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Never Say Never Chapter 599-600

Chapter 599

It was nine o’clock when the meal was over.




After all, I was the host and said I would go to a bar, so there was no reason not to go.




So we went together to a bar in the city centre, a bar or a bar.




There were a lot of people, and I found a seat on the first floor with an excellent view of the stage show on the ground floor.




English songs were playing on a big screen on the stage and three men who looked like they were in their thirties were mixing the sound.




We ordered drinks and snacks and each sat around chatting and catching up, not quite loud, but lively.




The atmosphere was also lively enough with the exciting music and the hot men and women under the stage.




Zhang Nan sat next to me and leaned in close to say, “Are the four seasons Fu Shenyan’s children?”




I froze, turned around, saw him looking at me, paused, smiled, and didn’t answer.




The adult would not pursue the root of the matter, and seeing that I did not answer, he did not continue to ask.




It was boring just sitting around drinking, so we all played games, and Zhang Nan couldn’t drink because he had to drive.




I don’t usually play games, so I lost several times over a few rounds and had several gla*ses of wine.




I was slightly drunk, and before I could react to play the next game, I saw someone standing in front of me with a bouquet of flowers.




Looking at the appearance, it was a kid in his twenties, and for a moment everyone looked towards me.




The boy looked at me, and his face could be seen in the dim multicoloured light with shyness, “Hello my name is Mu Qing, can I meet you? Are you the national goddess Nan Xiangxiang?”




I froze for about a few seconds and looked at him lightly and said, “I’m not Nan Xiangxiang, you may have mistaken me.”




The boy was persistent, “How come, you obviously are, although you don’t have make-up and there’s a slight difference between you and the TV, but you are the most beautiful and stand out in the crowd.”




How can I put it?




It’s really nice to be young.




At the boy’s persistence, I thought for half a day and didn’t say anything, just took out my ID card from my bag and handed it to him, “You can take a look, I’m really not Nan Xiangxiang.”




The boy stared at the photo for half a second and then looked at me incredulously and said, “But you really look alike!”




I smiled and responded politely, “In this world, there are many people who look alike.”




He shoved the flower in his hand at me, blushing, “Miss Shen, you are very beautiful, this flower is for you, I may never see Xiang Xiang in person again in my life, so just take it!”




After saying that, the boy walked away.




The group all looked at me at the same time, “Shen Shu, don’t say that you and Nan Xiangxiang really look alike, especially in the eyes, if I were to look at you for the first time, I would also misunderstand.”




I laughed, but didn’t say much.




I seemed to resemble quite a lot of people, before someone said I resembled Lu Xinran, then someone said I resembled Lin Wan quite a lot, and now someone said I resembled the big star.




“Don’t take it to heart, pretty people, most of them are similar!” Zhang Nan spoke, replacing the gla*s of wine in my hand with juice.




I shook my head, not caring, “To be told that, it actually means I’m quite good looking.”




A farce, no harm done, the alcohol had a strong aftertaste and I was a bit dizzy, so I paid and left with Zhang Nan first.




He dropped me off at the courtyard door and spoke, “The Four Seasons will stay on my mother’s side, I’ll take her to school tomorrow morning.”




I nodded and pinched my brow, “I’ll go back first.”




Perhaps because of Fu Shenyan’s presence, Zhang Nan still took care of me, but these care, slowly turned into the care of a brother for his sister.




The adults know how to weigh the pros and cons, and Fu Shen Yan’s deep and steady manner, tact and style of action are beyond the reach of most adults.




Zhang Nan respects, but also knows how to measure his own position.




The way he took care of me, from a man’s and woman’s love at the beginning, gradually took a back seat to a brother and sister’s care, which was actually the best outcome.


Chapter 600

When I saw Shen Yu, I was looking for my keys from my bag. The lights in the alley were dim, and the car lights were extra bright.


Black Bentley, Beijing A number plate, the license plate was familiar to me.


A few keywords and I had guessed most of it.


The man turned off the engine and got out of the car, his slender, jade-like body, dressed in casual clothes, making him more and more handsome.


I stood in the doorway, not making a sound, just watching indifferently.


He stepped forward, a whole lot taller than me, “Third Uncle said you were in Huai’an, I originally thought you would leave the capital and go live in some county in Jingcheng, I was surprised that you would come back to Huai’an again.”


“Go in and sit down!” I spoke, only smiling lightly at his words.


The courtyard was lit, brightly, and I poured him water, sitting quietly on a wicker chair to ease the drink.


He looked at me, his gaze deep and undimmed, “Have you been to see the old mansion?”


I pursed my lips, “Twenty years have pa*sed and that old mansion has been pretty much altered, if not demolished.”


Yes I had gone to see it, when I first brought the Four Seasons to Huai’an, I always liked to take her for a walk around the old mansion, although it had been re-modelled, many things remained.


He looked at me, his gaze a little deeper, “I just replaced the things that were broken the others weren’t.”


I froze, reacting to the fact that the old mansion had been bought by him.


Nodding slightly, I didn’t respond, but just spoke, “It’s late, let’s talk some other time, go back early and rest!”


Since he had a house in Huai’an, there was no need for me to keep him.


He was silent for a long time, then got up and walked towards the door.


I followed him and took him to the front door.


When he turned around and hugged me in the cold, I froze a little, but it was only a moment before I calmed down.


“Shen Shu, I miss you so much.” He spoke, his voice hoarse and childlike.


I pursed my lips and stood still, raising my hand to pat his shoulder, my voice shallow, “Four Seasons is four years old, come and see her sometime.”


What time can heal, there’s no need to hold on to it.




The next day.


Shen Yu went to the hotel, Fu Shen Yan left a few days, the hotel staff spread the most violent gossip between me and Zhang Nan.


Some people say that he is for Shen Changlin’s power, so he is bending over backwards to me, and some say that we all have our own families and are still messing around with each other, which is abhorrent.


I’ve heard a lot of these things and I’m numb to them.


Shen Yu’s appearance is undoubtedly a heavy hammer, the silent office, his appearance more and more silent.


I was originally sorting out information and was somewhat engrossed, and did not notice his arrival.


The girls in the office usually like to discuss lipstick cosmetics, a quiet time, I was a little puzzled.


When I looked back, what I saw was a man standing behind me, tall as a jade and handsome.


Not exactly a surprise, but his presence in my office took me a little by surprise.


“What brings you …… over here?”


He smiled lightly and withdrew his gaze from my computer, his voice low, “Came to take you to breakfast with me.”


He didn’t say about, but brought.


Shen Yu is although in the Shen family, but he is a businessman, although not as well known as Fu Shen Yan, but also not small fame.


There were quite a few people who recognized him as well, and it was hard not to get a little excited for a while.


I looked at the documents on the computer that hadn’t been processed yet and spoke slightly, “It might take me a while, I haven’t finished yet.”


He nodded and found a seat, naturally and casually, without the slightest hint of discomfort.