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Silly Teen Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

Guan Dongxuan said he was going to turn around and go into the cla*sroom.

And I listened to his words, the heart is feeling that he can really help me to solve this matter. If it were the usual him, know that I have so much money, will definitely find me ‘borrow’ and a couple of hundred, but simply out will not return. I thought about it, or called Guan Dongxuan:.

“Xuan brother, you wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

Guan Dongxuan turned around and looked at me suspiciously.

“I give you this eight hundred, give me two more days, I will get the remaining five hundred as soon as possible.” I was afraid that when the time came, Guan Dongxuan regretted and did not help me. And at this time, Guan Dongxuan, is the only hope I have in front of me. I gave him the money first, just to let him know that I really want to solve this matter.

Although I am still a little uneasy about Guan Dongxuan, but I can only give him the money at this time.

Guan Dongxuan naturally took the money and put it into his pocket: “Okay, then the remaining five hundred.

“Okay, then the remaining five hundred, you also grab some tight.”

“Brother Xuan, trouble you.”

I said with a nod.

Guan Dongxuan waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, as long as you do as you’re told.”

Guo Xuefu came back from the toilet and asked me in confusion, “Jinchao, what did you just say to Guan Dongxuan?”


“Really nothing? How do I see you just gave Guan Dongxuan what …… should not be money!” Guo Xuefu asked me suspiciously.

I hurriedly denied a: “Eh ah, you can rest a*sured! I neither gave him money either, and he did not extort me.”

“Okay …… then if something really happens, you have to talk to me oh.” Guo Xuefu looked at me very seriously. And to this, I also agreed. We have walked into the cla*sroom, as for the remaining five hundred, I also and Guan Dongxuan delayed for two days.

I gave him my eight hundred first, and the remaining five hundred, it was only a matter of time.

I just don’t want to let Guan Dongxuan think that I am suddenly ‘rich’ recently. If Guan Dongxuan knows, after the matter is resolved clearly, I’m afraid he will have nothing to find me, let me help him buy cigarettes, or to borrow money from me. Then it will be a problem.

I carried the last $500, is two days later in the morning, found Guan Dongxuan, also gave him the money.

Guan Dongxuan counted the cash, and I said: “Come on, the money is almost complete. You just wait a few days for my news.”

I nodded my head and agreed.

And he was then, suddenly remembered something, and added to me: “Oh yes, if you spend more money on dinner, I will ask you for it. But if there’s any left, I’ll give it back to you.”

But I didn’t expect to give him the money and ask for it back from him.

“It’s okay Brother Xuan. If there’s more then, you can keep it and buy a few packs of cigarettes. After all, you’ve worked hard too.”

I said hurriedly.

Guan Dongxuan smiled and patted my shoulder.

“Okay, Jinchao, you are now quite good awareness ah. As long as you listen to me, follow me in the school, with me to cover you, I guarantee that not many people dare to touch you.”

“Then thank you in advance brother Xuan.”

I said with a smile.

And this time to give money, in order to avoid being Guo Xuefu bumped into, I also deliberately called Guan Dongxuan to the toilet. It is Guan Dongxuan in the toilet smoking kung fu, I fell back to the cla*s first. During this time, I was basically rea*sured to study. The teacher looked at my attitude and was finally relieved.

The teacher told me to work hard and try to get my ranking up in the final exam that was coming up.

This, I naturally agreed.

Guo Xuefu also continued to tutor me after cla*s. And in these days, I was in a nervous mood, waiting for news from the end of Guan Dongxuan. After all, this twelve thousand, for me, is not a small amount. But Guan Dongxuan, as if the matter was forgotten, did not take the initiative to come to me to say the results.

I was a little anxious, thought about it and went to find Guan Dongxuan: “Brother Xuan, how is my matter handled?”

“What is it?”

Guan Dongxuan asked a rhetorical question.

I froze for a moment and hurriedly said, “Brother Xuan, it’s the matter of Brother Cao! Did you forget?”

Guan Dongxuan was impatient and said, “Didn’t I tell you the results two days ago?”

I froze again: “No ah Xuan brother! I’ve been waiting to hear from you.”

I listened to Guan Dongxuan’s words, my heart was vaguely feeling bad.

Sure enough, Guan Dongxuan is in the subsequent and I said: “Well, then I’ll tell you again. That thing you …… blew!”

“How can this be?”

I anxiously rushed Guan Dongxuan asked.

And Guan Dongxuan then even more impatient and I said.

“Blown is blown. And at the beginning, I did not promise you that I will help you to get this done ah. Moreover, just five hundred yuan benefit fee, you want to take care of this matter? How is it possible! For this 500 yuan, do you want my brother to sell a favor to Brother Cao?”

Guan Dongxuan beeped and I said a lot, what his brother’s favor is very expensive, Cao is very angry and so on.

He also showed me the photos of the dinner that night. That plate inch head Cao, and indeed was present.

After all, photos are not videos, and I don’t know if Guan Dongxuan really talked to Cao about me or not. Maybe he just took my money and invited his brother and Cao to have a meal with them. But at the meal, but about me, not a word!

“Brother Xuan, what about this?”

I was anxiously rushed Guan Dongxuan asked.

“You ask me, I ask who to ask? People Cao, just want to find trouble with you, what can I do?” Guan Dongxuan’s tone was quite indifferent. After all, this matter, it’s not like it has anything to do with him.

“But Brother Xuan, so …… I’ve spent this thirteen hundred dollars for nothing? This is not a small amount ah!” The emotions in my heart were simply going to explode. I was tempted to get angry with Guan Dongxuan in public, but I held back. It was more because I, couldn’t afford to offend him!

“Then what else do you want? I can’t possibly pay you back myself!” That’s what Guan Dongxuan said.

“Brother Xuan ……”

I still wanted to say something when it was cla*s.

I looked at the teacher who stepped on the bell and came in, and could only honestly sit down to start the morning reading. When I want to go to Guan Dongxuan after cla*s, he went straight out, more like he was avoiding me. And this morning, I did not have the opportunity to talk to him properly.

Guo Xuefu saw that I did not look right, is to go to my side and ask me what is wrong.

I still did not talk to her.

Guo Xuefu blocked in front of me and asked me: “Jinchao, you must have something to hide from me, right!”

“Eh, Xuefu, just don’t ask too much.”

I was also in a very irritable mood.

I wanted to take advantage of the time after school to find Guan Dongxuan to have a good chat. And Guan Dongxuan was really impatient, he took me, and walked out of the school gate.

I followed him to the school side of the ‘cigarette store’, the result is a group of people surrounded ……


Chapter 16

The so-called cigarette store is a kiosk that illegally sells cigarettes to students, and is also a gathering place for delinquent students in our school. As for the group of people who surrounded me, they were all Guan Dongxuan’s people, and even those from our cla*s, were among them. Guan Dongxuan watched me being surrounded and also turned his head and sneered at me.

“Jin Chao, I have tried my best to help you do things, but it didn’t work, and still rely on me?” Guan Dongxuan then asked at me.

“Not so Brother Xuan, I also did not mean ……” I hurriedly said.

“Then what do you want? I’ve been annoyed with you all morning, if not for the sake of the past, I would have smoked.”

Guan Dongxuan mouth with a cigarette in the drink sound.

“Brother Xuan, I just want to ask, the money, there is no left?” I gritted my teeth and said.

“Left over? I didn’t ask you for the extra money, it’s already good.” Guan Dongxuan was impatient and waved his hand: “All right Jin Chao, you hurry up and get out. Otherwise, if you make me hang fire, I will really beat you up!”

Along with Guan Dongxuan’s words, the people around, are looking at me intently.

Although I was a little scared in my heart, but I still did not leave.

“Don’t you want to get out?”

Guan Dongxuan was really angry.

“Jin Chao, I think you really have itchy skin and need to be beaten up, right?” Our cla*s, who followed Guan Dongxuan, just gave an angry cry at me. I gave him this drink, subconsciously is want to step back. But I gritted my teeth and continued to stand in the same place. As long as the 1,300 can be returned, even if they beat a beating.

You know, this one thousand three, can be equivalent to three months of my pocket money ah!

And Uncle Chen’s salary, is not particularly high. Am I just going to stand by and watch the money that Uncle Chen got with his blood and sweat go down the drain?

“Guan Dongxuan, you guys are bullying Jinchao again, right?” Guo Xuefu suddenly appeared and stood out to help me speak.

“Cut, we bullied him?”

Guan Dongxuan gave a disdainful smile.

“If you guys aren’t bullying him, why did you get so many people to surround him?” Guo Xuefu was about to come up and ‘save’ me from going out.

But I still stood my ground.

And Guan Dongxuan went along with my reaction and said to Guo Xuefu, “Guo University Committee, did you see that? It’s this guy who doesn’t want to go at all, not what I did to him.”

When Guo Xuefu heard that, he immediately focused his eyes on me: “Jinchao, what are you still standing here for? Go!”

But I shook my head and said.

“Xuefu, you also do not care about this matter. I have something I want to discuss with Brother Xuan.”

But when Guan Dongxuan heard it, he waved his hand and said, “I have nothing to discuss with you, get lost.”

His words immediately made Guo Xuefu unhappy: “Guan Dongxuan, we are all in the same cla*s, your tone can not be better? And usually Jin Chao has helped you so much, and as a result, this is how you treat him?”

Guan Dongxuan said in response to Guo Xuefu, “I just see him usually obedient, so I did not do anything. Otherwise, I would have killed him!”

Guo Xuefu’s face also turned gloomy. Guan Dongxuan did not want to continue to dwell on it, just turn around and walk away. He left a group of his disciples, surrounded by us. Guan Dongxuan’s words, is also let me completely cold heart. And then I, too, was dragged away by Guo Xuefu.

I looked at Guan Dongxuan’s attitude, and naturally I knew that it was almost impossible for me to recover some of my losses.

Guo Xuefu dragged me to the entrance of the school, and asked me anxiously what was going on.

I was under her urging, my heart was also a tangle. But I thought about it, and finally told her about it. But after she heard it, her whole body was frozen: “Jinchao, how can you be so stupid? This kind of thing, you can just find the teacher ah, why do you need to find Guan Dongxuan?”

She said that I was obviously cheated by Guan Dongxuan.

And this matter also has something to do with her, and she also wants to try her best to help me out. It’s just that we have different ideas from each other. I know, this kind of thing to go to the teacher, certainly not very effective, so will put hope in Guan Dongxuan’s body.

Guo Xuefu could not understand my thoughts.

“Jinchao, what the hell are you thinking? This is 13,000! If you don’t go to the teacher, can you still ask for two from Guan Dongxuan’s hand by yourself?”

But I listened to her words, but I still stuck to my idea. I definitely will not go to the teacher until I have no other choice.

And Guo Xuefu is obviously exasperated by my persistence, she dropped a sentence: “Forget it, I’m too lazy to care about you!” That’s how she turned around and left.

I sighed and went back home. Because Uncle Chen is in the unit at noon, so I usually cook my own food. In the process, Uncle Chen also asked me two days from the bank withdrew more than a thousand out, is something happened?

But this, I and Uncle Chen have to hide.

My bank card is opened in Uncle Chen’s name. I also naturally know that I take money, Uncle Chen can certainly receive text messages. And this, I am also early to think of an excuse to deal with. When I went to the school in the afternoon, Guan Dongxuan was surprisingly still like no one else, and a few of his little brothers playing around.

“Brother Xuan, I want to talk to you.”

I once again approached the door.

The first time I saw him, I was a little angry: “My day, you are not bothered ah? The line …… really want to talk, right? And I come to the toilet a trip!”

“Yoo-hoo, there’s a good show!”

A few of Guan Dongxuan’s minions said on the side.

I followed behind Guan Dongxuan, so I left the cla*sroom with him. I don’t know for what reason, Guo Xuefu hadn’t arrived at the cla*sroom yet. If she looked at this scene, I’m afraid she would have stopped me. And when Guan Dongxuan walked into the toilet, there was already a delinquent student smoking inside.

“Dongxuan, what’s wrong?”

The person on the side asked as he smoked a cigarette.

Guan Dongxuan rolled his eyes and said.

“Sh*t, it’s not this stupid ba sta rd Jin Chao? It’s not enough to bother me all morning, but he’s coming for me this afternoon.”

I lowered my head and said weakly: “Brother Xuan, after all, this is not a small amount of money ah ……”

“Oh, so what?”

Guan Dongxuan sneered at me.

I said in front of so many people, bravely, “Brother Xuan, you did not help me to get things done, how should also return half of my money …… I think so.”

But Guan Dongxuan heard, directly is a big mouth on my face.

And Guan Dongxuan’s little brother followed closely behind. A few people on the side worried that the movement in the toilet would bring in the teacher, and also after they played for a while, blocked Guan Dongxuan them.

Someone also advised me in the process, saying that since I was begging Guan Dongxuan to do something, even if things didn’t work out, but I can’t do that! And they were simply helping Guan Dongxuan to speak, helping him to establish the so-called moral high ground.

“Jin Chao, I’ll tell you the truth. Money, I will not give you a single cent!”