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Never Say Never Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69



Seeing him sitting gracefully on the sofa in the hall, and leisurely sipping the Biluochun that Sister Zhang had brewed for him, I held my breath.


The warmth and beauty of the morning had long since dissipated.


When I looked at the time, it was one o’clock in the afternoon, and Fu Shenyan was not going to the office, nor was he going to the police station, so it was no good to be so D*mned dull.


So I went upstairs, picked up my bag, and went out to the car to go to the bar.


But I was really naive, and Fu Shen Yan leaned over me and said elegantly, “Where do you want to go?”


“The police station!”


I felt that he wasn’t trying to help me at all.


Seeing him with his brows lowered, he seemed to be thinking about something, and then got straight into my car, sat in the driver’s seat and looked at me and said. “Get in the car!”


Not being able to figure out what he was going to do, I got into the car, but for a long time, I found out that the car was not driving to the police station, but to the company.


“Fu Shen Yan, you ……”


“I’ll take care of Muzi’s matter, you stay at the company and don’t make any trouble!” That sounded like coaxing a child anyhow.


But it seemed that I so wanted no other choice but to listen to him.


When I arrived at the company, Fu Shen Yan left me underneath Fu’s building and then drove off in my car.


The more annoying it is, the easier it is to meet people.


I gave him a faint look, I had no intention of paying attention to this talkative man and simply pretended not to see him.


“It’s already noon, is Mr. Shen going to a meeting there?” Qiao Zhongyan is not a normal annoying person, he doesn’t want to pay attention to him but still comes up to his face.


“Is Mr. Qiao working in the personnel department these days?” Glancing at him, I spoke lightly and pressed the lift door.


He grunted coldly and said, not too softly, “A good friend is in the bureau and still so calm and collected, Shen Shu, you are even more indifferent than I thought!”


I turned around and gave him a cold glare, bringing the anger I had held from Fu Shenyan this morning to bear, and said in a low, cold voice, “Is Mr. Qiao used to being a dog licker? You can’t even say a few words without barking like a dog, so what. You are so dedicated to Lu Xinran as a dog, is it Lu Xinran who often gives you sweetness, or does she occasionally show you her pretensions?”


Speaking of this, I couldn’t help but smile lightly and say, “By the way, although the Time Bar is under Lu Xinran’s name, her a*sets basically go out from Fu Shen Yan, right? You better not mess with me, or else if I’m not happy one day, let’s hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit, as Mrs. Fu, I think it shouldn’t be difficult for me to take back what my husband gave out for no reason, don’t you think so! Mr Qiao!”


“Sharp-tongued!” Qiao Zhuan Yan probably didn’t expect me to suddenly retaliate, and held his face red for a moment, wanting to continue disliking me when the lift came down.


I gave him a look and said coldly, “I’m looking forward to the day when the dog licker turns right, go for it, Mr. Qiao!”


Seeing him blush with anger, the displeasure that Fu Shenyan had given me this morning dissipated for a moment.


When I returned to the office, there was a great god already waiting early.


Han Shuang hurriedly greeted me and followed me, “Mr. Shen, Mr. Cheng of Credit has been in your office all morning.”


I nodded and looked to her and said, “Heat up a gla*s of milk for me.”


When I entered the office, Chen Xing crossed his legs, lying very leisurely on his office chair, with his eyes closed.


When he heard the movement, he didn’t open his eyes, but only trailed off and said, “Is Mr. Shen always this casual?”


Chapter 70

I put the bag in my hand aside and went to sit down on the sofa, Han Shuang brought in the milk, then looked at me and said, “Mr. Shen, do you need me to bring over all the information about Fu’s audit?”


I shook my head, took a shallow sip of milk, looked at Chen Xing and said, “I think Mr. Chen should have already received the information, I’ll trouble Mr. Chen to make a trip today, since I’m here, let’s sign the cooperation agreement!”


Chen Xing opened his eyes and looked at me with half-squinted eyes, “So Mr. Shen has finally decided to cooperate with us on credit?”


I twisted my eyebrows, my back vaguely aching, and looked at Han Shuang, “Show the cooperation contract to Mr. Chen!”


Han Shuang handed the contract to Chen Xing, and after a few glances, this guy probably found it meaningless, and casually lifted his pen and signed it.


The next thing to do was to arrange for the credit to be dovetailed with Fu’s finances and other parts of the business, which were not under my jurisdiction.


When I saw that Chen Xing was staying with me, I frowned slightly, “Mr Chen, is there anything else?”


He got up, moved to sit next to me and said, “Let’s have dinner together!”


I was really fed up with this kid and looked at Han Shuang and said, “Go downstairs and order a takeaway for Mr. Chen.”


Han Shuang was stunned, then nodded and went out with a smile.


Chen Xing looked unhappy and stammered, “I said Shen Shu why don’t you have any meaning ah, I invite you to dinner, at least you can respond positively ah!”


I couldn’t stand being argued with by him, I looked at him and said, “Mr. Chen, in terms of partnership, at this point we no longer have work to talk about, in terms of male/female relationship, I am married, a married woman, please respect and stay away.”


Pinching my brow, I went back to my desk and turned over all of Huayu’s information, identifying Fu’s audit, and Huayu’s case to follow, it was quite a headache with all the piles.


The good thing about being young is that you can do it with your left ear in and your right ear out, like Chen Xing. I think I’ve made my words very clear, but he’s still stubbornly in my office.


I ignored him and went about my business.


Han Shuang brought the takeaway back and placed it in front of him very politely, saying respectfully, “Mr Chen, your lunch!”


He glared at Han Shuang and said without good humour, “I thank you!”


Han Shuang smiled lightly and didn’t say much as she walked towards me and said, “Mr. Shen, Mr. Lin from ac has come to see you a few times, would you like to meet!”


I opened my mailbox and saw that there were no new messages, so I looked at Han Shuang and said, “No, not yet!”


I’m afraid that what happened last time won’t be over so easily, I held a bid but skipped the winner, and overall it didn’t go as well as that person wanted.


I’m afraid they’re going to make trouble again!


“Let’s meet, it might solve a lot of trouble!” Chen Xing, who was eating a takeaway, interjected and looked at me, “I forgot to tell you, our credit audit is only responsible for Fu’s, not the others!”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”


He put down the chopsticks in his hands and looked at me, “It’s Fu’s, if I remember correctly, the company went public last year and also merged with Qiao’s, Qiao’s audit should also be your responsibility if there are no surprises, right?”


I was a little angry, “Mr Chen means that you don’t do Qiao’s audit and produce Fu’s?”


He nodded, “Fu’s audit is already huge enough, if we add Qiao’s audit to it, I’m just afraid we won’t end up with a statement in time for the next quarter’s annual weekly.”