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Never Say Never Chapter 85-86

Chapter 85

I went upstairs and was in no mood to continue listening to the conversation that followed.


Lying in bed, I had some headache and my eyes hurt, I didn’t feel well anywhere, so I couldn’t help but call Muzi.


The phone rang for a while before the other side picked up, “Miss Shen, look at the time, what time is it.”


It sounded like she had been woken up, and I looked at the time, it was already two in the morning.


It was hard for her, clutching the phone, I said, “Muzi, I seem to be sick!”


She froze for a moment, her voice a decibel louder, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Go to the hospital, is Fu Shen Yan with you?”


I was silent for a moment, not knowing for a moment how to speak to her about my illness, as if it wasn’t an illness that could be seen with the naked eye.


After a long time, I sighed and said, “It’s okay, I just miss you!”


What could I say about my illness? I didn’t seem to know how to say that it wasn’t a disease that could be seen with the naked eye.


She was probably too sleepy and didn’t dwell on it too much, she just spoke, “Baby, are you having trouble sleeping?”


I opened my mouth, not knowing what to say, and simply said, “Well, you go to sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow!”


I hung up the phone and huddled under the covers, feeling bored with the world.


I fell asleep in a daze and vaguely noticed that the bed was pressed down in an arc, and then I was pulled into someone’s arms.


I was a little tired, so I didn’t make a sound, just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.


Perhaps I have been under a lot of stress lately, I don’t always get enough sleep, and my spirit is not too good, and I was a bit overwhelmed when I arrived at the office in a daze.


After doing some work in the office, Han Shuang asked me to sign some documents, poured me a gla*s of milk and looked at me, “Director, your face recently, not too good, do you want to go to the hospital?”


I shook my head, “It’s fine, you go ahead and get busy! It’s just that I’m not resting well!”


It’s true that I haven’t been sleeping well lately.


She looked at me worriedly and left holding the papers, taking a few steps, still looking at me, “Why don’t you go and see Dr. Cheng, he came to the office today, I met him in the lift just now!”


Cheng Junyu’s hobby and pursuit point are in medicine, hanging out in Fu’s name as a shareholder, but very good to come here.


Fu ShenYan later should be planning to invest in medical research, so for Cheng JunYu to set up a medical laboratory, basically in Cheng JunYu own responsibility.


I nodded my head, “Good!”


I’ve been in a really bad state lately, and after sitting in my office for a while, I got up and went to Cheng Junyu’s office.


His and Fu Shenyan’s offices were on the ground floor, so I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but when I got out of the lift, I overlooked Lu Xinran standing in a long white dress in Fu Shenyan’s office.


It was mainly this fairy-like dress that Lu Xinran loved so much that I recognized it right away.


I had no intention of listening to what I was used to, and standing at Cheng Junyu’s door, I knocked.


“What is it?” The man spoke, his voice mellow and magnetic, Fu Shen Yan’s voice was too recognisable.


I could hear it as soon as I heard it.


“Brother Shen Yan, I’ve figured it out, I’m giving up going abroad, and I’m not going into the entertainment industry.” Lu Xinran seemed to have made a great determination to say this matter, the tone was not too good.




This response, quite cold!


I raised my hand and continued to knock a few times, this person couldn’t be asleep!


“When Zhuan Yan comes over later, he will send you back!” This was said by Fu Shen Yan in a cold manner.


Perhaps it made Lu Xinran’s heart unhappy, after a while Lu Xinran said, “I’ve given up, isn’t all this enough?”


Chapter 86

The air was silent for a moment, it was Fu Shen Yan’s voice with a bit of cold harshness, “Xinran, I said, any decision you make, don’t do it because of me, Shen Shu is pregnant, if you want to stay in Jiangcheng, I will be responsible for your life, but I can’t be responsible for your feelings, I have my own family!”


“Family?” Lu Xinran’s voice was a little sharp, “What about me? My brother gave me to you, I ……”


“Lu Yan didn’t ask me to marry you, Xinran, we will all have our own lives to go in the end.” Fu Shen Yan’s words were a little cold, and a little heartless.


“Do you love her?” Lu Xinran spoke, her voice trembling a little, “You don’t love her at all, it’s just because she’s pregnant, you think that if you have a child, you have a responsibility to guard them, Fu Shen Yan, you don’t know yourself at all, you don’t love Shen Shu, it’s a responsibility, like you did to me before, because of the responsibility, so you will guard me!”


There was a half-hearted silence, no movement, I thought this was the end, see Cheng Junyu never came out, I had to beat a path back to home.


I didn’t want to, in Fu Shen Yan’s office, Lu Xin Ran’s voice continued to come, “Brother Shen Yan, I beg you, let me stay by your side, I won’t ask you to do anything, in the future, whatever you want to do, what you want to do, I will listen to you, don’t leave me, I can’t leave you anymore all these years.”


In that voice, it was supplication, compromise, the humility of a girl.


I lowered my eyes and couldn’t help but feel pathetic; people fall in love and lose themselves.


“What are you doing here?” A cold voice rang out, and I looked back to see Cheng Junyu coming out of his office with a tired look on his face.


I froze, so this guy was just sleeping?


“Looking for you!” Spitting out two words, before he could say anything, Lu Xinran’s voice continued to come from Fu Shen Yan’s office.


“Brother Shen Yan, I know you don’t love Shen Shu, a marriage without love will ruin a person, although you have a child, this child will not bring you happiness, instead it will become a gulf between you that can never be crossed, you will be entangled for life because of this child!”


Cheng Junyu also heard, a pair of handsome eyebrows to look at me, raised eyebrows, “eavesdropping?”


I ……


“No!” Afraid that he wouldn’t believe me, I said, “I have something to ask you!”


“What is it?” That was what he said, but he didn’t look at me, instead he continued to listen intently to the voices in Fu Shen Yan’s office.


“I haven’t been feeling too well lately, you can give me a look and see if it will affect the baby!” Seeing him with a shallow look on his face, he listened to the commotion in the next office.


I held my forehead, “Dr. Cheng!”


He gave me a look, signalling for me to continue listening.


Lu Xinran seemed to think her theory was correct, crying as she spoke, “You know Shen Shu loves you, but you don’t love her, after time, she’ll run away, that’s not what a woman wants.”


“Miss Lu is not me, how do you know this is not what I want?” I really couldn’t listen to this anymore, besides, Cheng Junyu was still there, I walked to the door of Fu Shenyan’s office, my eyes indifferently looked at Lu Xinran, “It’s unfortunate, Miss Lu, even if my husband doesn’t love me, we already have a child, which means he and I have become a real family, Miss Lu may have been the persona of not eating the fire and smoke of the world for a long time, and doesn’t understand the hundred things on earth, that’s why think that couples in the human world must have love in order to continue.”


“You ……” My sudden appearance took both Lu Xinran and Fu Shenyan by surprise, but it was just a moment before Lu Xinran looked at me and said, “Do you really think you can keep him with a child?”