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Never Say Never Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

I saw the window of the Maybach being rolled down, revealing Chen Xing’s beckoning face on the driver’s seat, “Hey, pretty girl, want to join us for dinner?”




I gave him a blank look and lifted the bento in my hand, “Sorry, I’ve already eaten.”


He frowned, leaned over the car window and stuck his head out, “You’re pregnant and you’re eating this? How badly is Fu Shenyan treating you?”


I was speechless, not wanting to pay attention to him, this man was not the usual boring.


Putting the bento box away, I was ready to start the car and get ready to go home.


Their blocked the car in front of them and looked at me with raised eyebrows, “Sister Shen, do me the honour of joining us for dinner?”


Looking at his roguish face, I was a little annoyed, “I’m full!”


“Then let’s sit down together!”




His car was blocking the driveway and it wasn’t just me who couldn’t get away, other cars couldn’t either.


There were people honking all around and he was in no hurry, looking at me with a bummed look on his face.


I held my forehead and said after a moment, “Lead the way!”


He raised his eyebrows, “I’ll take you there, pregnant women aren’t fit to drive!”




Holding my breath, I got out of the car, walked to his side, got in and looked at him coldly, “Still not going?”


He grinned and said, “Go, go now!”


The young man was a tart, driving a car that was flaunting the city and not knowing how to restrain himself, and opening the convertible top in the city.


It was simply boring.


I was a little cold, but didn’t bother to speak up, and went along with whatever he liked.


“Sister Shen, do you think you and I will appear on tomorrow’s River City entertainment gossip?” He was driving, rock music on in the car, loud and high, his voice ripped wide open.


I gave him a blank look, not wanting to say anything.


If it did make the news, it would be thanks to him.


The car stopped in a busy area of the city centre, where most young people come to go out for dinner and shopping.


His car was shaking, and so was his person, and as soon as he stopped the car, he drew a lot of girls turning around, and a lot of car lovers taking pictures of his car with their mobile phones.


“Waving!” Throwing two words at him, I got out of the car.


Looking around the lively and busy street, I looked to him and said, “What do you want to eat?”


He grinned, “You decide!”


After looking around, I went straight into a French restaurant, followed by Chen Xing, who smiled and said, “Sister Shen, you’re quite romantic.”


I was speechless, I just didn’t like being stared at and chose it randomly.


When we entered the restaurant, the waiter came up and said, “Two? We have a couple’s set menu today, would you two like to order one?”


“Yes, have one, and open a bottle of Bordeaux for us!” Chen Xing opened his mouth without thinking.


I looked to the waiter and said, “A gla*s of juice for me, please!”


The waiter left and Chen Xing looked at me with a smirk and said, “Sister Shen, I forgot you can’t drink.”




Ignoring him, I looked down at my phone, Fu Shen Yan had sent a message, a few cold words, “Where is it?”


Not even a single extra punctuation mark.


I didn’t reply and turned off my phone, seeing Chen Xing staring at me, I frowned, “Something wrong?”


“Sister Shen, has no one ever said that you look like a Hong Kong or Taiwan star?” The waiter brought up the steak and Chen Xing C*cked his head and opened his mouth at me.


I looked at the waiter and thanked him and looked at him, “Like who?”


Xiao was surprised I would answer and he straightened his face and said, “Joey Wong!”


I nodded, “When I was in college, someone said it looked like that!”


But it was just a joke, later I wore gla*ses and very few people said that anymore.


Maybe there was a bit more of a literary vibe and less of a look alike.


Chapter 90

“And a bit like the other one!” He spoke, his face serious, and I cut into my steak, thinking that he was just bored, so he was just looking for me to talk to.


“Mmm!” Responding to her lightly, I lowered my eyes and continued cutting.


He didn’t eat, he just shook the gla*s of red wine in his hand and said, “You and my mother are a lot alike, especially the eyes, you two have very similar eyes.”


I found him really particularly boring and stuffed a piece of steak into my mouth and looked at him, “I might look popular after all, some people still think I look like Lu Xinran too!”


I looked like Lu Xinran, my grandfather had said so before, but I didn’t think so, there were too many people with similar eyebrows, after all, we were all the same old ancestors, living in the same land, it was normal to look alike.


He skimmed his lips, drank all the red wine in his gla*s and looked at me, “When you went to NTU, why did you change schools?”


He froze me with that comment, it was years ago, how did he know?


Putting down the knife and fork in my hand, I looked at him, “We’re alumni?”


He raised an eyebrow, poured himself another gla*s of wine and looked at me, “You really don’t remember?”


I shook my head, I had no memory of him other than meeting him after I took over Fu’s audit.


Seeing this, he shrugged his shoulders and said no more.


Looking at me, he said, “It’s okay, just remember me well in the future.”


After some casual conversation, he didn’t eat anything, but drank all the wine in the bottle, I think he drank a bit too much, he pinned his chin on the table and looked at me in a daze.


It was getting late, so I got up and went to the checkout, too late to go back, too late to get up in the morning.


Fate, I have to say, is a coincidence. I was surprised to meet Chen Xing’s mother, Ivana Lin, and Lu Xinran here.


I wasn’t surprised to see Ivana and I wasn’t surprised to see Lu Xinran either, but I was a bit surprised to see both of them at the same time.


Lu Xinran and Lin Ivana, I don’t think they know each other!


I looked at them from a distance and saw them shopping very intimately, looking very much like mother and daughter, but I didn’t think much of it.


He was probably drunk, so I looked at him and said, “Can you still walk by yourself?”


“No!” He spoke, with a bit of childishness in his tone.


I sighed and slung my bag across my waist and lifted my hand to help him up, then supported him out of the restaurant with half my body.


Elegant in, wretched out is not an overstatement to describe Chen Xing.


After putting him in the car, I got into the car, used to driving Cadillacs, Chen Xing’s sports car is not too smooth for me, the cha*sis is too low, not too smooth to drive.


The good thing was that the streets were slowly becoming less crowded at this time, and I didn’t cause any trouble.


I originally wanted to send him back to the pear garden, I had been to the pear garden once before with Fu Shenyan, a little impression, single by this goods pulled, dead not to go to the pear garden.


I was quite surprised to learn that he was living by himself at the Shanshui Villa.


“Shen Shu, do you really have no impression of me at all?” The car had gone most of the way when he suddenly looked at me half asleep and spoke.


I froze and shook my head, “We knew each other before?”


He smiled bitterly, “I’m the only one who remembers the mulberry trees in Grandma Shen’s yard, the trumpet flowers crawling on the ridge, and your snot-covered face.”


Listening to his words, I wandered a little for a moment, these memories, it had been years ago, how did he ……


It didn’t take long for the car to arrive at Villa Shanshui and find where he lived, I helped him out of the car and rang several times before an older man came to open the door.


Seeing me and the drunken Chen Xing, the old man hurriedly said, “Why is the young master so drunk, thank you for bringing him back.”


I smiled, put Chen Xing to the old grandfather and then left.