhang’s hotel, she always scolds mommy and calls me a wild child.”


Little children are simple-minded, before I took Four Seasons to clean in the hotel, because I was not too comfortable leaving her alone at home, so I often took her with me, and occasionally I met Zhang Xinxin, a woman with an unforgiving mouth, so she would always verbally abuse a child.


I originally thought that Four Seasons would not take this to heart, but I didn’t want her to just say it.


I smiled lightly as I pulled her along and said, “Four Seasons, Grandpa is here to eat at our house today, not to work, we’ll talk about catching the bad guys later, today mommy has given you a small task, you and Mo Bai take Grandpa to the backyard to see what Grandpa likes to eat and pick some back, can you?”