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Never Say Never Chapter 87-88

Chapter 87

I nodded, “I was originally unsure if I could keep him with a child, but now that I’ve seen your reaction, I feel as if I’ve succeeded, after all, what he puts first now is not Miss Lu, but me and the child in my belly.”


Fu Shen Yan face slightly cold, seems to think that I am not too happy with this paragraph, I do not care, look to Lu Xinran continued, “Of course, Miss Lu is so thick-skinned, can also stay by his side and continue to wait, maybe one day I give birth to a baby, he is bored of staying at home, look at me also tired of looking at me, think that the outside Sh*t smells good, want to taste, at that time, Miss Lu may realize his in the possibility of giving you a little home outside!”


“Pfft!” There was laughter from the doorway, not knowing when Chen Xing and Qiao Zhuan Yan appeared, the two of them standing in the doorway.


Chen Xing stifled his laughter and said in a gangly manner, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop just now, it’s really because you guys were talking too loudly and I didn’t hold it in, so I laughed.”


Qiao Zhuan Yan coldly glanced at me, his face was very bad, walked over to Fu Shen Yan, handed him the document and spoke, “I have nothing to say about you having your own home, but you shouldn’t let a woman like Shen Shu bully her!”


After saying that, with a very bad face, he pulled Lu Xinran and prepared to leave.


I blocked the two of them and looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan with cold eyes, “What kind of woman does Mr Qiao think that I, Shen Shu, am?”


“Selfish, unscrupulous and sinister!” He didn’t mince words, spitting out a few very smoothly.


I nodded, revealing a few sarcastic smiles, “It’s hard for Mr. Qiao to observe me so carefully, so may I ask what kind of woman is your beloved?”


Ignoring the outstanding looks on the two men’s faces, I laughed, “The high dao of green tea is also a skill, this fairy image of Miss Lu is indeed quite inviting, one can like her to the point of directly ignoring the fact that she is someone’s mistress, forcing people to have abortions, framing them for possession of drugs, humiliating them, all these kinds of things can be covered because of her petite and soft, unearthly persona. ”


“Shen Shu, you are talking nonsense!” Lu Xinran was furious, disregarding her image and yelling directly towards me.


I raised my eyebrows, “A dog in a hurry?”


“That’s enough!” Fu Shen Yan, who had been sullen and had not spoken, opened his mouth and looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan, “Send her back! Don’t let her come to the company in the future.”


Qiao Zhongyan wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Chen Junyu, “Zhongyan, come and see me when you come back later, I’ve prepared some medicine for Uncle Qiao, it’s very useful for rheumatism.”


Chen Xing also looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Mr. Fu, do you have time? Let’s talk!”


In this way, Qiao Zhuan Yan naturally had nothing to say, and after giving me a fierce glare, he took Lu Xinran and left.


So, I looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “I’m looking for you for something!”


It was a real thing!


He nodded his head, saw Chen Xing and Fu Shen Yan talking about something, and said, “Go to my office!”


When I entered Cheng Junyu’s office, I found a place to sit down and said, “I’ve been dizzy for a while, and my shoulders and spine are particularly uncomfortable.”


He sat to one side and gestured for me to reach out and take his pulse.


After a moment, he drew back his hand and looked at me, “Qi and blood deficiency, inflammation in the lungs and stomach, you’ve been staying up too late lately, your blood supply to your head is inadequate, it’s normal to experience dizziness, don’t stay up as late as possible these days, also, your heart is depressed and you can develop a tendency to depression, no need to put too much pressure on yourself.”


I nodded and looked at him with my chin in my pestle, “I’m going to A City tomorrow on business, are there any sleep aids I can take with me?”


He paused and spoke, “Yes, but it’s not good for the fetus, so you should take it as little as possible!”


Chapter 88

I said, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to live with myself, let alone this child.


When I came out of Cheng Junyu’s office, I was confronted by Fu Shenyan’s cold, stinky face, I was in a bad mood, and my body was still suffering, so I didn’t have the energy to take care of him.


I directly missed him and was ready to go when his wrist was pulled and he spoke, his voice low and magnetic, “What’s wrong with you?”


“Can’t die!” I reached out and broke his hand that was pulling me away and went straight into the lift.


Back in the office, Han Shuang held another pile of documents on my desk, “Director, these are the results of Fu’s recent audit, take a look at them and sign them.”


I nodded my head and casually said, “How’s the ac side?” Although Qiao’s wasn’t exactly big, it was no more than a small business after all, and there were quite a few audits.


“Mmm! It went well.”


I lowered my eyes and began to read the papers, suddenly ringing with the thought of tomorrow’s business trip, I looked to Han Shuang and said, “What time is the flight to A City booked for tomorrow?”


“Five o’clock in the morning!” After a pause she said, “We plan to be done with the a-city side in two days, so go as early as possible, and the people on the credit side will be there with you tomorrow!”


I nodded, responded and after a moment’s thought said, “I’ll just go on the a-city side, you stay at the office and a*sist credit and ac.”




The rainy season in Jiangcheng was overly gloomy, and after a few hours of sunshine yesterday, the next thing I knew, it was pouring again.


At 5pm, after reading the documents, my whole body was a bit run down and my eyes were too hard to open, so I had to ask Han Shuang to buy me a bottle of eye drops for me.


It was already 6pm when I finished writing my work summary.


I closed my computer and went straight down to the company building, where all the employees were heading out of work.


I was greeted on the way, and I pulled a stiff smile in response. I was able to get out of the lobby and ordered a light lunch from the Texaco next to me.


As I waited for my meal, a few young, stylish girls approached me and shyly greeted me, “Director Shen, you’re eating over here too!”


I nodded and searched my head for a while, but couldn’t remember if I knew these people or not.


One of the competent-looking girls looked at me and said, “Director Shen, I’m Liu Yue, I’m from the Electronic Technology Design Department.”


I froze and remembered, I was now in charge of Huayu’s case and would occasionally visit the design department, no wonder they knew me.


Fu’s is too huge, just under Jiangcheng there are thousands of employees, although they are all working in one building, but except for those few people who are close to each other, the others are basically unseen.


After greeting a few young girls with a light smile, I walked away with my lunchbox.


“Yueyue, so the top management of the company also eats bento like us!”


“Company executives are also human beings, why can’t they eat lunch boxes?”


“Their monthly income is what we earn for years, I thought they were going to eat something nice!”




The conversation that followed faded away as I exited the restaurant.


People, in fact, no matter what, they feel unaware of their own needs, and when they don’t have money they look towards making money, and when they have money they start to get tangled up in their feelings.


After a tiring day, I got into the car and had a few bites of my lunchbox when I heard the sound of a car siren coming from outside the car window and rolled up the window gla*s.


When I looked back, I saw a black Maybach parked next to me. I thought about it for a moment, and it seemed that, apart from the long-parked Maybach in the bas*ment of the villa, no one around me drove it.


It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford to drive it, but it was too flashy and people didn’t drive it.


I thought it was someone I didn’t know, so I was ready to roll up the window.