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Silly Teen Chapter 67-68

Chapter 67

“A real sister?” I sized up Guo and also looked at the girl beside him. Looking at them, they didn’t look like they came from the same mother’s womb either!

“Nonsense, of course it’s not a real sister! You think I can have such a cute sister when I look like this?” Guo Xiaoming said.

“Why does this sound like something I’ve heard before somewhere?” I asked instead, a little puzzled.

“Where?” Guo asked.

“I can’t remember either …… er, Xiaoming ah, this sister of yours ……” I suddenly remembered what he had just said.

“Ahem.” Guo Xiaoming hurriedly coughed and just interrupted me. He winked at me as if he meant to say to me ‘just be clear, don’t say it’. And I looked at him and the little junior high school girl standing beside him and just had a chuckle in my heart.

Guo Xiaoming is also really, obviously he is already in high school, but he doesn’t even spare the junior high school girl. He is simply a beast!

“Right Chao, I’ll let my sister teach you to skate a bit?” Guo Xiaoming then asked what I meant.

“That’s better to pull it off!” I said with a dry smile. I didn’t want to get in touch with the ‘object’ that Guo Xiaoming was going to develop.

“But my sister is super good at roller skating.” Guo continued to wink at me.

I looked at him and felt, even more, as if he had some ulterior motive within.

At Guo Xiaoming’s insistence, I followed his sister, Liu Bingbing, around the nearly 300 square foot roller skating rink. She skated straight backwards and led me along little by little. I watched her so fluidly, and my heart burst into tears.

I, to my surprise, was giving such a junior high school little sister a ‘lesson’.

“Bingbing, how is Chao learning this end?” Guo Xiaoming asked after he had ‘disappeared’ for a while and then returned.

“It’s almost started.”

Liu Bingbing explained.

“Then how many times has he fallen?”

Guo Xiaoming was more concerned about this.

“Less than five strokes.” Liu Bingbing explained with a lollipop in her mouth. She was not as icy as her name, but a relatively open girl with a big personality. Even though Guo had called me Chao, she didn’t shy away from ‘lecturing’ me at all.

“Less than five strokes? Oh my God!” Guo was raw and froze for a moment.

“What’s wrong? Do you have to keep falling and falling on your butt to learn roller skating?” I did look at him with some confusion.

“Nonsense! Chao, when I first started learning, I fell no less than sixty times from when I didn’t know how to, to when I could skate at turtle speed!” Guo said to me more like he was complaining, “That day, it was straight up a handsome break in my butt.”

“That’s because you’re poorly endowed.” Liu Bingbing choked out in a straightforward manner.

“Yes, yes, I am poorly gifted …… Bingbing ah, you take Chao to experience the feeling of high-speed cornering.” Guo Xiaoming said on the side, but between his words, another intriguing smile was on the corner of his mouth. It was more like a lewd-smile!

“No problem.”

Liu Bingbing agreed.

Before I was ready, Liu Bingbing grabbed my hand and padded and used the brake rubber on her toes to increase the friction, is a burst of acceleration on the smooth marble floor tiles. My entire body was foolishly dragged along by her, and after she went into reverse skid mode, her body controlled her legs and sped up even more.

Holy sh*t ……

At this point in time, I really have a momma’s boy in the buckle, I do not know when to say it!

Every time when Liu Bingbing was about to finish, I had a feeling that I was going to be thrown out.

Because she slides quickly, plus her clothes are loose, I a inadvertent between, but along her collar to look in. It was a little pink cutie. The pink ribbon, tied just behind her neck, was tied in a bow, reinforcing her youthful and pretty aura.

Although Liu Bingbing looked like she was still just in junior high school. But her development, however, was even better than Guo Xuefu’s.

And at this moment, at this scene, I finally was understanding exactly what Guo Xiaoming was smiling at me for!

“Chao, how does it feel?”

Guo Xiaoming asked me with a bad smile.

“It just feels like the car is going too fast to keep up.” I looked at Guo Xiaoming speechlessly.

“Of course, Bing Bing is in a full sprint, of course the car is going fast.” Guo Xiaoming said to me with words in her mouth.

“What are you guys talking about? How come I don’t understand a bit?” Liu Bingbing, who was blinking with curiosity, asked us.

“You’re still young, so don’t ask so many questions about these things.” Guo Xiaoming said with a chuckle.

Liu Bingbing looked at Guo Xiaoming, then at me, and then was focusing her gaze on her chest. Only then did she suddenly react. She hurriedly pressed her chest down and pinched Guo Xiaoming’s waist hard.

I watched Liu Bingbing chase Guo Xiaoming all over the skating rink, also a burst of amus*ment.

I became almost ready to learn, so I gave it a try myself.

Well, it was quite easy!

But just as I thought that, I was pushed by Guo Xiaoming, who suddenly appeared behind me, and my whole body fell to the ground with a ‘pop’. Guo Xiaoming was afraid of giving me a beating, so he stood at a distance and looked at me with a smile.

“D*mn it, you really think I can’t catch you, don’t you?” I was so angry that I went after Guo Xiaoming.

“Come on, come on, you can’t catch me.” Guo Xiaoming was a psycho, provoking me again.

“I’ll help you.” On the side, Liu Bingbing was going to step forward.

“No, no, no, if you give me a pull, I can fall so hard my whole body will fall apart.” I didn’t want to experience that feeling again that I had just had. The roller skates had double rows of four wheels on them, and this would only make me fall faster if my whole body fell backwards, as it usually did in response to kicking my feet.

“Then you won’t be able to catch him at all just on your own.” Liu Bingbing and I said.

“But it’s better than falling over, right?”

I said with a bitter laugh.

It was also between our words that Guo Xiaoming provoked me again in the front, just thinking that I couldn’t catch him. I was adapted to roller skates, but I simply couldn’t get up to speed. And even less so to skate backwards like they do. In my current situation, it would be a dream to catch Guo Xiaoming.

Guo Xiaoming was laughing in front of me, and as I watched, I wanted to go up and kick him in the face.

And it was at this point that Liu Bingbing suddenly came running over.

“Brother, Chao, why don’t we go to the arcade. I haven’t played a dancing machine for a long time.” Liu Bingbing replaced a lollipop.

“A dancing machine, what’s that?”

I was very ignorant, I had never been to an arcade, I didn’t have a computer and my phone was a black and white Nokia.

“Holy sh*t, you don’t even know about that?”

Guo said in amazement.

“Let’s go and have some fun!”


Chapter 68

Led by Liu Bingbing and Guo Xiaoming, we went to the arcade next to the skating rink. The dancing machines, as far as they were concerned, were placed at the entrance of the arcade. There were two of them. There was also a row of seats on the side. I looked at the big machine in front of me and suddenly it dawned on me: this was the dancing machine they were talking about!

If it was this machine, I had seen it before. But the previous one I hadn’t even touched or played with.

As soon as Guo took a look at Liu Bingbing standing up, he immediately looked on with his arms around his chest and a very serious look. But as I looked at his expression, I understood even more that there was absolutely nothing good about this guy being so serious all of a sudden!

With the music playing, Liu Bingbing, who was standing on the dancing machine, began to twist and turn. Although she was average looking, with a short haircut and a student’s head, she had quite a bit of the flavour of a jazz dancer as she twirled. With each beat, she stepped very accurately and her limbs were very well coordinated.

“How high would this be to twist in bed.” Guo Xiaoming commented in a serious manner.

“Ah Xiaoming, I think, if she hears you say that, she will definitely get you killed!” I said darkly from the sidelines.

“But she mustn’t know.”

“But what if I tell her?”

Once Guo Xiaoming heard my words, he was turning his head and said very seriously, “Then even if you did, she wouldn’t necessarily believe it.”

His words were making me very speechless. I watched Liu Bingbing get down from the dancing machine and was locking eyes with Guo Xiaoming. Guo Xiaoming meant instead that I should go up and talk to Liu Bingbing and let me try it out. And he must have been sure of something when he said that and also showed such an expression.

“Brother, Chao, what are you talking about?” Liu Bingbing looked at us in confusion.

“Secrets.” Guo Xiaoming laughed harshly.

“What’s the secret, and you have to laugh so sinisterly?” Liu Bingbing asked, puzzled.

“You wouldn’t know about that …… Chao, let’s go. Let’s go play something else.” Guo Xiaoming then led me away. And aside had Liu Bingbing, followed behind us. In the arcade, there were still some machines that existed that were similar in nature to slot machines.

Guo Xiaoming asked me if I wanted to play a couple of games.

But I had an instinctive resistance to something of this gambling nature. Even more so because Uncle Chen, more than once, had warned me.

Only Guo Xiaoming did not think so.

“Chao, it’s just a couple of games, it’s fine.” Guo then pulled me to find a machine and sat down.

“I really don’t want to play!”

I said as I sternly refused.

“No big deal, I’ll pay for everything you lose and you can have everything you win.” Guo then a*sured me.

“That won’t work either. Wouldn’t that make you lose?” I still turned him down.

“Chao, we’re out to have fun, let’s have fun. It’s only a matter of five or six dollars, don’t bother with so much.” Guo Xiaoming said and just put the coins in. He said that if I didn’t play, the coins would just go to waste and he wasn’t going to take them out.

And at his insistence, I then agreed and sat down in front of the machine as well.

The general rules of the game for this kind of machine, which is the same as a slot machine, were only completely clear to me after listening to Guo Xiaoming. The coins in the arcade are 50 cents each. To place a bet, you have to use two coins at a time. Guo Xiaoming threw in six yuan of video game coins and let me pick a few at random.

I didn’t even think about it, so I just pressed a few buttons and waited for the slot machine to run.

I didn’t really expect to win many coins on this kind of machine, which was purely based on luck. Besides, I had heard Uncle Chen say that the winning rate of such machines could be adjusted.

”Ding dong.”

Guo Xiaoming’s six dollars, after doubling a few times, became twenty-four fast.

“Holy sh*t, Brother Chao, how are you playing this?” Guo Xiaoming turned around in a flash and saw the number displayed on the electronic screen and was dumbfounded for a moment, “How did it change so much just when I wasn’t paying attention?”

“You ask me, I don’t know either.”

I said, quite speechlessly.

I said stop playing.

But Guo Xiaoming said that he had won anyway, at most he would lose back the ones he had won and get his capital back. I felt that with his kind of gambler’s mentality, he would definitely suffer a big loss if he met a gambling game when the time came. I had won money, and with the mindset of playing casually and retreating at any time, I continued to press the button.

“Xiaoming, that basketball player on the side is very smooth. Don’t you play a lot too! Go over and PK him?” I said to Guo Xiaoming with a chuckle.

“Forget it! He throws with both hands together and hits all kinds of shots. I’m a person who is still relatively self-aware. With my kind of skill, if I go over there, it’s purely looking for abuse.” Guo Xiaoming said as he handed me a cigarette. I was smoking, but I still wasn’t too used to the nicotine rush.

“Holy sh*t, how many levels has this been played?” I looked at the basketball thrower and froze for a moment.

“Fourth level! And every level has been completed at over thirty percent!” Guo explained with a look of adoration.

“I’m afraid that’s some college basketball against the captain!” I didn’t know much about basketball, but I was still blown away.

“More than a college! It must be the provincial league champion, I think!” Guo then said.

And between our words, we both surprisingly forgot about the slot machine beside us. I looked at it for a while, and only then was I able to react. My attention was still on the basketball section, but my hand casually pressed a few buttons on the slot machine. I waited for the slot machine to run in between, but I looked at the basketball on the side.

We watched as the guy hit the pa*s straight away. Even I was impressed.

But the scariest thing was that the master even shook his head helplessly and said, “Eh, the score is even worse than last time! Not warming up just doesn’t bring out my full strength!”

“Holy sh*t!” When Guo Xiaoming heard this, he immediately wanted to kill someone.

The other side hadn’t warmed up and managed to finish like this? And it was a series of ten minutes of fighting down ah!

“Ah Xiaoming, you work hard. One day, you’ll be like that too.” I said as I patted Guo Xiaoming’s shoulder.

“Forget it, the gap between me and him is more than a section and a half!” Guo Xiaoming said with a sigh.

“Hey Ouyang, why are you just leaving? Wait for me!” A girl on the side chased directly at the basketball expert.

“I just went to buy a bottle of water.”

The basketball expert explained.

“I’ll go with you!”

I watched their departure with some amus*ment. It was only natural to have a girl like that when you play basketball like that.

“By the way Chao, how did the slots turn out?” Guo then asked at me.

“I don’t know.”

I turned my head to look, but I froze in my tracks.

And Guo Xiaoming, beside me, looked at the slot machine, then at me, and couldn’t help but swallow ……