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Super School Student Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

With three treasures in hand and a refreshing gift, Gu Shiqi was in quite a good mood, even walking with a bounce in her step.

“Master Ye, no, Ye Lu, you wait here while I go inside to sell the items, don’t worry, I will ask for a good price for you, it’s inconvenient for you to go instead.”

Gu Shiqi did not want her third uncle and also her grandfather to know about Ye Lu, firstly because she was a little selfish and wanted to have Ye Lu as a resource all to herself, the two were working together, the pearls were in perfect harmony, she did not want others to snatch Ye Lu away from her.

Secondly, she was also worried that Third Uncle and Grandpa would make things difficult or hara*s Ye Luo, others were not sure, but Gushiqi was very clear, Ye Luo was a real treasure that was worth too much more than any antique.

Soon, Gu Shiqi arrived at the shop, which belonged to her family.

The people in the shop were of course aware of Gushiqi’s identity, and since Gushiqi had been coming to the shop quite often recently, a shop a*sistant greeted her as soon as she entered.

“Missy, it’s almost closing time, what brings you here?”

Gu Shiqi was usually very easy-going with a big grin, so the shop a*sistant lady also liked her a lot.

“Looking for your shop manager, and Chen Lao is still here, right? Quick, there’s a big deal on the way.”

Gu Shiqi said smilingly as she patted the parcel she was carrying.


The shopkeeper promised and ran inside, and soon, a beautiful shopkeeper and an old man with a white beard came out from inside.

As the female shopkeeper walked, she said with a smile.

“Missy, since it’s a big deal, let’s talk inside.”

Gu Shiqi jumped and ran over and shouted somewhat affectionately.

“Hello Sister Liu, hello Chen Lao, I have brought three good treasures today, you must like them ……”

Hearing Gu Shiqi’s words, the female shopkeeper looked at Chen Lao and smiled, because to be honest, she really didn’t believe much in Gu Shiqi’s words, she had come in such a breeze more than once, however, each time there was no surprise.

Of course, Liu could also understand, after all, Gushiqi had only just learned appraisal for a few months, it was normal that her eyesight was not enough, which expert treasure hunter was not the result of countless real and fake antiques.

However, when Gushiki took out the first item, the two people were shocked.

Of course, what surprised them even more was that the second piece of porcelain from the Yongzheng period also looked like it had a “glance” and should be a good object, and the third painting by Master Qi Baishi actually looked like the real thing, but of course, whether it was real or not, they still had to get their hands on it.

Chen could not wait, so he quickly put on his gloves, grabbed his tools and started to examine and appreciate it.

Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, arrived at a gla*s of water without any pressure, as she was 200% sure about Ye Lu.

Sure enough, after a long time, Chen Lao put everything down, then looked at the shop manager, Liu, and nodded and said.

“Take it, all three pieces are genuine, and they are all extremely rare.”

Hearing Chen Lao’s words, Sister Liu’s eyes also lit up, she was a connoisseur and of course knew the value of these items and how much revenue they would bring to the shop, whose revenue was linked to her intake.

Seeing this scene, Gu Shiqi smiled and said.

“By the way, Sister Liu, you can give me a good price, because I will have many more such good treasures sent to the shop in the future!”

Now Sister Liu was happy, she said with a smile.

“Great, if there are such things I will come, by the way, where did you get these things from, they are regular channels, right?”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“Of course, look here is the receipt, it’s from a shop at the other end of our street, don’t worry, how would I screw my own family?”

Seeing Gushiki take out the receipt, Sister Liu realised that she had been a little too defensive, indeed, this was Gushiki’s family’s shop.

What happened next was much better, Sister Liu took Gushiki to complete the transaction, while Chen Lao thought about dialing Gushiki’s grandfather’s phone number.

He felt that it was necessary to speak to Gushiki’s grandfather about this matter.

Of course Ye Lu didn’t know about this, he stayed bored and ran to a small shop next to him and bought two ice creams to eat while waiting for Gushiki.

After another while, Gushiki came out bouncing.

“Huh! There are still ice creams to eat, a surprise!”

Gushiki smiled and took the ice cream from Ye Luo’s hand, then looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“Give me your bank card number, I’ll transfer five million to you first, but that’s not all the reward oh, because that Master Qi Baishi’s real painting is a colorful gra*s insect, and it’s not a small painting, so it’s not possible to estimate how much it will eventually sell, so I guess you’ll still have a large amount of income.”

Ye Lu gave his bank account number to Gu Shiqi while he got a little emotional.

To be honest, he didn’t expect to have so much money, he thought getting a million would be a big hurdle, as it turned out, reality was sometimes better than dreams, I guess I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

“Let’s go, the money for tonight’s snack is yours!”

After the transfer was completed, Gu Shiqi pulled Ye Lu without saying a word and left ……

When he returned home, it was already after ten o’clock, and Ye Lu did not expect Gushiki to be able to drink so much that he was actually a little dazed and confused.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

When he got up the next day, it was already past the time for morning study, but fortunately Ye Lu rushed and still arrived before the morning study ended.

“Huh! Why didn’t Fatty come today?”

Ye Luo said somewhat strangely as he looked at the empty seat next to him, because Fatty almost never asked for leave, much less missed cla*s.

Of course he didn’t know that Fatty had purposely not come to school because he was worried that Ye Luo would see the injuries on his body and then go to Zhang Yang, as he had straps all over his body at the moment.

In another corner of the cla*s, Ren Xue Ying looked at Ye Lu’s new designer clothes with some hesitation.

She was certainly someone who knew about goods, so she knew very well the value of this outfit and watch. However, she looked at the empty seat next to Ye Lu and finally made up her mind because she knew that there were rumours about her and Ye Lu in the cla*s and she had to destroy these rumours before she could do so.

So, she stood up and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, I once again solemnly declare that I, Ren Xue Ying, will not accept your advances, nor do I have any relationship with you.”

Hearing Ren Xue Ying suddenly say something inexplicable, Ye Lu froze for a moment, but immediately afterwards he understood that he had offended Zhang Yang, so Ren Xue Ying was anxiously trying to clear his relationship with himself.

So, he looked at Ren Xueying and smiled and said.

“Ren Xueying, didn’t you say that day that you still liked me? How come you changed so quickly, are you sure you won’t regret doing so?”

As he spoke, Ye Lu deliberately placed his hand on the desk to reveal his watch, Ren Xue Ying gritted her teeth with some flesh pain, and finally said.

“I, Ren Xueying, never regret what I say.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Good, very good, I will remember that from you.”

Just at this time, the cla*s teacher, Mr. Li, suddenly walked in, he glanced at Ye Lu and then quickly looked back elsewhere and said.

“The school has a fundraising event for pneumoconiosis patients, the fundraising box and the fundraising amba*sador are in the auditorium, students who have spare capacity can go to the auditorium to donate some money to show their love, the form is not limited, it can be cash, it can also be WeChat, Alipay, bank transfer remittance is of course also possible.”

“Everyone remember to do what you can.”

After saying that, Mr. Li left quickly, seeming as if he had a heavy heart.

Ye Luo did not care about this matter, but planned to start revising English to cope with Liu Mei’s tuition in the evening, because usually when he encountered such things he also basically did not participate, not because he did not have love, mainly because he did not have money, so, he was already used to it.

However, he had just taken his English book out when his phone rang, it was a message from Qin Shiyu.

“Ye Lu, go, go and make a donation with me, you made so much money that day, you should donate more this time, it’s said that it’s all money used to save lives.”

Only then did Ye Lu realise that he was now a different person, a bird for a gun, so he smiled and followed Qin Shiyu towards the outside of the cla*sroom.

A boy who was at the entrance of the senior cla*s saw this scene and quickly ran to the cla*sroom.

“Boss, that loser is already on the move.”

He said towards Zhang Yang.

Hearing his words, Zhang Yang sneered and said.

“Good, then let’s make our move too, this time I will humiliate him properly in public, a poor punk dares to be arrogant in front of me, I will settle the score with you when Brother Tiger comes back.”

After saying that, he then tidied up his clothes and led his juniors to walk in the direction of the auditorium in a very dashing manner.


Chapter 16

The school’s auditorium was normally closed and would only be opened when there were events or ceremonies, and there was plenty of space inside, enough to accommodate the whole school’s teachers and students.

When Ye Lu walked in, he was a little surprised to find that there were actually many people in the auditorium, much more than he had expected, especially the senior year where almost most of them were present.

In fact, Ye Luo did not know that the reason why so many people had stayed here was because of Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang had secretly sent someone to spread the news that there would be a hilarious event in the auditorium, and had deliberately arranged for some people to stay in the auditorium as long as possible to keep those who were leaving, saying that there would be a good show on later.

In Zhang Yang’s opinion, the scene from last time must be recovered in front of more people.

Due to the time, the effect of Ye Lu’s last blood drop had worn off yesterday, so of course he didn’t know what was happening here, so he followed his cla*s into the auditorium in a daze.

Zhang Yang was already at the front of the auditorium getting ready, however, when he saw the full outfit Ye Luo was wearing, his brow still furrowed.

“Why is this kid suddenly dressed so well?”

Zhang Yang muttered in some confusion before he then suddenly slapped his palm and said.

“Yes, that B*tch Gu Shiqi must have bought it for him, this soft-earned white boy, he actually has the face to wear it out to fool around, nima is P*ssing me off.”

When he thought of the girl he had worked hard to pursue lovingly treating him, but taking the initiative to spend so much money to buy clothes for other guys, Zhang Yang felt very upset at once.

“I must embarra*s this poor loser this time.”

Zhang Yang clenched his fist and said viciously.

At this time, Ye Luo had already walked to the front of the donation box and he took out a bunch of banknotes from his pocket ready to throw them into the donation box.

As a result, just as he took out the money, Zhang Yang’s cold laugh rang out.

“I say, what’s a poor P***y with no money doing here, showing off that you’re rich, right? Showing off here with 10,000 yuan, you really haven’t seen the world! I despise people like you who have no money and still pretend to be a P***y.”

In fact, when he saw that Ye Lu was offering 10,000, Zhang Yang was also a bit unsure of himself.

His family did have money, but his old man wouldn’t let him spend it recklessly, but of course, he still had a bottom in his heart, after all, his family’s financial power was there.

Ye Lu did not expect such a show, however, he looked around at the people who were watching with wide eyes and understood a general idea.

“I said why are there so many people here, so that’s what’s going on!”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart, then looked at Zhang Yang and said with a smile.

“If you say so, then how much do you think it’s okay to donate?”

Zhang Yang said as he disdainfully skimmed his lips.

“Watch this, this is 100,000, it’s considered my donation.”

As he said that, he took out a bundle of cash notes and placed it on top of the donation box.

The donation amba*sador who was in charge of managing the donations was also a bit confused when she saw this, after all, she had never encountered one that was 10,000 or 100,000 out of the blue.

“Wow Sh*t! Rich people are capricious.”

“Zhang Yang is so rich and handsome!”

“Sh*t! If I had a dad that rich, I’d donate too.”

“You’re jealous of other people’s dads, aren’t you? Find one if you’re jealous.”


Seeing Zhang Yang’s bid of 100,000 everyone talked in surprise.

Ye Lu let everyone talk for a while before he took out a pile of banknotes from the package he was carrying and said.

“Speaking of which, I also happen to have some change in my bag.”

After saying that, he then took out another pile of banknotes, followed by another pile, another pile, another pile ……

Soon, fifteen piles of banknotes were neatly arranged on top of the donation box.

These are the hanging funds left behind by that previous headmaster Liu Qingshan, he and Qin Shiyu each shared 150,000, which he carried with him before he had time to deposit into his card.

Seeing Ye Lu take out fifteen piles of banknotes as if by magic, Zhang Yang’s face instantly changed.

This was because he suddenly realised that things were developing completely differently from what he had expected.

He had originally designed the plot to watch Ye Lu donate a ten, a few dozen, or at most a few hundred, and then he would smash it up with ten thousand, and then humiliate Ye Lu afterwards, but he did not expect that Ye Lu would actually give ten thousand at the first shot, so he had no choice but to smash up the one hundred thousand that he had prepared for, but now Ye Lu had actually made another one hundred and fifty thousand, and he felt a bit big-headed.

However, of course, he could not admit his weakness.

He looked at the donation amba*sador and said.

“Donations here can be bank transferred, right, give me the account number, I’ll donate another two hundred thousand.”

With those words he took out his mobile phone.

The donation amba*sador, of course, smiled and told Zhang Yang the account number. Zhang Yang was not ambivalent and started to operate on his phone with a swipe.

As he did so, he said aloud with disdain.

“Don’t pretend if you don’t have money, you think you can pretend to be a big spender just by getting a few bucks, you don’t even take a P*ss and look at yourself, you’re still dressed like a man, but in fact you’re still just eating soft food from women.”

Hearing his words taunting Ye Lu, Qin Siyu who was at the side could not stand it anymore, she wanted to say something, however, she found that she could only say something, she did not have that much money, moreover, she found that Ye Lu did not look angry, nor was she lost or chagrined, so she clenched her fist and held back.

While Ren Xueying, who was watching from a short distance away, was relieved that it still looked like Zhang Yang had the upper hand, but, to be honest, seeing that Ye Lu was offering 10,000 or more than 100,000 at the drop of a hat, she was already feeling a little regretful in her heart.

Ye Lu ignored Zhang Yang, but quietly waited for him to finish the operation, then only then did he turn towards the donation amba*sador and said.

“Tell me the account number, I’ll donate half a million.”

He did not say any extra words, however, this one sentence was enough.

The whole venue was in an uproar, so lightly out of hand was half a million, how rich was this, but, Ye Lu did operate, and soon, the display in the auditorium showed the change in the amount of money in the donation account, there was really an extra half a million.


Ren Xue Ying covered her plump chest and let out a sound of unknown meaning, she felt her heart aching, this time she really regretted it, she also finally understood that Ye Lu should not be as simple as having made a small fortune, looking at this frame, throwing some scraps around would be enough for her to spend for a long time, but such a big fortune was easily let go by herself, she felt her heart dripping blood.

Of course, the one whose heart was turning over even more was Zhang Yang.

He had already heard the words of the onlookers that he had been gra*sed instead of pretending.

“Getting gra*sed instead, I’ll see who gets gra*sed after all!”

Zhang Yang put his heart in his mouth, then raised his hand and waved it towards the confused crowd and said.

“It’s just half a million, what’s so arrogant about it, you think half a million is hanging? I’m telling you, you’re just a piece of trash ……”

This time, Ye Lu interrupted him and said.

“Good, since you say so, how about we have a contest, the one who loses strips naked and walks around this auditorium, then shouts with his mouth, I am trash? Just use the money we have in our own hands, and if you’re a man, we’ll have a good match.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the originally chaotic venue suddenly fell silent as everyone looked towards Zhang Yang, waiting for his reply.

Instantly Zhang Yang suddenly felt so much pressure, however, he understood that the arrow was on the string, he had no way back, and he did have quite a lot of money in his card, so he sneered and said.

“Just compare, when the time comes, you can’t deny it.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course!”

In fact, Ye Lu did not do this on impulse, despite his hot blood, he was not a brainless person, he did this because of a message just sent by Gushiqi.

Gushiqi said that she told Ye Lu to dislike Zhang Yang, according to her understanding, Zhang Yang’s family was quite strict in controlling Zhang Yang’s money, so he wouldn’t have too much money, of course this could be seen from Zhang Yang’s face.

When he saw Ye Lu agree to it, Zhang Yang sneered and said.

“Good, then I’ll pay one million, you step on it next!”

As he said that, the number on the big screen really increased by one million, and the donor amba*sador who was in charge of the donation was already frozen in place, not knowing what to say.

Ye Lu said indifferently.

“One and a half million.”

He suddenly was a little glad that when he opened the account, he had adjusted the daily remittance limit to five million.

At that time, he was only joking with the bank clerk, thinking that in case he became a big spender in the future, who knew that it would really be used.

“Sh*t! I’ll give you two million dollars, I’ll see how you follow.”

Zhang Yang’s face was red, this was all the savings he had scraped from his uncle and various people over the years, he was dying of pain.

However, before the crowd’s shout of approval could be heard, Ye Lu had once again said blandly.

“What’s the point, I’ll pay three million.”

As soon as his words left his mouth, Zhang Yang “flopped!” He didn’t think that he would grit his teeth and take out all his money only to end up like this.

Ye Lu was indifferent, he was a poor man before and now he was a poor man again, so what was he afraid of?

“Hey! Zhang Yang, don’t sleep, the ground is quite cold, get up and keep your promise.”

Ye Lu looked at Zhang Yang who had fallen to the ground and said with a smile.

However, just at this time, the gla*ses on the left side suddenly emitted a flash and the gla*ses finally unlocked.