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Super School Student Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

What Qin Siyu was worried about was not a problem for Ye Lu. With the “auxiliary function” of his gla*ses, he could easily hack into any computer, including any camera, so it was a very simple matter for Ye Lu.

So, Ye Lu didn’t need to do any preparation for this, and in the evening, he went straight to Zhao Yang.

“How did you kid do on the exam?”

Ye Luo looked at Zhao Yang and asked.

Zhao Yang smiled and said.

“I don’t like to study, just find a more professional school to study at, my family is going to let me study accounting, my family has the contacts, so when I graduate, I can find a job.”

When he heard Zhao Yang’s words, Ye Lu nodded, it was good to have parents to worry about, the road had been paved so early, but unfortunately Ye Lu didn’t even know who his parents were or if they were alive.

This made Ye Lu slightly a little sad.

However, he immediately shook his head to shake all these emotions aside, then looked at Zhao Yang and said with a smile.

“Not bad, the road ahead is all paved, however, I have another surprise for you, don’t you want to lose weight, I have pills that can lose weight for you.”

With those words, he took out a bottle of elixir and put it in front of Zhao Yang and said.

“Because the effect of weight loss is more powerful, I suggest you take it at home, also, don’t take too much at once, two capsules is the limit, stop when you feel unwell, I don’t want you to get sick from eating, as for the effect? I guess it will be obvious within a few days, because this elixir is targeted, it will only lose excess fat, for example, it is a woman who uses it will not For example, a woman will not lose her breasts if she uses it.”

After saying that, Ye Lu took out a pill bottle and put it in front of Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang looked at the pill bottle with some surprise and said.

“So divine, if women knew about it they wouldn’t snatch it up! Tsk!”

Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Lose weight properly, don’t get distorted thoughts, don’t forget the pain after getting well, haven’t you remembered the lesson from last time’s blind foolishness?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Zhao Yang immediately said with a heated smile.

“Why not, I will definitely keep a low profile. By the way, I am going to go to a school in the capital to study at university, you can cover me up then!”

Ye Lu smiled and made an “OK” gesture.

He didn’t have many friends, so he valued friendship in particular.

In the riverside villa on the other side of the city, the girl who had been P*ssed on by Ye Lu was pacing back and forth with her waist crossed.

“Daring to make a fool of me, Lin Danni, in public, this B*****d, I absolutely can’t spare him.”

The events of the day had made her a little furious and the room was littered with things she had broken.

Soon, the few burly men arrived at the villa.

“Come on, tell me who that brat is, I want to clean him up.”

Lin Danni said angrily.

As a result, one of the burly men whispered.

“Miss Lin, I’m afraid this matter is a bit difficult, we have inquired, this kid is called Ye Lu, although he doesn’t have any background, but he is still quite famous in the city’s high society for a period of time recently, he is not easy to mess with.”

When she heard this guy say that Ye Lu, a loser, was not to be messed with, Lin Danni froze for a moment, and then slapped the table and said.

“What’s not to be messed with.”

At this time another strong man then quickly continued.

“My buddy is called Monkey, he said, that Ye Lu is very evil, he can foretell nine times, cure a disease, drink a thousand gla*ses of wine, spend money like money, fight like a thousand, study like a cla*s, in short, it is better for us to stay away.”

The burly man’s set of words froze Lin Danni, and she stood there for several seconds before she said with a dumbfounded look on her face.

“When did you kid learn so many idioms?”

The strong man said with a heated smile.

“Aren’t you about to become a big star? I thought I had to learn more, to appear educated isn’t it.”

As a result, Lin Danni looked at him and shouted.

“Get lost!”

Then turning to look at the other guy, he asked.

“You say.”

This guy hurriedly nodded and said.

“My dad once attended a gathering of Elder Shen in the city, and it turned out that Elder Shen was respectful to Ye Lu and took the initiative to throw himself at him, and those divine doctors of Master Hua also bowed down to Ye Lu and obeyed him, in addition he seemed to be the son-in-law of the Gu family and the savior of Elder Su, and the Zhang family who was against him was made to suffer and was left in the dust, and finally caved in and gave in to him ……”

Before this guy could finish his sentence, Lin Danni yelled out with all her might.

“Get lost!”

Following that, she crossed her arms and said.

“You guys get as far away from me as you can, you’re really P*ssing me off.”

However, she also realised that this Ye Lu was not really easy to deal with, I’m afraid.

“Well, wait until you get to the university and see how I deal with your girlfriend, just you wait for me.”

Ye Lu had actually considered the fact that he would pull hatred for Qin Siyu by striking out today, however, he knew very well that with Lin Danni’s character, even if he didn’t do anything to her, once Qin Siyu got into the same school as her, she wouldn’t stop out of jealousy, so Ye Lu didn’t care much.

With the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, Qin Siyu’s strength, reaction speed and so on would increase several times, and when she learns a move or two, it should be difficult for ordinary people to get close to her. Of course, if there is a suitable gongfu method, Qin Shiyu will be able to use it.

Of course, it would be even better if there was a suitable gong method for her to learn, but it was said that the really good gong methods were only available in those sects, or hidden sects.

Following that, Ye Luo then had a divine chat with Zhao Yang for a while longer and drank some wine, before returning home.

Ye Yan then asked about the exams, but Ye Lu gently rea*sured her that he would definitely pa*s the exams, and Ye Yan didn’t really doubt this, after all, she had already noticed that this brother seemed unusual.

The next day, Ye Lu repeated the same trick and made Qin Siyu answer a perfect score in mathematics, which has been completely bottomed out.

The same was true for the afternoon comprehensive exam, and Ye Luo voted for Qin Siyu without surprise.

After two days of exams, Qin Siyu was already completely relaxed.

However, during the past few days, Granny Yun had not been home and could not be contacted, it was the aunt that Granny Yun had hired to look after the shop, which made Qin Siyu’s heart slightly uneasy.

It was true that Granny Yun had often gone out before, but she would usually take the time to tell Qin Siyu her whereabouts, and this time was very unusual indeed.

However, Qin Siyu did not say anything to Ye Lu, she felt that she had already caused Ye Lu a lot of trouble, besides, if she did, Ye Lu did not know where Granny Yun was and it would be futile.

He felt that the blue Manjushri was calling him.

So he called Ye Yan on the pretext that he had finished his exams and was taking a break from his cla*smates, and then hurriedly headed towards Tianma Mountain with all the things he had prepared before.

Seeing Ye Lu’s windy appearance, Long Fei Xue, who was originally anxious to ask about the elixir, did not go up to him.

“Let’s hope that he can really get a potion that can break through the bottleneck.”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu’s back and clenched her small fist, now all her hopes were pinned on Ye Lu’s body.

Of course, Ye Luo was equally full of expectation as he was walking according to the coordinates positioned in his gla*ses.

“Turn left when you see the ravine ahead, turn right when you see the crooked-necked poplar tree, pay attention to avoid the rocks on the ground, there are still two hundred meters to the target, be careful of the pit ahead and fall to your death ……”

Hearing the gla*ses like a comic tip, Ye Lu felt a little funny, but the gla*ses command is completely right, Ye Lu soon arrived outside the cave.

“It’s finally time to refine the most important elixir.”

Ye Luo took a deep breath at the door, he had already discovered through this period of cultivation that his cultivation was simply too slow to improve through meditation alone, he had to get some treasure at the “Dharma Fair”.

Then, he took out the dagger made from the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow” and walked deeper into the cave.

The arrows of the “Sunset Arrow” seemed to have a natural deterrent effect on these ghosts, and the terrifying “ghost bats” really “hooted and hollered” once again. They all fled to the outside of the cave.

However, Ye Lu looked at Blue Ying Ying’s Manjushala and “Ghostly Inferno” and did not start refining them right away, he still needed to practice a little more.

Moreover, the recipe also said that the best time to use the Ghostly Inferno was when the moon was in the middle of the day.

Thus, he waited until midnight before Ye Lu placed the “Burning Heaven Furnace” on top of the “Ghostly Inferno”.


Chapter 102

Following that, Ye Luo took a deep breath and began to put the various herbs that had been weighed long ago as well as the processed potions into the dan furnace one by one.

He had done these things countless times before, but when he actually started to refine, he still felt overwhelmed with emotion.

The “Burning Heaven Furnace” began to emit an eerie blue glow after it came into contact with the “Ghostly Underworld Inferno”, reflecting the ancient textures in an unusually demonic way.

Ye Lu felt that even the things he put in it were emitting a blue luminescence together.

After that, Ye Luo heard the “ghost bats” outside start to stir, not knowing if they were affected by the furnace.

“Let’s hope these guys don’t come and cause trouble.”

Ye Luo looked at the arrows of the “Sunset Arrow” that he had put aside.

Those “ghost bats” looked like they were guarding the blue manjushala or the “ghostly flame of the underworld”, but whatever they were guarding, Ye Lu would soon destroy it.

Anyway, Ye Lu couldn’t care less about that now, as he carefully added in all the things he needed, one by one, and finally the manjushala, this time with only the flower part, as the rest of it should be able to be refined again.

This “Ghostly Inferno” was really something else, although it gave off an extremely cold aura, the herbs in the furnace melted extremely quickly, and it didn’t take long for the herbs to fuse together and form a blue swirling vortex.

“Alright, in a little while it will be time to condense the dan.”

Ye Lu ignored the “ghost bats” that began to flutter restlessly, but sat cross-legged in front of the furnace and prepared to begin the concoction of the first potion.

At this moment, on the back side of Tianma Mountain, Granny Yun was confronting two women.

“You have been chasing me for a few days now, it’s about time you had enough.”

Granny Yun said as she looked at the two women opposite her.

One of these two women was older estimated to be about the same age as Granny Yun, while the other was extremely young, estimated to be in her twenties.

Both of them were wearing very odd clothes, black clothes and skirts, while their bodies were hung with intricately shaped silver ornaments, especially the young woman, the clothes she wore on her upper body only covered her breasts, and her firm breasts held up the silver ornaments on her clothes, it looked like these two people should have come from Miaojiang.

“Sister Yun, don’t you still understand, ‘once an evil cultivator, you are an evil cultivator for life’, you can’t break away and you can’t be cleansed, since I have seen you, there is no way out, I can only get rid of you on behalf of the clan, just resign yourself to your fate.”

The old woman in Miaojiang clothes looked at Granny Yun and said.

In turn, Granny Yun smiled and said.

“Sister Compulsion, why are you suffering, you should know very well yourself, even if you bring two disciples, it is not that easy to kill me, so why should you kill me with a fish?”

For her part, the old woman known as the compulsion sister said icily still.

“I’m not doing this entirely because of the clan, it’s time to settle the feud between us for many years, back then I was inferior to you, but you voluntarily gave up the clan, after so many years, my cultivation is improving every day, but you are standing still, so you should know very well that you won’t be able to escape this time.”

As the old woman spoke, there was a “rustling” sound around her, and countless poisonous snakes, spiders, centipedes and other things slowly began to appear from the gra*s, led by several terrifying poisonous insects and snakes with golden spots on their bodies, which were obviously other poisonous creatures that they had summoned.

Seeing these poisonous creatures appear, Granny Yun’s expression also turned grave as she sighed and said.

“After so many years, you have indeed improved a lot, but do you think it’s interesting to spend all day with these poisonous insects and harm people all day long?”

Old Mrs. Compulsion said coldly.

“It’s not up to you whether it’s interesting or not, you won’t know what it means soon anyway, and the other thing I have to tell you is that you shouldn’t think about escaping, because we have that granddaughter of yours in our hands, and I don’t think you want to see how she looks when she dies of poison.”

As the compulsive old woman spoke, the S*xy woman beside her then smiled up and said.

“Granny Yun, don’t worry, my little sister won’t kill your granddaughter that easily, she loves nothing more than a game of cat and mouse.”

When she heard the woman’s words, Granny Yun’s brow furrowed.

“Compulsion sister, the feud between us, you actually involve the younger generation in it, aren’t you going too far?”

Compulsion Old Lady then said in an icy voice.

“We evil cultivators do things, of course, we do everything, have you forgotten? Don’t worry, as long as you die, I won’t make things difficult for that little girl.”

“Come on, how many years have we not had a good fight, let’s let it all be over today.”


In the cave at the bottom of the mountain, Ye Lu’s refinement had reached the final stage, he carefully operated the spiritual qi in his body, the dan furnace began to emit a blue glow, and these glows became more and more bright as the spiritual qi kept pouring in, and the whole interior of the cave had turned blue.

The restless “ghost bats” had already retreated to the entrance of the cave, obviously they were also affected by the alchemy.

The medicinal liquid in the furnace had already been melted and had begun to take the form of a pill.

On top of the cave where Ye Luo was, those poisonous creatures of Old Mrs. Compulsion also began to stir and become restless, as if there was some strange aura that made them inexplicably afraid, and Old Mrs. Compulsion’s face changed at the same time.

She had been practicing the art of witchcraft for many years, and had rarely seen the parasites agitated like this.

“Could it be that Granny Yun has a terrifying backhand?”

This agitation made her feel a little uneasy. In fact, she did not know that it was actually due to the aura emitted by the blue manjushala after it had been refined.

This flower was already known as the “Hell Flower”, and the blue variant was even more terrifying, and with the addition of the equally terrifying “Ghostly Inferno”, the aura became even more terrifying.

Immediately afterwards there was a “boom!” With a loud bang, countless “ghost bats” flew up, forming an oddly shaped vortex in the air.

The insects also fled in all directions, as if everyone was trying to get away from this place of iniquity.

“What’s going on?”

Granny Yun also had a puzzled look on her face, although she was clear that she had not done this, she was not sure what was happening.

In the cave, Ye Lu let out a long sigh of relief, because just now, the first potion was finally finished, and at the same time, the “Ghostly Underworld Flame” had also become much smaller.

“Let’s see the results, hopefully there will be more finished products.”

Ye Luo muttered to himself, while his hand was shaking a bit, he opened the lid of the potion furnace, fortunately, all that he could see was the blue colour, which meant he had succeeded.


The lid of the dan furnace was completely opened, and Ye Lu also saw the crystal blue pills that filled his eyes, the crystal pills were even more dazzling than the blue pearls, the top layer alone had about ten of them.

“I wonder how the ones below are.”

Ye Luo put away the upper layer of pills with some anticipation, followed by seeing that the lower layer had indeed started to appear flawed pills, and there were quite a few of them, followed by the next layer, the further down the layer the more flawed items there were, and the bottom one turned completely white, which meant that there was basically no medicinal power left.

“It’s true that it’s still difficult to refine with flames that aren’t your own!”

Ye Luo said with some emotion, because most of the pills in this furnace were defective and unusable, however, looking at these 20 or so finished pills, Ye Luo smiled happily, this was the result of his efforts for several days, he had been thinking about the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” almost all day and night for the past few days.

“Alright, let’s refine the remaining one.”

Ye Luo stretched his back and then carefully dug out the Manjushala plant with its roots while he began to adjust his internal breath to recover his spiritual energy.

He had to hurry to recover his spiritual energy to refine the other furnace.

On the hill above Ye Lu’s head, Old Lady Compa*s couldn’t help but get a little depressed as she looked at the companions that had almost run out, it had taken her a lot of effort to collect them from all around, without these companions, although she didn’t feel that she and her disciple couldn’t defeat Granny Yun, the variables had indeed become bigger.

“It seems that some kind of foreign treasure has just appeared, aren’t you curious?”

Granny Yun said as she looked at Old Lady Compa*s.

For her part, Old Lady Compa*s shook her head coldly and said.

“No matter what treasure it is, I’ll kill you first.”