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Super School Student Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

Following that, Qin Siyu then spoke to Ye Lu.

“First of all, in the entire examination area, mobile phone signals are shielded, and all electronic products like mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into the examination hall, there will be instruments to detect them.”

“Then, there are also rules about what each person can bring in, like 2B pencils and things like that, and anything extra is not allowed in.”

“Also, our test papers are divided into four types of ABCD, the order of the questions is different, and which one each of us will get we don’t know, plus there are three invigilators in the cla*sroom, and they will be randomly switched for each subject, so it’s simply too hard to cheat.”

While Qin Siyu was talking, Ye Lu was doing some calculations in his mind, according to what Qin Siyu said, it was indeed difficult to cheat, at least the usual ordinary cheating techniques, such as writing cheat sheets, carving tables, writing the answers on the legs and so on, were not feasible at all.

“Looks like we’ll have to take some extraordinary measures to do that.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

Soon, everyone started to enter the examination hall, and sure enough, the scrutiny was extremely strict, right down to taking their clothes off.

“You, with an electronic device on you, come here for a moment.”

Ye Luo saw a boy being taken to the side, and then the manager took out a miniature receiver from his dou, which was supposed to be able to receive voice.

“It’s really strict enough.”

“That’s right, it’s stricter than even aeroplane security.”

“Aren’t all the signals here blocked?”


Seeing this scene, the crowd began to talk about it, and it didn’t take long before it was time for Ye Luo and the others, and Ye Luo’s mobile phone was temporarily taken away, and then the two people entered the examination hall with the crowd.

As expected, just as Qin Shiyu had said, there were three invigilators in the examination hall, each with a serious expression, just like justice incarnate.

Ye Lu looked around and saw that Qin Siyu was by the window, while he was diagonally opposite her, the two of them were quite far apart, so it was definitely not possible to see with one’s eyes.

In addition, there was a prominent security camera in the examination room, so apparently everything that happened in the examination room could be captured by the surveillance.

“It really is heavily guarded!”

After looking around, Ye Lu found that this examination hall was not really difficult to handle in general.

“It looks like we can only start with the people.”

Ye Lu looked at the three teachers who were invigilating the exams, all three teachers he didn’t know, he didn’t know from which school he got them from, I guess Qin Siyu knew, after all, Ye Lu was basically out of school for this section, he didn’t know anything that happened in the school.

“It’s an egg without a seam, I’m going to ding you a seam too.”

Ye Luo said silently in his heart as he looked at the teacher who was invigilating the exams.

Soon, the exam started, and for Ye Lu, the questions were certainly not difficult at all, and he quickly finished all the previous questions and started to write his essay.

He was not good at anything else, but he was always good at writing essays, so after an hour, he had already finished the paper.

After finishing the paper, Ye Lu thought about it and then raised his hand to the invigilator.

The invigilator immediately came over and Ye Luo told him that he needed to go to the toilet.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Sure enough, things were pretty much as Ye Luo guessed, he was waiting for the teacher to accompany him.

Soon, the two arrived at the toilet, and in order to prevent Ye Lu from cheating, this teacher had to keep an eye on him the whole time, so he also followed him into the toilet.

It was impossible to put surveillance in the toilets anymore.

So, once inside, Ye Luo looked at this invigilator teacher and said.

“This teacher, can you help with a cheat?”

Hearing Ye Luo speak so directly, that invigilator teacher was dumbfounded, he froze for a moment, then looked at Ye Luo and said with some amus*ment.

“Why should I help you cheat, besides, we are junior high school teachers, we don’t know these questions of yours either!”

This invigilator felt that Ye Lu should be funny.

Ye Luo then said.

“I’m not asking you to help me cheat, I’m helping another girl, you just need to tell her my answers, but we are AB papers, so you have to be careful when you pa*s the answers.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the invigilator laughed and said.

“Firstly, why are you so confident that the question you answered is the right one, you’re not hurting anyone, are you? Secondly, why should I help you, the risk of cheating is great, and thirdly, there are surveillance cameras in the examination hall, it’s too dangerous for me to do so.”

And Ye Lu said.

“Firstly you don’t need to care, secondly I can give you a lot of money, enough to spend for the rest of your life, and as for thirdly, I have a way to process the images from the cameras.”

The auxiliary ability to process the images was quite easy.

However, the invigilator shook his head once again and said.

“You said you would give me money, it’s just a blank cheque, I can’t get it now, but the risk is real, I can’t risk so much for that, besides, you said you have a way to process the images, I don’t believe you have such great power, if you have such great power, why do you still want me to cheat?”

To be honest, logically speaking, what this invigilator was thinking was right, and even Ye Lu had no particularly good reason to refute it.

At this point the invigilator smiled and said.

“Go to the toilet and then go back, don’t always try to write about crooked things.”

Having no choice, Ye Luo had to walk back somewhat depressed.

It looked like it was difficult to start with people too!

It didn’t take long for the language exam to end, and after walking out of the exam room, Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu and asked.

“How did you do on the exam?”

Qin Siyu shook her head and said.

“Not particularly good, but it’s not bad, it’s not possible, I can’t study in a major university, so I’ll study in a second grade, there are so many schools in the capital anyway, but, Ye Lu, to be honest, I really don’t want to study in a medical university, I want to study in Yanjing Film and Television College, but it feels like some of them are too difficult to take, hey.”

Hearing Qin Siyu’s words, Ye Lu then froze for a moment, he did probably guess that Qin Siyu did not like medicine universities, but he did not expect that Qin Siyu actually wanted to go to a film and television university.

“But, doesn’t the film and television university require an art exam?”

Ye Lu asked with some confusion, the way art universities and ordinary universities were admitted was different, this was something Ye Lu still understood.

As a result, Qin Siyu said.

“There is a major that doesn’t require an art exam, but there are limited places in each province and the score line is also very high, this year there seems to be only two places, looking at me like this, I definitely won’t be able to get in.”

Hearing Qin Siyu’s words, Ye Lu didn’t say anything yet, but it was a girl next to her who spoke up.

“Qin Siyu, just you want to go to Yanjing Film and Television Academy? You’re too presumptuous.”

Ye Lu frowned and turned her head, only to see a few rather sultry looking girls, who was looking at Qin Siyu with a disdainful face as she clutched her chest.

“It’s a cla*smate from our cram school.”

Qin Siyu explained.

“She’s already been accepted for her major, she’s just missing her entrance exam results.”

Before Ye Lu could say anything, the woman said with a sneer again.

“Some people are so unrealistic, you think ‘Yanjing Film and Television Academy’ is that good, that is the best film and television school in the country, how many big stars have come out of there, just you still want to get in, don’t even take a P*ss and look at yourself ……”

Seeing that this woman was getting unpleasant and Qin Siyu was not a troublemaking character, Ye Lu walked over.

“Shut up!”

Ye Luo looked at her and said coldly.

“I am most uncomfortable with people who look down on people with dog eyes like you, if you dare to talk nonsense again, do you believe I will make you take a P*ss and look at yourself here?”

This girl obviously didn’t expect Ye Lu to stand up for Qin Siyu, she looked to either side and when she saw that several of the fierce men who were playing hard to get after her were there, she puffed out her chest and said.

“I told you, she’s a B*tch, B*tch, what can you do, you make me pee instead, you yakuza ……”

This woman was obviously used to being spiteful.

Ye Lu frowned then walked over, while five strong men dashed to the girl, this kind of heroic rescue scene they didn’t want to miss.

“Where did that B*****d come from, beat him up for me.”

“F**k you!”

“Go to hell!”


Several people roared as they rushed over, but naturally, these few punks were not in Ye Lu’s eyes, and he put all these guys down on the ground in three blows.

Seeing this scene, that girl was also stunned.

However, just when she was a little overwhelmed, Ye Luo had already walked up to her and said with a smile.

“Well, it’s time to keep your promise, take a P*ss and look at yourself.”

With those words, Ye Luo extended his hand.


Chapter 100

When she saw Ye Lu reach out, the girl was really scared, she tried to dodge in panic, but with Ye Lu’s skills how could she dodge?

Ye Luo touched her on the shoulder, the aura had entered her body and went all the way down.

This girl was just an ordinary person, so it was simply too easy to deal with her.

The girl felt her bladder tighten and then she couldn’t help but pee for real, she immediately covered her face and squatted on the ground while people around her started pointing.

“Why did you really pee?”

“I don’t know, maybe the other guy was too handsome, don’t you think, how handsome that guy was.”

“It’s quite handsome, but not so handsome that he peed.”

“Hard to say, if I put this handsome guy in my bed, I’d pee too ……”


Amidst the chaotic chatter of the crowd, Ye Lu waved his hand towards Qin Siyu and said with a smile.

“Let’s go.”

Following that, the two people disappeared from the view of the crowd.

“Ye Lu, how did you just do that?”

Qin Siyu asked with some confusion.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“It must have been because I was too handsome, so she was a bit excited and couldn’t help herself, her admiration for me was like a continuous stream of water, and as a result, she peed.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s bullSh*t Qin Shiyu couldn’t help but laugh, but since Ye Lu didn’t want to talk about it, she didn’t ask after her.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, thought about it and said.

“Qin Siyu, go eat by yourself, I’ll go find some equipment, we’re going to cheat a bit this afternoon, don’t worry, I’ll let you succeed in the Yanjing Film and Television Academy.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s confident look, Qin Siyu also nodded, however, she really couldn’t think of any way for Ye Lu to cheat under such strict conditions.

Ye Lu didn’t tell him either, but went off alone to make preparations.

At the school, that girl’s best friend had already helped her bring a new dress, while the boys were a little embarra*sed and stood to the side.

“You guys are losers, don’t you usually say you’re awesome?”

After changing her skirt, that arrogant girl then looked at those few strong men and said loudly.

The few strong men didn’t dare to say anything, this big lady’s temper was something that everyone had experienced and could never afford to offend.

“Humph! Go and find out for me later, what is that boy’s name, dare to mess with me, see if I don’t clean him up.”

The girl said with a glare, the cold feeling of her panties made her extremely upset, not to mention the fact that so many people had just seen that humiliating scene.

A few people hurriedly agreed, and then several people left the school together.

Qin Siyu found a restaurant on her own, and while eating her meal, she was thinking about what kind of way would Ye Lu use to cheat successfully?

She thought of various ways, but none of them felt very likely.

“Forget it, don’t think about it, Ye Lu has been impossible to guess lately anyway.”

When she couldn’t think of anything, Qin Shiyu gave up, she picked up the potion Ye Lu gave her and looked outside to launch into a daze, she found that recently Ye Lu had become more and more mysterious, almost like a god, he knew everything, especially the things those people gave to Qin Shiyu’s grandmother, they were all good treasures.

According to Yun Lou Lou’s words, now Qin Siyu’s four years of college expenses are considered to be covered.

“This kid must have met some strange encounter.”

Qin Siyu muttered to herself while looking at the elixir in her hand once again.

“Perhaps this play is also a treasure.”

After saying that, she put the elixir in her pocket, she would have to leave this at home later, she couldn’t bring these things in the examination hall.

After eating and going home to get some sleep, Qin Siyu then went off to her afternoon English exam with plenty of energy.

However, just as she arrived at school, she was called aside by Ye Lu.

“Cheat later as I said oh, I’ve arranged it all.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

This made Qin Siyu feel a little surprised as she looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Is the method complicated?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Not complicated, it’s very simple, in a moment you just need to pull open the curtain and look out through the gap at the time I specify, right, after you go in in a moment you first have to pull the curtain closed, I will knock on the table to prompt you, when I knock the first time, you look outside the curtain, when I knock the second time, you stop, got it?”

To be honest, Qin Siyu did understand what Ye Lu said, it was just to look out of the window anyway, but she was a bit confused, did looking out of the window give her the answer?

With a feeling of doubt, Qin Siyu walked into the examination room and lowered the curtains.

Soon, the listening questions started and she found that she was not sure about a few of them, which made her feel more and more uncertain.

“Is Ye Lu’s solution going to work?”

After the listening was completed, Qin Siyu gave Ye Lu a worried look, while Ye Lu made an “OK” gesture in the dead corner of the monitor under the table, telling her not to worry.

He had already found the original paper of paper B through the “auxiliary function”, except for the last essay, which he could not write for, he could handle all the previous ones.

When Qin Siyu saw Ye Lu start to work, she started to answer the questions, but she was so involved that Ye Lu knocked on the table several times before she suddenly realised that Ye Lu was reminding her to look out of the window.

With the curtain covering her and Qin Siyu’s corner against the window, she could see outside through the narrow gap in the window, and in fact she had already looked at it before, and outside was a wall close at hand, and nothing else.

However, this time she was really taken aback when she looked again, because on the wall actually appeared a dense array of answers, written clearly in the order of the questions, with a sentence at the end.

“Look at the order of the questions, don’t get it wrong, go for it!”

After being surprised, Qin Siyu took a closer look, she found that these were the answers were images projected on a projector, as this corner was rather isolated, plus it was a corner, so there was no monitoring, of course if one always looked out of the window it would inevitably arouse the teacher’s suspicion.

So, Qin Shiyu began to scribble the answers quickly.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, was laughing not far away.

This was a solution he had come up with at lunchtime. Ye Lu’s gla*ses were equivalent to a mobile phone or computer that could be carried into the examination hall without being blocked, and the signal blocking in front of the “auxiliary function” of the gla*ses was a mere cloud.

The projector was worth a lot of money because it was clear and could be controlled remotely. At noon, Ye Lu had hidden the projector in a suitable location and just now, he had projected his answers onto the wall through the power of his gla*ses.

This cheating method was only possible for Ye Lu, and he felt that the invigilator would never think of this method.

Due to the curtains and the angle Ye Lu chose for the projection, the teacher who was making his rounds could not see the wall outside, he could only see Qin Shiyu occasionally looking out of the window in a thoughtful manner.

This all seemed rather normal to them.

While Ye Lu watched the three invigilators warily, he put his hand on the desk, waiting to tap down and remind Qin Siyu.

After a short while, Qin Shiyu smiled and made an “Ok” gesture to Ye Lu, who then began to work on his own questions.

Qin Siyu was relieved that she had already scored 125 out of a possible 150 points, except for the essay.

“Ye Lu is too godly too, thank you.”

Qin Siyu looked at Ye Lu not far away and said silently in her heart.

With Ye Lu’s solution, she was able to have a better understanding of the situation, but then she thought of another problem: they were piloting the reform of the college entrance examination here, so although there was no division between arts and science examinations, they had to choose their own arts and science papers for the last subject.

However, when she spoke to Ye Lu at noon, Ye Lu smiled and made an “OK” gesture and said.

“Don’t worry, there’s no problem.”

However, Ye Lu’s heart had already flown to tomorrow night, because after tomorrow, he could start refining the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” which was extremely important to him.