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Super School Student Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

He died without thinking that the person he was going to fight was Ye Liao.

Ye Luo was the same, he was also taken aback when he saw that it was Tiger and his group of men standing across the street, he didn’t expect the world to be so small either.

“What, scared silly when you see Brother Tiger?”

Zhang Yang didn’t notice Brother Tiger’s expression, but he saw Ye Lu’s expression and said arrogantly.

“Kneel down and kowtow three times to Brother Tiger, and Brother Tiger might consider sparing you, but I’m not that nice to talk to.”

Ye Luo ignored Zhang Yang’s words and instead took two steps forward to look at Brother Tiger and said.

“Your name is Brother Tiger, right, remember how we talked about this before.”

Brother Tiger swallowed his saliva and said.

“Remember, remember, we’ll go around if we see you again, we didn’t know it was you, if we knew it was you, we wouldn’t have come, we’re tired of climbing so high monkey.”

When he had finished, he waved his hand to the men behind him and said.

“Bunnies, let’s go.”

Then he turned around again and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Brother, please include more if you have offended.”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“That’s a good point, just treat me to a couple of meals sometime.”

As soon as he heard Ye Luo say dinner, Tiger once again thought of how Ye Luo had just eaten a large table by himself, other than that, this meal alone this guy was no ordinary person.

“Just the amount of food you have, luckily it’s two meals, if I eat for a long period of time, I’m sure I’ll be destroyed by you.”

Tiger muttered in his heart, but his mouth said.

“Alright, alright, call me when you want to eat.”

After saying that, this large group of people left the rooftop. They left behind a dumbfounded Zhang Yang and his men with their mouths wide open, not understanding what this meant.

Of course, the people who were even more confused were the uninformed crowd around them, who had been informed that there was something hilarious to see here, but this didn’t seem to be hilarious either!

“What’s Zhang Yang singing about, didn’t he say he was going to teach Ye Lu a lesson?”

“That’s right, wasn’t that Han Hu just now? Isn’t he with Zhang Yang?”

“What the hell is all this, why is Han Hu acting like a mouse seeing a cat.”


The crowd started whispering.

Ye Luo then looked at Zhang Yang and said.

“Did you find me to come here for something?”

Zhang Yang was already completely confused as he said mechanically.

“No…… no…… nothing is wrong.”

Ye Lu walked over and patted him on the shoulder and said in a serious tone.

“Don’t look for me up if there’s nothing to do in the future, you know I’m very busy.”

After saying that, Ye Lu walked off the rooftop in style, while the surrounding students who were gathered around were boiling with people.

“Wow! Ye Luo is really handsome this time!”

“I feel like he has become handsome in looks too, do you think so.”

“It’s true when you say it, he seems to have really become handsome.”


This incident undoubtedly gave Ye Lu another chance to gain popularity, if his attention rose only slightly after the first rooftop fight, that act of throwing five million dollars made him quite famous, and just when everyone thought Zhang Yang would retaliate, another scene like this was staged, his popularity undoubtedly soared again.

Ren Xueying, who wanted to see Ye Luo’s unlucky face at the side, was even more shocked beyond words, she did not expect that the scene she expected of Ye Luo being ruthlessly cleaned up by Zhang Yang did not occur, instead, Ye Luo turned around and left in a very dashing manner.

“However, Ye Luo has indeed really become handsome.”

Ren Xue Ying was considered to be more familiar with Ye Lu, so it was more obvious to her that indeed, Ye Lu had become handsome, and it was not just a star and a half handsome.

To be honest, although she didn’t say anything on her lips, Ren Xue Ying really regretted it a little this time.

Her dream was to find a rich and handsome man who treated her well, if she hadn’t played around with Ye Lu, according to Ye Lu’s character, now Ye Lu was the rich and handsome man who treated her like a baby, but in reality, now Ye Lu did become a rich and handsome man, but it didn’t have half a thing to do with her anymore, just from the beginning to the end, Ye Lu didn’t even glance at her.

“I’ll go find Brother Long tonight and talk to him, maybe he can have a solution, now Ye Luo is a piece of fat meat.”

Ren Xue Ying muttered darkly with some reluctance.

At this moment, Ye Luo was in a good mood, because he found that after shedding his body, his physical condition was obviously too much better, other than that, when listening to the lectures in cla*s, the lessons that originally made him drowsy actually he could understand, and many of the lessons also seemed to him to have become very simple.

It was as if what had been a muddle in his memory had started to become clear and organised again.

And in the school’s sports equipment room, Zhang Yang and the guys from Brother Tiger were talking about something together.

“Brother Tiger, what was going on this morning, why did you go around when you saw that Ye Lu?”

Zhang Yang asked with a puzzled look on his face.

Brother Tiger’s face was also bad as he looked at Zhang Yang and said.

“You messed with someone, don’t you know anything about the bottom of the barrel, that guy is too capable of fighting, those of us are not enough for him at all.”

At this time, another boy interjected and said.

“Yes, that guy carries the table like a fly swatter, not to mention us, even if there are so many more people, it’s all for nothing.”

Then this guy added fuel to the fire and told them what had happened that morning.

“There’s still such a thing!”

Hearing Tiger’s little brother’s words, Zhang Yang was also surprised.

“So, it’s not that Brother Tiger won’t help you in this matter, but I can’t help you either, I advise you to stop early as well, you are not short of women, why bother for a Gu Shiqi.”

After Brother Tiger finished speaking, he left with his men.

Seeing Brother Tiger leave, Zhang Yang thought for a moment and said.

“It seems like Plan A is a complete failure, let’s execute Plan B. I will throw this guy Ye Lu out of this school and see how arrogant he still is.”

“What Brother Tiger just said is just the thing to do something about as well.”

After saying that, Zhang Yang also left with his men.

The second cla*s was English and Ye Lu saw that Liu Mei who was following the English teacher was in good spirits, it seemed that yesterday’s treatment was effective and her pain should have eased a lot.

Seeing that Ye Lu was looking at her, Liu Mei’s face suddenly turned a little red, she remembered the scene that happened last night again, and she suddenly felt that her attitude towards Ye Lu had changed a little, turning a little ambiguous.

However, Ye Lu’s ma*sage method was indeed really very effective, it was simply hand to hand.

“Why don’t we ask Ye Lu to rub it for me again tonight, but it seems that Ye Lu has suddenly become handsome.”

In fact, not only her, the whole cla*s was equally surprised by Ye Lu’s change, as this change was also too obvious.

“It’s a pity that Zhao Yang isn’t here, otherwise he would definitely make this kid envious.”

Ye Luo muttered with some regret as she looked at the empty seat at the same table.

Zhao Yang hadn’t come for two days, Ye Lu had called him, he and Ye Lu said that he couldn’t get away from home with an urgent matter, however, Ye Lu always felt as if there was something wrong here.

And at this moment, Song Junlin was talking to the teachers inside Teacher Liu Xin’s office.

“What you said is true, it was the one called Ye Lu who left with Liu Mei on his back.”

Song Junlin said incredulously.

Another teacher nodded and said.

“Yes, I saw him carry this Liu Mei out with my own eyes.”

At this time, another teacher said as if he had come to a sudden realization.

“No wonder I saw Ye Luo in the hotel yesterday, so that’s what happened!”

Hearing this teacher’s words, the other teachers’ interest came to a head, and one said with a squeeze of his eyebrows.

“You mean, they went to get a room?”

“Isn’t it obvious, how much money did Ye Lu donate this morning? That one is five million, what kind of woman can’t you buy, I don’t believe Liu Mei won’t be impressed.”

“Yes, if it were me, I’d be tempted too, besides, Ye Lu is not ugly.”

“Yes, the donation is five million, and a sleepover will give you tens of millions!”


Hearing everyone’s comments, teacher Liu Junlin’s face turned green, he turned his head and left the office, he had already made up his mind to give Ye Lu some colour.

At noon, Ye Lu received two messages, one was from Liu Mei, expressing his gratitude for Ye Lu’s treatment yesterday.

The other was from Gu Shiqi, who told Ye Lu not to forget that he was going to sit with her tomorrow and asked him to get up early and not sleep in.

Only then did Ye Lu remember that he had previously promised Gushiqi that he would go and sit with her at the antique shop.

In the afternoon, everything went on as usual. In the evening, Liu Mei originally wanted to ask Ye Lu to go over to see a doctor, but she was pestered by Mr Liu Junlin, so she had to give up.

Ye Lu returned home by himself, only to find that Ye Yan was not there and the computer at home was left open, he was curious and opened it, only to find that Ye Yan was actually selling her house.

“Sh*t! Does this chick not want to live anymore? Does she even want to sell her house and let me go sleep in a cement pipe? Or has she run into some big trouble?”

Ye Lu thought about it then dialed Ye Yan’s mobile phone.


Chapter 22

Ye Yan’s side sounded noisy.

“Ye Lu, you’re so late, what’s the matter? Did you run out of money again, I left some in my drawer for you.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu was inexplicably moved in his heart, this sister of his who had no blood ties was like that, a wicked face, but actually had a hot and soft heart.

Ye Luo was certainly not short of money, so he quickly asked.

“Sister Ye Yan, have you encountered any trouble? You can talk to me about it, I’ll help you.”

As a result, Ye Yan smiled and said.

“Not bad, count on you kid to have a conscience, didn’t love you for nothing, but you can’t manage my troubles, manage yourself, just study hard and give sis credit in the future.”

“Well, sis still has to be busy, you have a good rest, by the way, the matter of taking off my clothes that day, it is not finished.”

Then, she also hung up the phone directly without listening to Ye Lu’s further enquiries.

After that, Ye Luo sent her a message, she wouldn’t either, there was no other way, Ye Luo had to record the information Ye Yan posted about selling her house with her gla*ses, and then walked into the bathroom.

“Right, since Ye Yan is selling her house, that means, she is very short of money, why don’t I go and make another profit tomorrow while I am sitting on the job, and then be her buyer, I don’t believe that if I go and buy her house, she will still not listen to what I say.”

After washing up, Ye Lu turned on the “auxiliary function” of his gla*ses and quickly gave himself a mobile phone number, while opening the auxiliary voice changing system to call Ye Yan again.

“Thunder Monkey! I am Zhao Xian Sen, I saw that you have room paper for sale ……”

Ye Luo changed into a different accent and Ye Yan said that her house he wanted to decide, so that she could take down the sale information, tomorrow night, he would talk about this matter with Ye Yan face to face, even if it was a few million more.

Ye Yan didn’t expect anyone to like her house so much, so of course she was overjoyed and agreed to it in one breath.

“Alright, next we’ll wait to make money.”

Ye Luo let out a sigh of relief and then sat down on the bed, because he had already carefully read the “strengthening function” during the day, and what he needed to do after the “dehumanization” was to strengthen his body, and there were two ways to strengthen his body, one was “cultivation”, and the other was to use genius treasures to strengthen his body directly.

According to the instructions on the gla*ses, “strengthening” is important because only by strengthening can one produce the so-called “aura” in one’s body, which is not only important for improving one’s cultivation, but also for many “medical abilities” that require the support of aura.

Sitting on his bed, following the methods taught by the fortification function, Ye Lu began to adjust his body’s meridians and blood flow, and before long, the Qi of heaven and earth began to coalesce around his body again, and he gradually entered the cultivation realm.

When he woke up the next day, Ye Lu found that a trace of spiritual qi had really coalesced in his body, but then he realised that the east was white and it was already dawn. Remembering Gushiqi’s advice, he quickly got up, washed up and rushed to the antique shop that Gushiqi had mentioned.

He went around the back of the shop to see if there was a back door, but found that there was an old man playing Tai Chi at the back door, and when he saw Ye Lu looking at the shop, he came over and said.

“You’re Missy’s cla*smate, aren’t you? You’re here early.”

Ye Luo immediately revealed his identity, the boss immediately politely invited Ye Luo in, he didn’t dare to offend Missy’s people.

“Feel free to stroll around, I’ll take advantage of the good morning air to catch up on my practice and live a few more years.”

The old man said with a smile.

Ye Lu smiled and looked at the old man and said.

“Do you have a headache and it’s been bothering you for years and it’s getting worse and worse.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the old man froze for a moment then nodded his head and said.

“Yes, how did you know that.”

He did have this problem, but he hadn’t mentioned it to Gu Shiqi.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“This is not important, what is important is that your problem, I can cure it.”

Now the old man came to life, this problem was making him sleep less and less, and he was always worried that he would turn into Alzheimer’s or something because of it.

“You can really cure it?”

He looked at Ye Luo with some disbelief, after all, Ye Luo looked too young.

Ye Lu smiled again and said.

“Of course, do you want me to try.”

Now, Ye Lu had already gathered a “spiritual qi” in his body, he was too eager to try whether this spiritual qi could be used to heal people or not.

The old man thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

Only then did Ye Lu say.

“Don’t worry, my treatment is purely natural, it won’t ask for your money and won’t leave any after-effects, don’t move, let me ma*sage you.”

As Ye Lu said that, he raised his hand and pressed the temple of the old man, then he let the aura enter the old man’s head and started to follow the instructions of the “medical ability”.

Soon, the treatment was over, and Ye Lu’s aura disappeared.


Ye Luo looked at the old man and asked.

The old man touched his head and then said happily.

“Huh! It really doesn’t hurt at all anymore, thank you so much, little brother, you’re a divine doctor! ……”

Seeing the old man’s excited look, Ye Lu hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“It’s just a handful, old man, you hurry up and go exercise, the plan of the day lies in the morning.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked towards the shop.

However, he was very happy in his heart, the old man’s performance showed that the aura treatment was really reliable and very effective, but it was a pity that relying on “cultivation” to raise his cultivation level to gather aura was too slow.

“I hope I’ll be lucky enough to find some ‘genius treasures’ today.”

Ye Lu muttered as he prepared to walk into the shop.

As a result, before he could walk in, he was called away by Gu Shiqi.

“Ye Luo, go, follow me to the make-up.”

Gu Shiqi said in a breezy manner.

This time Ye Lu was really a bit confused, what did sitting in a cla*s have to do with make-up, what the hell was this Gu Shiqi trying to do?

However, Gushiki didn’t care about that, she dragged Ye Lu to a room in a nearby hotel, and the stylist was already waiting there.

As the stylist was styling Ye Luo, Gushiki said.

“Actually, I didn’t ask you to come here today to sit with me, I asked you to pose as an expert for a ‘free appraisal’.”

This time Ye Luo was not calm, he looked at Gushiki in confusion and asked.

“Free appraisal, what the hell is this, I didn’t say there was such a programme before, don’t screw me over!”

Before, Gushiki only said that she would let him come and help sit on the shift, he thought it was just to accompany her to look at the shop and receive customers who came to the shop to sell or buy things, but now it seems as if this girl did not plan it that way initially.

Sure enough, Gu Shiqi looked at him and said with a heated smile.

“The first thing you need to do is to get a free appraisal of the products you appraise, and of course, we will make a detailed record of the products you appraise. ”

In an instant, Ye Luo understood the real purpose of Gushiqi, it turned out that she wanted collectors to bring things to the shop, after Ye Luo’s appraisal, the shop would know who had what kind of treasure in their hands, and then the shop would follow the contact information to find the treasure owner to trade, which would be twice the effort with half the effort.

Following that, Gu Shiqi then said again.

“Well la, even if I owe you a favor, this make-up artist is so expensive, I will give you a change of body later, otherwise no one will believe you if you are so young.”

There was no choice but to give in, because after these two days of contact, he found that this girl, Gu Shiqi, was really quite right for his temper, and the cooperation with their Gu family was also quite smooth, so he was willing to do this favor.

However, he always had the feeling that he was in a thief’s boat.

“By the way, how come Ye Lu you’re suddenly so much more handsome, and this skin has also become better.”

Only at this time did Gu Shiqi look at Ye Lu’s face and reach out to touch it in amazement.

“Did you use some kind of cosmetics, it’s not right, no cosmetics work so fast, tell me quickly, how in the end did you do it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s a secret, I do have ways to transform my body, however, your body and looks are quite perfect, you can’t use these things anymore.”

This was true, as Gushiki was recognized as a great school beauty, she was indeed perfect in terms of appearance.

This statement made Gushiki’s heart smile and she stopped chasing after her roots.

The make-up took quite a lot of time, and the stylist proved to be really good. After the make-up, Ye Lu couldn’t look like he did before at all, he was just a hale and hearty old man, and when he put on a Tang suit, he really had the look of an expert.

After that, the two of them arrived at the antique shop of the Gu family.

“I’ll go find the shop manager, you go around.”

After Gu Shiqi finished speaking, she left in a huff, and Ye Lu had to wander around by himself.

This antique shop was very large, and Ye Lu went to the first floor after circling around downstairs, only to see an old man with white hair fiddling with a few things on the first floor, while muttering continuously under his breath.

“This painting should be the real thing, the ink colour, the lines are all right, and the paper is old, I guess this time our shop will finally make a big profit, it’s not easy ……”

Out of curiosity, Ye Lu also walked over to have a look, and as a result, he saw that the old man was fiddling with a painting, Ye Lu was also curious, so he reached out and touched the scroll.

Only then did the focused old man see that Ye Lu was here and he shouted a rebuke.

“Who are you? Why have you come to the first floor of the heavy floor, and is this painting something you can touch indiscriminately? This is a painting by Zheng Banqiao!”

Ye Lu did not argue with him, but smiled and said.

“It’s just a pity that it’s a fake.”