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Never Say Never Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

After a few days of contacting the sweltering heat, it suddenly thundered and rained heavily outside.


The bathroom was horribly quiet, and I originally thought Fu Shen Yan was angry, so there was a part of me, but after a few moments it became clear that it wasn’t.


He calmed down and took care of his body, then looked at me and said, “You get some rest!”


After that, he turned around and walked away.


The emotion came and went inexplicably.


When Muzi came in, I was still sitting in the bathroom dazed. Seeing my mess, she exclaimed, “Shen Shu, don’t you want to die? Why did you do this to yourself? If you don’t care about yourself, you should think about the baby in your belly!”


She took me out of the bathroom and I sat down on the bed, somewhat mute, and let her wipe my hair.


After a long time, I asked Muzi, “Do you think a man would fall in love with a woman because of a child?”


Muzi paused in her hands and thought for a moment, “It’s possible, after all, many women will fall in love with someone they don’t love because of a child.”


Yes, there were quite a few of those by definition.


“What if the child is no longer there?” I spoke, a little bewildered.


Woody was startled and gave my shoulder a cold, fearful look and said, “What are you thinking? This baby is two months old, it’s almost formed, all you have to do now is to give birth to him properly, what nonsense are you thinking about.”


I raised my hand to cover my face, a little annoyed, I always felt panicky and cranky lately.


Muzi dried my hair and pulled me into bed, soothing me to a good night’s sleep.


In the latter half of the night, Fu Shenyan didn’t show up again, but lightning and thunder flashed outside the window all night, and Muzi was worried that I would be too scared to sleep, so she stayed behind.


It was true that I couldn’t sleep, but not because I was afraid, just because I was irritable and I stayed up until the latter part of the night.


But I didn’t feel half asleep for long before I was woken up by a phone call.


When I woke up, my eyes were dawned.


It was Han Shuang who called, she seemed a bit anxious, “Mr. Shen, the credit people have already dovetailed with the company’s finances, but Qiao’s side ……”


“You go contact the ac people and then will hand over the audit of Qiao’s to them, and you will dock the whole thing.” I’m in such a state that it’s too messy and it’s easy to mess things up if I’m not careful.


She responded and spoke, “There’s also the Huayu side, which will start operating at the end of the month, Mr. Shen, you might have to prepare to travel for a few days.”


I nodded, the business trip thing was a must, and when I hung up the phone, I was a bit uncomfortable, my whole body was exhausted.


I got up from the bed, Muzi cooked the porridge and looked at me with some embarra*sment and said, “I’m really sorry, I haven’t cooked for years, I’m rusty!”


Looking at the blackened porridge on the table, I pulled a smile and said, “You wouldn’t be so cruel to a pregnant woman, would you?”


She laughed, her eyes narrowing into a line, “Well at least try it.”


Looking at the dark stuff on the table, I really felt like I could guess the taste without tasting it, but, seeing her face in anticipation, I took a sip anyway, not wanting to.


“How’s that? Is it good?”


Seeing her expectant look, I couldn’t really blow her off and laughed, “Half raw!” She really is a kitchen killer and cannot be complimented.


I couldn’t bear to look at her lost in thought, so I picked up my bag and headed straight out the door.


She followed her a*s undeterred and said, “Come back early tonight, I’ll make something delicious!”


I ????


Give me a break!


Chapter 80

Luckily, I got up early and came to the office not too late. I met Qiao Zhuan Yan just after I entered the lift. I sometimes keep thinking that there is truth in a lot of what the old ancestors said, like saying that the more you hate someone, the more he will pop in and out of your world.


“Good morning, Director Shen!” Qiao Zhongyan spoke grimly, “What? It was thundering and raining last night, didn’t Shen Yan accompany you?”


Speaking of this, he spoke up again B*tchily, “That’s right, Xinran is afraid of thunder, every time it thunders Shen Yan will accompany him, and last night the thunder was so heavy, how could Shen Yan let her stay alone.”


I looked down at the pearls on my shoes and couldn’t help but smile, so last night Fu Shenyan suddenly stopped because he thought he was worried about Lu Xinran!


It was also true that the person who was placed on the tip of his heart, the thunder was so fierce last night, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep for a night if he didn’t go and stay with her.


This time, I didn’t open my mouth to dislike Qiao Zhuan Yan, he was right, and I had no reason to dislike her.


In this relationship, the one who is not loved or pampered is me. Others say that in a three-person relationship, the two who love each other are the true lovers, and the other who loves but cannot be loved is the mistress.


“Hey!” The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of a conversation.


Looking at him, I had calmed down a lot and looked at him and said, “Yes, they’re a good match!”


The lift doors opened and I exited.


Behind me came Qiao Zhuan Yan’s voice, “Shen Shu, are you out of your mind.”


When I entered the office, Han Shuang was waiting for me with a pile of documents. When she saw me, she put the documents in front of me and looked at me, “Director, these are all the documents that need to be signed before the audit, sign them. started, the people on the ac side are coming over today.”


I nodded and flipped through the documents, signing them while saying, “You should keep an extra eye on the Fu audit side recently, and find me in time if there are any problems, and also pay attention to the Huayu side, it’s basically ready to start if it’s almost ready.”


She nodded her head and quietly waited for me to sign.


I hadn’t been in the best of spirits the last few days, I hadn’t slept much last night, and I was having a bit of a hard time reading a few books of information.


Looking at the few books of information left, I looked to Han Shuang and said, “You go ahead and get busy! I’ll give it to you later after I sign it.”


She smiled and said, “It’s alright, I’ll wait for you to finish signing! I have to take these few documents to credit and ac later to prepare for the docking work.”


When I saw her say that, I couldn’t say much, so I looked down and signed while reading, and my temples were hurting a bit.


Seeing that I was in a bad state, Han Shuang said, “Director, are you okay?”




This headache and brain fever is not something that happens in a day or two.


There was nothing I could do to help, so Han Shuang went to work with the documents in her arms.


It was a coincidence that he happened to call.


“The audit of Fu’s business is finalised, so you’re going to be preparing for a business trip recently?” Before I could say anything, the other side spoke up.


I nodded, “Yeah.” Rubbing my brow, I said with some annoyance, “I’ve been a little dizzy lately and occasionally have pains, is that a normal reaction to pregnancy?”