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Silly Teen Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33


Room 1908?

My ears still seemed to be ringing with Xu Ying’s words on the phone, and my mood was even more tense. In the words of the publicist at 1908, if I could spend a night with Xu Ying, they would be willing to live 10 years less. And such a beautiful woman had a room waiting for me?

Wouldn’t that be exciting?

I took a taxi to the entrance of the Imperial Hotel. I walked into the glorious lobby and stepped on the soft carpet, not bothering to look around, I hurried to take the lift upstairs. I walked up to the door of room 1908, which was unlocked. And I pushed the door in, but there was no one in sight.

I called out tentatively, “Manager Xu?”

Manager Xu’s voice came out from the bathroom, “Wait outside for a while, I’ll be right out.”

I couldn’t help but gulp even more as I listened to the subsequent sound of water coming from the bathroom. The barrier between the room and the bathroom was nothing more than a huge sheet of woolen gla*s. It was at least four metres long. Xu Ying was taking a bath in there, and there were no lights on. All I could see was just a vague outline.

I felt that if I pulled gently, I could open the bathroom door straight away and meet Xu Ying’s ‘real body’.

I sat on the bed. Waiting for Xu Ying was torturous!

And then she came out in her bathrobe, her hood wrapped in a white towel, with droplets of water right on her body. She asked me bluntly, “What, by the looks of you, you can’t wait to have something with me?”

I froze for a moment and shook my head hurriedly, “No, no, no, I was just wondering what exactly you wanted me to do when you called me over.”

She sat beside me, legs crossed, and just rubbed her hair, “It’s not a problem. You men are such lower body creatures.”

“Er ……” I was embarra*sed.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her white legs crossed and driving, which was even more eye-catching: “Actually, it’s not anything in particular that I’m looking for you to come over today. Remember when I told you last time that I wanted you to seduce Wah’s wife? And that’s what I came to find you for today.”

With that, she was casting her eyes on me, and even more so with a look that made you want to stop talking to me: if I could learn everything she had taught me today, then she would reward me accordingly. And also let me experience what it means to be seduced in a way that makes you want to stop.

And her words made my blood rush to my head and my whole body became aroused: “Let’s say an experience of how?”

I asked without any qualms either.

She explained to me with a bemused look that there were things that it was useless to just talk to me about. I can only understand it after I have been allowed to feel it. If she hadn’t been thinking about that, she would have had other women come over to take her place and saved her the trouble of doing it herself.

“I want to teach you to be a man that any woman would want to f*ck you! Only when you become such a man will you be in our hands and bring us the most value.” And with her words, she poured cold water over me, dousing all the emotions I had been aroused by her earlier.

Such a me was nothing more than a pawn for them!

As long as I was useless, they could discard me at any time!

“Well, let’s get started.”

She carried the scent of shower gel on her body and made me unlock the door. As she fiddled with my limbs, she taught me little by little, starting with the basics.

She told me that although men could not learn to be flirtatious like women, there were some positions for men that were extremely provocative and could catch a woman’s eye at once.

She also told me that if I learned from her seriously, I would have no problem getting a girl in the future.

I was at first being fiddled with by her and her body rubbing back and forth on mine, which made me very embarra*sed.

There are rules on how to dress and undress, how to walk, how to talk and how to be a gentleman ……. After she showed me by hand, I realized just how much there was to learn.

During the process, the ribbon she had tied around her waist, accidentally slipped off.

I subconsciously took a look.

This glance alone made my eyes go straight and I even subconsciously gulped. But she didn’t care about anything at all and bent down to pick up the ribbon in front of me and tied it again.

“Okay, what I just taught you is basic. Next, I’ll teach you how to take a bath.” She said, and led me to the bathroom.

I froze for a moment.

“You have to be taught to take a shower?”

She nodded.

“Of course. In your normal way, it certainly doesn’t mobilise a woman’s emotions. And there are only two kinds of bathing for men. The first: the hard man, the second: the dandy, and the third: the soft …… so-called soft, which is with a certain amount of femininity.”

“Can I not learn the third kind? If I learn it, I’ll be just like a siren!” I hurriedly asked her.


She said.

She explained to me.

“Different women have different styles of eating, but these are the three basic ones. A man’s body to a woman is basically one word: ugly! But if you find the right style she likes, you can act in front of her without any problems, and she will even cater to you.”

I asked her, somewhat puzzled, “Wait, usually women aren’t that H**ny!”

“You’re only saying that because you haven’t poked them in the G-spot. Otherwise they’d really be pouncing on you as hard as they’re crazy. I don’t need to tell you how horrible women really are in bed, do I? You’ve been around 1908 for so long, you know that too!” She explained to me.

Next, I kind of witnessed under her hands, what is meant by ‘the art of attraction’.

Just one thing like bathing, she gave me a two-hour long talk. There was even a pose that I had to fiddle with back and forth for an hour before I found the point of entry. But she didn’t call me stupid, she said I was good at it, and it only took two hours!

And her ‘lecture’ continued until early in the morning, until Uncle Chen called me in the morning when he had to go to work.

Uncle Chen asked me: where am I now? I said I was out having breakfast.

I hadn’t even realised it had been so long before then.

Uncle Chen said he was coming to pick me up and I was taken aback by him. How could I let him come over? I told Uncle Chen that my cla*smate had asked me to come out, and that I would go back after I finished eating.

And as soon as Uncle Chen heard that, he subconsciously thought it was Guo Xuefu.

He told me that I could go back without being in such a hurry, but I was a bit speechless when I heard it …… Uncle Chen was eager for me to hurry up and fall in love!

“What’s wrong, are you ready to go back now? Then or else come back next time.” Xu Ying just rushed to me and asked.

“I’m not in a hurry on this end, I talked to Uncle Chen …… just Manager Xu, what about the reward you said?”


Chapter 34

“A reward, huh? The reward this time, is a thousand dollars in cash, do you want it?” With that she pulled a wad of red notes out of her bag and placed them right in front of me. I reached for it, but my eyes fell into the opening of her bathrobe and looked at her legs.

“Manager Xu, when are you going to give me my official reward?” I asked after thinking about it and having no qualms about it.

As for the meaning of my words, I think she knew it well enough in her heart.

She said after some thought.

“That too will only be given to you when you graduate at my end. The so-called reward I’m giving you is nothing more than a qualitative improvement. If you were to say that you couldn’t even tempt me, I certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with you even if you gave me money!”

I cupped a wad of red hair in my hand:.

“Oh, I’ll look forward to it then! After all, you’re the treasure of 1908, the woman that many men have been begging for!”

“So, you’re confident in yourself?” She asked me with a lady’s cigarette in her mouth and her legs crossed.

“Of course!”

I nodded vigorously.

“Well then, I’ll look forward to it for now …… It’s been many years since a man has been able to move me. I do hope that you will be the first to coax me into bed and at your mercy after I get out of here.” She exhaled a smoke ring and instead threw a wink at me, which instantly sent a jolt of motivation through my body.


I couldn’t stop myself from cursing in my mind.

And it was after I walked out of the hotel that my mood, too, was low. I watched a number of junior high school students pa*sing by on the road, carrying their school bags, and heading in the direction of the school. But having already been expelled from school, I could only walk along the road, nostalgic for the old days at school.

Although my student career, basically Uncle was bullied over. But because of Guo Xuefu’s appearance, it also made me miss the school, a little more.

I was walking aimlessly along the main road when my mobile phone suddenly rang in my pocket, and I didn’t realise it.

When I pulled it out, I saw a text message from Guo Xuefu. She was the one who wanted to ask me out for lunch and definitely wanted to have a good chat with me. I then sent her a text message back and agreed to do the same.

Now I could only wait for news from Xu Ying’s end, though.

Xu Ying’s appearance was also giving me a few moments of hope. I could only believe that she could really sort things out for me. I could also go back to school!

“Jinchao, this!” Guo Xuefu sat in the restaurant we had agreed on and waved at me.

“Just you, huh?”

I sat across from her.

“Then how many more people would you otherwise want?” Guo Xuefu gave me a blank look. This was a small restaurant next to the school, and there were usually quite a few students who came here to eat, and the prices were quite affordable. She asked me to order, but it was just as I was putting the menu down that a group of people walked into the shop and we all noticed each other.

And Guo Xuefu watched their appearance with an even more wary look, also watching as they walked straight towards us.

“Yo, isn’t this Jin Chao? What a coincidence!” Guan Dongxuan’s minions, spoke up first.

“How about it, Jin Chao, am I welcome to sit down?” Guan Dongxuan asked me with a sneer in his mouth.

“You guys go away!”

Guo Xuefu responded coldly.

When Guan Dongxuan heard this, he became upset, “Guo Xuefu, I’m not asking you, why are you getting excited?”

“Yeah, it’s not like Brother Xuan is asking you!” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother, followed up afterwards with a horse’s back.

“Jin Chao, what you said yesterday in front of so many people, that’s OK! Very strong!” Another of Guan Dongxuan’s junior brothers said mockingly, “Didn’t you say you wanted to trample Brother Xuan underfoot? We were discussing yesterday how exactly you were going to do that!”

Guan Dongxuan moved a stool and sat down straight away, “I was looking forward to it. I’d like to see what kind of book you have to step on me!”

“You don’t want to disappoint us. Haha ……” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother laughed unconcealed and openly.

“Jin Chao, let’s go.”

Guo Xuefu didn’t give them a good look and was about to take me out of here.

Guan Dongxuan watched us get up and didn’t make any moves: “Jin Chao, what kind of skill do you have hiding behind a woman like that! Don’t you still want to trample me under your feet? Do you still plan to rely on women alone to achieve the big words you said? Oh, how is that possible!”

His words reached my ears, but I simply ignored-, turned around and walked away.

Guo Xuefu, beside me, looked at me instead, as if she cared about my look. I, on the other hand, smiled with her, indicating that I was fine.

“Jin Chao, stop right there!”

Guan Dongxuan, however, shouted again from behind me.

“Is there anything else you want?”

I asked, turning back at him.

“What are you going to do about my father?” Guan Dongxuan stood up from the stool, his face suddenly changed, just like he was about to explode towards walking up to me: “You kid must have spent a lot of money to find someone from the society to move my dad, right? Since you dared to look for it, then you should take the responsibility for it!”

I looked at him with a gloomy face: “Guan Dongxuan, I repeat to you again! I, for one, did not find anyone to move your father!”

“Oh, do you think I believe that?”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not!”

“Brother Xuan, isn’t that Brother Cao? He’s disappeared for quite some time, it’s just as well, let’s call him over together,” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother suggested.

“Yes!” Guan Dongxuan just had one word.

And as soon as Guan Dongxuan’s little brother heard that, he hurried into action. I glanced in Cao Ge’s direction. The bruises on Cao Ge’s face that I had inflicted had basically healed and could not be seen.

When Cao Ge saw me, he obviously froze for a moment. Then his face pulled, and he even quickened his pace towards us.

Guan Dongxuan looked at Cao Ge’s appearance and even laughed coldly. He then shifted his eyes to me, as if he was already waiting to see how Cao Ge would clean me up.

“Brother Cao.” Guan Dongxuan called out.

“Guan Dongxuan, come here for me.” Cao Ge greeted directly. Because of the appearance of Cao Ge with a few junior brothers, the people in the small restaurant, all at once, tensed up. The crowd kept their heads down and continued to eat, not many of them dared to raise their heads up.

When Guan Dongxuan heard Cao Ge’s words, he didn’t even think about it and walked up to him.

But Cao Ge raised his hand and landed a heavy slap directly on Guan Dongxuan’s face.


“Guan Dongxuan, I’ll f*ck you!” Cao Ge roared.

Guan Dongxuan froze in his tracks.

“Brother Cao, what’s wrong with you?”

“What else is wrong? You, and your little brothers, come out!” Cao Ge’s tone was unquestionable.