Never Say Never Chapter 81-82

Chapter 81

The other end of the phone paused and said, “Well, maybe you didn’t pay attention to the first two months, I’ll get you some toning medicine, remember to take it and don’t overwork yourself.”


I said, “If I had known that motherhood would be so hard, I wouldn’t have given birth!”


A low chuckle came from the other end, “What a silly thing to say! I’ll go with you on your business trip in a couple of days, so I can take care of you.”


Frozen for a moment, I said with some embarra*sment, “Are you going with me specifically or ……”


“Don’t think too much about it, I’ve got something to do too.”


Uh uh ……


“Okay, I’ll be in touch then!” I opened my mouth and was a little relieved that Cheng Junyu was a good friend, measured in his actions and thoughtful in his words.


I hung up the phone, I was a little tired on the table, counting the time, the child is also two months old.


The original plan was to divorce Fu Shenyan and leave Jiangcheng after taking care of the company, but plans are not as good as changes, and I was a bit confused when I came to this point.


If Fu Shen Yan truly likes this child, it may not be an option for me to stay. As for Lu Xinran’s existence, I have already endured two years, and I have lived through such bad times.


The little aggravation I suffered seemed nothing compared to the child’s lack of fatherly love.


But there are some things that, the deeper they are pressed, the more crushing they are when they explode.


The next few days were all rainstorms, and every season in Jiangcheng there are parts of the city that are flooded. The company left work earlier than usual these days in order to achieve humanitarianism.


I knew that Fu Shenyan would not leave Lu Xinran, who was afraid of thunder, alone, so he would not return to the villa in the next few days, so I did not go back either.


Because of what happened to Lan and Jing, Muzi seemed to have stopped going to the bar and started to stay at home every day to study the dishes, so with her around, I was able to get by on my own.


I don’t expect Fu Shenyan to visit me anymore, but I am often alone and dazed.


Sometimes I would sit for a long time and I would feel particularly uncomfortable. Cheng Junyu found me a lot of medicine and told me to remember to take it, but I would always forget to take it, and if it wasn’t for Muzi reminding me, I would often forget about it.


After a week in a row, the heavy rain finally stopped and the sun started to shine in Jiangcheng.


Fu’s audit had started normally, and I was busy with Huayu, while Muzi said she wanted to go out on her own for a few days.


I knew she had something on her mind, the blue, crystal thing, if not for the Chen Bureau, she would have been sentenced to more than ten years in prison.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


Therefore, I can understand that Mu Zi is unhappy and she wants to go out for a walk.


When she went out, I naturally wouldn’t stay at the Cloud Copper flat, so I had to go back to the villa. At least there was still Sister Zhang at the villa, so I didn’t have to run away alone.


After taking care of the company’s business, I drove my car directly towards the direction of the villa. Coincidentally, I didn’t expect Lu Xinran to appear at the entrance of the villa.


She was wearing a long blue rosette dress, standing by Fu Shen Yan’s black jeep, her body thin and slender, beautiful as a painting in the setting sun.


“How beautiful!” I couldn’t help but say to myself.


Chapter 82

There was a place in my heart that began to crack open into a bloody hole, filled with anger and repressed hatred.


The car was supposed to slow down, but I slammed on the brakes and headed in the direction of Lu Xinran, and in just a few seconds, I had exposed all the ugliness I had been holding back in my heart.


I thought, as long as Lu Xinran was dead, I wouldn’t have to endure this, I wouldn’t need to worry about when Fu Shen Yan would return and when he would leave without warning.


The moment the car rushed towards her, I really wanted her to die.


In front of me appeared Fu Shen Yan, who was in front of Lu Xinran, his handsome face covered with ice.


I slammed on the brakes, my emotions were a bit mixed up, I really wanted to kill Lu Xinran just now ……


A few moments later, Fu Shen Yan pulled me out of the car, his gaze cold and gloomy, “Shen Shu, what are you doing?”


My body went limp uncontrollably, and he was quick with his eyes and hands and half-embraced me, his anger still intact.


After a long time, I raised my eyes to look at him, my eyes were all filled with tears, “Fu Shen Yan, let her leave here, okay?”


Tugging on his cold hand, I choked up a little, “Fu Shen Yan, I really love you more than you think, don’t force me, don’t let her appear here again, I will really kill her.”


Yes, at this time I do not want to suppress my emotions at all, without any reservation, I shaved all for Fu Shen Yan to see, including my cruelty, my selfishness, all for him to see.


The two of us are in the same room, and the two of us are in the same room.


Lifting me up, he looked to Sister Zhang who had rushed out and said, “Call a car for Miss Lu!”


Sister-in-law Zhang nodded her head repeatedly.


Lu Xinran was overly shocked just now and only then did she come back to her senses, looking at me and Fu Shen Yan with a miserable white face, her eyes fixed on Fu Shen Yan, opening her mouth, her voice with aggression and reluctance, “Brother Shen Yan ……”


“Go back!” Fu Shen Yan opened his mouth and carried me back to the villa.


Behind me, the voice of sister-in-law Zhang came faintly, “Miss Lu, the car is here, please!”


Back in the bedroom, Fu Shen Yan put me on the bed, a pair of dark and deep eyes fell on me for a long time, for a long time, he came close to me and dropped a soft kiss on my cheek, “Don’t be so impulsive in the future! Otherwise ……”


He didn’t say anything after that, just that his thin, cool lips nibbled on my shoulder, which hurt a little, and I frowned slightly, but didn’t make a sound.


I was close enough to see that the caller ID was Lu Xinran.


I was close enough to see that the caller ID was Lu Xinran. Fu Shenyan scanned it and didn’t answer it.


The next few calls were also from Lu Xinran, and when Fu Shenyan didn’t answer, Lu Xinran directly sent a message instead.


A glance at the message, “Brother Shen Yan, you do not leave me, I no longer have a brother, now only you.”


I wanted to laugh, but my eyes felt like sand had gotten into them, and I couldn’t laugh.


Fu Shen Yan also saw it, he did not return, just lit a cigarette and sat on the balcony and smoked, his back was forlorn and lonely.


I fell asleep not long after I had just had a shock.


When I tried to come to, I was awakened by the sound of thunder outside. The sky, which I thought had cleared up, was still thundering and raining heavily in the middle of the night.


Having had Muzi with me earlier, I barely felt that such a night was not terrible, but at this point the bedroom was empty, and lightning was rampant through the gla*s in the darkness of the bedroom.