Silly Teen Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

I looked at her flushed cheeks and reacted instantly. I hurriedly let go of her hand. I told her that I just wanted to wash the dishes myself and didn’t want to bother her. But she shook her head and told me it was fine and that I should sit on the sofa for a while and wait for her to come back.

To be honest, after she left, I was a little more apprehensive.

I looked at my hands.

It seemed as if the soft touch from earlier was still lingering between my fingers. The feeling was like squeezing watery tofu, making it unforgettable at first touch! Only when she came back did I react. I hurriedly withdrew my hand and averted my eyes.

But she must have noticed what I had done earlier.

The flush on her face hadn’t completely dissipated. She sat down opposite me. But because of what had just happened, the atmosphere had suddenly become a little strange all of a sudden. It was between our awkwardness that I saw that the rain had almost come down, and I said that I should almost go too.

But she looked at me and kept me there.

She said, “We’ve come here, let’s sit here for a while before we leave. The rain hadn’t completely stopped and she still had something to say to me. When I heard her words, I was a bit puzzled, and I asked her, “What do you want to talk to me about?” When she asked me that, she looked a little more serious.

She asked me about my studies.

She asked me why my grades had fallen off since the beginning of the semester. I used to be in the top 20 in my year, but now I am in this state. Did something happen at home to defend me?

When she asked me this question, I was silent for a moment.

I didn’t want to answer!

I didn’t want to face it either!

She seemed to see my mood and didn’t ask me anything. And before I left, I thanked her. I said I would return the clothes she had lent me as soon as possible. She dropped me off outside on the road and watched me go.

She was afraid she would go down again later and lent me an umbrella and told me to be careful on the way.

I nodded.

But when I got on the bus, I was hesitant. I wondered whether I should go back or not. How should I face it when I go back? What would be my role, my identity, to face what might happen next? But at the halfway point, Uncle Chen suddenly gave me a call.

I was a bit surprised, I was soaked to the skin, but the Nokia Uncle Chen had bought me had no problems at all!

I picked up the phone.

But Uncle Chen told me to hurry back!

But what I didn’t expect was that my going back would bring me face to face with a very big scene! Under Uncle Chen’s house, there were several police cars parked. Uncle Chen’s hair turned white all of a sudden. He was actually the one who personally escorted and put Chen Tingting into the police car.

I watched this scene, but the whole person was dumbfounded and frozen.

The sky was overcast, but it was raining again with a clatter. I had an umbrella in my hand, but I had forgotten everything!

“Uncle Chen ……”

I called out.

Instead, I found that more of my words were stuck in my throat, and they couldn’t come out at all.

“Chen Daoming, how dare you send your own daughter to prison for someone who is not even remotely related by blood?” Chen Tingting cried out, was venting at Uncle Chen: “As your daughter, I have never received the favour you deserve since I was a child. Everything, you are biased towards this outsider! Do you think …… you can afford to treat me right?”

Chen Tingting’s words were to leave Uncle Chen completely stunned.

“You do speak up!”

Chen Tingting prodded Uncle Chen.

“What exactly have I gotten from you since I was a child? Is it still so much that you want to send me to prison?”

Chen Tingting was almost frantic.

Uncle Chen was in tears, finally unable to hold back.

“I am a police officer, and you as my daughter have done such a thing …… do you really think I am willing to send you in? But you …… just selling – prostitution and introducing selling – prostitution is enough to get you a prison sentence, not to mention introducing gambling! Even the three taboos of yellow-gambling-drugs, you’re involved in all of them!”

But Cheng Tingting retorted.

“But who did I become like this because of? It’s because of you and that B*****d Jin Chao!”

Uncle Chen bellowed.

“That’s enough, shut up!”

Chen Tingting sneered and said, “What’s wrong? Don’t you know how to refute me?”

Uncle Chen did not respond to her, instead he told the police to take her away. Chen Tingting’s face turned red with pa*sion as she yelled at Uncle Chen, “Chen Daoming, this is the end of our father-daughter relationship. From now on I, Chen Tingting, am no longer your daughter!”

“You ……”

Uncle Chen froze raw as he watched her being led to the car. I looked at him, his hands were shaking uncontrollably.

And Uncle Chen’s pale face was left with two lines of old tears.

“Don’t you take Sister Tingting away, Sister Tingting is right!” I was near frantic to go up and stay, and I didn’t know what I was saying to myself, but Uncle Chen behind me just came up and blocked me. I was desperate for Chen Tingting, but I was only doing this because of Uncle Chen!

I didn’t want to see this look on Uncle Chen’s face!

Chen Tingting looked at me indifferently and said.

“All right Jin Chao, you don’t have to pretend either. This matter is simply because of you, right?”

Her words suddenly made me lose all my struggle.

Because of her words, I realized clearly how sorry I was for her for appearing and interfering in her life. I was the one who had caused her childhood and left her without the fatherly love she deserved. I had also caused her present and future by sending her to prison with my own hands!

I fell to my knees with a poof.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I just felt a pang of weakness in my legs and couldn’t support myself anymore!

“Uncle Chen, I’m sorry!”

I watched the departure of the police car without realising that I was crying.

“Ah Chao, get up. It’s not you who’s sorry for this matter, it’s uncle who’s sorry for you!” Uncle Chen, however, was also in old tears.

A few days later, I watched as Chen Tingting was transferred to court and sentenced to a year and a half in prison in front of everyone. The following two months, Uncle Chen out he was very tormented. Every day after work, he just smoked a cigarette and held a picture of Chen Tingting in his hand. And during these two months, I was also muddling through.

Uncle Chen didn’t bother me much.

And my mind was not on my studies at all.

My grades were still not improving and I was called out several times by my teacher. I looked at the teacher’s increasingly disappointed look, but I was also gradually numb. I was already timid and weak, and became more introverted and reluctant to get into conflict with anyone.

My change was also seen by Guo Xuefu.

She was very patient, caring, comforting and encouraging.

Along with this, Guo Xue and I grew closer and closer. But I still kept a deliberate distance from her at school, just because there were quite a few people who liked her at school. There were even some of them, who were well mixed up in the school. And when faced with these people, I was even more afraid to provoke anything.

And one day, two months later, I took the opportunity to go out for a walk to buy a midnight snack.

But I didn’t expect that in the course of my relaxation, I would encounter a big problem ……


Chapter 10


It was in the middle of my walk that I heard the cry. I couldn’t think of anything else, so I rushed in the direction of the sound. But as I approached, I froze for a moment. Just because in front of me, it was Guo Xuefu.

“Jin Chao …… help me!”

She hurriedly shouted at me.

“Kid, I advise you better keep your nose out of this business. Get the hell out of here! As far away as you can, get the hell out of my way!” The gangster-like men looked at me with a completely unfriendly expression. Six or seven of them stood in front of me, still using their bodies to stand between me and Guo Xuefu.

They were rubbing their fists, thinking I would be scared because of it!


I shouted, just a brainy rush at them. I knew I couldn’t beat them, but right now, there was nothing more I could do. They looked at me with lightly teasing eyes. I waved my fists and before I could land on them, I was putting them down in one go.

One of them, a guy with a shaved head, was viciously stomping on my back.

“Cut, thought you dare to manage this mess, at least will have some ability. The result …… huh, is a rookie chicken!”

The plate head said with a sneer.

I really didn’t think I could be so wretched. I thought I would at least be able to hit a few of them before giving them a beating. But it turned out …… that I didn’t even touch them a bit, and instead I got stepped on!

I clenched my teeth to death.

I braced myself with my own strength and I tried to stand up. But the slattern who was on my back looked at me and smiled contemptuously and gave me a foot back on the ground. My chest hit hard on the hard concrete floor, was making me feel like my chest was going to fall apart.

“Jin Chao, are you alright?”

Guo Xuefu asked me anxiously.

“You hurry up and go!”

I strained to say at her.

“Want to leave? Do you think we’ll let the meat in our mouths get away so easily?” There was a gust of lustful – laughter between the slab’s tone, however. As I listened to his words, I felt even worse. I strained to reach out and copied a slab of brick not far from the side, and just smashed heavily on the other leg of the slab.

“Ah ……” I hit him squarely on the calf, causing him to scream out in pain: “F**k you!”

But I didn’t care about that.

I took this opportunity to get up in a hurry. I grabbed the slab in my hand and looked at them warily. The slab looked at me with a look that was practically murderous. He shouted, “Kill him for me!” , and it was with his men that he lunged towards me.

I waved the slab in my hand without any rules.

Somehow, with the brick in my hand, I was able to get a little more aggressive. At least I hit them several times with the brick in my hand. They were in pain, so they didn’t hold back on the punches and kicks they landed on me.


Suddenly a blow landed on the side of my head.

At once, hot blood slid down my forehead. The slattern and the others looked at me and all of a sudden they were frozen. They stopped reacting to me. I touched my head and felt a handful of crimson blood. Suddenly, I felt my body go limp and I just collapsed.

“Jin Chao ……”

Guo Xuefu shouted my name anxiously.

“What about Brother Cao? He should be alright, right?” The man who smashed my head with the slate asked nervously at the slate head.

“It’s definitely okay!”

There was still a tinge of panic between Slab Inch’s tone. Even he wasn’t sure of what he was saying! I splayed helplessly on the ground, my head going blank.

“Brother Cao, let’s hurry and run. Don’t let the police come later, that’ll be a big problem!”

“Go, go, go!”

Only then did he remember. He then took his men and ran away in a huff.

“Jinchao, are you okay? You say something …… you don’t scare me!” Guo Xuefu looked at me, tears, all at once, left down from the corners of the eyes. Crystal teardrops, then slipped down her face, fell on my face, also with her temperature within.

“I’m fine. It’s just a little bit of blood, isn’t it? Look how scared you are!” I said with a grin.

She listened to my words, but was not impressed. She insisted on taking me to the hospital, but I shook my head at her and said I would just find a place to clean the wound and put a band-aid on it. I didn’t think it was serious, but she listened to me and her face turned serious for a moment.

She forced herself to take me to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor put two stitches in my head and put a white square of gauze on my head and said to her, “It’s nothing serious”. That’s when she was relieved. And I was looking at her with some amus*ment as I said to her, “I told you I was fine!”

When she heard me, she gave me a hard look and said.

“You’re still fine? You don’t know how bad the blood on your head must have been. I was dying, and you were laughing!”

“Oh? How anxious were you? Describe it!” I asked her in a joking tone.

“So anxious that my heart stopped ……”

She blushed, “Oh, don’t ask so many questions, nasty!”

“What’s wrong? Can’t even ask anymore, huh?”

I asked, a little amused.

“Then ask something else, don’t ask this!” She said, but her face was getting rosier and rosier. I looked at her little face, so red it was almost like a ripe apple. Especially the two red clouds on her cheeks, one couldn’t help but look at them and want to go up and kiss them twice.

I thought this in my heart, but …… I suddenly had some trouble holding back!

I also didn’t expect that I just did, a kiss on Guo Xuefu’s face.

I don’t think so.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this.

How could I do such a thing?

I froze for a moment, and so did Guo Xuefu.

“Sorry sorry sorry, I didn’t mean it! I just had a short circuit in my head just now …… didn’t control myself!” I hurriedly explained to her.

I didn’t think I could get her forgiveness either.

But I never expected that she would then answer me like this ……