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Super School Student Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

“Congratulations, five million money was harvested and five million money was also spent to meet the unlocking conditions, the gla*ses unlocking is complete and the activated functions can be used, also, as the money was gained and spent within twenty-four hours, a special bonus is awarded to automatically activate the ‘Medical’ function. ”

A very prominent note appears in the field of view to the left of the gla*ses, and below the note is a hint.

“Hint: Press the button on the left side of the gla*ses to open the menu of activated functions.”

Seeing this description and hint, Ye Lu couldn’t help but feel a little emotional, actually having to get five million and then spend another five million to unlock it, if he met a miser, who knows when he would be able to unlock it!

Not being able to care too much about his feelings, Ye Lu quickly pressed the white dot on the left side of his gla*ses with some impatience.

Sure enough, a menu appeared, but he pitifully found that there were really few functions activated, only a limited number of three, namely “a*sist Function”, “Enhancement Function” and “Medical Function”, while another description appeared in his vision.

“‘a*sist Function’ is a function that is automatically activated when unlocked, ‘Strengthen Function’ is obtained because you are brave and resourceful and dare to fight in unsure situations, ‘Medical Function ‘ is a gift for unlocking, I hope you will improve your quality and activate other abilities soon, remember quality, quality, quality is important.”

Seeing this note, Ye Lu suddenly understood what the flash he saw last time was about, it was the flash from his gla*ses when he finished the fight with Zhang Yang, it turned out to be the activation of the “enhancement function”.

However, he couldn’t figure out what the “qualities” that the prompt had said three times really meant.

Of course, now was not the time to study this, there was still a grudge to be settled.

Zhang Yang got up from the ground with a resentful and chagrined face, but before Ye Lu could say anything, a girl’s voice rang out first.

“Zhang Yang, you don’t want to deny it, but don’t forget what you just said!”

Gu Shiqi said with a faraway laugh.

The students who were usually bullied by Zhang Yang and the others also started to clamour together.

“That’s right, hurry up and take off your clothes.”

“Are you still a man or not, how tough did you say just now, why did you wimp out when it was your turn?”

“Hey, these rich people are all like that.”


Hearing everyone’s discussion, Zhang Yang’s face turned more and more ugly, he suddenly had a little regret for bullying too many people before, and as a result, basically no one was speaking up for him.

However, it was obvious that if he could not keep his promise he would definitely lose face this time, and of course if he kept his promise he would lose face as well.

“Zhang Yang, Sh*t! Are you still a man or not?”

Gu Shiqi said as she looked at Zhang Yang from a distance.

Zhang Yang gritted his teeth and then said coldly.

“Fine, I’ll take off my clothes, but I’ll see if any of you dare to look, and all those who look will give me a hard beating.”

After saying that, Zhang Yang waved his hand, and those of his minions, including Tiger’s minions together, all drew their guys, while the donation amba*sador, seeing that the situation was not right, had already taken out his mobile phone and started to call the school.

When Gu Shiqi saw that Zhang Yang had really taken off his clothes, she hurriedly turned her head away and then headed in the direction of the door, but the others all drummed up noise.

The sounds of the fight soon sounded as well, and Ye Luo had no interest in watching this farce as he too turned around and flew towards the entrance of the auditorium.

Ren Xueying, who was in the crowd, looked at Ye Lu’s back with an incredulous and lost expression.

This was not just a throw of a thousand dollars, this was a throw of more than five million dollars, more than five million dollars, Ren Xue Ying no longer knew what words to use to describe her feelings at this moment.

She thought of all the things that happened before when Ye Luo was playing hard to get after herself, how superior she was at that time, simply calling out to Ye Luo, wanting the stars in the sky Ye Luo would hate to pluck them off and give them to himself, while he, himself, didn’t care about that at all.

The money he gave after sleeping with him for so long was not as expensive as the iPhone that Ye Lu gave her.

“Hmph! Just wait, Ye Luo, you won’t have a good end either, fighting with Zhang Yang and the others, you will definitely die a very ugly death, yes, that’s right, he will die a very ugly death ……”

The first thing you can do is to say that the grapes are sour, so Ren Xueying immediately started cursing Ye Lu, but to be honest, it didn’t really make her feel any better.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

He had better prepare himself in advance so that he would not lose out in the interim.

He first opened the free “auxiliary function” of the three activated abilities on the left side, and found that this auxiliary function was very much like a smartphone with an all-in-one network, which included all kinds of things, such as taking photos, shooting videos, completing calls and querying content, which could be completely discarded with this phone anyway.

After that, Ye Lu opened the “strengthening function”, and this was a great experience. This strengthening function was simply equivalent to a set of gong methods, which could be cultivated to improve various qualities of one’s body at the same time, however, before cultivation, one necessary step had to be carried out, that is, “detachment”, which, according to the explanation on the instructions, could free oneself from the bondage of “flesh and mortal eyes”, so as to have unlimited development space.

However, this process took two hours, that is, four hours, so after thinking about it, Ye Lu decided that he would wait until he returned in the evening.

After that, he opened the last “medical function”, and after seeing this function, Ye Lu’s eyes lit up.

This ability was simply too unbelievable, simply put, it was a healing ability, all kinds of illnesses were listed, and these methods were not the usual methods in medical books, but very special methods, what made Ye Lu care was that many of the methods were treated by ma*sage, and the so-called “aura”, and the aura was related to “strengthening ability”.

“In other words, the two are complementary to each other.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

However, although he had taken a cursory look, Ye Lu was still surprised by the activated abilities.

“Hey, doesn’t this mean that I’m about to become a pundit, a divine doctor, and a martial artist, and by the way, I’m also a divine appraiser, wah wah wah ……”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but harrumph.

“Hey! Wake up, wake up ……”

Suddenly a voice interrupted Ye Lu’s divine wanderings.

Ye Lu lifted his head, and as a result, he saw that he saw Liu Mei glaring at him, he immediately smiled a little embarra*sed, he had promised Liu Mei that he would study seriously.

Liu Mei glared at her and said.

“There are still a few days left in the college entrance exams, and you still have the mind to sleep, I’m free tonight, remember to come over to make up for it.”

Then she curled up and walked towards the outside of the cla*sroom.

Seeing Liu Mei’s back, an idea suddenly came to Ye Lu’s mind.

“Why don’t we just take Liu Mei and try out the new ability I activated.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, then he clicked on Liu Mei’s head, as a result, he found that after unlocking it, not only did it activate the new ability, even the profile and such had become much more detailed, not only did it state Liu Mei’s three circumferences, but it also detailed Liu Mei’s characteristics, such as leg length to percentage and such.

Of course, it also included Liu Mei’s health condition, this look Ye Lu really found the problem, it turned out that Liu Mei had been suffering from pain, that is, the pain common to women on the days when relatives visited, however, Liu Mei was in surprisingly bad pain, especially on the first day, and today was the first day when her relatives were about to arrive.

“No wonder Liu Mei doesn’t give me tuition for a few days every month, so that’s what’s going on!”

Seeing this description, Ye Luo realised how painful those few days of every month were for Liu Mei.

Then, Ye Lu began to look up the treatment methods, and sure enough, there was a very detailed treatment method in the “Medical Ability”.

“I just have to follow Liu Mei’s lessons tonight, so I might as well do it tonight.”

Ye Lu had never been treated before, so he couldn’t help but look forward to it.


Chapter 18

Soon, the news of Ye Lu’s donation of five million dollars spread.

In his eyes, Ye Lu was just a poor student with no parents, no money, no power and no advantages to take advantage of, which was why he had never looked at Ye Lu seriously.

What kind of concept is this, even if he played hard to get money, he wouldn’t be able to earn this much in his lifetime!

“This kid knows my secret and suddenly has so much money, and I’ve been treating him badly, he won’t be thinking of some devilish trick to get back at me, right?”

Teacher Li suddenly realised a very serious problem.

“I have to be on guard, if I can’t, I’ll make the first move.”

Teacher Li knew a lot about the effects of money.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, became the focus of the whole school all of a sudden, wherever he went there were people pointing and talking, some thought he had found a treasure, some said his money came from the wrong place, others thought he must have found a rich stepfather, some even said he had become a white boy, Ye Luo was confused by this last statement, how white did this face have to be to get so much money?

However, he did not bother to pay attention to these, he spent the whole day studying the three abilities he had activated, of course, mainly the “auxiliary function”, he found that this ability is simply too awesome, for example, the simple function of taking pictures, it can actually choose the angle at will.

Simply put, if Ye Lu used the auxiliary function to take a picture of Qin Shiyu, then as long as he could see Qin Shiyu, he could take a picture of Qin Shiyu from any angle without moving his body, including taking a picture from her head, taking a picture from under her skirt, and he could also pull the camera closer at will to take a close-up of any angle, and the same was true for video recording.

“This N*gga is more awesome than any telescope!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional, those guys who liked to peep at beautiful girls in the shower would definitely go crazy if they knew about this divine tool.

For example, the call function could retrieve everyone’s phone number just like a telephone yellow page, but of course those with the same name had to be filtered, so in theory, Ye Lu could contact anyone at the moment, including the President of the United States.

All in all, this “auxiliary function” surprised Ye Luo and he played with it for a day.

During this day, Zhang Yang did not stay idle, he first contacted Brother Tiger and asked him to find some good men to teach Ye Lu a good lesson, after that, he gathered his men and discussed a plan for the next step, he was not satisfied with simply teaching Ye Lu a lesson, he wanted to make Ye Lu pay a heavier price, including that Gu Shiqi.

“Gushiki, don’t you want to help that kid, just wait I will definitely find a way to get you first.”

Zhang Yang gritted his teeth and then dialed his grandfather’s phone number, he would ask his grandfather to put pressure on the Gu family and find a way to get Gushiki first.

During the second period of evening study, Liu Mei called Ye Lu to the English office, she would take three days of evening study each week to give Ye Lu extra lessons, to her relief, Ye Lu’s English had improved from basically a completely muddled 30 or 40 points to pa*sable thanks to her efforts.

“Ye Lu, I heard that you made a charitable donation of five million in one go today, is that true?”

The matter of Ye Luo’s donation had become such a big deal that it was hard for Liu Mei not to know about it, however, she was as completely confused as the others as to why such a thing had happened, and she knew Ye Luo’s family situation very well.

“This matter ah, teacher Liu, I’ll talk to you, you don’t talk to other people ah, in fact the money is not mine, I gave someone else a favor, it just so happens that things catch up, so I took the opportunity to pretend, hehehe ……”

Seeing Ye Lu’s uncouth laugh, Liu Mei glared at him without good grace, then took out her English textbook and began to teach.

However, before she could speak for long, she suddenly covered her stomach and shrank into a ball, so painful that she couldn’t even speak, and Ye Lu knew that her old problem was coming back.

So, he quickly picked up Liu Mei on his back, ran out of the school and headed for Liu Mei’s place.

Liu Mei was studying at university, where she lived in her sister Liu Xin’s house, which was right next to the school, and Ye Lu had come here once before to make up for it, so he knew it well.

“Ye …… Ye Lu, I …… not, said …… said, it’s okay, tomorrow will be fine ……”

Liu Mei broke off and said with some difficulty.

Ye Luo put her on the bed, then looked at her very seriously and said.

“Liu Mei, I know what kind of disease you have, it is caused by the yin cold of your body, mainly because you soaked in cold water during your first menses, plus your physique is special and you didn’t pay attention to maintenance afterwards, so it caused the condition to get worse and worse, you should also feel it, the situation is getting worse one at a time, right?”

Hearing Ye Luo mention the matter of her first tide being frozen, Liu Mei was taken aback, she hadn’t mentioned such a thing to anyone.

Ye Luo then continued.

“However, Teacher Liu, don’t worry, I have a way to treat your illness, although it can’t be eradicated at once, but I can relieve your pain first, wait for two days, I think, and then I can help you remove the root.”

Because further eradication required physical strengthening before it could be done, Ye Lu felt that he would have to at least “shed” his own body before he could do so.

“Teacher Liu, do you trust me, if so, then please cooperate with me and I will help you cure it.”

Ye Lu looked into Liu Mei’s eyes and said solemnly.

Liu Mei nodded with difficulty, she didn’t even want to say anything about the pain now, and her body was shaking, she really wanted someone to help her relieve the pain, every time she felt worse than death at this time.

Seeing Liu Mei nod, Ye Lu reached out and unbuttoned Liu Mei’s blouse.

Although Liu Mei was taken aback, she still obediently did not resist. However, Ye Lu did not unbutton all the buttons, only the bottom few, and then lifted the hem of the dress, tugging up the small garment inside as well, revealing Liu Mei’s smooth and white stomach.

Following that, Ye Lu reached out and untied Liu Mei’s belt again.

Liu Mei’s face immediately turned red, but didn’t stop, as the pain made any of it hard for her, as Ye Lu pulled her trousers down to near her knees, revealing a flat, unwashed belly.

“Miss Willow, I’m going to start, so if I offend you a little more.”

Ye Luo began to rub his hands together quickly to warm them up, while looking at the cold sweaty Liu Mei, who nodded with a pained expression.

Following that, she felt two somewhat hot hands pressed against the small of her back and slowly reached into the lace panties, followed by these hands starting to move regularly.

Liu Mei’s originally pale face had already turned red with shame, her body had never been touched by a boy, let alone such a private place, but she did feel a warm breath begin to penetrate from Ye Lu’s palms, little by little, gradually the pain really eased, and felt more and more comfortable ……

On the contrary, Ye Luo, he was not so relaxed, in order to feel for the right acupuncture point, he was a lot of effort, but the good thing is that the ma*sage also does not need to be too precise, more importantly, he had never been so close to a woman, he was excited and also a little shaky, want to concentrate on the ma*sage is too difficult, especially when he heard Liu Mei slowly relaxed spirit and began to make comfortable moaning, he felt even more soul.

Liu Mei seemed to sense this problem and she stopped moaning at once to cover her face.

“Am I screaming too immodestly and in front of Ye Lu’s ……”

Liu Mei hated to find a hole in the ground, but, immediately after, she felt something covering her body, she moved her hand away, only to find that Ye Lu was covering her with a blanket.

“Teacher Liu, take off all your clothes, I’ll press your body again, you relax and have a good rest, it shouldn’t hurt so much tomorrow.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

As if by magic, Liu Mei nodded very good, then took off her clothes under the quilt and threw them aside, Ye Lu reached out and pressed on her shoulders, neck and head, soon, Liu Mei felt sleep coming on and slowly went into dreamland.

Only then did Ye Lu finally let out a sigh of relief, he felt like he had almost gone off the deep end just now, especially when he touched something furry while ma*saging the “Qu Bone Point”.

“It’s getting late, I’d better go find a hotel to ‘get off’ first.”

Ye Lu looked at the time, then quickly unlocked the door and left Liu Mei’s place.

He had originally planned to strip at home, however, the instructions stated that he could not be disturbed while stripping, so he thought about it and decided that it would be better to go to a hotel.

More than ten minutes later, Ye Lu sat down on the hotel bed and pressed the “start stripping” button with great anticipation.