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Silly Teen Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51

I responded to her awkwardly, “Ms. Lin, let me explain. It’s just that something happened on our way back ……”

“What’s the matter? Where’s Guan Dongxuan?”

“He was taken away by my friend, the very pretty woman who was by my side the day I returned to school.” I said hurriedly. But as Teacher Lin listened to my words, her expression dropped even colder.

“Do you want to explain anything else?”

Teacher Lin then asked me.

“Teacher Lin, I’m really telling you the truth, can you believe me?” I became anxious at once.

“It’s useless for me to believe your words, go and explain to the police.” That was all Ms Lin said. After she dropped these words, she simply turned around and walked away. I looked at her back, but my whole body froze in place raw. I wanted to chase after her, but I felt even more powerless.

This feeling was the same as when I met Guo Xuefu at the entrance of the Internet cafe at noon. I was so frustrated, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I continued to call Xu Ying, but her call was still not answered.

When I arrived at school the next day, Guan Dongxuan still hadn’t come to school. It was during recess that I was called to the office by the cla*s monitor, Chen Xuan’er. In the office, there were already police officers waiting for me. The policemen were not from Uncle Chen’s office and did not show any favouritism to me.

They asked me, face to face, to tell them everything that had happened yesterday. They also asked me where I had found Guan Dongxuan.

They wanted to know exactly where Guan Dongxuan was now.

But I couldn’t give them a favourable clue, I couldn’t give them Xu Ying’s phone number!

“Student Jin, what are you hiding? If it’s true that it was you and your friend who found Guan Dongxuan and rescued him. Then why do you just refuse to give them the contact information of that friend of yours? Don’t you know how serious this matter is, really?”

Those policemen said very seriously.

“I really can’t say anything!”

I responded through clenched teeth.

“Why?” The policemen prodded me.

“I have my own concerns. All I can do, right now, is wait for her to contact me. I can’t reach her even now.” I then spoke to the policeman. All the while, Ms. Lin, who was listening to me, was always looking at me with her arms around her chest. She had a look in her eyes that totally saw me as the bad guy in general.

“But if anything happens to Guan Dongxuan, do you know what kind of nature you belong to?” The policeman was warning me in a very serious manner.

In response, I was nodding my head.

Because of Uncle Chen’s presence, I basically had an understanding of these legal knowledge, basically. I knew that I was hiding something and that if something went wrong, I would also be held responsible. But at this point, I really can’t say anything!

The police officers at the side were very anxious when they saw that I was not saying anything, but they could not do anything about it.

It was because of this incident that the school called Uncle Chen over temporarily. Uncle Chen asked me what had happened, and I took him outside the office and explained the whole thing to him. Uncle Chen listened to my words and looked grave.

Uncle Chen could not find any good solution for the time being, and we could only wait for Xu Ying’s call.

But it was the process that the gang of policemen who came to the school had to be the ones to take me to the police station for the time being. This was a necessary process for them, and both Uncle Chen and I could understand it. I was sitting in the chair, and the policemen at the side were constantly setting me up to say what they wanted.

But I just didn’t say anything.

I was still waiting for Xu Ying’s call.

But Xu Ying didn’t know what she was doing, and she didn’t call back until late at night. And this made me feel even worse inside. After Uncle Chen got off work, he also brought me a midnight snack. It was almost 12 o’clock when the police officer in charge of the case suddenly came over.

He suddenly said to us, “This case has been closed, you can go back to rest.”

“Case closed? What happened?”

I was stunned for a moment.

“We don’t know exactly. But the victim’s father’s family called and took the initiative to have the case dropped.” The policeman was explaining to me.

“Come on Ah Chao, let’s go back.” Uncle Chen led me to stand up.

“Uncle Chen you said, the case is closed, does that mean Guan Dongxuan has come back?” I just asked at Uncle Chen.

Uncle Chen shook his head and said, “That’s not necessarily true. It’s possible that they were forced to cancel the case because of other things. It’s impossible to say.”

I would have to wait until tomorrow when I arrived at the school to find out exactly what was going on. I arrived at school early, having not slept much all night. But even though I had waited for more than half an hour until the cla*s was about to start, Guan Dongxuan still did not appear.

I asked Mr. Lin for Guan Dongxuan’s father’s phone number and called him with great trepidation. But Guan Dongxuan’s father recognised my voice and didn’t tell me anything.

Guan Dongxuan didn’t come for a day, didn’t come for two days …… even, his seat was empty for a week long in a row!

Teacher Lin really couldn’t help himself and found me in private. I was questioned, “Jinchao, where is Dongxuan? Why hasn’t he come to school yet? And that friend of yours, what is she really about? What does she want with Guan Dongxuan? Hasn’t she even contacted you in the past few days?”

I listened to Ms. Lin’s barrage of questions, and I shook my head with her in a pang.

“What do you mean by shaking your head?”

“It means I don’t know!”

“Jin Chao, tell me the truth, did you or did you not collaborate with others and kidnap Guan Dongxuan?” Teacher Lin asked at me very seriously. Her words. She had already asked me once a few days ago. The question was asked again at this time, which made me freeze for a moment, and then I couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

“Teacher Lin, I am also very serious to a*sure you now. I, absolutely did not kidnap Guan Dongxuan!” I said very solemnly.

“Teacher Lin, if you don’t have anything else, I’ll go back to my cla*s first.” I said and was about to turn around and leave.

I was in a very low mood, and Teacher Lin looked at me as if I was going to leave and was trying to say something. But she still didn’t say anything and didn’t stop me from leaving. Because it was recess time, there was basically no one in the corridor. And as I walked, unknowingly, I came to the rooftop.

Xu Dazhi looked at my appearance and hurriedly welcomed me over.

A group of them were standing on the edge chatting and farting, and when they saw my arrival, they greeted me instead. My attention fell on Xu Dazhi, “Xu Dazhi, give me a cigarette ……”

“Huh? Chao, what did you say?”


Chapter 52

Xu Dazhi looked at me with an expression of utter surprise. For my part, I had to repeat, “Give me a cigarette!”

“Oh, oh, okay.”

Xu Dazhi responded to me with a blank stare.

Between his words, he was pulling out his seven dollar pack of Blue Wolf and handed one to me, “Chao, what do you need a cigarette for?”

“Of course I’m smoking, what else can I do?” I said with a fierce white look at him.

“Brother Chao, you have to think carefully. It’s not a good thing to smoke, once you get addicted, it’s a bit of a problem to get out of it again.” Xu Dazhi also gave me a word of advice. What he said, I naturally knew. But if you control the amount of cigarettes you smoke, you can still avoid getting addicted.

And to Xu Dazhi’s advice, I was nodding my head. He lit the cigarette for me and told me to take a small puff first.

The smoke entered my lungs and immediately a paralyzing sensation rushed to my brain. The amount I inhaled with this first puff was still quite a lot. And it was the intense dizziness from the nicotine that took me a while to respond. In total, I counted just over ten puffs of a cigarette, but it was already making me so dizzy that I couldn’t tell the difference between north and south.

“Brother Chao, are you alright?”

Xu Dazhi asked me with some concern instead.

“It’s okay.” I said with a wave of my hand to get rid of it.

“By the way Chao, how are things between you and your sister-in-law? Still in a cold war?” Xu Dazhi asked as he exhaled a smoke ring.

“Eh, don’t mention it.” I said with a sigh. I didn’t correct Xu Dazhi’s ‘sister-in-law’ either. And it was during the week that Guan Dongxuan didn’t come to school that the relationship between Guo Xuefu and I didn’t ease up. Every time I saw Guo Xuefu’s stern face, it was a moment of embarra*sment.

“Brother Chao, why don’t you do a heroic rescue? This way, the relationship between you and your sister-in-law will definitely get better!”

Zhao Yangbo’s little brother on the side suggested.

“How is a heroic rescue?”

I asked him, puzzled.

“That would take some planning!”

Zhao Yangbo’s little brother said with a bad smile. He said to me that since he was going to carry out this plan, he must not let Guo Xuefu know that I had sent the man. We must let Guo Xuefu really think that he was in danger, and when Guo Xuefu was about to get desperate, then I would pretend to show up unannounced.

Then a fierce battle ensued, with me risking my life to protect Guo Xuefu, who would surely be moved.

And as I listened to his words, I was a little worried.

“Is this really going to work?”

I asked at him instead.

“Brother Chao, don’t worry about that. I’ll call a few people from the technical school to come over, take off their uniforms and pretend to be socialites, it’ll be fine!” The other side of Zhao Yangbo stood out and said.

“That’s right, Brother Chao. In TV dramas, the heroes often save the beauty. One try is a good one!” Xu Dazhi added with a smile from the side.

“Brother Chao, you don’t have to worry about this matter. We took care of it all for you!” Guo Xiaoming also said as he stood out.

“Or else let’s give this plan a name, shall we?”

“Love Defense War?”

“F*ck you! Can you not be so cheesy? It reminds me of the f*cking dating shows my mother used to watch.”

“But Battle for Love isn’t a dating show.”

“It all looks the same to me!”

As the conversation led to what was going on between me and Guo Xuefu, and with all the laughing and joking around, it also livened up my repressed mood a little. I blended in with them. I said that since I was the main character in this matter, I should do my bit and help formulate a plan.

And they agreed to do so.

Although we thought so, this matter could not be rushed at all.

“Chao, otherwise we should not go to the internet cafe at noon that is? Go sit at the milk tea shop by the school and think it over.” Xu Dazhi gave a suggestion.

“That’s fine!” Guo Xiaoming also nodded his head in agreement.

“Crap, no way! I was thinking of saying I’d rank two games with Chao at noon, waiting to go for Gold 1!” Zhao Yangbo hurriedly said.

“You can get on the ranking whenever you want, right, Chao.” Guo Xiaoming laughed harshly and looked at me.

“It’s fine, we’ll get together in a couple of days if we get on the bandwagon.” For my part, I said with a chuckle. During the seven days that Guan Dongxuan was missing, Cao Ge also helped me buy a level thirty account. After I played ten positioning matches, I was set to the Gold 5 ranking.

It was also because I had, during this time, improved my level quite quickly and a bunch of people were looking for me to play ranked matches.

And Zhao Yangbo listened to my words, but deliberately showed a few disappointment. I looked at him and was laughing and cursing. We had gotten to know each other quite well, and when we got together, we basically made jokes about each other. But I didn’t trust them, just because my relationship with them had gotten better.

They are still a very volatile relationship for me. Even more so, they are not as important in my mind as Guo Xue-fu’s one-fifth.

As cla*ses were about to start, a group of us discussed and agreed to meet in front of the school at noon, and also to take advantage of the noon time to discuss the matter. But Zhao Yangbo and the others were really quite efficient. It was still just after the noon meal, the people he was looking for, were already at the edge of the school.

“Bo, what are the names of these people? Introduce them.” I looked at the four from the technical school standing in front of me and asked Zhao Yangbo.

“From left to back, they are Liangzi, Ah Cheng, Huang Qiang and Beast. These, all of them are my cla*smates from junior high school.” Between Zhao Yangbo and our introduction, he deliberately emphasized the last person’s title. And his words drew a blank stare from the other party.

“Beast? Is that a real name, or a nickname?” I looked at the four-eyed boy who was called a beast, and asked instead in confusion.

“Haha Chao, let me explain it to you. This guy’s real name, the single surname Qin of the King of Qin, and his name is so deadly that it only has the word ‘Shou’ in it. You are a beast no matter what.” Zhao Yangbo was explaining to me. And I was a little amused in my heart, how could any parent give their child such a name?

“So that’s not what you’re allowed to call me by my nickname?” Qin Shou said to Zhao Yangbo with great dissatisfaction.

“Isn’t your nickname a beast?”

Zhao Yangbo said with a harsh laugh.

“F*ck you!” Qin Shou said with a curse.

I also looked at them with a smile and let them sit down. There were more than ten of us, so we made up three or four tables and sat down in one. Qin Shou, who had come from the technical school, was sitting opposite me. We were sitting together discussing some details of the evening, what to arrange.

I drew a map of the area around Guo Xuefu’s house on my sketch paper.

But it was at this point that I looked up, but I saw a figure outside the milk tea shop.

More like the back of Guan Dongxuan!