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Silly Teen Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

Xu Ying said to Guan Dongxuan’s father very lightly. Guan Dongxuan’s father’s facial features were twisted up. He looked at Xu Ying with a look of fear within his eyes.

“I ……”

“You what?”

“I promised!”

Guan Dongxuan his father said, his face was very resigned. It seemed that he also knew how much of a threat 1908 would be to him even if it fell, but with these few numbers. His words, however, did not make Xu Ying stop. Xu Ying even put the blade in her hand, towards Guan Dongxuan’s father’s thigh, and shoved it hard.

The blade entered the flesh, and Guan Dongxuan’s dad was even in pain, his forehead bursting with green scriptures.

“Let …… go!”

Guan Dongxuan his father hurriedly roared.

The first thing you need to do is to put your hand over the mouth of Guan Dongxuan’s father: “Keep your voice down, Chief Guan, are you trying to draw people in from outside?”

A whimper came out of Guan Dongxuan’s father’s mouth. He obviously did not understand why Xu Ying went to do this when he had clearly agreed to do so.

“Chief Guan, this is just a small lesson for you. If you don’t listen, or try to backtrack or something, it won’t be me who does it then. Those guys who beat you into the hospital will, I’m afraid, tie you up in some remote corner again, and it will inevitably be a bout of flesh and blood.”

Xu Ying said lightly.

When her words came out, not only did they cause Guan Dongxuan his father to be very shocked, but they even made froze for a moment as well. Her words were undoubtedly an admission that the reason why Guan Dongxuan’s father was now lying in a hospital bed was entirely the work of her men!

“Chief Guan, recuperate well here, I will still come to see you when you are discharged from the hospital.” Xu Ying said, and got up blandly. She smoothly pulled out a few facial tissues from the bedside table and just wiped away the blood between her fingers. And whether she was stabbing someone with a blade or getting up and walking towards me …… her movements were always very graceful.

But it was also because of this incident that I got to know a different Xu Ying.

It also made it clear to me that this woman, a wolf in beauty’s skin, was a very dangerous fellow! If I accidentally fell into her beautiful trap, I was only afraid that I would die without a body!

I watched her approach, shot me a look, and let me go with her.

She carried a fragrant breeze with her. The doctor who walked in, looked at her, but was hooked by one of her winks. We, just like that, walked past the male doctor. Even, it was after we left, that male doctor’s eyes, still remained on Xu Ying’s body.

“Doctor, help me! My leg …… is going to be ruined!” Guan Dongxuan his father’s pig-killing voice came out in the ward.

“Huh? Oh!”

Only then did the doctor react and hurried up to check Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s condition, and also asked him how a blade could have been stuck in his thigh.

And I didn’t listen to Guan Dongxuan’s dad’s explanation. I followed behind Xu Ying and headed down the stairs. Xu Ying was still very calm despite what had happened. After walking out of the inpatient department, she took me to the car with a thin lady’s cigarette gently clasped in her slender fingers.

“Do I have to take you back to get your textbooks?” Xu Ying asked me as she opened the car window and exhaled lightly on a smoke ring.

“But at Guan Dongxuan’s father’s end, hasn’t he spoken to the school yet?” I looked at her in confusion.

She drove the car and left the car park straight away, “Do you think, with Sister Ah Jia’s power, it would be hard to send you back to school? I brought you here to see Chief Guan, but it’s just to give him a head start. Make him pay attention.”

As I listened to her words, my mood was once again tense. I looked around at the receding city streets. Uncle Chen was not at home, while I took my textbooks and followed her straight back to school. By the time we got to school, it was time for recess.

Most of the students, went down the stairs in the direction of the playground.

And Xu Ying and I were walking together, and were extraordinarily striking. Many boys’ eyes were focused towards Xu Ying’s body.

“Right Jin Chao, do you know where Guan Dongxuan is now?” Xu Ying then asked me out of the blue.

I froze for a moment, not understanding her intention in asking, “Guan Dongxuan doesn’t usually go to recess. At this time of the day, he’s basically on the rooftop of the building, gathering with a group of delinquent students to smoke.”

“Good, let’s go upstairs then.”

Xu Ying said with a faint smile.

“Upstairs? To the rooftop?”

I asked subconsciously.

“What, are you scared? Don’t dare to go up there?” She turned her head and gave me a very amused look.

“I… How could I be scared!” My pride exploded as I listened to her words. The way she looked at me was a seductive smile on the corner of her mouth. She walked ahead, not familiar with the school, and instead led me in the direction of the rooftop.

The door to the top floor of our school was originally locked. But I don’t know who it was that pried the lock right off the door. So much so that later on, the gang of delinquent students, from senior one to senior three, all gathered on the rooftop to smoke when they had nothing better to do. The school must have known about it, but it basically just didn’t care.

And it was when we were about to reach the top floor that I, with my backpack on, got nervous.

Xu Ying and I, were just two people. But there were definitely more than two standing on the rooftop. There were at least a dozen of them! When I thought about what I was going to face next, I was instinctively a little scared. After all, before this, I had basically been bullied, suppressed and led by their noses.

If I had been in the old situation, I would have done whatever they wanted me to do to avoid getting into trouble with them.

But now it’s different.

I already have Xu Ying backing me up, so I must break away from my previous state of life, completely! I don’t want to be bullied by others anymore! And the only way to make others not dare to hit me is to make them realise that I, Jin Chao. It’s not the same old me anymore! And to make them realise that I am no longer the Jinchao that can be bullied at will!

“Hold your chest and head up!”

Xu Ying patted my shoulder.

“Mmm!” I nodded my head. Afterwards, I took a deep breath and followed Xu Ying to the rooftop. Along with our appearance, the crowd of people smoking and farting on the rooftop were all casting their eyes towards us. They looked at me with my school bag on my back and in my school uniform, and there was even a look of contempt and amus*ment.

And among them, especially Guan Dongxuan was a little surprised at my appearance.

“Yo Jinchao, how dare you come back?” The other cla*ses, who were still unaware of the situation, asked at me with a very light tone.

But Guan Dongxuan and his little brother, looking at me, didn’t dare to speak.

“The one next to Jin Chao, is that his sister? So pretty!”

“Jin Chao, come here!”


Chapter 40

The people at the side of Guan Dong Xuan were still trying to bully and insult me as they had done before. They also wanted to show their superiority over me. This is what they have always done in the past. I have been on the rooftop a few times before because of Guan Dongxuan.

Before that, I was always insulted when I went on the rooftop.

But this time it was different.

They called me over, but Guan Dongxuan didn’t dare to say anything, while I stood out and instead hooked my finger at Guan Dongxuan: “Guan Dongxuan, you and your little brother, all of you come over to me!”

“Huh?” The crowd froze for a moment.

“Jin Chao is crazy, right?”

“Nine times out of ten. He’s so arrogant as to call Guan Dongxuan over …… It’s either he’s crazy or we are!”

And Xu Ying beside me, listening to my words, the corners of her mouth still held that smile. She clasped her hands to her chest, and between her orange-red fingers was a slender cigarette. A curl of smoke rises from her fingers. With her shoulder leaning against the door, she looked right in my direction, to see what I was doing.

The sight of her, more than anything else, made my heart grow a little firmer!

“Guan Dongxuan, I told you to come over, did you hear me?” I followed up with a gulp.

“Jin Chao, you are a bit too arrogant, aren’t you?”

“Dongxuan, I want you to be, I can’t help it.”

The crowd at the side said so, but Guan Dongxuan listened to my words, but he shot a glance with a few of the surrounding minions and walked towards my direction with a reluctant face. How could they not have imagined that this would happen?

They were surprised and dumbfounded.

I, on the other hand, was smug!

“Guan Dongxuan, there was one last ten slaps yesterday, hurry up and finish the fight.” Instead, I spoke to Guan Dongxuan in a condescending manner. In the past, this kind of talk was given to me by Guan Dongxuan. But at this moment, I was doing the opposite!

“Didn’t you say yesterday …… to forget it?” Guan Dongxuan’s face, all of a sudden, froze.

“Yesterday is yesterday, today is today. And if teacher Lin hadn’t come yesterday, do you think I would have let you leave?” I said with a sneer.

“Jin Chao, don’t get too far ahead of yourself!”

Guan Dongxuan said to me very grimly.

“Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself? Think back to yourself, how you treated me before. It was also you who used Cao Ge against me first, and now that Cao Ge has helped me, you’re saying that I’m being overbearing? Guan Dongxuan, can you be more shameless?” I looked at him mockingly.

And Guan Dongxuan’s face sank even further at what I said. He gritted his teeth, and was even more torn about what he should do.

“Guan Dongxuan, did you not hear my words? The last ten slaps! Hurry up!” I increased the volume so that the crowd on the side could hear. It was just that my words were more like a bomb that exploded in the surrounding people at once.

Shock and disbelief spread around the area at once.

At my voice, Guan Dongxuan clenched his teeth, raised his hand and slapped himself on the face. The sound he made with this slap was so loud that the surroundings fell dead silent. As they watched this scene, they were all so shocked that they could not speak.

They could not have imagined that Guan Dongxuan would really slap me just because of a few words.

“Guan Dongxuan, have you forgotten the rules from yesterday? The last ten slaps are for kneeling!” I reminded him.

“Jin Chao, you’ve already disgraced me enough. With so many people watching, can’t you give me some face?” Guan Dongxuan asked me in a gloomy whisper.

“Why should I give you face? Think back, when I didn’t go along with your wishes, did you ever give me face before? I don’t think so!” My tone was once again elevated. I had treated Guan Dongxuan the same way he had treated me in the past, the way he had made me lose face.

He had brought this on himself!

“Are you going to kneel or not?”

I yelled at Guan Dongxuan.

“Dongxuan, are you out of your F**king mind? Are you really going to kneel down for Jin Chao?” The people on the side asked in confusion.

“This matter, you guys stay out of it!”

Guan Dongxuan said through clenched teeth.

And as he said that, he rushed to his knees in my direction. He looked at his palms and hesitated for a moment. Under the urging of my eyes, he this in only then was to exhale the slap towards his face. Because of what happened yesterday, Guan Dongxuan came up and slapped himself in the face with maximum force.

His face, which was already swollen from yesterday, was a few points heavier because of this last ten slaps.

“Jin Chao, I’ve finished these ten slaps, that’s enough!” Guan Dongxuan said, about to stand up.

“Wait, who said the beating was over?” I blocked him, “You clearly have the last three slaps left, it’s not over yet!”

Guan Dongxuan’s little brother hurriedly said from the side, “But Brother Xuan has really finished the fight. Everyone heard it too, it was ten!”

I shot a direct glance over, “Is it my call here, or yours?”

My words made Guan Dongxuan’s little brother not know how to reply. And Guan Dongxuan looked at me with resentment in his eyes, “Okay, three more slaps! When I’m done, it’ll be over, right?”

“Let’s talk after you finish the fight.”

I didn’t give him a clear answer.

Guan Dongxuan was shamefully on his knees again and slapped himself three times. Each one landed on his face with a very crisp, and extraordinarily loud, thud.

It was after the three slaps were over that Guan Dongxuan was about to stand up again. But I stopped him again, “Guan Dongxuan, you still have two more slaps here. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Guan Dongxuan was furious: “Jin Chao, you’re F**king kidding me!”

“Trick you? Does it make sense? I don’t want to waste time with you here.” I just urged Guan Dongxuan.

And in the process, all the people on the side were dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do.

“Two last strokes!” I saw that Guan Dongxuan didn’t respond, and I drank again.

When Guan Dongxuan heard this, he had no choice but to be agreeable. He continued to kneel on the ground, raised his hand, and gave himself two loud slaps. This time, he was in no hurry to stand up. He looked up at me and asked, “Jinchao, is this okay now?”

“It’s OK. But let me remind you, when you see me in cla*s in the future, keep a low profile!” I said in a very forceful manner.

Guan Dongxuan listened and had to give a “hmmm”.

“Speak up! Who can hear you in such a low voice?” I yelled again at a higher volume.

“I know!”

Guan Dongxuan said furiously.

“Alright Jinchao, you’ve almost settled your end, haven’t you?” Xu Ying asked as she stepped forward.

In response, I was nodding my head.

She turned and hooked her hand at me, “Well then, take Guan Dongxuan with you and let’s go to the headmaster’s office!”