Never Say Never Chapter 597-598

Chapter 597

The rest of the day was spent following the child’s request, and everything seemed to be calm and beautiful.


When we returned to the courtyard, it was already a little late. After walking all day, it was inevitable that she was tired and Four Seasons fell asleep leaning on Fu Shen Yan.


Perhaps it was because she had walked too much, and the place where she had sprained herself had somehow started to ache again.


It was probably an after-effect!


After sending the four seasons back to the bedroom, he came out of the bedroom, saw me pouring water, took the kettle from me, poured the water, and his slender body half-crouched by the basin to test the water temperature.


He turned around and poured some cold water into the basin and untied my shoelaces for me, meaning clearly that he wanted to wash my feet.


I resisted a little and raised my hand to hold him down, “I can do it myself.”


He pursed his lips and his gaze was deep, “The old wound is not completely healed, after soaking it later, rub it with saffron wine.”


As he spoke, his long, slender fingers were already reaching into the water, some people’s destiny, it seemed, was predestined.


I couldn’t seem to escape my entanglement with him in any way.


Watching him rub my ankle, I spoke, “There’s a lot going on in the capital, you’ve been here for so long, you should go back and take a look.”


He raised his eyes, his gaze deep. “So, you’re giving an eviction order?”


I shook my head, “Just a proposal.”


He didn’t say anything more, just looked down and rubbed my ankle, focused and serious.


Counting the days, it had been half a month since he had come to Huai’an, and I knew that there was a lot going on at Fu’s, he was often hugging his computer for teleconferences and dealing with documents, sometimes too busy to do anything about it.


But even so, the centre of Fu’s business is in the capital, and his coming here is not a permanent solution.


I’m used to eating three meals a day and dealing with the big and small things in this courtyard, and I don’t want to go back to the capital with him to drown in the hustle and bustle.


So, even though he has now intruded into my life without making a sound, he seems to have blended in with me.


But the peace is only an illusion, and when something happens, he will still have to go.


It was night, the stars were bright, and I took a long time to fall asleep, thinking about the future of the Four Seasons.


I knew better than anyone that she and I would stay in Huai’an and I would have a place to belong, but not her.


I love the beauty of Huai’an, but I can’t delay the future of the four seasons because of me.


I seem to have thought too much and lost some sleep.


Lying in bed, I couldn’t fall asleep for half a day, my head was buzzing.


I simply got up, went to the kitchen, poured a gla*s of water and took a sip. The moonlight in the alley was extremely beautiful.


I stood in front of the window, looking out, somewhat lost in thought, this life is too long, to live so quietly, it does not seem to use so easy.




The next day, Fu Shen Yan, who had no intention of leaving, was rushed away by several phone calls.


“After dealing with the matter in the capital, I’ll be right back.” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


I nodded my head “Be safe!”


I didn’t say goodbye, I just watched him leave.


As the car left, I went back to the courtyard and flipped out my phone, the headlines stood out.


“Fu’s Group’s accident that killed a child at a construction site four years ago has been postponed for three years without any compensation for the family involved.”


The headline was so prominent that it was hard to ignore.


Four years ago?


An accident involving the death of a child?


I seemed to have heard about it back then, but then I didn’t know exactly how Fu Shen Yan had handled the matter.


Now that it’s been brought out again, it’s obvious that someone is deliberately looking for trouble.


The company’s main business is the Mao family.


I didn’t continue to think about it, it didn’t have anything to do with me after all.


In the absence of Fu Shenyan, our mother and daughter’s days seemed to return to their previous calm.


In the hotel, the gossip about me and Zhang Nan seemed to be increasing, and some people even rumored that we were living together.


I didn’t care about it, it’s just a waste of time to put it on my mind, but with Shen Changlin’s relationship, most people didn’t have any obvious ill will when they saw me.


There are those who do, but I am a shallow person and hardly ever let anyone get close to me, sometimes I even tend to be aloof.


Chapter 598

It was mid-August, payday.


Zhang Nan handed me the pay slip and smiled, “You should treat!”


Looking at the pay slip which had doubled, I nodded, “Whatever you want, it’s on me!”


Someone overheard the conversation and coaxed, “Since we’re talking about treats, we can’t just invite one person, Shen Shu, we’re all colleagues, you got a promotion and a raise, so you have to bring us along to celebrate!”


“Yes! I’ve been moldy for the past two months and haven’t been out of breath to play for a long time.”


Zhang Nan looked at me and smiled lightly, not commenting.


I smiled lightly and spoke, “How about we all have dinner tonight and go to a bar together afterwards?”


“Wow wow, yes yes yes!”


They were all young girls, eating and playing was the theme song of their youth.


The sound of the uproar dispersed, Zhang Nan looked at me and could not help but laugh, “The total salary is only eight thousand, the company more than twenty people, a meal down at least a couple of thousand, then go to the bar a meal, I guess you will not have much left.”


I smiled lightly, “It’s okay, after all, there is nothing to spend now, can not use the money, we are happy, let’s go together to play!”


“Okay, how about Four Seasons and Mo Bai have my mum pick them up at night, we’ll be back later and it’s fine?”


I nodded.


Huaian’s restaurant, consumption is not high, I found a relatively larger restaurant, location selected in the first floor box, a box can not sit, naturally two.


A few colleagues greeted me with their orders, and someone started to tease me, “Shen Shu’s place is probably the best restaurant in Huai’an, the per capita spending is over two hundred, a big deal!”


“Yes, this meal will cost you most of your salary.”


Someone said, “What are you afraid of, Miss Shen doesn’t rely on a few thousand dollars of salary, so what are you all worried about?”


The one who spoke was Zhang Xinxin, I smiled lightly, didn’t say much, and entertained everyone to order food.


We were all acquaintances, so we didn’t need to introduce ourselves to each other when we sat down and started chatting.


Someone looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, are you going to live here all the time when you come to Huai’an? Or are you going to stay here for a while before you go back?”


I said, “I’m not sure yet!”


“I heard that the two young proprietors of the capital, Fu’s and Gu’s, are fighting in the mall, and both of them are interested in pulling in the Shen family, is it convenient for Shen Shu to reveal this so that we can gossip about it?”


A group of people sitting together, besides gossip, or gossip, I smiled and spoke, “I’ve been in the capital for three years, and I’m not too sure about what’s going on in the capital.”


After all, Zhang Xinxin had always been a highly visible person, and now without her father as a support, she was left out in the cold, and was resentful.


Looking at everyone, she said, “What’s the point of everyone talking about this? I remember that Miss Shen’s daughter is already four years old, so why do you think you, a rich girl, are hiding in this remote county with a child?”


This was a topic that was quite gossipy in nature.


The people at the table looked at me and someone spoke curiously, “Shen Shu, your daughter’s father seems to have never been mentioned by you.”


I pursed my lips, took a shallow sip of wine, and when I saw the waiter serve the food, I looked at everyone and said, “We’ve been talking for so long, we should be hungry, let’s eat!”


I don’t like talking about other people’s gossip, nor do I like being talked about, let alone the fact that the topic was intentional by Zhang Xinxin.


People in small counties are pure and kind, but because they are idle, there are also many rights and wrongs.


This kind of topic, either do not mention, or say clearly, but to say clearly is certainly not possible, so can only not mention.


When people saw me say this, they didn’t pursue the matter any further for a while, and the meal was quite harmonious.