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Never Say Never Chapter 595-596

Chapter 595

I nodded my head, “Is wine okay?” There were too many grapes in the yard to eat, so I made a lot.


He smiled lightly, “Yes, it’s not polite to have guests in the house without wine.”


Zhang Nan faintly stared, looking a little surprised.


I smiled and got up to get the wine, and when I returned, I saw the two men chatting shallowly and seemingly in harmony as the conversation was about me.


Sitting back in his seat, Zhang Nan looked at me and laughed, “After knowing each other for so long, I didn’t even know you couldn’t eat shrimp.”


I looked at Fu Shen Yan and saw him opening the bottle of wine with his eyes lowered, his gaze as warm as jade, his temperament elegant.


I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief and looked to Zhang Nan and said, “It’s not all that I can’t eat, I like it in all seasons and I still eat it occasionally.”


When the disease fell from giving birth to a child, seafood is warm and cold food, eating it will be more or less uncomfortable, but it does not mean that you can’t eat it.


Zhang Nan smiled as Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth and took the initiative to pour him wine, his voice shallow and magnetic, “All these years she was here, thanks to your care.”


I have never told anyone about my relationship with Fu Shen Yan, although Zhang Nan has doubts in his mind, but he has always been a gentleman, if I do not say, he naturally will not ask.


The two men drank from their gla*ses, and it was quite harmonious.


The two men seemed to have a lot in common.


Fu Shenyin is a business wizard in the capital. If his years in Jiangcheng were spent hiding his light, then these four years in the capital are when he has made his mark.


In four years, he has become more and more dazzling. In just four years, he has run Fu’s into the most prominent company in the listed companies, and he has invested in almost all the industries in a bold way, and finally made a big profit.


Such a man is not only dazzling in women’s circles, but also in men’s circles, where he is looked up to.


The two children went to bed early and the four seasons went back to their bedroom, with Mo Bai leaning on Zhang Nan’s knee, sound asleep.


When they saw this, they didn’t say any more.


When Zhang Nan left, Fu Shen Yan got up to clean up the dishes on the table, I wiped the table and looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, you’ve become more and more stable.”


He looked at me and smiled lightly, “How should I compliment you, that you have become more and more gentle?”


I lost my smile and took the rag into the kitchen.


He put away the dishes, took the rag from me and spoke, “I’ll do it, you wash your hands and go check on the four seasons.”


Knowing that I couldn’t argue with him, I didn’t say anything more, washed my hands and went to see the Four Seasons’ bedroom.


When I came out, he was already tidied up, lying in the living room, eyes closed, breathing calmly, and seemingly asleep.


I turned to the bedroom, hugged a blanket and put it over him, touching his shoulder, and he woke up.


I didn’t know what to do for a moment, but I was a bit dazed.


He had a light in his eyes, extraordinarily bright, “Several times I saw you in my dreams again, and when I woke up to find you weren’t there, I always had to wander for a long time.”


With a few short words, I wandered off a little and my face burned a little at the look of his hot gaze.


Avoiding him, I smoothly made my way to the sofa, looked at the time and spoke, “It’s late, go to bed in your room!”


He reached out and pulled me in, placing my hand in his palm, his voice warm, “I’ve contacted schools in the capital, if you want, take me and the Four Seasons with you.”


I smiled lightly, “You don’t need me to take.”


He looked at me with hot eyes, “Where you are, I will be.”


My face burned a little at his look, I raised my hand to cover his eyes and spoke, “We’ll talk about that later!”


He gave an encore and pulled me closer into his arms, burying his head deep in my neck, “It smells good.”


I got up and spoke lightly, “Go to bed early!”


He had been living here for some days now, and we were getting along very well, he kept to his gentlemanly ways and was gentle and not overbearing.


Chapter 596

The next day.


Weekend, a rare break.


Four Seasons wanted to go out to play, Huai’an is small, there are not many amus*ment parks, Fu Shen Yan drove the car in the centre of the city general shopping while buying.


I was a little upset when I bought too many things for Four Seasons, “You’re spoiling her too much, you’ll harm her.”


Love is divided into many kinds, a single indulgence is not good for the child.


He pursed his lips, “I missed four years of her growing up, I didn’t have control, I’m sorry.”


The words sorry come out of his mouth, surprising me extraordinarily.


I nodded my head and didn’t care.


Four Seasons wanted KFC, once a month, and I agreed.


On the ied big screen in the mall building was the jewellery endorsed by the newest flower in the past two years, Nan Xiangxiang.


Sitting in the KFC shop, this video is much clearer to see, and there is gossip news about the popular little flower at the front desk.


Basically, it’s all about Fu Shenyin. The reporter didn’t use to blatantly shoot out the front of Fu Shenyin.


In the magazine, he and Nan Xiangxiang face each other, with his back left to the audience, and it looks like it was taken at an event.


With Fu Shen Yan’s involvement, the magazine was even hotter.


“A show for every occasion!” He suddenly spoke.


I froze for a moment, taking my eyes back from the magazine and looking at him, “What was ordered?”


Four Seasons was excited and spoke, “Family bucket, ice cream, burger and coke, and fries.”


I frowned, “Can you eat it all?”


She C*cked her head and said righteously, “Mum, I only get to eat once a month, and these are all I want to eat.”


Fu Shen Yan seemed to agree with her logic and I was a little upset, “Four seasons, eating is like doing something, you have to do it within your means, you ordered it and couldn’t finish it, now it’s just a waste of a few dozen, but if it’s something that you agreed to and couldn’t do, the price you have to pay is probably losing the person you love the most, you know?”


Fu Shen Yan wrinkled his brow, “She’s only four!”


“She’s the same at one, there’s no point in waiting until she’s eighteen to understand the issues she can understand at four.” I can be a little cruel, always feeling that some things that should be understood at four seasons need to be understood sooner rather than later.


He sighed and gestured for us to go back to our seats and wait.


Four Seasons seemed to realise that she shouldn’t have ordered so much, and after a moment of silence looked at me and said, “Mum, I was wrong, I won’t do that next time.”


I nodded my head and my eyes fell on Fu Shen Yan who was walking in.


He placed all the food on the table and looked at Four Seasons and said, “If you like it, don’t shortchange yourself and eat it without fear.”


The Four Seasons looked at me and only when they saw me nod did they start to eat happily.


I had little appetite and my eyes fell on the big screen outside the window, still showing the promotional video of Nan Xiangxiang’s jewellery.


“Whether it’s Xinran or Nan Xiangxiang, to me, it’s all just an act. If you don’t mind, I won’t bring a female companion to future events.” He spoke, his voice dripping with certainty.


I sighed slightly, “You don’t have to do that, I’ve found my own path in life, I know what I want, all, you don’t have to worry about me.”


He narrowed his eyebrows, slightly displeased, “So you’re angry?”


I shook my head, genuinely not caring, “No matter who you are or who you are, all these things are used by journalists and the media to amuse the audience, Fu Shen Yan, the media can amuse us for the audience, but we can’t get deep into it ourselves.”


He smiled lightly, with warmth on his face, “I’ll cook tonight.”


I lost my smile.


Four Seasons ate with his mouth full of oil, “But didn’t we agree to eat out tonight? We have to go to the movies later?”


The little one was so serious that she couldn’t help but laugh. Fu Shen Yan wiped her mouth and said gently, “That’s all up to you.”