Silly Teen Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11

“Huh? Jinchao, I think we’d better go for another checkup, just in case it’s some kind of mild concussion or something!” She listened to my words, but in turn, she was a little anxious.

But her words, but gave me a step down.

That is: pretend to be sick!

“I do not know ah …… but go to check again, I think it is better to forget. It’s early in the morning, where is there a doctor to check us out?” I want to give this topic to the perfunctory past, is also obedient to her words, just to this awkward atmosphere on behalf of the past.

I said I wanted to be discharged from the hospital.

Guo Xuefu at first did not agree, but under my insistence, only to help me to do the discharge procedures.

And I was taking advantage of the gap before she went out and came back, hurriedly took off the hospital gown and put on my own clothes, and by the time she came back, I was standing properly.

“How did you get up by yourself.” Guo Xuefu hurriedly ran over with a worried face to help me.

I said with some amus*ment:

“I just got my head smashed, not my leg.”

“That’s not good either! If you fall again later, you will really be hospitalized.” I looked at Guo Xue-fu’s nervous look, I couldn’t help but float a warm current in my heart. She was the first girl I had contact with apart from Chen Tingting! And also the best relationship one.

And between going downstairs, she held my arm, and her puffy breasts inevitably squeezed on my arm.

I blushed.

But Guo Xuefu did not feel at all, and had to hold me.

The faint fragrance of Guo Xuefu’s body just floated into my nose. Her smell and 1908 women’s smell is completely different, through a light fragrance, very fresh, is also a tranquil mind.

I sniffed carefully and couldn’t help but get lost in thought, and when I didn’t pay attention, my foot slipped – and I stepped out of the way!


Guo Xuefu reacted even more than I did.

I stood firmly on my feet, but what made me embarra*sed was that my hand was accidentally grabbed on Guo Xuefu’s chest.

She made a big red face.

I froze for a moment. But the hand, but also subconsciously grabbed two times!

“Ah, how you are so annoying!” Guo Xuefu released my hand at once, and even pushed me a little.


I stumbled on my feet, but luckily I hurriedly grabbed the handrail on the side, or else I would have rolled down the stairs.

“Jinchao, are you okay?”

She rushed up again, and asked me how I was doing, with a very nervous look.

“My brain hurts a little …… just somehow, my hands just got a little out of control. Sorry ah snow float, I just did not mean to.” Again, I moved that excuse out and explained to her.

“Ah? Is it serious? Otherwise we’d better hurry upstairs and get a doctor to look at it again!” Guo Xuefu hurriedly said.

I waved my hand.

I said, “That’s not necessary. I’ll stand, just let me take it easy.”

“Let me hold you a little.”

She hurriedly then put her arms around me.

“Then you are not afraid of my hand, a little later again out of control?” I said to her with some amus*ment.

She glared at me, “If you dare to touch me again, I’ll throw you down from here!”


I hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Sister, I was wrong. I’m not too good in the head right now, but I’ll definitely control myself!”

Once she heard that, she gave a light hum, that is, she helped me down the stairs. She was very careful, and in the process, she rubbed herself on my arm for a while. She herself may not have reacted much, but I, on this head, was tickled by her rubbing my heart. She was so considerate that she even walked me to the cab.

I let the cab go in the direction of her home first.

I said to send her back, after all, it’s already midnight, I’m afraid there are bad people. She thought about it, but nodded her head and agreed.

“Look, Cao, isn’t that the kid from earlier?”

“I told you he must be okay!”

The plate inch head’s minions pointed in the direction of me and Guo Xuefu, then rushed the plate inch head. The plate head saw that I was fine, and seemed secretly relieved.

This is the way Guo Xuefu must go home!

I gritted my teeth, grabbed Guo Xuefu, rushed a: “Run!”

“Chase up!”

Plate inch head rushed a sound.

And I ran and ran, but there was a vague pain surfacing in my head. What’s more, with just the two of us, Guo Xuefu and I, to clash with them is simply looking for death.

“Jinchao, are you okay?” Guo Xuefu saw that something was wrong with my expression.

“Yes!” I said through clenched teeth.

“Surround them, don’t let them get away.” Cao, the slattern, said this from the back. Between his words, all of his boys caught up, six or seven of them just surrounded us.

I subconsciously put Guo Xuefu protection behind me, is also alert to look around them.

“Kid, you hit several of my brothers with a brick before, and everyone was more or less injured. Do you think it’s time for us to settle the score?” Slate looked at me, but asked with a cold laugh.

Guo Xuefu stepped forward and said, “What just happened was clearly provoked by you guys. Jinchao was even injured because of it!”

I gently pull her arm, is to let her not say so much. But she exported, I can’t stop it anymore.


The plate head coldly snorted.

“Brother Cao, this little sister is talking funny. We started this thing? She wasn’t the one who seduced Brother Cao first!”

“Yeah. After seducing Brother Cao, she wants to play innocent here again. It’s as if we really did her wrong.”

But the plate inch-headed boy said.

I subconsciously looked at Guo Xuefu beside me, but she shook her head vigorously at me.

She and I denied.

According to my thought, Guo Xuefu such a soft girl, certainly can not be stupid to seduce the plate inch head this kind of person.

I also do not take it seriously.

“Okay, let’s put this matter aside for now. Kid, you say it yourself, what should you do.” The plate head is very serious to ask.

I clenched my teeth.

“A few brothers, I you apologize!”

Although I do not want to say so, but at this time, I have no other way.

“Do you think the apology is useful?” The plate head is so a cry.

“Then what else?”

I asked cautiously.

The plate head reached out and pointed to the feet, is a bellow: “Give me kneel down!”


Chapter 12

The words of the slattern carry an irrefutable tone. Along with his words, the side of the little brother are staring at me. I felt their eyes, the side of Guo Xuefu is very afraid to pull me. At this point in my life, there is no way to run out of their circle with Guo Xuefu.

I heart a cross.

Or to the plate inch head kneeled down.

“You now give Laozi self-slapping thirty eight slaps, each one should be very loud, must let Laozi hear clearly.”

That’s what the plate inch head said.

Guo Xuefu beside me was anxious, she told me not to do it. But I clenched my fist and still said what the plate inch head said. I also want to have any kind-hearted people, hurry up to help us call the police. But until I have lasted more than half, has slapped more than a dozen slaps after, but still did not hear any police movement.

Guo Xuefu on the side of the hard to cry.

“Crying what?”

The plate head bellowed.

Guo Xuefu was frightened by his voice, directly is to swallow back the cry.

“You cry so loudly, and later let people think that we are bullying you.” That’s what the plate head said.

“Hey, did you not eat a midnight snack ah? Strength are not used?”

“Louder, can’t hear it all!” One of the guys with earrings in his ears, said, came up to my back is a kick. I was a bit caught off guard, the whole person fell to the ground, the palm of my hand are some abrasion skin.

Guo Xuefu worriedly asked me how. I shook my head with her, saying it was fine.

I tightly squeezed my fist, the heart of the anger is completely about to explode. Because of the hidden anger in my heart, my arms were trembling a bit.

“Go on, what are you dawdling about?” The plate head came up directly.

I feel like I’m going to be unable to hold back!

“What’s wrong? Not happy anymore?” The head of the plate kicked me down: “You have the ability to take a brick to smash my brother, and now slap yourself a few slaps like this? You can either put your stinky face away and keep slapping me. Either that, or you’re going to die!”

“F**k you!”

I cursed out.

He got furious at that. He came at me again with a kick, and I took the opportunity to grab his foot and pulled hard. I fell aside, can not stand him, also by me so pull fell to the ground.

“How dare you fight back?”

“Brothers, get him dead!”

The plate inch head of the little brother is to come up to get me, I subconsciously put beside Guo Xuefu a push, let her away from me a moment to be beaten range. But also so a push, I did not notice, the earring man behind me a kick towards my head.


His kick landed on the back of my head, but it made my brain feel as blank as if it had been given a heavy hammer ……

I fell to the ground.

Their fists and feet fell on my body, I felt my body were much sluggish, and my eyelids were heavy all at once. I listened to the sound of Guo Xue-fu crying, but it was like a hazy sound like a layer of paper over my ears. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

“Brother Cao, this guy is playing dead again.”

“Leave him alone!” This was the voice of the boarder.

They continued to beat me, and I felt something red and red, right next to my eyes.

“You guys stop hitting …… If you keep going like this, Jinchao is going to kill you all!” Guo Xuefu rushed up to push people.

“Brother Cao, don’t fight it.”

“Yes, Brother Cao, this guy’s head is bleeding again. Look at him, it seems like there’s something really wrong with him.”

“F**k, why is he so intolerant of beating?” The plate head cursed and was just ready to leave with his men. But at that moment, it seemed like there was someone who suddenly killed out from the side. That person blocked the way to leave, and even shot at them.

This person, who is it, I do not know.

Guo Xuefu jumped at my side, big drops of tears, and fell on my face. She shouted my name, while I felt more and more like I couldn’t open my eyes. It was just before I was going to pa*s out that a man appeared in my vision. All I knew was that he was anxious, but before I could get a good look at him, I was unconscious.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious.

When I woke up, I was already lying in a hospital bed. The pungent smell of medicine, the white sheets, the fruit on the nightstand, the cigarettes on the floor ……

“Jinchao, you’re awake!”

Guo Xuefu just rushed over to me.

I looked at her suspiciously: “How come you don’t have to attend cla*s today?”

“And the teacher took a leave of absence, also and home said, today in the hospital to take care of you.” Guo Xuefu and I explained.

“By the way, the man who appeared before I pa*sed out, who was that?” I asked curiously at her.

“It’s me!”

Uncle Chen said and came over.

Uncle Chen and I said that he happened to come out of a friend’s house that night, and ended up meeting us on the road. He also asked me who those people were that night. He was too busy taking me to the hospital to bring those people back to the police station.

And in the face of his questions, I didn’t know anything except that they were punks from the side of our school!

“Chao, it seems I really need to find time to teach you two hands, so that you do not give bullying again outside.” Uncle Chen said jokingly.

“Okay, wow!”

I did get excited for a moment.

“Then let’s wait until you’ve recovered from your injuries. By the way …… this is your little girlfriend, right?” Uncle Chen laughed harshly.

“No …… me and Jin Chao, just the same cla*smate.”

Guo Xuefu explained with a red face.

But Uncle Chen came to my ear and whispered to me, “A Chao, I feel that this girl is quite good. Take advantage of it!”

I was also speechless by his words.

“Uncle, what are you talking about?”

“Uncle also understand. And you are now also high school …… back and you are about the same age as me, has been in love with your aunt. And now there is not also a saying: high school love is the purest. So …… grasp it well ah.” Uncle Chen smiled and reminded me.


I didn’t have the good grace to call out.

“Okay, okay, uncle does not talk too much. You young people’s business, uncle do not care about it!” Uncle Chen laughed loudly. He spoke between Guo Xuefu blush more red.


Guo Xuefu suddenly a cry of surprise, but also a moment of our attention attracted over.