Never Say Never Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

I was so dizzy, this brat looked thin and tall, but his shoulders were wide and right on top of my stomach, and I was pregnant.


I didn’t have to take more than a few steps before I yelled at him, “Chen Xing, put me down, I’m pregnant, it’s too dangerous for you.”


He was walking in a hurry, but when he heard me say that, he stopped sharply and put me down, his eyes staring at me with a deadly stare, “When?”


I was a little dizzy and held my forehead, “Two months, if you want to go crazy hurry back to your own home and send, don’t toss people here.”


It’s really killing me.


“Fu Shenyan’s?”


I had to hold back and hold back to not get angry, and I looked at him and said seriously, “I’m his wife now, who else’s could I be pregnant with but him, hurry home and stay there!”


“Does he know?” The little guy returned his temper and blocked in front of me with a serious face.


Looking at him, I said helplessly, “Yes, he’s the baby’s father, if he doesn’t know, who else does.”


Seeing that he looked down and I was in a bad mood, my whole body was really tired and I didn’t want to talk to him much, so I went straight back to the flat.


I guess she hadn’t slept well even when I was at the station, and when I got back, she was sleeping in her bedroom.


It had been too long since I’d been over and the place was a mess. I cleaned up a bit, washed the fruit and sat in the living room while watching the phone and waiting for Muzi to wake up from her nap.


I didn’t think I would fall asleep, but when I woke up I saw that Muzi had left a note on the coffee table saying that she had gone out to do some shopping.


Seeing that it was getting dark outside, I went back to my flat, where Muzi and I lived one floor up, right next door.


When I got back to my flat and looked at the time, it was already eleven o’clock at night, my hand vibrated a few times and I looked at it.


I didn’t want to answer it, but the other party kept calling happily, so I picked it up and said, “Hello!”


“Shen Shu!” This voice …… Qiao Zhuan Yan?


What was he doing calling me in the middle of the night?


“Something wrong?”


“Shen Shu, Fu Shen Yan didn’t go home tonight, did he?” This sounded quite gloating, “Do you really think that if you have more children in your belly, you will have a mother and a son? I feel sorry for you right now, your husband is lying with another woman and you’re left alone, isn’t that tough?”


I pinched my brow, “Mr Qiao, out of what kind of heart are you calling me in the middle of the night? Is it possible that Lu Xinran and Fu Shenyan were rolling in bed without you? You are uncomfortable in your heart, so you are looking for me to be the punching bag?”


After a pause, I continued, “If you really like Lu Xinran, I think if you discuss it with Fu Shen Yan, maybe the three of you can …… not call me for nothing, just because you’re unhappy about being alone doesn’t mean you can take it out on me.”


“Shen Shu you F**king ……” I didn’t listen to Qiao Zhuan Yan’s words after that, but hung up the phone straight away.


This day by day, everything can be fixed out, work matters have not yet been understood, emotional matters have come out again.


The Yun tong flat is not big, about a hundred square meters of house, one person living in a comfortable, too many things to worry about during the day, I am a little irritable.


I had slept for a while, so I couldn’t sleep and was bored, so I turned on the computer and read some information.


When I opened my mailbox, the prominent email made me freeze up, I almost forgot about it. The original intention was to hand over all of Fu’s audits to credit, but I didn’t think late that credit would dig a hole for me, so that’s why I called Shen Yu and asked him to give me a copy of ac’s situation over the years, originally prepared to use these things to block the trouble that ac was looking for.


Chapter 78

But now that the credit department was planning to handle Qiao’s audit, I ended up having to hand Qiao over to ac, so this piece of information that Shen Yu was looking for was not going to be used.


So, I simply ignored it, and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been willing to mention Shen Yu as a person any more.


A lot of things have pa*sed, so you can only cross a few numbers and wave at the old days.


The doorbell rang, it must have been Muzi coming back from shopping, I got up, my head was dizzy.


I opened the door after sitting for a long time, and I looked down to find her slippers, and my brain had a dizzying say, “What did you go out to buy? Been gone so long?”


Dropping the fluffy slippers at the door, I couldn’t help but look over when I saw she didn’t answer.


Coldly, I saw the man at the door with a dark face, his gaze deep and unpredictable, and his slender form standing in the doorway, like a door god.


He should be lying in Lu Xinran’s bed right now, shouldn’t he? What was he doing here?


I then pushed the door, which had been open, to close it.


Blocked, Fu Shenyan’s face was sullen, “Who are you waiting for?”


The door was pushed by him and could not be closed, so I did not bother to care, and lazily said, “Who can I wait for in the dead of night, naturally I am waiting for someone to relieve my loneliness.”


A sharp, cold light flashed in Fu Shen Yan’s eyes, and with a grin, he walked in and barricaded me in the door, “To relieve my loneliness?”


He straightened his hips and bumped me heavily, “Do you think this, will help you de-lonesce?”


I ……


I’m afraid even the most thick-skinned person would blush!


“Why don’t you say anything?” His whole body pressed against mine.


Thin, cool lips landed sloppily on my forehead, followed by ……


“Why don’t you go back?” As he spoke, he bit my lips, his voice dry, “What are you doing hiding here?”


“Fu Shen Yan, let go of me!” I had never seen such a brazen person, one minute he was holding Lu Xinran in his hands, and the next he was here going crazy.


With his body held down, he whispered, “Do you think I can still let go now?”


I ……


would have been afraid to go along with his nonsense, but since the last time, every time he touched me, I was barely able to respond.


He eased his fingers down, noticing that I didn’t seem to be responding, and his handsome brow furrowed slightly before he sat me down on the shoe cabinet with his arms around me.


Seeing him reach out to tug at the clothes on me, I hastily pressed him down, “Fu Shen Yan, don’t bother, I really don’t seem to respond to you anymore.”


I don’t know why this happened all of a sudden, there are some things that look calm on the surface, but in fact may already be riddled with holes.


He frowned, his pupils glowing with a cold light, “Not reacting to me?”


I opened my mouth, but I couldn’t get a word out.


He yanked me by the hand and pulled me towards the bathroom, pressing me under the shower and then turning it on, pouring the cold water over me without mercy.


“Fu Shen Yan, what are you doing?” I was a little run down, “What are you doing? If you want to, go to Lu Xinran and ask her to hide it from you, why are you embarra*sing a pregnant woman here?”


He was the one who was devoted to Lu Xinran, and he was the one who protected Lu Xinran in his heart, but if that was the case, why couldn’t he let me find a place to heal by myself and had to come here to torture me?


The explosion that was about to happen suddenly stopped. After a long silence, he turned off the shower and took a few steps back, distancing himself from me.


I didn’t look at him, my body, which already had little strength, slid to the floor after losing his support.