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Never Say Never Chapter 589-590

Chapter 589

Four Seasons nodded, “Of course you can!”


After a pause, instead, as if remembering something, she pulled Shen Changlin and said, “Grandpa, let’s go, the grapes that mum is raising on the fence are ready to eat, let’s go pick them.”


The little one’s mood came and went quickly, seeing her pulling Shen Changlin to the backyard.


Zhang Nan looked at me looking a little different, “You’re Shen Changlin’s daughter?”


How should I put it?


After thinking about it, I said, “Four years ago because of fate, he recognized me as his goddaughter, so it’s sort of like that.”


He was silent for a while and didn’t continue to ask.


The best thing between people is to keep their distance from each other, to have secrets but not to deliberately explore them.


Halfway through dinner, there was a sudden knock on the door.


I got up and couldn’t help but follow him out.


Before I could react I heard Four Seasons’ voice, “Mum, there are bad people!”


I was startled and hurried out to see Zhang Xinxin barging in with her eyes red and swollen from crying and her face haggard.


Before I could react to the sight of me, she walked quickly towards me, tugging me and kneeling down without waiting for me to react.


She pulled me down in tears, “Shen Shu, no matter what, I am the one who provoked you, it has nothing to do with my father, you can torture me as much as you want, my father is innocent.”


I probably got a good idea of what was going on. Shen Changlin had always been quick and precise in his actions, and his style of handling was not easy to guess when he was in a high position.


I originally thought that if he came to Huai’an, he would at least wait until tomorrow to investigate, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.


Around but a few hours, Zhang Xinxin approached the door to plead for mercy.


I pursed my lips, broke her hand and took two steps back, distancing myself from her, “Miss Zhang should be looking for the wrong person, my place is not a Buddhist temple, you should go to the suburbs to worship the gods.”


Probably because they heard the commotion, Shen Changlin and Zhang Nan, who were eating in the house, both followed them out.


When they saw Zhang Xinxin, they were both stunned, and then they couldn’t help but frown.


It was rare that Zhang Xinxin, who had never watched the news, knew Shen Changlin, and when she saw him, she hurriedly stepped forward and cried, “Mr. Shen, please let my father go, he is just an ordinary person who has been honest and honest all these years, it’s me, I shouldn’t have caused trouble, I shouldn’t have been arrogant and domineering.”


She cried so hard, “It’s all my fault, if you want to take personal revenge, come towards me, don’t touch my father, Mr. Shen, you are in a high and powerful position, you are not afraid of anyone, but we are different, my father has been honest all these years, he hasn’t done anything harmful to God, he is a small official, he is struggling, he can’t fight you at all.”


These words, word for word, are saying that we are bullying people by force, not distinguishing right from wrong and abusing our power.


Shen Changlin, who was used to being incorruptible and clean all his life, listened to her words and his face clouded over, not responding to her.


Instead, he looked at me, apparently asking who she was.


I pursed my lips and spoke, “It’s Zhang Dezhu’s only daughter.”


He sank his eyes slightly and didn’t speak anymore.


I looked at Zhang Nan and said, still calmly, “You take the child and Third Uncle back to dinner, I’ll sort it out.”


Zhang Nan looked at me and didn’t say much, just looked at Shen Changlin in a low voice and said something, and then took the two children inside.


Shen Changlin was firmly in a high position, there were some things that he naturally couldn’t say anything about, he just looked at me and went in.


I did not rush to speak, but found a seat and looked at her indifferently.


Perhaps the matter felt that she had made so much noise for half a day, but was not taken seriously, some frustration, Zhang Xinxin face even worse.


Looking at me, he fell calm, “Shen Shu, what exactly do you want from me?”


Chapter 590

I smiled lightly, not quite aggressively, and just looked at her and said, “If I hadn’t had someone behind me, if it had been someone else, I would have been the one begging for mercy, wouldn’t I?”



She had brought in two strong men who definitely didn’t want to make things easy for me, and if I was lucky I could have stayed alive.



If I’d been worse off, I would have been dumped in the wilderness.



One cannot deny that certain relationships are important, important enough to save one’s life, or even to take personal revenge.



She looked at me, suppressing her anger, “What do you want to do?”



I smiled lightly, “I won’t do anything!” If he is innocent, no one can do anything about it, but if he is not, it is not just him who will be in trouble, you have just said that Mr. Shen is so powerful that he can take personal revenge. I hope that when we meet in court, we won’t be too embarra*sed.”



“You ……” she said, her chest heaving with anger, “Shen Shu, you’re despicable.”



I really wasn’t in the mood to discuss such compromising words with her in my flower-filled courtyard, so I smiled lightly and said, “Miss Zhang should go back, not only will your presence here do nothing to help your father, it will put him in jail in all but name.”



Even the most foolish person knows how to avoid harm, and when she didn’t know about the people around me before, she naturally wouldn’t have cared about what I did or said to her.



But now that she knew, she would naturally think twice about it and ponder it carefully, and when I saw her leave, I stood in the courtyard for a while.



The four years were really stolen from me, and now that I have counted carefully, they are all coming, and I am afraid that I cannot be quiet.



Shen Changlin was picked up by his a*sistant after dinner, and Zhang Nan took Mo Bai back with him.



The four seasons ran themselves to bed and fell asleep without Mo Bai to play with.



After all, I am getting older and I don’t seem to fall asleep that easily. The nights in the height of summer are naturally beautiful with the stars filling the sky.



The robins were always chattering because of the heat these days, but the nights were already quiet and with the robins as company, it wasn’t so lonely.



In the middle of the night, there was a knock at the courtyard gate. I got up and opened the door.



Under the dim streetlight, the man’s gaze was low and deep, and his slender body stood like jade at the door.



Without waiting for me to speak, he had already taken me in his arms, not speaking, only the vague smell of alcohol surrounded him.



Helping him into the courtyard, I spoke, “Been drinking?”



He didn’t respond to me, he just held me quietly, looking as if he was asleep.



It was late at night and the courtyard was getting cool, so I got up and helped him back to his bedroom.



Before I could help him to the bed, I was pinned against the door frame and he was holding my face and smelling it.



I raised my hands and tried to push him away, but men and women are different and I couldn’t survive him after all, “Fu Shen Yan, let go!”



He stopped moving, his eyes deep, his handsome face with a sadness he hadn’t seen in a long time, “Four years, I thought I could let it go slowly, but the more time pa*sed, the more deeply rooted it became, and late at night, I could only rely on alcohol to numb myself.”



The words were unknown, but they were tinged with pain.



“Just get some sleep.” Helped him to sit on the bed, drunk, somehow like a child.



He won’t lie on the bed, just lies on my knees, his arms around me, and for a long time, I hear his faint breathing.



I sighed, my voice low and calm, “Are you really drunk?”



He didn’t say anything, just held me.



I probably knew that if he was really drunk, he just wouldn’t have found his way here.



Lifting him up and putting him on the bed, I went out of the bedroom.



I made a sobering soup and placed it by the bed, looking at the man in the bed who still had his eyebrows closed and was handsome and gentle.



I spoke, “There are children in the house, if you want to come in the future come during the day, the seasons are light sleepers and easily woken up.”



He slowly opened his eyes, his dark eyes fell on me, haughty and elegant, “Angry?”