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Never Say Never Chapter 591-592

Chapter 591

I shook my head, my emotions were light, “Not really, get some rest and some sober soup.”


After all, it was someone I had loved, even if I let go of it, I couldn’t be a stranger when I saw them again.


Out of the bedroom, I found a room, and rested.




The morning sun enveloped the whole of Huai’an, it was too early for the sun to be strong and a thick fog surrounded the small city of Huai’an.


If it had been earlier, climbing to the top of the mountain, I might have been able to see a fairy mirror.


The four seasons had to go to school, I got up early and stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking at the woman in the mirror with pale eyebrows and light brows, when did that look of sadness disappear from my face?


Perhaps it was the moment I came to Huai’an and let go of everything in my heart, this city, it really is a good place to recuperate.


In the courtyard, Fu Shen Yan was already up and I saw him standing under the almond tree in the courtyard seemingly looking at something.


After just one look, I didn’t go up to disturb him.


He turned back, his gaze shallow, “Awake!”


I nodded and casually asked, “What’s for dinner?”




I didn’t say much, my nature seemed to be getting lighter and lighter.


Four Seasons got up and seemed a little surprised to see Fu Shen Yan, the world of children is simple.


The world of children is so simple that they can’t talk without thinking, so they looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Uncle, why are you at my house?”


Fu Shen Yan smiled lightly, “Uncle has no home to go back to.”


The first time I saw the man, I felt that time had pa*sed and everyone’s heart had become a wasteland where no gra*s grew.


During the meal, Four Seasons talked a lot and kept asking Fu Shen Yan some strange questions.


Fu Shen Yan answered them one by one, without the slightest hint of impatience.


He looked at me and his voice was shallow, “Things are almost done with the hotel, I’m going back to the capital for a few days.”


I nodded my head and didn’t say much.


He looked at me, his gaze deep, “Rest well.”


Chen Yi drove to pick him up and didn’t say goodbye as he left, just urging me to get a good night’s rest.


I watched him leave, my heart calm, he came unnoticed and left without a sound.


Shen Changlin’s arrival has given this small county a new look, and Zhang Dezhu has been removed from his post.


Chapter 591 Duanwu Festival


> people in the hotel, more or less know the relationship between me and Zhang Xinxin.


This day in the bathroom, Jon sent a message saying that he had gone back to Jiangcheng and would come back in a few days.


I replied with a few words, turned off my phone and prepared to go out.


I didn’t want to hear the chatter outside before I could get up.


“Have you heard, Xinxin’s father is in trouble, he’s been suspended from his job, and seems to be in jail.


“That’s not true, after so many years of corruption, there is finally someone to clean it up, look at the villainous way Zhang Xinxin used to be, look at her again now, ridiculous.”


“I heard this has something to do with Shen Shu? Where do you think a thirty year old woman like her got the skills?”


“I’m afraid she’s been adopted!”


“I don’t think so, I heard she’s Shen Changlin’s daughter, so ……”


Staying in the bathroom for a long time is not a good thing, I got up and pushed the door open, and the chatter of several people came to an abrupt end.


They looked at me, smiled lightly, greeted, “Miss Shen, you’re here too!”


I nodded, didn’t say much, washed my hands, and walked away.


In this life, when you are young, you will be sad for a long time because of a little gossip, but when you think back, you are actually still not really capable.


The actual background ability of people, in fact, is not afraid of what gossip, others only a few words, and is not the people they care about.


The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a lot of people to talk behind your back.


When I returned to the office, Shen Changlin called and said he was going to look at the city, Huai’an side of things are basically almost done.


The deputy county chief maintains a few days, and when the new county chief transferred from downtown arrives, it will also be normal.


It is always a family member, I got up to send, Huai’an does not have an airport, they need to drive directly to the city.


After some simple and subtle words, the people left.


I was in a bit of a trance, coming and going, and after everything returned to normal, it was as if everyone had never been there.


Dragon Boat Festival.


Although Huai’an is small, but the folklore is sufficient, the hotel is on holiday, Zhang Nan proposed to go to the temple to worship, by the way, take the children together to climb the mountain.


The Lotus Temple, situated at the top of a hill to the east of Huai’an, is not very crowded, and with everyone in the city watching the festivities, naturally not many people run to pay their respects.


Chapter 592

With an early start in the morning, the children had good energy and didn’t need to be cuddled and hugged, and they joked and laughed all the way to the end.


Buddha was grand, Four Seasons took incense and candles, and Zhang Nan helped her light the incense as her tiny body knelt before the Buddha and bowed, too solemn to be a child.


“She’s too serious to be a child sometimes!” Zhang Nan spoke in my ear, sighing a little, “Too understanding.”


I pursed my lips and tilted my head to look at the compa*sionate bronze Buddha without offering worship; the years had only pa*sed thirty years, and I had experienced all the births and deaths, except for the people I had lost along the way.


By all accounts, I hadn’t lost anything!


“I’ve heard that the Buddha in the Lotus Temple is particularly good at making wishes, do you want to try it?”


Zhang Nan put the scented candle in my hand and spoke with raised eyebrows.


I smiled lightly, didn’t take it and said lightly, “There is nothing to wish for, the living are well, the dead rest in peace, all things are life.”


The four seasons got up and ran towards me, looking up at me and said, “Is there anything in particular that you want to see, mum? You can ask the Buddha to let you meet in your dreams.”


I smiled lightly, took the half-burned joss sticks in her hand and inserted them into the incense burner, “Four Seasons, the people Mama wants to see are always in Mama’s dreams, there is no need to ask.”


She tilted her head and nodded, seemingly understanding, and looked at Zhang Nan and said, “What about uncle? Have you made a wish?”


Zhang Nan held a joss stick in his hand, smiled lightly, lit the incense and spoke, “My wish is for you and Mo Bai to grow up happily.”


When we came out of the temple, it seemed to be raining, with dark clouds and a cold wind hanging overhead.


Zhang Nan handed me his jacket, “You’re weak, don’t freeze.”


I didn’t raise my hand to take it, I just smiled lightly, “It’s not a problem.”


He frowned and draped his clothes over my shoulders.


Four Seasons pulled Mo Bai and whispered, “Mo Bai, does your father like me?”


Mo Bai, always silent, tilted his head to look at Zhang Nan and shook his head, “I don’t know.”


A child’s language is always so straightforward.


Zhang Nan smiled and didn’t bother to emphasise.


The rest of my light fell on the clothes on my shoulders, the mood was light, the occasional greeting of concern, as would be the case between friends, not exactly like.


As we walked back, it was a little dark, and after eating something in front of the temple, both Four Seasons and Mo Bai went to bed.


Zhang Nan drove the car and parked it in front of the courtyard. He got out and prepared to take the Four Seasons inside.


I spoke, “I’ll do it, it’s getting late, you take Mo Bai and hurry back to rest.”


He froze slightly and nodded, a man in his forties with a different style of dealing with things than a boy in his twenties.


A woman’s polite refusal was the best respect for them.


The ambiguity of a twenty-something is pa*sionate and romantic, the ambiguity of a middle-aged man is probably just three meals a day and a nod and a smile.


Holding the Four Seasons and watching him leave, my mobile phone rang, it was Fu Shen Yan, picking up the phone, I switched hands to hold the Four Seasons.


“Would you feel abrupt if I showed up at this point?” The man’s voice was low, magnetic and S*xy.


I subconsciously looked near the courtyard, and sure enough, in the alley, under the dim street light, he was still in a suit, high cla*s and elegant.


The black Mercedes Benz was parked beside him, and I saw his eyes looking deeply at me, steady and introspective.


In four years, he had become more and more stable and reserved, with a natural aura that was more and more attractive.


“I need you to hold the baby for me!” I spoke into the phone, the keys were still in my bag, Four Seasons was asleep, I was holding the phone and holding her, I couldn’t spare my hands to find the keys.


His low laugh came to my ears, the phone hung up and he came towards me, I was far away just now and only when I walked in did I realise he had flowers in his hands, beautiful.


He had a smile on his lips, like a spring breeze, he took the four seasons from my arms with one hand and handed me the flowers in his hand, “Happy Dragon Boat Festival!”