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Never Say Never Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

I got out of bed, washed up and went downstairs, and saw that Mrs. Zhang had already prepared a table of delicious food.


I looked around and didn’t see Fu Shen Yan, so I sat down at the table and looked at the table full of delicious food, and for a moment I froze, and looked at Sister Zhang and said, “Sister Zhang, is this too much?”


She smiled and shook her head, “Not too much, not too much, pregnant women need to eat more, sir said you ate too little, you need to eat more.”


“Where did he go?” As soon as he woke up, he didn’t see Fu Shen Yan.


“Gone to the office, someone kept calling mister early in the morning, urging him to go to the office.” Listening to Sister-in-law Zhang chatter, I nodded and ate all at once, instead planning my day’s work.


Considering that I hadn’t had much luck lately, always running into Qiao Zhuan Yan’s poisonous tongue, it wasn’t good to always be seen late by him.


After a few bites, I was ready to go out. Seeing how little I had eaten, Mrs. Zhang was afraid that I would be hungry, so she brought me some fruit in a food box to take with me.


I couldn’t refuse her, so I took it all to the car.


When I got off the lift, I was tugged by the wrist and pulled around by force.


I felt a blur before my eyes, and before I could see, a slap had been slapped heavily on my face.


“There was a loud slap.


The whole office went silent!


All I felt was a burning pain in my face.


After a long time, I narrowed my eyes and looked at the woman in front of me whose face was twisted with anger, and I felt a lot of anger building up in my heart.


“Shen Shu, you lied to me, you actually lied to me?” Tugging at me, Lu Xinran’s face twisted in some horror.


I lied to her?


About the baby?


Looking at her hand raised again, I raised my hand to stop it, and my voice turned a few degrees colder, “Miss Lu, you can’t be a person without a bottom line, being someone’s mistress and still being so arrogant, your face is not much different from the Great Wall, right?”


“You ……” She wanted to say something else, but a rush of footsteps outside the office rushed in.


I didn’t have time to react before Lu Xinran violently shook off my hand and subsequently slammed herself into the desk with some force.


When Fu Shen Yan and Qiao Zhuan Yan hurried in, they saw Lu Xinran lying on the floor in a mess, with a large bloodstain on her forehead.


I, on the other hand, was standing in front of Lu Xinran with my body intact and standing tall.


It was a shame that I wasn’t going to be in a F**king play.


“Xinran, are you alright!” Qiao Zhuan Yan helped Lu Xinran up and looked indignant, “Shen Shu, don’t go too far.”


I’m going too far?


Not bothering to pay attention to him, I looked at Fu Shen Yan’s cold face and spoke, “Do you believe me when I say I didn’t push her?”


Fu Shen Yan’s face had a cold look on it, his black eyes fell on the blood on Lu Xinran’s forehead, his deep eyes were infiltrated with ice, “Shen Shu, behave yourself!”


This sentence, not light or heavy, but like pouring cold water on me, cold to the bone, looking at Fu Shen Yan, I pulled a smile, “I am really naive!”


I was so naive that I was blinded by the sweetness he had given me in the past few days, and I really thought he was the right man for me.




Suppressing the sourness in my heart, I walked up to Lu Xinran and said with complete disgust, “Next time put on a fuller show, Miss Lu, have you ever seen anyone who can push someone that far? Not to mention I’m still a pregnant woman.”


“You ……”


“Slap!” I didn’t give her a chance to speak, my hand hurt a little from the slap, looking at her covering her face, I smiled lightly, “This is back to you, since you want to be a mistress, you have some moral cultivation of a mistress, don’t come here as a jumping clown.”


Chapter 76

The office was in a mess, and I was in no mood to stay any longer.


I looked coldly at this group of people, I directly out of the office, roadside Fu Shen Yan when his wrist was yanked, I fiercely jerked back, coldly looked at him and said, “Mr. Fu better coax your heart baby!”


After leaving the office, I went straight to the Yun tong flat, Muzi should still be resting now, so I took a detour and went to the supermarket.


I was away from home for the past few days, so I guess I couldn’t use all the things I bought before, so I had nothing to do anyway, so I just thought I would pa*s the time and go shopping before going back.


I was surprised to meet Chen Xing, and saw him being pestered by a young beauty. It looked like he should have incurred a love debt, and this time he came to my door.


I was in a bad mood, so I just held my hand and watched the fun.


But to my surprise, Chen Xing would see me and ran to me and pulled me with a helpless face saying, “Help!”


Then without waiting for my reaction, he said to the little beauty who was following him, “Shanshan, this is the one I’ve been telling you about, the sister I particularly, particularly like, I’ve liked her for almost ten years, I really don’t feel anything for you, don’t pester me, okay?”


The little beauty was rejected, her eyes were red and she looked adorable, “You like her, he doesn’t necessarily like you, ah, Chen Xing, you see she should be married at this age, what do you like about her?”


I ????


Do I look old?


A fight between kids, I didn’t want to get involved, but my hand was being tugged by Chen Xing, who said with a serious face, “Shanshan, do you still remember our junior year, you asked me who the girl in my wallet was, take a closer look, that’s her, I really liked her for ten years.”


That little beauty was fooled by her, but a pair of big dark eyes stared up at me, then tears crackled down, bitter that was sad.


“Chen Xing, what are you up to?” I had a bit of a headache, this affection between children, why make so tangled ah!


Chen Xing was also helpless and looked at me, “I can’t help it, she’s been pestering me for so many years, I’m getting bored to death, besides I’m just telling her to die.”


Dead heart what? Boring.


I gave him a blank look and walked away, the sound of the little beauty crying came from behind me, Chen Xing followed me, “Shen Shu, I really like you, Fu Shen Yan has no feelings for you, why don’t you leave him, I have money and power, think about it!”


I was in a bad mood and didn’t want to listen to so much of his nonsense, so I jerked to a halt and looked back at him coldly.


He froze for a moment and stopped following my pace, looking at me with a smile, “You think about it?”


“Chen Xing, I’m officially warning you, stay away from me, I’m not interested in this kind of hairy little kid, OK?”


The anger from the office was still bottled up, so Chen Xing was out of luck today.


After suppressing my anger, I went straight into the Yun tong district.


But I didn’t expect Chen Xing, the little brat, to follow me and tug on me, looking at me with anger, “I’m a hairless little brat in your eyes?”


Sh*t, I can’t get rid of the dog’s skin!


“Yes, Chen Xing, are you annoyed? I …… am!” He hugged my thighs straight away and resisted me head first.


“Not even hairy, go little master I’ll show you if I’ve grown up.” His voice was harsh and stern, getting more and more annoyed as he spoke, and he raised his hand and slapped me hard on the buttocks twice.


I ……