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Never Say Never Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

I was so angry at his words that I couldn’t breathe a bit, “Fu’s has merged with Qiao’s last year and is now one company, since you are doing the audit of Fu’s, Mr. Chen, you are naturally doing the audit of the whole Fu’s, including Qiao’s.”


He laughed twice and said, “Miss Shen, you’re overthinking it!”


Holy Sh*t!


This B*****d has dug a hole for me, a big one.


“Han Shuang, send the guest away!” Seeing him made me want to punch someone in particular right now.


I had to discuss this matter of Fu’s audit with Fu Shenyan again, I always felt it was too chaotic and too easy for things to go wrong.


When I gave him the order, he got up with his lunch box and said, “Don’t think about leaving us out of the credit, Mr. Shen, we just signed the contract in black and white!”


F**k me!


“F**k off!” After a long morning, I couldn’t hold my temper any longer.


“Hahahahaha, take care of your health, Mr. Shen.” Cheng Xing laughed and left.


I had a bit of a headache and slumped on the table a bit run down, an audit of one company, if I end up making it so that two companies are audited, wouldn’t that be multiple times one?


“Mr. Han, this matter, why don’t we just give it to ac to do! This General Manager Chen, I always feel insecure.” Han Shuang opened his mouth to suggest.


I did not know that this Chen Xing was not down-to-earth, but Fu Shen Yan intended to give him the Fu audit.


After a pause, I said, “I need to talk to Fu Shen Yan about this!”


I had a bit of a headache when I thought that the matter with Muzi had not yet been resolved, and I was not sure if Fu Shenyan would help Muzi or not.


I thought about it, I packed up a bit, looked at Han Shuang said, “Fu’s audit side you keep an eye on Chen Xing, the back of the matter I find Fu Shen Yan to ask, and business trips, you sun choose to see what places are necessary to go over to check, you organize it, and then give me the information!”


Seeing that I didn’t look too good, Han Shuang said with some concern, “Chief Shen, are you alright!”


I shook my head and carried my bag out of the company, the car was driven away by Fu Shen Yan, so I could only take a taxi to the police station.


Because things hadn’t progressed concretely, before the results came out, Muzi needed to be investigated at the bureau for fifteen days.


When I entered the police station and found the police officer who interrogated Muzi yesterday, I asked about the details and learned that the police had not made any progress either.


The surveillance in the hotel was the same as Cheng Junyu said, it just so happened that the surveillance was broken that night and no substantial clues could be found.


Therefore, I could not meet with Muzi again, and could only wait for the later investigation.


I had no choice but to go to the Time Bar, but when I took a taxi there, the bar was already closed and I couldn’t get in at all.


The social network between people is complex and hierarchical, and if I were to rely on this alone, I’m afraid it would be useless to find any evidence for Muzi.


I originally thought Fu Shenyan would come to these two places, but I thought too simply. When Fu Shenyan called me, I was sitting in front of the bar, discouraged.


When I picked up the phone, it was a bit noisy on the other end, but his voice was clear, “Where is it?”


“The office!” I knew he would be upset if I told him I was at the bar, so I just blurted it out in pa*sing.


But I was smacked in the face the next second, the man’s voice on the phone went cold, “When did the office get so sketchy?”


I froze, and when I looked up I saw my license plate number, the man’s gaze was low, his face indifferent, his dark eyes looking coldly at me.




I told you why it was so noisy, it turned out ……


Chapter 72

Hanging up a nod, I got up and walked towards him, pulled open the door and got in, leaning back in the car seat, relieved, and looked at him, “What are you doing here?”


“What are you doing here?” He asked rhetorically, his tone a little unhappy.


Rubbing my brow, I closed my eyes and said a little tiredly, “Chen Xing from credit is only in charge of Fu’s audit, but he’s not involved in Qiao’s audit.”


“Leave it to ac!” He spoke and started the car straight away.


I froze, not understanding what he meant and wondered, “Leave it all to ac or just Qiao’s?”


Crossing the traffic lights, he glanced at me and raised his eyebrows lightly, “Are you planning to break the contract?”


Well, Chen Xing and I had already signed the contract, so naturally I would just hand over the audit of Qiao’s to ac to do.


It was a little hard on my shoulders and spine, and I leaned back with my shoulders braced, seeing that the route was wrong, and wondered, “Where are we going?”




He had always been so quiet and aloof, so I didn’t ask any more questions, but when I saw him pull up under the mall building, I wondered, “To eat in the mall?”


Was this man planning to go shopping with me? And then have dinner?


That’s quite a …… romantic operation!


The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and you will find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time.


As soon as we entered the mall, many women turned their attention to him, either subtle and shy, or generous and appreciative.


Following him, I couldn’t help but deflate, “Surely you’ve come to wreak havoc on the earth.”


He stopped so sharply that I didn’t notice and hit him directly on the back, I looked at him with pained wrinkled brows, “Why did you stop so suddenly?”


“Walking and gawking!” After giving me a look, he pulled me into the brand shop and said in a low voice, “Pick out something suitable, I have to meet some people tonight!”


Meet what people?


I didn’t ask in a hurry, I’m good at everything, but I don’t have a very good eye, and I’m not very good at matching.


The first thing I did was to look for a decent dress, so Fu Shen Yan had limited patience and let the shopper do the work.


The last thing I managed to pick out for me was a floral dress with an apricot white suit, which barely looked good, and I originally thought it would be perfect with a pair of high heels.


But Fu Shen Yan vetoed it, saying, “High heels are not suitable for pregnant women!”


Holy Sh*t, three centimetres of shoes, is that high heels?


After he got into the car in a huff, I realized that this man had taken me around the mall just to buy a dress.


“Fu Shen Yan!” He started the car and I couldn’t help but call out to him as I held my breath inside.


“Hmm?” The man had always driven seriously, and when he saw me calling him, he gave me a sideways glance and continued driving.


“I’m angry!” I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m just angry, I thought he was taking me shopping just now, but it turned out ……


He gave me a look and the corners of his mouth rose, his eyebrows tinged with joy, “Angry about what?”


Angry about what?


Uh uh ……


I don’t know!


I was silent, not too happy all in all, warmth from my palms, my fingers wrapped in his, a low, nice voice in my ear, “Anger in a pregnant woman is bad for the baby, don’t get angry!”




There are some warmth that will really be sweet for a long, long time, and some years later, these scattered memories became the only sweetness I had.


The car stopped under a luxurious European style villa and I froze, “Is this a visit to someone’s house?”


He gestured for me to get out of the car, then handed the car keys to the parking boy and said in a warm voice in my ear, “Meeting some friends!”


What was this guy doing being so secretive all the time!