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Never Say Never Chapter 593-594

Chapter 593

Looking at the flowers in my arms, I smiled lowly. I knew he was coming back, but I didn’t want him to come back so soon.


Putting love and unlove aside, perhaps rejoicing in my heart is the best outcome.


I pulled out my key and opened the door, the night was deep but the moon was bright.


Pointing to the Four Seasons’ room, he sent her in and came out a little creased, but still not too handsome.


“Do you mind if I stay the night?” He spoke, a smile lurking at the corners of his mouth.


I lowered my eyes and handed him the toiletries I’d found without further ado, and he took them, breezing into the guest room.


Chen Yi did not seem to come with him, and it was not hard to guess that he had come, not before work, but me.


There were some things that could not be thought of more than once, and he maintained his gentlemanly demeanour and stayed in the courtyard.


Perhaps because of his rash appearance, Zhang Nan came to the courtyard less often.


He took care of all the pick-ups and drop-offs for the four seasons, and he basically started to intervene in the cooking and cooking, and even the clothes I changed occasionally, he would take away and wash.


We had three meals a day, and the three of us had a fairly peaceful life. We couldn’t finish the fruit in the yard, so I would pick some and take it to the hotel every day.


Zhang Xinxin remained at the hotel, but she was not as high-minded as before, and when we saw each other occasionally, she just kept her face quiet.


It’s better than meeting someone who has already torn their face off and still has to smile three times.




Zhang Xinxin took the initiative to approach me and said she wanted to eat together.


I refused, “I’ll eat at home later.”


I know that I have offended many people by being arrogant and domineering in the past, and everyone holds a grudge against me, but I have to live after all, and the hotel is where I work, so I don’t want to make the relationship so frosty and embarra*sing for everyone to see.”


“It’s just a simple dinner, and I have no desire to shake hands and make up, just for show.”


I pursed my lips and smiled lightly, “You’re being blunt.”


She shrugged her shoulders, “It’s come to this, nothing I can do will help, I have to compromise.”


“Good!” I nodded, not really thinking anything of it.


There weren’t many decent restaurants in Huai’an, she found one with a nice ambience and ordered her food.


She looked at me, “Since you are Shen Changlin’s daughter, why don’t you stay with Fu Shen Yan openly and honestly?”


I froze and was a bit surprised by her topic, “What do you mean by open and aboveboard?”


“Fu’s president’s fiancĂ©e and lover, it’s always been a big deal in the capital, and you never pay attention?”


She looked at me, feeling a bit like she didn’t believe me.


I took a shallow sip of water and spoke, “What the relationship is between him and me, actually, seems irrelevant to you, an outsider.”


She shrugged her shoulders, “You don’t want me to say it because you think it’s humiliating that you, a titled lady, aren’t out in the open.”


That was a comment that didn’t hit home.


I frowned, “You could have spent your dinner time looking at the entertainment if you were more interested in the gossip.”


I got up, not really having an appetite anymore.


She followed me out, her voice uneven, “You can’t move Lu Xinran, who is protected by Fu Shenyan, or Nan Xiangxiang, who is in and out of all the big and small events with him as a starlet, all you can do is take me, a small girl from the county, and ask, the persimmon picks the soft one, Shen Shu, you are unhappy yourself, why do you still want to harm me?”


Chapter 594

I frowned. In her words, I became a woman who is not on the stage, and Fu Shenyan became a diamond king who is a womanizer?


This is quite an interesting plot.


Looking at her, I spoke, “If a person never reflects on herself and only puts her own faults on others, then she will not only suffer, she will fail more completely.”


I don’t want to interfere too much in other people’s affairs. When people live to a certain age, they just want to live their lives the way they like.


Back in the courtyard, Four Seasons was picked up by Fu Shenyan, who had picked a lot of fruit and was holding a watermelon in the courtyard, scooping it up with a spoon and eating it.


When she saw me, she said excitedly, “Mum, you’re back!” She put down the watermelon and ran towards me.


Laying down in my arms, she said softly, “Uncle Fu just said he would make us cola chicken wings tonight, just waiting for you to come back.”


Seeing that Fu Shen Yan was not in the courtyard, I could not help but speak, “Where is he?”


Four Seasons pointed to the backyard, “He said that mum had some clothes that couldn’t be washed in the washing machine, so she was washing them by hand in the backyard.”


I froze and went to the backyard, what clothes couldn’t be washed in the washing machine?


I saw the man in the backyard squatting at the washing basin scrubbing his clothes, he had changed out of his usual dark black suit.


He was wearing the warm pyjamas I had bought him in the city the other day, casual and homely.


But he was so used to wearing high quality and highly tailored clothes on a regular basis that I had thought he would never wear them.


I didn’t want him to wear them, and when I saw that he was washing in his hand the underwear I had taken off last night, my face burned a little for a moment.


When he heard the movement, he looked back at me, his eyes were gentle, “I’m back, I’ll be ready in a moment, the four seasons picked watermelon, you go eat some, don’t eat too much, it’s not good for your stomach.”


The day to day F**gots, I didn’t know what it was supposed to be like, but it always seemed that this was how it was supposed to be.


I didn’t say anything, I just walked towards him and took the clothes from his hands, my face was hot, “I’ll wash them!”


He frowned, “Your hands are already wet, go on!”


Then abducting me with his arm, seeing the four seasons coming, he said, “Take mummy to the watermelon.”


I don’t know when, but he was different from the Fu Shen Yan I used to know, counting the time, he was also thirty-five or six, perhaps because he was getting older, he was becoming more and more stable.


Knowing that I could not argue with him on my own, I got up and went to the front yard, my heart in a bit of a trance.


I had seen more or less what Zhang Xinxin had said in her mouth, and the internet was developing quickly, not to mention that it was a famous figure in the capital.


A single-handed man with money and a face is more inviting than a young and handsome fresh meat.


Reporters and the media focus on his private life and inevitably dig up something, and Lu Xinran’s existence has become numb to me.


As for Nan Xiangxiang, she was a popular girl who burst onto the entertainment scene two years ago. After several TV dramas became popular, she also became popular.


The truth or fiction doesn’t really matter anymore.


I live in Huai’an, with the four seasons of life, he came I do not refuse, he left I do not stay, too much of life is to seek but not to get, not to seek naturally will not be afraid of not to.


Dinner time.


When Fu Shenyan cooked and set up the meal, there was a knock on the door and Four Seasons ran to open it.


It was none other than Zhang Nan and Mo Bai who came.


The father and son were carrying a lot of crayfish in their hands, still alive, obviously freshly salvaged.


When I entered the courtyard, I saw that Fu Shen Yan was also there. Zhang Nan froze for a moment, but only for a moment. He handed me the lobsters and smiled, “I saw an old man buying them when I went to pick up Mo Bai this afternoon, so I brought them here. Mo Bai is allergic to lobsters, but Four Seasons likes to eat them.


I nodded, took the lobster, greeted people sitting down.


Fu Shenyan, Zhang Nan is seen, the age difference between the two shake hands, light smile.


To say the least, it was the first time the two had actually met at my place. Zhang Nan was shallow and all she and Fu Shenyan talked about was economics.


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, thin lips shallow smile, “Have you got any wine at home?”