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Super School Student Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

After he pressed the “Begin to Detach” button, Ye Lu felt a whirlwind suddenly blowing around him, a very faint kind of whirlwind, and then he felt that something seemed to be gathering on the outside of his body.

However, the gathering process was very slow, as if he was extracting water vapour from the air, and Ye Lu felt something condensing on his skin.

According to the instructions on the “Strengthening Ability”, “Stripping” is the first and most basic step in the process of strengthening, and only when you reach “Bone Replacement” will you be able to achieve a little success.

However, this step has just begun, Ye Lu already felt the changes in his body, he felt this inexplicable power brushing his entire body, making his body lighter and lighter, at the same time, his various senses also changed, Ye Lu found his sense of hearing, sight, smell …… everything was changing.

“It is said that Taoists can eat golden pills to shed their mortal bones and mortal bodies, and then become immortal, I wonder if I can also walk to that day.”

Gradually, Ye Lu felt his mind turn from the increasing clarity at the beginning to a blankness, followed by nothing at all.

It was not known how long this process lasted, and when Ye Lu woke up, he found that it was already starting to glow white outside the window, and it should be morning.

Following that, he smelt a foul stench.

“Holy sh*t, what’s happening to me?”

He looked down and realised that he was covered in a thick layer of black mud, the foul smell was emanating from this black mud, and these should be the impurities that had been excreted from his body.

“Hurry up and take a shower, or else you’re going to faint from the stench of yourself.”

Soon after washing up, Ye Lu stood in front of the large mirror in the bathroom, and he was surprised to find that he had actually become more handsome overnight.

Before, he was a little handsome or good-looking, but now he was definitely a big handsome man.

What surprised Ye Lu most was that although he had become more handsome and his skin had become more powerful and elastic, he had not turned into a pink little fresh meat, but instead looked more angular and masculine.

“If I were a P***y, I’d definitely marry myself!”

Ye Lu looked at himself in the mirror and said with a smile, satisfied with his appearance after he had been “transformed”.

Then, he heard a soulful moan coming from next door, no, it should be next door next door next door, a young couple couldn’t resist working late in the morning.

“This ear has become too much.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional, when he got his gla*ses, his hearing had been strengthened once, he could hear everyone’s whispering on the podium, I’m afraid that now they could hear themselves whispering in the other cla*ses.

Ye Lu whistled in satisfaction and walked out of the bathroom, then he found that his eyesight had also improved, before he was very nearsighted, but now he was not only not nearsighted anymore, but he could even clearly identify the small letters “Notice to Residents” written far away.

“Haha, beautiful!”

He found that his body proportions, muscles, abs, and mermaid line were all perfectly proportioned, not too bulky but full of explosive power.

“I wonder how the strength is now.”

Ye Lu muttered as he looked around, only to find that there were no suitable heavy objects in the room for him to carry.

Following that, he saw the hotel bed.


He reached out and grabbed the side of the bed, following which the whole bed was slowly lifted up by him, it was a two meter two large bed, the mattress alone was over a hundred pounds, now the whole bed added up to several hundred pounds at any rate, it was actually picked up so easily by him holding onto one side.

“Holy sh*t, there’s no one else with this strength.”

Ye Lu happily shook the bed twice, before putting it back on the floor.

“The feeling of being stripped, cool!”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but laugh once again.

He was then somewhat glad that he had the foresight to wear a hotel bathrobe before stripping off, otherwise those lines that Gushiki had bought for him would have been in vain, as for the soiled sheets and such from the hotel, they were all small money in Ye Lu’s eyes, although all his money was basically scattered, there was still more than enough to pay for these, at least the money that Gushiki had initially shared with him was still in his hand.


At this time Ye Lu’s stomach suddenly rumbled, and he suddenly realised how hungry he was! He felt like he could have eaten a cow.

“Let’s go, let’s go have breakfast.”

After getting dressed, Ye Lu opened the curtains and found that it was already light outside, so he settled the bill and left the hotel.

Although this was near the school, it was still too early and none of the surrounding shops were open for business yet, so there was no choice but for Ye Lu to decide to go to KFC to have some breakfast.

“Smoked chicken burrito set to eight, then cheese muscle panini ten, bacon and egg crispy rice balls ten, doughnut wheat cake being egg rolls five, skinny egg thin meat porridge six ……”

Leaffall let loose and ordered a large table full of people all by himself.

“So early someone gathering ah! But ordering this young man is really handsome ah!”

The waiter who ordered the meal with his eyes shining somewhat surprised looking at Ye Lu not far away said.

“Just one person, won’t so many things get cold, with our restaurant’s serving speed, it’s just too late to order now, and there’s not many people now.”

Just as she was looking puzzled, Ye Luo had already started to eat.

He began to eat like a wind swept, and this immediately stunned the waitress, not only her, but also the other waiters were stunned by this scene.

It was because they saw that one meal in front of Ye Lu was disappearing at a rapid pace.

Soon, a large group of boys walked in.

Seeing this group of boys, the waitress was relieved because in her opinion, these were Ye Lu’s companions, and it would make sense if so many people were eating this table in the morning.

However, to her disappointment, these boys did not go to Ye Lu, but came to the window to buy a big pile of food and then went to another corner to eat.

“Brother Tiger, look how that guy over there can eat so much! Just like a hungry ghost.”

At this time, one of the boys in that group pointed in Ye Lu’s direction and said with some surprise.

The big, thick boy called Brother Tiger also looked at Ye Luo’s direction. Ye Luo was still eating the food in his hand, a chicken panini with cheese was swallowed by him in a few bites, he felt that the food started to melt into energy as soon as it entered his body and spread to all his limbs, so despite having eaten a lot, he still felt very hungry.

Tiger stared in disbelief as he watched Ye Lu eat three burgers one after another, plus two cups of soy milk, and then said with great certainty.

“Suke is a foodie.”

Following that, these guys around him laughed together.

Ye Lu didn’t think anything of it, because they were right, he was an uncompromising eater now, and he had to keep eating to do so.

“Brother Tiger, we seem to be early, the school isn’t open yet, right?”

Brother Tiger’s men started chatting after a bit of commotion.

“Do you guys think that guy we’re going to fight today is really that powerful? It’ll take so many of us together to do it.”

Another henchman asked as he ate.

“Awesome my a*s, he’s still no match for our Brother Tiger, but I think that table clearing chick is really good looking, the school isn’t open anyway, so why don’t we have some fun with her, and when we’re done, we’ll go beat up that yakuza.”

To be honest, the waitress who cleared the table was really good looking, not only did she have red lips and white teeth, but she also had a nice front and back.

Hearing this guy’s suggestion, several other people also rubbed their fists together.

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Tiger smiled and then shouted to the waitress with the curvy front and back in the distance.

“Miss, could you please come and help collect the stuff?”

That waitress didn’t know what they were up to, and she walked over towards the guys without any precautions.

However, as she pa*sed Ye Luo, Ye Luo suddenly raised his hand to stop her, then stood up and said with a smile in the direction of where Tiger and the others were.

“This is my sister, she is a bit unwell today, how about I help you guys clean up?”

After saying that Ye Lu stood up.

“F*ck, who the hell are you, how dare you talk to Brother Tiger like that?”

“That’s right, you’re tired of living.”

“What the hell are you doing?”


When Tiger didn’t say anything, his boys blew up first.

Seeing the guys’ stammering appearance, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“As for me, I’m actually a doctor, specializing in curing all kinds of disobedience.”

Ye Luo’s words really P*ssed off these guys, and two of them looked at Brother Tiger and asked.

“Brother Tiger, should we f*ck this kid?”

Brother Tiger took a sip of soy milk and said in a dismissive manner.

“Yeah, just think of it as a warm up before the official fight today.”


Chapter 20

The people Tiger led here were not all from Ye Lu’s school, quite a few of them were off-campus gangsters and such dressed as students, so they had no pressure to fight here or anything like that.

The guys said they would do it, and soon six of them rushed up together, but only four of them were coming for Ye Lu, the other two smiling and moving their fingers obviously for the pretty waitress.

“Ah ah ……”

Only then did the waitress understand why Ye Luo had stopped her, she quickly hid behind Ye Luo and then gave Ye Luo a somewhat worried look.

And behind the window, a few waiters had already picked up their phones.

However, Tiger pulled out his short knife and placed it on the table and smiled at a few of them, and a few of them immediately put their phones back in, more is better than less, everyone understood this.

“Yell, what, you rice bucket want to do a heroic rescue?”

One of the guys who had gathered around looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

Ye Luo nodded solemnly and said.

“Yes, you can see this, you seem to be quite smart.”

Ye Luo’s reply made the guy freeze for a moment, then immediately became annoyed, he viciously kicked towards Ye Luo, and cursed under his breath.

“F*ck, just you still ……”

Before he could finish his words, the man had already flown out, and flew a few meters away, “Boom!” The fell on a table with a bang.

Ye Lu slowly pulled his legs back and looked at the other five men and said.

“There’s so much nonsense from punks nowadays, just meet and f*ck, which one of you is coming?”

The five guys were scared enough by the sudden kick, not only them, the waitress with the front and back and Tiger were all startled.

The five guys looked at each other and then immediately reached a tacit agreement, that is, to go together.


The five men rushed up from five different angles.

However, the current Ye Luo was not only deaf, strong and fast, his reaction speed was also superb as he flew out and used his arms to low gear the attack from above, and then one person kicked him.





There was a series of impacts, and then all five guys also kicked and flew out to the ground.

Tiger’s brow furrowed as he understood that he had kicked a steel plate this time, while several of his ruthless men looked at Tiger almost simultaneously, who nodded.

The crowd flew in and took out all kinds of weapons from the packages they brought in, iron bars, machetes, military spikes, chains …… carrying all sorts of weapons, and the crowd immediately rushed over.

Ye Lu waved his hand, signaling the waitress to hurry and hide away, then looked at the crowd that had gathered around him and smiled.

“Playing with weapons, right? I have one too.”

Ye Luo said as he walked forward, but those people didn’t see Ye Luo take out any weapons, nor did his hands move to reach into his clothes.

“He’s bluffing, go on, f*ck him up.”

One of the guys shouted, and then rushed up with a knife.

“Bluff your a*s!”

Ye Luo cursed, then reached out and copied a four-person table next to him, this KFC four-person table was more than a meter long and half a meter wide, with an iron base underneath, it was still very weighty, but in Ye Luo’s hand it was like wielding a fly swatter.


The first guy who rushed up with a machete was swatted out and lay on the ground.



Ye Lu waved the table in his hand back and forth twice, then looked at the guys and said with a smile.

“I just said that I specialize in curing all kinds of disobedience, who else is coming?”

Looking at the other party fighting with the table in one hand like a god, everyone was goaded, there was no way to fight this battle.

Brother Tiger quickly stood up and said with a fist clasp towards Ye Lu.

“Big brother, we have eyes that are not aware of Taishan, we have offended many times, you are kind enough to forgive us, just let us go, we will definitely go around when we see you in the future.”

In fact, originally, Tiger wanted to use his family’s background and power to scare the other party, but he thought that such a scary guy might not be able to bluff, and it was just a fight, so he wouldn’t meet again in the future, so he might as well give in to a softening.

Ye Lu is not addicted to fighting either, so he smiled and said.

“That’s fine, just pay for the damage to the shop, I still have half a meal to eat.”

After saying that, Ye Luo said, “Boom!” He dropped the table and walked towards the dining table.

“Still eating?”

Ye Luo heard someone muttering in a low voice.

The small amount of compensation was nothing in Tiger’s eyes, he quickly paid the money and then flew away with his men.

Ye Luo of course had to continue eating as he really wasn’t full yet, however, his stomach was already full and it was still early, so Ye Luo slowed down the pace of his meal, and while he ate, he studied the changes after his reincarnation.

He found that the intentional control had been completely unlocked, and if he only looked at simple information, he could simply click and view various items through his intentional control.

The pretty waitress ran over with an amazed face to thank Ye Lu, it was then that she realised how handsome Ye Lu looked, coupled with the strong performance he had just given, it made her heart hit a deer.

However, Ye Luo was still immersed in the joy of his “transformation” and did not notice her childish thoughts at all.

In another shop next to the school, Tiger’s men were cursing and grumbling.

“F*ck! D*mn, that hurts, where did such a monster come from, this time it’s a kick in the balls.”

“You’re still saying that, it’s not because you had to molest some waitress, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much trouble.”

“Cut it out! At that time, you were also shaking your fist and shining your eyes.”


Seeing the noise of the crowd, Tiger waved his hand impatiently and said.

“The first thing you need to do is to get in touch with Zhang Yang and wait for him on the rooftop, and I will take care of the consequences if you break a leg.”

And at this moment Zhang Yang had already arrived at the school early, he was asking his juniors to start spreading the news in all the cla*ses, asking everyone to come to the rooftop to watch the fun, he wanted to get back the scene once and for all this time.

“Hey, Brother Tiger called, he must have arrived already, that’s a relief for me.”

Seeing the phone call from Brother Tiger, Zhang Yang instantly smiled with a frown.


Completely unaware that he and these people would meet again, Ye Lu finally finished eating and drinking, then stretched his back, feeling incredibly cozy and comfortable.

“I don’t think I’ll be eating like this every meal, otherwise I’d have to eat me poor.”

Ye Luo said with some self-mockery as he looked at the table full of food remnants with some emotion.

What was even more surprising was the beautiful waitress and the cashier, they took a look at the table and then at Ye Lu, they were all very puzzled, Ye Lu ate food that was as heavy as his weight, but Ye Lu’s stomach didn’t bulge, and he didn’t see him go to the toilet, where did it all go, this is not scientific!

After stretching his back, Ye Lu walked out of KFC towards the school.

However, before he could walk two steps, Ye Yan’s phone call came.

“Ye Lu, what’s wrong with you kid, you haven’t answered your phone since last night, and you don’t stay up at night, by the way, did you peek at me while I was sleeping, you little pervert ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

However, he also knew that Ye Yan was worried about himself, so he hurriedly explained that he had spent the night at his teacher’s house.

Only then did Ye Yan’s tone ease up a bit and said.

“Okay, I’ll believe you for once, remember not to mess around outside, I’m going to get busy.”

To be honest, although Ye Yan counted him out for half a day, Ye Lu’s heart was warmed.

Soon, he walked into the school, and at this time, Qin Shiyu’s phone call came again.

“Ye Lu, don’t come to school, hurry and hide, Zhang Yang is looking for someone to clean you up ……”

Qin Siyu said anxiously on the phone, but Ye Lu already saw the ill-faced Zhang Yang, who was coming towards him with a few of his juniors.

“Don’t worry, First Cla*s Leader, I have my own way, don’t worry.”

Ye Lu hung up the phone after he said that.

“Ye Luo, do you have the guts to go on the rooftop with me again.”

Zhang Yang said as he looked at Ye Lu viciously.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“What’s there to be afraid of, let’s go.”

After saying that, several people walked towards the rooftop under the crowd of students.

On the rooftop, Brother Tiger was holding a cigarette in his mouth in a depressed manner, his bad luck in the morning had made him quite unhappy, and he decided that this time he would definitely break both legs of the other party for pain and suffering.

Immediately after that, he saw Zhang Yang leading a man.

“Sh*t! So it’s you!”

The moment he saw Ye Luo, Tiger’s cigarette roll dropped to the ground from the corner of his mouth.