Never Say Never Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

I couldn’t detect what he was thinking and nodded slightly in agreement.


In my case, I seemed to have formed a habit of obeying Fu’s demands, even if I was extremely resistant to them.


The car drove to the city, originally thinking that Fu Shen Yan would take me back to the villa, but instead he took me directly to the hospital.


The smell of sterilised water spread to every corner of the hospital, which I didn’t like, but I had to follow Fu Shenyan into Lu Xinran’s ward.


Lu Xinran was receiving an infusion, she was already sick and delicate, and now she was lying on a plain white bed with a light gaze, which made her even more soft and delicate.


When she saw me and Fu Shen Yan enter together, her gaze towards me was a little colder, and it was only after a long time that she looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “I don’t want to see her!”


It seems that without the child, the delicate and lovely gesture is gone, but there is more coldness and hatred.


Fu Shen Yan walked towards her and half picked her up from the bed, rubbing his chin on her forehead soothingly, “Let her take care of you for a few days, it’s what she should do.”


Intimacy, doting, this scene pricked my nerves.


Lu Xinran originally wanted to say something else, but it was only for a moment before she looked up at Fu Shen Yan and said with a light smile, “Okay, I’ll do as you say!”


The two of them decided with one word that I would stay or go.


It was funny that I didn’t say a word and listened to their arrangement.


Fu Shen Yan was very busy, although he did not appear at the funeral of the old man, but he is after all a member of the Fu family, there are many things that must go through his hands, the large Fu’s in his management, he did not have much time to stay in the hospital with Lu Xinran.


The only one who could stay and look after Lu Xinran seemed to be me.


At 2am, Lu Xinran had slept too much during the day and was unable to sleep at night.


Seeing that I hadn’t slept, she looked over at me and said, “Shen Shu, you’re too humble.”


When I heard these words, I didn’t know what to say for a moment. I looked down at the ring in my hand for a long time before I looked up at her and said, “Isn’t that what love is?”


She laughed, unsure of what to say, and only after a long time did she say, “Are you tired?”


I shook my head. What in life is not tiring? I’m just in love with someone.


“Can you get me a gla*s of water?” She spoke, rising slightly to half lean.


I nodded and got up to pour her water.


“No need to add cold water, it’s better if it’s hot!” She speaks, unable to hear much emotion.


Pouring the water, I handed it to her, but she didn’t take it, she just looked at me and said, “I feel sorry for you, but I also feel pathetic for you; you weren’t to blame for the baby, but I can’t help but put the blame and hate on you.”


I didn’t know what she meant by that, I just handed her the water, “Be careful it’s hot!”


She took the gla*s of water and pulled me violently, out of instinct I would have withdrawn my hand, her dark eyes were dead on me, “Make a bet, let’s see if he’ll be heartbroken or not.”


I froze, and my eyes saw the man standing in the doorway, wondering when he had arrived. Lu Xinran looked at me with a pale expression, “Dare you?”


I didn’t say a word and let her pour the hot water down the back of my hand, tearing my heart and soul with the pain of a million ants.


It was silent, but it was a bet that I was in.


Lu Xinran put down the water cup and said with a face full of innocence, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to, the water cup was too hot and I accidentally spilled it, are you okay?”


That was a false and eloquent statement.


I took my hand back and shook my head through the pain, “It’s fine!”



Chapter 10

The man who was watching from the side, Fu Shen Yan, came in, his gaze was low, his voice was clear and cold as he looked at Lu Xin Ran and said, “Why aren’t you resting?”


To Lu Xinran, Fu Shen Yan’s appearance seemed like a sudden one, she was so delicate and cute that when she saw him coming, she tugged at the corner of his shirt and pulled him to sit on the edge of the bed, hugging him and saying, “I slept too much during the day, I couldn’t sleep, why are you here?”


“To see you!” As he spoke, Fu Shen Yan’s dark eyes looked at me, his gaze fell on the back of my hand, frowning slightly, “Go and take care of it!”


A thin, cold voice, no pity or concern could be heard.


Lu Xinran hugged him with apologies and guilt on her small face, “It’s because I was too careless and burned sister Shen.”


Fu Shen Yan smoothed her long hair, his expression light, seemingly without the intention of blaming.


I felt like I was being pushed over a cliff, my heart hurting so much that I couldn’t breathe, and I moved step by step towards the outside of the ward.


In fact, I knew from the beginning that I would lose this bet with Lu Xinran, but I still held on to a sliver of hope, even if it was just one sentence from Fu Shenyan, “Does it hurt?” It was enough to keep me going.


But, in the end, I couldn’t even get a look of pity, not even sympathy.


In the corridor, I was blocked by a broad chest, and when I looked up, I saw Cheng Junyu’s handsome eyebrows slightly knitted, his expression slightly averted as he looked at me.


I looked at him and said, “Dr. Cheng!”


He looked at me for a long time and suddenly said, “Does it hurt?”


I froze, my heart rippling and turning sour, “Ta!” A tear the size of a bead fell to the floor as the wind whistled through the corridor, making the already cold and lonely corridor even more empty.


You see, people who have only known each other a few times ask, “Does it hurt?” Why did the person I had been with for two years turn a blind eye!


My hand is taken up and I subconsciously try to withdraw it, only to be pulled tighter instead.


“I’m a doctor!” Cheng Junyu spoke up, and the implication was not to be denied, because he was a doctor, so there was no reason to stand by when he saw a patient.


But I also know that he is not a person who likes to meddle in things, only that I am Fu Shenyan’s wife.


When he followed Cheng Junyu into the surgery room, he gave a few words to a nurse and then looked at me and said, “Cooperate well and bandage well.”


I nodded, “Thank you!”


Cheng Junyu left and the nurse cleaned the back of my burned hand, looking at the white blisters on the back of my hand, the nurse frowned slightly, “The burn is a bit severe, it may leave a scar later!”


“It’s okay!” Consider it a lesson learned.


Because of the blisters, the wound had to be treated by poking the blisters to clean the abscesses from the wound.


Afraid that I wouldn’t be able to hold it up, the nurse said, “It’s going to hurt a lot, so you’ll have to bear it.”




This pain is not painful, it’s the pain in the heart that pulls at the nerves that is called pain.


After treating the wound, the nurse explained a few things and I was ready to go back to Lu Xinran’s ward, when I pa*sed the stairway I heard a faint movement from the stairwell, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks.


“The old man is gone, when are you planning to divorce her?” The voice was, Cheng Junyu’s?


“Her? Shen Shu?” The man spoke, his voice low and cold, all too familiar, it was Fu Shen Yan.


As I approached the stairway, I vaguely saw Fu Shenyin leaning against the railing with his hands in his pockets and a cold look on his face, while Cheng Junyu was leaning against the wall with a cigarette half-burned between his slender fingers.


He looked at Fu Shen Yan and said with a bland expression, “You know that she did nothing but because she loves you.”


Fu Shen Yan raised his eyes, swept him a glance, and said coldly, “Since when did you put your heart into her?”


Hearing this, Cheng Junyu frowned and spoke, “You think too much, I’m just reminding you so that you won’t regret it later, some love, even if it’s deep, will be withdrawn one day.”


“Heh!” Fu Shen Yan sneered, “Her love I never bothered to ……”


I didn’t continue to listen to the latter words, there are some things that it is good to know in your heart, if you have to listen to someone else say it clearly and unambiguously, then it is yourself who doesn’t know what is good for you.