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Super School Student Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the old man’s brow immediately furrowed and said.

“How do you know it’s a fake, although I’m not most proficient in painting and calligraphy appraisal, I can tell that it’s indeed from the Qing Dynasty, the paper, ink and seal strokes are all correct, you should know that this is a painting of millions of dollars, can you afford to pay for it if something goes wrong?”

This was the case with paintings of this level, if it was a good painting, it might turn out to be millions and millions of dollars, but if it was a fake, the loss would be just as huge.

Ye Lu smiled lightly and said.

“It’s true that the authenticity of this painting is not easy to identify, because he is a Qing Dynasty imitation, painted by a man called Tan Yunlong. If you think I’m talking nonsense, you might as well take off the right-hand side of the shaft head, this original original framed painting, and the two characters ‘Zi Yu’ are engraved on the inside of the shaft head, which is proof of forgery. ”

Ye Lu had already unlocked the gla*ses, and the introduction he saw now was not as brief as the two simple lines before.

When the old man heard Ye Lu mention “Tan Yun Long”, he was already seven or eight percent convinced. When he opened the head of the scroll, he saw that the word “Zi Yu” was engraved inside, which was exactly Tan Yun Long’s name.


The old man let out a long breath and then wiped the sweat from his forehead, if this painting was taken as an authentic Zheng Banqiao painting, it would be worth ten or twenty million dollars, but if it was Tan Yunlong’s painting, although it was also an old painting from the Qing Dynasty, it would not be worth much, he had almost decided that this painting was real.

Following that, he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I didn’t expect that your eyesight was so old, why don’t you take a look at these too.”

He had been studying them for several days, but Ye Lu casually put his hands on them, and after taking a look at them, he was able to tell the age and history of each item.

“This brother’s surname, your appreciation level I have never seen in my life, I really admire, admire, why don’t you take a look at these few things again.”

This old man was a fan of antiques at first glance, and he pulled Ye Lu and started chatting.

Just as the two were cutting a hot deal, a silver bell-like voice rang out.

“Elder Chen, you are here, I am having something to discuss with you.”

Gu Shiqi looked at Elder Chen and said with some embarra*sment.

“Chen Lao, I haven’t known how to tell you, for today’s ‘Free Treasure Appraisal’ event, I’m going to let Master Ye be the appraiser, you …… won’t have a problem with that, right?”

To be honest, Gu Shiqi was really worried that Chen Lao would get mad, he and her grandfather had a very shallow friendship and could be said to have fought together for the Gu family’s rivers and mountains, if she offended him, Gu Shiqi’s grandfather would definitely be angry, this was also the reason why she had not dared to speak to Chen Lao.

As a result, to her surprise, Chen Lao said smilingly.

“No comment, no comment, Master Ye’s level of appreciation is simply out of this world, I will also learn a few hands from his old man later.”

This time it was Gu Shiqi’s turn to be confused, she looked at Ye Lu with some confusion, while Ye Lu looked at her and smiled.

Gu Shiqi didn’t know what kind of ecstasy Ye Lu had given Elder Chen, but as long as Elder Chen agreed, then things would be fine, she quickly said.

“Then let’s set off, I guess the collectors are waiting impatiently, I’ve advertised on several TV and radio stations, as well as newspapers in the past few days, and most of them have reporters who will come to cover and follow the story.”

After saying this, Gushiki took the lead and headed downstairs, Ye Lu also followed him, however, he did not expect Gushiki to make such a big show.

Sure enough, when they came out, the hall was already packed with people, all carrying, holding or holding their own treasures waiting for the experts to appraise them.

Of course, Ye Lu didn’t have to care too much, he just sat there, waited for the host to announce the start and then did the appraisal.

As a result, he found that the host had blown him out of the water and turned himself into a fighter among experts. Coupled with a few compliments from Chen Lao, the collectors soon became convinced of Ye Lu.

After a cursory glance, Ye Lu saw that there were hundreds of people inside the shop and at the entrance, and there seemed to be quite a few more outside, so he guessed he would be busy today.

It didn’t take long for the appraisal to begin, which was certainly no pressure for Ye Lu, he only had to touch it, take a look at it, and then tell the treasure owner the authenticity and origin of the item.

However, Chen Lao, who was standing next to him, was not so calm because he found that Ye Lu’s appraisal speed was too fast and he was able to handle all the items.

Antique appraisal is actually a very complicated knowledge, so many experts are proficient in a certain category, such as porcelain, woodwork, painting and calligraphy, jewellery, miscellaneous items, etc. However, Ye Lu seemed to be proficient in everything, and he even knew such odd terms as “Taiyangla spotted basalt”.

The more Chen looked at it, the more astonished he became, so he thought about it and went to the first floor to make a phone call to Gu Shiqi’s grandfather.

“Old Gu, there’s something I feel I need to tell you, because I’ve never seen such a powerful appraisal expert before ……”

Following that, he then told Old Master Gu about what he had seen and heard.

“There’s still such a thing!”

Gu Shiqi’s grandfather was also taken aback as he quickly said.

“Okay, I know, when did Shiqi the ninny know a master of this level, remember to leave his contact information, I must find a chance to meet such a high achiever.”

Putting down the phone, Gu Shiqi’s grandfather suddenly came to a sudden realization.

“No wonder she actually got four authentic pieces last time, and two of them were official kilns, it turns out that a high level person was guiding her, it seems that Shiqi’s child has met her destiny!”

“Maybe the Gu family can be saved!”

Of course Ye Lu didn’t know about this, he was having fun appraising on the ground floor, he found that the authenticity rate of these admirers coming to appraise the treasures was much higher than in the ground stalls, and antique shops.

It was a pity that he didn’t see any treasure with the same special power as the last “Statue of Ghost Guzi”.

At this time, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in Ye Lu’s field of vision.

He saw Ye Yan sitting in front of him with an object in her hand.

“Expert Ye, please help me see what material this thing of mine is made of and roughly how much it can be worth?”

Ye Yan very carefully handed the object in her hand to Ye Lu.

In fact, Ye Lu was only responsible for the appraisal, the quotation was handled by another person called “market observer”, but Ye Lu couldn’t care less about that, he quickly took the item in Ye Yan’s hand.

It looked like Ye Yan was really short of money, as this pendant was very familiar to Ye Lu, Ye Yan wore it close to her body every day and obviously cherished it very much.

“Name: the key to the Immortal Mansion, Material: seven orifices Linglong stone, Production date: Spring and Autumn period, Maker: Fairy Lixia, Introduction: the key to open Fairy Lixia’s Immortal Mansion, your current cultivation level is insufficient to open it ……”

Seeing this introduction, Ye Luo found that he had really stepped through iron shoes and found it without any effort, he had been looking for something that could aid his cultivation, but he had found it on Ye Yan’s body after searching for half a day and not finding it.

However, I was afraid that Ye Yan was going to be disappointed, after all, according to the antique, this item should not be worth much money.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and looked at Ye Yan and asked.

“This lady, where did you get this item from?”

Ye Yan stroked the pendant with some sadness and said.

“It is a relic left to me by my grandmother, she once instructed me that I must protect it well, but, I am too short of money now, so I want to offer it ……”

Ye Yan’s words surprised Ye Lu, he also didn’t expect that his grandmother who had been silent would actually have such a thing, however, seeing Ye Yan’s appearance, Ye Lu still sighed and said.

“Unfortunately, this lady, although this pendant is from the Spring and Autumn period, it is not high antique jade, nor is it made of bronze or anything like that, so it is not worth much money.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Yan’s expression immediately became gloomy, then silently bowed her head and left.

Looking at Ye Yan’s despondent back, Ye Lu suddenly felt some heartache inexplicably.

So, during his lunch break, he and Gushiki suggested that he wanted to go around and plunder some goods to return for money, but as a result, Gushiki was dead set against it.

“Makeup takes too long, and it’s likely that another painting will be slightly different from this one, so you name it, a couple of million, and I’ll have the right to have the shop manager give it to you straight away.”

Gu Shiqi said with great bravado.

Ye Lu thought about the price of the house that Ye Yan had posted, and then took a million out of Gushiki.

After another busy afternoon, in the evening, Ye Luo then hurriedly arrived at the hotel that he had agreed with Ye Yan.

When she saw Ye Lu suddenly appear in front of her, Ye Yan was a little surprised and asked.

“Ye Luo, how come you are here?”

Ye Luo looked at her and said with a smile in the voice on the phone.

“Actually, I’m just Zhao Xian Sen!”


Chapter 24

Hearing Ye Lu’s accent, Ye Yan immediately understood that the person she was talking to on the phone was Ye Lu, so her face quickly sank down as she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, you’re f*cking joking with sister, right?”

Seeing Ye Yan’s face was about to get mad, Ye Lu hurriedly laughed and said.

“Sister Ye Yan, if you want to sell the house, how can you also inform me, otherwise if you sell the house, where will I live?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Ye Yan’s face immediately showed an apologetic expression, but, following that, she slapped the table and said.

“Don’t worry about that, if there is a mouthful of food from Sister, I will share half of it with you, if there is a bed for Sister, there will be half of a quilt for you, from now on, you will follow me wherever Sister lives.”

Ye Yan said in a loud voice, and as a result, everyone around looked over.

Ye Lu was also almost amused by this old sister of his, this aura is not inferior to men, but give me half a quilt what the hell is this.

However, he still smiled and said.

“OK, with this word from my sister I am relieved, but I really came here to buy your house this time, look, I have brought all the money.”

With these words, Ye Lu placed a large suitcase on the table and “pop!” It opened with a bang.

Piles and piles of red-coloured tickets appeared in Ye Yan’s eyes, a scene that was too visually striking, and of course, Ye Lu had deliberately asked them to help draw the cash in order to create this effect.

It was because he wanted Ye Yan to tell them all about her suffering.

“See, this is one million, I wonder if it can solve your current trouble?”

After seeing this box of money, Ye Yan swallowed with glowing eyes, but immediately afterwards she looked at Ye Lu with wide gla*ses and said.

“Where did you get so much money at such a young age, it can’t be from the evil way, can it? Tell me the truth, if not, not only can I not take this money, you can’t take it either, you know?”

Seeing Ye Yan’s worried and serious look, Ye Lu couldn’t help but give her a nod in his heart, she was so short of money, she actually thought of herself, this was indeed too rare.

But of course, Ye Lu had already thought of a way to deal with this, so he took out a receipt along with a contract for the acquisition.

This was, of course, a fake contract that he had gotten from the antique shop at Gushiqi’s house, which roughly meant that he had sold his family’s collection of high antique jade to the antique shop for one million dollars, with the money and goods cleared, signed, hand-stamped, sealed and all that, and it was not up to Ye Yan not to believe it.

The reason why Ye Lu did this was because he was worried that if he told the truth, Ye Yan might not be willing to believe it, but would instead search for the root of the matter, which would then be another unnecessary trouble.

“You bought your family’s heirloom?”

Ye Yan asked with some surprise.

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Anyway, it’s a broken stone, there’s no use keeping it, only I didn’t expect it to be so valuable, you should hurry up and use this money, I can’t use it as a student, and I have to keep our home, don’t I, after all, it’s left by grandma, besides I don’t want to sleep on the streets.”

Hearing Ye Lu mention her grandmother, Ye Yan suddenly cried with red eyes, obviously touching a sad spot in her.

Ye Lu had never seen Ye Yan like this before, so she handed her a piece of tissue paper.

Ye Yan wiped her tears before saying.

“Yeah, I don’t want us to be homeless either, so I wanted to be ruthless and sell this thing my grandmother left me so I wouldn’t have to sell the house, but unfortunately the experts said it wasn’t worth much.”

Ye Yan continued as she spoke, babyishly pulling the Immortal Mansion Key with its body heat out of her chest.

“Since you have a better solution than me, I’ll talk to you about it.”

“Like you, I was brought up by my grandmother since I was a child, at that time, my grandmother did not work as a pancake stall, but as a fruit stall, which was even more tiring than when she brought you up, when I was about to start primary school, someone from my grandfather’s family came and took me away, at that time, my grandmother also couldn’t let me go, but my grandfather’s people said that I could have a better learning, living environment and a better future when I went to them. ”

“Grandma thought about it for several nights and eventually let me go with Grandpa.”

“Grandpa was born and raised in our city, but at that time grandpa was not in the city, but in the capital, he was also quite an influential person in the capital, so this separation between me and grandma was for many years, grandpa’s family was very strict and did not allow me to see grandma, I could only call once in a while, so all these years, I always knew there was a brother like you, but never saw you.”

“However, just some time ago, something happened to Grandpa, it was said that he suddenly became seriously ill and became bedridden, and this collapse never led to him getting up again, and his condition became increasingly serious.”

“With grandfather unable to control the family power, the whole family began to fight openly and secretly, I, the unpopular illegitimate granddaughter, of course, followed the bad luck, I was expelled from the family, and was also set up by the daughter of the second uncle’s family to owe 700,000 foreign debts, tonight they are coming to collect the debt, this is the reason why I want to sell the house.”

Ye Yan said a whole lot of family matters in one word, the more she said, the more sad she became, obviously full of disappointment with this so-called family.

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“What kind of a person is grandpa? If he wakes up, will he administer justice?”

Ye Yan nodded and said.

“Grandpa is indeed a very nice person, although he is powerful, he is fair and just, it’s just a pity that he has trouble speaking after being very sick, I guess he won’t be able to live much longer.”

Hearing Ye Yan finish, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Then things will be fine, I’ll just go and cure your grandfather’s illness.”

Ye Yan was taken aback by Ye Lu’s words, and she said with wide eyes.

“You know how to heal?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Yes, I forgot to tell you, I’m actually a doctor.”

Of course Ye Yan wouldn’t believe it, she skimmed her lips and said.

“Cut, you are still a doctor, you doctor I am Hua Tuo, talk about business, stop it.”

Ye Luo then said with a smile.

“Who is making a scene, what I said is also business, don’t believe me, then let me ask you, have you been suffering from severe stomach pains recently due to drinking and poor rest?”

This time Ye Yan was a bit surprised, she had actually always had a bad stomach, plus this period of depression and drinking to drown her sorrows, her stomach was indeed getting more and more painful, especially now when she was on an empty stomach it was more obvious.

So she nodded and said.

“Yes, can you cure it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, hand to hand.”

With the experience of treating the old man in the morning, Ye Lu was already quite confident in his own healing skills, and while he was appraising himself during the day, he had not forgotten to use the methods taught in the “Strengthening Ability” to run his meridians, so the wisp of spiritual energy that had disappeared in the morning had long since reunited, and was even stronger than the one in the morning.

Seeing that Ye Yan still looked like she was in doubt, Ye Lu looked at her and said.

“Sister Ye Yan, sit on this side of me, I can help you heal here, okay?”

Ye Yan was a little skeptical as she snapped the suitcase shut and then sat down next to Ye Lu.

Ye Lu looked around, this seat was in the corner and quite remote, so he came up to Ye Yan’s ear and whispered.

“Sister Ye Yan, lift up your clothes, my treatment is a ma*sage, so I need to press on your stomach to do so.”

As soon as she heard that she had to lift up her clothes, Ye Yan immediately flipped out.

“Sh*t! You brat wants to take advantage of me!”

For his part, Ye Lu skimmed his lips and said.

“Cut! If I wanted to take advantage of you, I would have done so long ago, so I would have waited until today.

When she heard Ye Yan say that she had already taken advantage of her, she suddenly remembered that she had not worn a bra that morning, and her face suddenly turned red.

Still, when she felt a large, hot hand touch her smooth stomach, Ye Yan couldn’t help but tremble a little.

Following that, she then felt something warm slowly seep out from Ye Lu’s hand and gradually wrapped around the painful part of her stomach, the pain began to disappear little by little and the whole stomach gradually turned warm.

At this moment, she finally understood that this brother was not talking nonsense, he could really heal, and it was really quite miraculous.

Then, she became ecstatic, perhaps grandpa was really saved.

However, just at this time, several figures suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Aiya, look, guys, isn’t this Missy? What, sold out to a little white boy, where is this touching? What a Sl*t! I say, how can we return my money before touching?”

The woman at the head of the group looked at Ye Lu and Ye Yan and said in a sinister manner.