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Silly Teen Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

The numbers on the slot machine were something I hadn’t expected in any way. And Guo Xiaoming looked at the slot machine, his expression was very wonderful. Liu Bingbing, who was standing at the side, also looked very surprised.

“Chao, how did you play this out?” Guo Xiaoming then asked at me.

“I don’t know either. I just pressed blindly on the slot machine and it …… turned out like this.” I said with a dry smile.

“What, blindly pressing?”

Liu Bingbing was even more dumbfounded.

“Crap Chao, you blindly pressed and even managed to play a six dollar bottom to over two hundred dollars?” Guo Xiaoming looked at me even more incredulously.

“I think it’s strange too.”

I said in amazement.

“Or else let’s take out the money first and try?” Liu Bingbing said instead. I listened to her words, was walking to the slot machine money, just pressed the button to return the coins. I then this machine, more than a jingle sound, attracted a lot of people’s eyes.

Guo Xiao Ming hurriedly took two frames over from the front desk, and was enough to fill these two frames to the brim.

With so many game coins in hand, we went to the front desk and exchanged them for cash.

Two big red hairs to hand!

“Chao, why don’t we keep ten coins and have another round?” Guo was blown away and asked at me.

“Better forget it, just take it for what it’s worth. I’ll treat you guys to a go-go meal after winning so much.” I said with a shake of my head.

“It’s okay. It’s only ten dollars, maybe it’ll go up again.” Liu Bingbing said with a smile.

“Come on, Brother Chao. If you lose, it’s on me!” I was encouraged by Guo Xiaoming.

“If we keep playing like this, something will happen.” I said with a sigh.

“What the hell! It’s only ten bucks!” Guo Xiaoming said without taking it seriously. We happened to be right at the front desk and left only ten dollars in coins and turned around and went back to the area where the slot machines were. I sat down in front of the slot machine and just put the twenty coins in my hand into it.

This time, Guo Xiaoming and Liu Bingbing were sitting right beside me, completely just looking at me without looking away.

To be honest, from my perspective, there was no way that scene from earlier would ever be recreated. I had won so much that the mechanics in the slot machine, for sure, would have been adjusted to: let me lose money mode. I was also thinking in my mind before I took the hand that my ten dollars was definitely going to go down the drain.

Ten dollars, which I split into two plays.

Because I don’t know how to play the slot machine at all, I still, as I did earlier, got on and just casually pressed enough for a five dollar amount. It was after the slot machine started running that I was looking for Guo Xiaoming to ask for a cigarette. I lit the cigarette, but watched the slot machine jump back and forth several times.

What was going on here?

I, who did not understand the mechanism of the slot machine, was even more puzzled watching this scene.

“What’s going on with me, Xiaoming? Can you explain it?” I asked curiously at Guo Xiaoming.

“You don’t know?” Guo Xiaoming looked at me even more astonished.

“I’ve never even come into contact with this kind of thing before ……,” I explained to Guo Xiaoming.

“Oh. What you have now is driving a train. It’s on its second round now, and where the indicator stopped just now, whenever you have pressure, it will be settled for you according to the multiplier.” Guo Xiaoming and I said.

And I listened to him and was turning of continuing to look at the screen.

Guo Xiaoming and I said that normally if the train could drive two rounds, it would already be very sick. But in my case, the train had already gone three rounds and still showed no sign of stopping.

The third round was over and the fourth round began!

“Holy Sh*t, holy Sh*t!” Guo Xiaoming was on the sidelines, his whole body was about to explode with excitement.

“What’s wrong?” I hurriedly asked at him.

“Chao, you should look at the screen instead!”

Guo Xiaoming pointed at the slot machine’s and said to me. Because of the commotion Guo Xiaoming made, many people on the side also noticed the scene. They didn’t know that I was basing it on ten dollars, but they were all a bit dumbfounded as they watched the slot machine’s indicator light pulsate.

I looked at the screen of the slot machine.

I saw that the original amount of five dollars left had turned into a hundred dollars! It had doubled by a factor of twenty!

“Brother Chao, do we continue?” Guo Xiaoming, however, asked at me when it was over.

“Aren’t you the one who told me to continue playing?”

I looked at him with some amus*ment instead.

And Guo Xiaoming looked at me, was showing a very sorry look, and said to me, “Chao, if you had just put in not five, but fifty dollars, this money would have become a thousand now!”

I gave a dry laugh.

I didn’t take what he said seriously.

As far as slot machines are concerned, which are purely luck-based and human-controlled, I just felt that I had been lucky in that round. And even if I had put in 50 bucks, the mechanism in the slot machine would not have allowed me to double it twenty times and spit out a thousand bucks!

And even if I did win. And even if I did win, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be that many coins in the slot machine!

“Chao Chao, let’s have another round. This time, I’ll invest ten in you and twenty in us.” Guo Xiaoming was even more excited.

“Ah Xiaoming, let’s forget it!” I then said. Guo Xiaoming looked completely addicted.

“It’s fine it’s fine!”

Guo Xiaoming said instead.

Between his words, he didn’t care what I thought and let Liu Bingbing, who was already frozen at the side, go to the front desk to change the game coins. He took it upon himself to stuff the game coins into the machine in front of me. Counting his money, I was already on the books with over one hundred and thirty dollars!

“So …… this is the last game! Win or lose, we’re out of here.” I said to him very solemnly.

“No problem!”

Guo Xiaoming also agreed.

And I felt the look in Guo Xiaoming’s eyes, and had no choice but to is open another game.

This time, I still ordered casually. I didn’t pick those high multiplier buttons. On a slot machine, it is possible to place multiple bets on one button. Between my random clicks, some of the buttons were repeatedly multiplied several times. I thought that this would at least ensure that I wouldn’t lose all the twenty dollars!

After all, the chances of getting a full house on a slot machine are very slim.

In between my thoughts, a new game began!

This time, not only Guo Xiaoming and Liu Bingbing, but even some of the non-mainstreams in the arcade, were also watching from the sidelines. I felt the sight of the crowd, but I was also a bit embarra*sed. Guo Xiaoming’s eyes in particular carried a note of hope within them. I felt like I was definitely going to lose out on this one, but I couldn’t really talk to him about it.

”Ding dong ding dong-”

The slot machine’s indicator light turned, but it stopped at a position that made us all dismayed!


Chapter 70

“Oh my god ……”

Someone on the side even exclaimed. The situation on the slot machine even made the crowd watching around explode at once. I didn’t understand the mechanism of the slot machine, but I was even more baffled. I just had a vague feeling that I had encountered a very powerful reward mechanism in the slot machine.

”Ding dong ding dong -”

The indicator lights spun between them, but they lingered on the bonus box multiple times. I knew that those lights meant that I had definitely hit those rewards.

“Isn’t this a f*cking slam?” Someone blurted out straight away.

“What’s a slam?”

“Simply put, it’s a slam! All the rewards kill! If you bet all the money, one slam will double your money.” The people who explained it this way did so with even more intense envy.

I listened to their words before I could sort of understand generally what was going on. I looked at the numbers on the slot machine, and the whole kept going up. From a hundred or so, it went up to five hundred, followed by seven hundred, nine hundred, a thousand, two thousand!

But the problem was, we had only put twenty dollars down to begin with!

With a twenty dollar capital, we made two thousand …… This is also something I didn’t expect in any way. It even gave me a dreamy feeling.

“Fat Fat! Brother Chao, we’re rich!” Guo Xiaoming laughed harshly and hugged me with great excitement.

“Xiaoming, don’t push so hard either, I’m going to lose my breath.” I said hurriedly to Guo Xiaoming.

“Oh, oh!” Only then did Guo Xiaoming react and hurriedly let go of me.

“Hurry up and get the money out.”

Liu Bingbing on the side reminded again.

I listened and only then did I press the button to take out the coins in response. At once, a crisp metal sound resounded in the area where we were. Even the music playing in the arcade could not withstand the constant sound.

Guo was practically drooling with laughter.

He took several baskets and came over to fill them with game coins. According to the amount of game coins that one basket can hold a hundred, he also brought over a full twenty of them. He even told us when he came back that when he was at the front desk just now, the waiter asked him what he wanted so many baskets for.

And he explained in a very pretentious way: he took so many baskets, of course, to fill them with money!

”Jingle bell.”

The slot machine spat out coins for a full three or four minutes.

The three of us, Guo Xiaoming and Liu Bingbing, couldn’t care less about anything else and were all busy loading the game coins. Our speed was simply unable to catch up with the amount of coins the slot machine was spitting out.

But the slot machine’s coin spitting stopped abruptly when there were still 1,200 left.

“There are no more coins in there, are there?”

I asked, puzzled.

“Eight out of ten – nine out of ten. Chao, you wait here, I’ll go to the front desk and ask the staff to come over.” Guo Xiaoming said and walked away.

But not long after he walked out, I heard a sudden noise coming from the direction of the front desk. In a short while, Guo Xiaoming came over with the staff. The staff, however, looked at Guo Xiaoming with a very incredulous look, which, among other things, also carried a bit of caution.

“Xiaoming, it was you who made the commotion at the front desk just now, wasn’t it?” I then asked right at him.

“Yeah. They didn’t believe me and said we were making a mess.” Guo Xiaoming said with a strong voice. As he said that, he pointed to the numbers on the slot machine and asked the staff member, “Well, you can see it now, can’t you? Are you convinced this time!”

The staff member went up and checked it carefully, muttering under his breath, “It shouldn’t be. ……”

Guo Xiaoming was stumped for a moment and asked, “What shouldn’t I?”

Instead of explaining, the staff member asked guardedly, “Did you cheat?”

“Cheating? Do we look like such people!” Guo Xiaoming was instantly offended.

I was relatively calm and said to the staff, “If you suspect us of cheating, you can totally watch the surveillance. And we’re just a bunch of high school students, do you think that we have the skills to crack the slot machines?”

“That’s impossible to say.”

The staff member said with a sneer.

“If you want to crack the slot machine, you also have to turn the machine on and control it from the inside. We were all watching from the sidelines just now and we didn’t see how they had it.” Someone on the side was the one who stood up for us.

“But did you all see them when they were playing here in the first place? Are you guys sure that they’re really not suspicious?”

The staff member asked rhetorically.

“Then how do you plan to settle this matter?” I could sense something different in the staff member’s attitude.

“You guys come with me first, investigate first.” The staff member then said.

“This is the money we won by luck, how can you guys do this?” Guo’s emotions were about to explode.

“But this is so perverse! You guys took a bottom of twenty and flipped it to two thousand, and when you tell the world, who will believe that you didn’t tamper with it?”

The staff member said with a frown.

As I listened to him, I was stopping Guo Xiaoming beside me, also telling him to control his emotions and calm down a bit first. We were now, after all, in someone else’s pavilion. And, how many of the owners who run video game arcades, or internet cafes in the city, can be without background?

It would be too dangerous for us to offend someone here!

“OK, we accept your investigation. But if it turns out we’re okay, will you be able to give us the money?” I asked.

“Let’s wait until we find out later!” The staff member didn’t have a good face to say.

“Chao, do we really have to go?”

Guo asked me reluctantly.

“No way. If we don’t agree, we can’t even take away the eight hundred dollars we took out.” I then said to Guo Xiaoming.

Once Guo Xiaoming heard this, he could only agree to do so.

The staff of the arcade, though, were not very nice. But they still let us take the game coins with us, and went into the hospitality room in the arcade. This is usually just the boss or the staff, just having a cup of tea.

We sat on the sofa and Guo handed me a cigarette.

And the staff member told us to sit here, then closed the door with his backhand and walked out.

It was after he went out, but I said in a serious tone, “Xiaoming, ah, don’t get too hopeful about the twelve hundred …… dollars we have stuck in the machine, and don’t expect to get it out.”


Guo Xiaoming was stunned.

I instead said with a bitter laugh.

“Our bottom is twenty pieces. If they can let us take eight hundred, they’re already giving us face.”

“Yes brother, this is too counter-intuitive after all.” Liu Bingbing also said.

“But ……”