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Silly Teen Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

I was ambushed underneath Guan Dongxuan’s house. The purpose of my visit was, as I said to Guo Xuefu earlier, to get under Guan Dongxuan’s skin. He had not targeted me once or twice. In addition, the behaviour of Uncle Chen in the morning made me think through a lot.

I realised clearly that if I continued to be so weak, I would only be rewarded with more continuous bullying.

And if I wanted to get out of my present predicament, the only way was to rely on my own hands and make my bullies afraid of me, so that they wouldn’t dare to beat me up!

As I waited, it was getting dark. Uncle Chen called to ask if I wanted to go back for dinner, and I told him no. As I didn’t have a key, I couldn’t get into the flat. I just hid in the bushes by the entrance and waited for Guan Dongxuan to appear.

My mood grew more and more tense. Although my thoughts had changed, it was the first time I had done something like this.

I watched Guan Dongxuan’s appearance, but did not rush to do anything. Guan Dongxuan stood at the door looking for his keys, delaying for a moment. And I took advantage of the opportunity and pressed a stream of the school uniform I had taken off against his head.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Guan Dongxuan was also panicking.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to you, come with me.” I grabbed a Swiss Army knife in my hand and held the blade against his waist.


“It’s me!”

I said this, but my voice was laced with tension. My hand, moreover, was trembling slightly uncontrollably because of the tension.

“Jin Chao, I advise you better let go of me quickly, otherwise, you won’t even know how to die!” Guan Dongxuan was still threatening me at this time.

If this were the old me, listening to his words, I would definitely have given him a free hand. But I thought back to the image in the office that morning. Thinking back to Guan Dongxuan’s father raising his slap and landing it on my face in front of so many teachers. It was also after Uncle Chen’s truce that Guan Dongxuan’s dad suddenly came down on me ……

What happened in the morning was a reminder at this point that I absolutely could not trust Guan Dongxuan!

“Guan Dongxuan, you’d better think about your current situation. You’re in my hands now!” I tried to sound as serious as I could, and like that.

“So what, do you dare to hit mine? Or rather, do you dare to stab me?” Guan Dongxuan said with a sneer.

“How do you know I wouldn’t dare?”

“If you dared, you wouldn’t be Jin Chao.” Guan Dongxuan said solemnly.

And I frowned even more as I listened to his words. Although I did not dare to stab him, beating him up, I still had to do it. Otherwise he wouldn’t listen to me at all. I grabbed my shirt with one hand and put it over his head. As for how Guan Dongxuan was, I didn’t know.

But along with my fist, which smashed hard on Guan Dongxuan’s back, Guan Dongxuan even screamed in pain.

“Jin Chao, do you really – f*cking dare to touch me?” Guan Dongxuan roared in anger.

“Come here, you.”

I didn’t care so much, I just dragged Guan Dongxuan aside. I didn’t want other people to see this scene and cause me trouble because of it. In the process Guan Dongxuan Guan Dongxuan was angry, but he did not resist anything and followed my walk away.

His cooperation was a bit of a surprise to me. He who could not see anything, walked to the shade of a side tree under my guidance.

But it was also this favourite food – at this point, Guan Dongxuan suddenly moved. I had been cautious enough, but he still snatched the Swiss Army knife from my hand. He even then, in three or two strokes, wrenched it out of my hands.

He threw the clothes that I had put over his head, to the side, as soon as he could. The look in my eyes also got sinister all of a sudden.

“Jin Chao, you’re really something!”

Guan Dongxuan sneered.

I looked at him and felt a burst of anxiety in my heart. I didn’t respond to him, but hesitated and charged at him once again. But as far as fighting was concerned, I was no match for Guan Dongxuan. Plus he had taken the knife out of my hand and snatched it all up.

And it was between the time Guan Dongxuan put me down that he put his foot heavily on my chest and said to me in a condescending manner, “Jin Chao, I’m giving you a chance. As long as you get under my trousers and learn to bark a few times, I’ll let you off for now. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences!”

“I won’t!”

I said through clenched teeth.

Guan Dongxuan flashed the knife in his hand and snorted coldly, “Don’t be in a hurry to promise me yet, I’ll give you time to think about it! I’ve never been threatened with a knife since I was a kid. You’re the first one, so what exactly do you think I’ll do to you?”

I was gritting my teeth as I listened to his words, trying to move his foot away.

But the more I increased my strength, the harder he stepped on my chest as well. I felt as if my ribs were about to be bent by his stomp.

“I don’t care what you want to do to me! There’s absolutely no way you’d want me to do that anyway!” I bellowed in defiance. As I said that, with one hand free, I felt for a rock on the side. Just as my words fell, before Guan Dongxuan could make a move, I smashed the stone hard against Guan Dongxuan’s calf.

At once, Guan Dongxuan screamed out in pain.

He shouted that he was going to kill me, but I took the opportunity to stand up.

As I watched him in pain, I realised even more clearly: at this point, even if I gave up and clashed with Guan Dongxuan head-on, Guan Dongxuan would definitely not let me go. Instead of that, I might as well fight with Guan Dongxuan!

With this in mind, I lunged at Guan Dongxuan.

“Jin Chao, you’re dead!”

Guan Dongxuan said with extraordinary anger.

I grabbed the stone in my hand. Guan Dongxuan’s face was hit hard by me, but at the same time, the Swiss Army knife he was holding was stuck in my body.

I froze for a moment.

And Guan Dongxuan, who had been knocked back by me, looked at the blood coming out of me and panicked for a moment.

“It’s not my fault …… it’s all you! I told you to kneel down for me and you had to resist …… it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault!” Guan Dongxuan said so, also can’t care about the pain on the face, is to cover the face, run away like crazy.

“Guan Dongxuan, you wait.”

I said with great effort.

But Guan Dongxuan didn’t even care about me. He left me directly in the small garden, and didn’t just me call someone over. I covered the wound on my stomach with one hand, looked at the crimson blood in my hand, and walked with even more stumbling steps.

“Somebody ……” I was also weak from the excessive bleeding.

But there were few pedestrians pa*sing by at all. And I pulled out my phone and called Uncle Chen over, but before the call could be answered, I fell to the side of the road.


Chapter 30

Because I dropped it, the phone in my hand fell straight out.

“Ah Chao?” Uncle Chen’s voice, which came out of the receiver of my little Nokia, was small.

“Uncle Chen, I’m hurt.”

My whole body slumped to the ground.

“Injured? Where are you now ……” Because the voice was so small, I didn’t even hear Uncle Chen’s later words.

“Centurion District.”

I said, crawling as far as I could in the direction of the phone. My body had little strength left, which also led to my legs going weak and my whole body falling to the ground. I still had to protect the wound on my stomach with one hand as best I could, and I didn’t dare to peel the knife out, I was afraid I would bleed even more.

Because of my movement, it was on the brick path that I left a blood red trail.

And just as I got my phone, my phone alerted me that it was low on battery and it just shut itself off. There was even more resentment in my heart. Why did my phone not run out of battery sooner or later, but at this time!

“Somebody ……”

I squeezed the phone in my hand and called out once again. The hang-up of the phone only left me to think of something else. But for some reason, the pedestrians around me, it was as if they had all suddenly disappeared. Not a single person!

I knew that if my bleeding continued at this rate, it was only a matter of time before I went into shock.

What was I going to do?

I didn’t know.

And in the process, I don’t know exactly how much time pa*sed, all I know is that my eyelids were getting heavy, but the wound on my stomach, was still bleeding uncontrollably.

It was just before I was about to pa*s out that I saw a figure, rapidly approaching me. But before I could see exactly what it was, my eyes just closed. The feeling was just like the last time I was concussed by Cog and the others.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious, I seemed to sleep for a long time, but when I woke up, there was no one beside me.

“Uncle Chen ……” I shouted tentatively, but there was no one around to return my call. Because of my weakness, my voice was not very loud.

“Snow float ……” but still there was no echo.

The nurse outside the ward seemed to have heard me and just came into the room to ask how I was doing. Just because of my weakness, not much was said and I had to lie down on the bed to rest.

“Ah Chao, you’re awake!” When Uncle Chen looked at me, he hurriedly jumped to my side.

“Uncle Chen, where have you just been?” I just asked at Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen wasn’t wearing a police uniform and was obviously still on leave.

“Went out for a trip.” In response to my question, Uncle Chen didn’t really have much to explain. Uncle Chen was right there with me in the ward, with a sling on my arm. Because of the weakness from the blood loss, Uncle Chen also bought a lot of special tonic products and also made a lot of stew for me to drink.

Uncle Chen asked me if I wanted to call Guo Xuefu over, but I shook my head with him. I didn’t want her to know about this matter.

Subsequently, Uncle Chen also took half a month’s leave from school for me and also looked after me in the hospital for several days. He waited for my health to improve and then let me go home to recuperate. The doctor said that in my case, it would not have been much of a problem. But it was the loss of too much blood that was almost life-threatening.

The wound on my stomach didn’t hurt my internal organs. But it had cut through the larger blood vessels in my body.

Uncle Chen asked me who had done this to me. And I gave an honest account to Uncle Chen. When Uncle Chen heard that Guan Dongxuan had done it, his face also turned gloomy. During the process, Guo Xuefu called me a few times, asking me what was going on at this end and why I had taken another half month off work.

But I didn’t explain this to her either.

During the time I was at home recovering from my injuries, Uncle Chen would rush back every day at dinner time, only to go out again in the evening and continue until late at night before he would return home.

I didn’t know exactly what Uncle Chen was doing and he wouldn’t talk to me about it.

It was on the day I returned to school that Guan Dongxuan found me first. His face was grim and he dragged me straight out.

“Jin Chao, what exactly do you want?”

Guan Dongxuan questioned me instead.

I was all baffled because of his words, “Guan Dongxuan, I was stabbed by you. I haven’t even looked for you yet. As a result, you came up and asked me that right away. I was going to ask you what the hell you wanted!”

“What happened to my father, don’t tell me you didn’t do it!” Guan Dongxuan snorted coldly.

“What’s wrong with your dad? What’s that got to do with me? I’ve been nursing my injuries at home for half a month thanks to you. I advise you to do so for a while these days. Better not look for it. Otherwise I will definitely tell the school about it and let them deal with it ……” I said so, suddenly realizing that even if I went to the teacher, what would be the use?

After all, Guan Dongxuan’s father is the director! The fact is that the school is not the only place where you can find a teacher.

As soon as Guan Dongxuan heard my words, he sneered, “Fine, Jin Chao, you want the school to handle it, right? Wait for me!”

With these words, Guan Dongxuan turned around and left. And I froze in place, still not sure what was going on here. The way he looked, it was obvious that something had really happened. But what exactly had happened, I didn’t know.

At the same time, what was very puzzling to me was that after half a month, why hadn’t Guan Dongxuan been approached by Cao Ge?

And what on earth was going on here?

It was in between my thoughts that Guo Xuefu also found me afterwards. She said that my teacher had asked me to come over. She also reminded me that she had seen Guan Dongxuan in the office before she came over, and asked me to keep an eye out for myself.

I nodded at her.

But just as I was turning around to leave, Guo Xuefu grabbed me: “Jin Chao, is there really nothing you want to say to me about what happened in the past half month? Teacher Lin and I said that you were hospitalised again!”

Hearing her worried tone, I was even more touched in my heart: “Xuefu, I will talk to you about this matter when I come back. I’ll go to the office now, I can’t keep the teacher waiting for long.”

Guo Xuefu affirmed.

“Then you mustn’t cheat!”

“Of course!”

I agreed back.

I walked towards the office, and I didn’t know what the hell Guan Dongxuan was up to. I stood in front of the office door, but my heart grew more and more nervous. I took a deep breath and just knocked at the door. But by the time I walked in, Duan Chang was already inside too.

Duan Chang was right beside Guan Dongxuan, and he was looking at me with an unkind look in his eyes.

He waved at me and told me to go over, “Jin Chao, you really can! Are you trying to get expelled from school?”