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Super School Student Chapter 151-152

Chapter 151

Hearing everyone’s question, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Actually, I can tell fortunes, plus I have another identity, I am a special advisor to the police department, so I know these routines of theirs very well.”

Of course everyone didn’t fully believe in Ye Lu’s words, however, everyone thought that it was probably because Ye Lu happened to know that Peng Tao, that’s why he knew so well.

However, the fact that Ye Lu could know so clearly the authenticity of the limited edition bags and watches in the other party’s hand made both Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize a little surprised, because they both knew better, if they were not very familiar with these luxury items, they would not be able to see the authenticity of these things so easily.

At least even a guy like Nie Yibiao, who was wearing a big gold chain and a small gold watch, didn’t see anything at all. Of course, what was even more unsettling for Nie Yibiao was that he doubted very much that Ye Lu would see that the big gold chain and small gold watch he was wearing were also fake.

In fact, Nie Yibiao’s family was indeed very rich, the Nie family was also a big family, and Nie Yibiao was also very rich before, only that recently, there were some changes in his family, so the economy was tighter than ever, so he sold his things and got some fake ones to wear.

And the reason he had come here to treat himself was because this was actually one of his family’s hotels, so it actually didn’t cost him anything to eat here.

“This kid Ye Lu wouldn’t know all about it already, would he?”

Nie Yibiao looked at Ye Lu with some uncertainty in his heart, while Ye Lu looked at him and smiled casually, which made him feel more and more uncertain in his heart.

In fact, Ye Lu did not know that the gla*ses could indeed tell the authenticity of these things, but Ye Lu was not bored enough to see the authenticity of the things on his cla*smates.

“What the hell is this Ye Luo’s deal?”

While Ye Lu was out on the phone, Nie Yibiao looked at Mu Zize and asked.

Because he felt that Mu Zi Ze and Ye Lu were a little more familiar, and, moreover, he could tell that despite his claim to be the boss of the dormitory, Mu Zi Ze had a little more respect for Ye Lu and a little less for himself.

As a result, Mu Zi Ze said with a smile.

“How can I put it? I don’t really know what exactly Ye Lu’s origins are, but I know that two famous professors from our school both came to pull him in on the first day of school and brought very expensive gifts.”

As soon as he heard that a professor had come to woo Ye Lu on his first day at school, and two of them had come at once, Nie Yibiao was even more confused.

Although his name had the word “Biao” in it and he was also a little bit “Biao”, but the fact that he could get into a key university like “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” meant that he should have no problem with his intelligence, so he understood very well what two professors coming to woo Ye Lu meant.

“Maybe I should call him Brother Lu instead.”

Nie Yibiao started muttering in his heart, he wasn’t someone who didn’t know how to be flexible, and since Ye Lu was such a big deal, he didn’t mind giving up the position of boss to him.

So, when Ye Lu returned, Nie Yibiao looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“That, Ye Lu, I just heard Xiao Mu say that your background is very bullish, so why don’t you come and be the boss of our dormitory, and I’ll retire to the third line.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Mu Zize and you said something about Professor Wu and Professor Qin coming to me, don’t listen to him, it’s all a misunderstanding, so it’s better for you to be the boss, after all, didn’t you say that you are the most powerful and strongest in the dormitory, and you know a lot of people, you are the most capable of protecting us, from now on we will all be Brother Biao’s people.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Nie Yibiao then said with a heated smile.

“Hey, hey, when it comes to that, then I’m really going to be the one to beat, you guys just look at my vinegar bowl sized fist, don’t look at Jin Kun, you’re big, you’re really not necessarily my opponent in a real fight.”

As he said that, he gave Jin Kun a look.

Jin Kun didn’t say anything, he just drank silently there.

Seeing that Jin Kun also had no opinion, Nie Yibiao said even more happily.

“That’s good, then I’m still your Brother Biao, academically I don’t dare to say, because it is said that there is also a top student with a bubble in his brain to our school this year, but fighting I am certainly not ambiguous, when someone dares to bully you, you will come to Brother Biao, beat or cripple him his D*mn self.”

Nie Yibiao said arrogantly.

Indeed, Nie Yibiao’s body was considered good, but in Ye Lu’s opinion, he was just an ordinary student, not even a cultivator, and if a cultivator appeared he would definitely be abused in various ways.

Following that, Nie Yibiao said with a smile.

“But, you said that ‘Pancake Scholar’, he was able to lean on the Scholarship, and he actually came to our school, do you guys think he’s a stupid fork?”

Hearing Nie Yibiao’s words, Mu Zi Ze also laughed and said.

“I guess it’s about the same, you hear the name, ‘Pancake Scholar’ doesn’t feel much higher in wisdom either.”

To this, Ye Lu could only laugh.

In this way, everyone happily rubbed a big meal, and in the afternoon, Ye Lu and Ye Yan went to look for shops again while school was not in session. Ye Yan said that she had already chosen which villa to build, and asked Ye Lu to just transfer the money to her, and give her 50 million together with the decoration money for her to toss.

Ye Luo of course had no problem with this, and let Ye Yan handle it herself, and was happy to be free.

As for the shop, Ye Lu had his own ideas, so Ye Lu looked at Ye Yan and said.

“Older sister, I feel that the shop doesn’t need to be opened in a busy place, find a place with a good environment, something clean, you can still play games every day and just sell some goods by the way, we’re not short of money now anyway.”

In fact, the main reason for letting Ye Yan open a shop was because Ye Lu saw that this old sister had nothing to do and she didn’t want to work, so this was a way to make a living.

As for how much she bought these elixirs for, whether she could make money or not and so on, Ye Lu didn’t care.

And, to be honest, these pills Ye Lu felt like they would be swept away even if there was an unlimited supply, so it was just a matter of finding a comfortable shop for Ye Yan to go and have some fun.

Ye Yan thought about it then nodded and said.

“Well, there is some truth in what you say, and the thing I want to do most is not to sell goods anyway, I have other things to do.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu then asked with some curiosity.

“Then what is it that you want to do, old sister?”

Ye Yan said in a serious manner.

“I want to find out where Grandma really is?”

These were the most surprising words he had heard in a while, countless times more surprising than the gla*ses he had picked up.

“What did you say? Grandma is still alive?”

He asked, looking at Ye Yan with wide eyes.

Yeyan nodded and said.

“I think most of it is, but I’m not too sure now, this matter is related to the Ye family, and you haven’t seen Grandma’s remains, have you? Grandma died rather suddenly, as if she had evaporated, don’t you think it’s strange?”

Hearing Ye Yan talk about it, Ye Lu recalled the situation at that time.

At that time, Grandma said she was going on a trip with some grandparents nearby, and then she never came back, the police gave the news that the plane crashed midway, and at that time, the newspapers and the media had also reported it extensively, so it should have been true, so Ye Lu had never suspected this matter.

Following that, Ye Yan then continued.

“Originally, I thought you were just a useless idiot, so I never mentioned this matter to you, but now it seems that you are still quite useful, so I thought it would be better to talk to you about it.”

Hearing Ye Yan say that she characterised herself as a fool, Ye Lu frowned, but at the moment he was more concerned about his grandmother, so he looked at Ye Yan and asked.

“Why do you have to be so suspicious?”

Ye Yan said with a sigh.

“This matter, don’t be anxious, I actually heard it from grandpa, when he was in a daze he said he was sorry for grandma and said words that he hoped she would come back soon, but then he denied it again.”

When Ye Yan finished speaking, Ye Lu thought fast.

He felt that what Ye Yan said was right, if grandma had really died, even if grandpa was seriously ill, he would have said “I hope to see grandma soon” instead of saying something about coming back soon, so it looked like he had to find a chance to go to the Ye family.

He felt that since he didn’t talk to Ye Yan, most of them wouldn’t talk to themselves either.

So, after deciding on the location of the shop, Ye Lu took the initiative to contact Mo Xiaomi and asked her to bring her car over, so that he could add the “weapon pattern” to the car and go racing with the rich kids.


Chapter 152

However, before he went to meet Mo Xiaomi, Ye Lu put on a make-up, of course, he had a stylist do it, he was not good at it himself.

The stylist wasn’t ambiguous, he changed his eyebrows, skin tone and moustache, and after a change of clothes, he just turned into a gentle middle-aged man.

“This is a good look, I’ll follow this look from now on, count me in for a booking and give you a tip of 10,000 in advance.”

Ye Lu said in a grandiose manner.

It would certainly be much easier to move around with another identity, and Ye Luo gave this identity the name “Luo Zhiqiu”.

Because the origin of his name was the saying “A leaf falls and the whole world knows the autumn”, and there was also an idiom “A leaf falls and knows the autumn”, so he thought the name “Luo Zhiqiu” was just right.

“From now on, my identity will be Mr. Luo.”

Ye Luo smiled, satisfied with his look.

“Who are you?”

When Ye Luo arrived at the designated place and met Mo Xiaomi, Mo Xiaomi looked at Ye Luo with a bewildered expression and asked.

“How do you know my name?”

Ye Luo changed his voice a bit, then said with a grin.

“Thunder monkey, I know it from my friend, he said you are very expensive, one million a night, oh no oh?”

As he said that, Ye Lu opened the parcel he was carrying, inside were piles and piles of banknotes, at a glance it was more than a million, in fact the money was used to help Ye Yan buy a shop.

Ye Lu felt that the shop didn’t need to be very big anyway, and the potions covered a small area, so it would be better to just buy a shop and save the trouble of paying rent and so on.

Seeing the pile of money, instead of being happy, Mo Xiaomi kicked it over.

“F**k off, what the hell are you?”

Ye Lu dodged the kick sideways, then said with a smile.

“The price is low you can mulberry amount again la, 10 million, swell?”

As a result, Mo Xiaomi rolled up the sleeve of her dress and rushed over and said.

“It seems that if I don’t show you some colour, you won’t know how powerful I am.”

Seeing Mo Xiaomi’s appearance, Ye Lu laughed.

Ye Lu saw Mo Xiaomi’s rough words, combined with her exposed look, so he thought she might not be a good bird, so he saved his breath to test her out, but to his surprise, although this chick looked unreliable, she was quite principled.

“Heh heh! Alright, alright, I’m Ye Luo la.”

Seeing that Mo Xiaomi had really made a move, Ye Luo laughed.

From Ye Lu’s voice, of course Mo Xiaomi could tell that this person was Ye Lu, she stopped her hand and then looked at Ye Lu with a puzzled face and asked.

“What do you mean by getting into this two-stroke look?”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi’s words, Ye Lu’s head was instantly filled with black lines, thinking, “How did I become such a decent and elegant gentleman with a two-stroke look?

However, he was too lazy to discuss these aesthetic issues with Mo Xiaomi as he smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about this, because I want to be low-key, low-key do you understand?”

As a result, Mo Xiaomi skimmed her lips and said.

“Save it, no one will know a loser like you even if you are high-profile.”

Ye Lu thought about it, then said slyly.

“Alright, you’re right, let’s not talk about these useless things, let me add a defensive ‘weapon pattern’ to your car first, to ensure that even a bomb can’t destroy your car.”

As he said that, Ye Lu picked up the “burin pen” and prepared to draw on the carriage cover.


Mo Xiaomi hurriedly stopped her.

“This is someone else’s car, what if you scratch it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, it won’t break, the ‘weapon pattern’ doesn’t really have to be carved as deep as the reliefs, because its essence is to use the laws of heaven and earth rather than relying on its own power, so even if I draw it, it will barely be visible from the surface, besides, don’t worry, if the owner of the car is an insider Besides, don’t worry, if the owner of the car is a connoisseur, he will be very happy, the price of a car with a powerful ‘weapon pattern’ can be more than doubled!

Of course, all this was something that Ye Lu only knew after consulting the information temporarily.

Through the information, he found out that these “patterns of laws” were actually used by smiths for many things, not just for smithing.

Mo Xiaomi looked at Ye Lu with some suspicion and started to do it, but she found that Ye Lu really didn’t scratch the car in a mess, which rea*sured her a lot, she was already very grateful that Sister Long gave her the car to play with, she didn’t want to ruin Sister Long’s car.

This kind of basic defence texture was very familiar to Ye Lu, and there was a great advantage to drawing the “pattern of laws” on the car, and that was that there was enough space.

Most “magic weapons” were small in size, such as a knife, or a bracelet, earrings and so on, and it was very difficult to carve complex “law patterns”, even the larger magic weapons were only like long swords, in fact, the area carved was also very small, but the car was different, it was simply too big.

So, it didn’t take long for Ye Lu to finish drawing it.

After it was all drawn, Ye Lu looked around and on the side of the road sat some unused floor tile like things that were large in size, he walked over and carried a piece over, then slammed it down amidst Mo Xiaomi’s surprised expression.

“Don’t ……”

Mo Xiaomi shouted up when it was already too late, the floor tile in Ye Lu’s hand had already smashed down.


The air on the surface of the car rippled like a water wave, followed by it calming down, while the car was not even a hair’s breadth.

“Hehehe, good effect.”

Ye Luo put you brick back again, then rubbed his hands together and said with a smile.

Mo Xiaomi was already astonished, and it was only after half a day that she looked at Ye Luo and asked in disbelief.

“Ye Lu, you …… how did you do that?”

In Mo Xiaomi’s opinion, Ye Lu might be a very capable guy and had a good mind to solve cases, because all these Mo Wen had once praised Ye Lu in front of her, in order to sell Ye Lu, Mo Wen, the old mother, had not spared much effort, but how could she not expect Ye Lu to know this.

She had actually thought about adding a “weapon tattoo” to the car a long time ago, so that it would be much safer, but the “weapon tattoo” was too expensive for her to afford, and she was too embarra*sed to ask Sister Long to add it, so she had left it like that, but she didn’t expect Ye Lu to get such a powerful “weapon tattoo” so soon, how much would it cost?

Ye Lu looked at her and said with a smile.

“Well, let me tell you, when I am in this shape, my name is ‘Luo Zhiqiu’, you can call me Mr. Luo, as for my identity, if anyone asks, just say it’s mysterious and you don’t know.”

To be honest, Ye Luo didn’t know what identity he should make up for this “Mr. Luo”, because he might use this identity in alchemy, weapon refining, fighting and so on, so he might as well just use a vague background.

Mo Xiaomi smiled happily and said.

“Hehehe, good, then Mr. Luo let’s get going, the sisters are still waiting for me.”

Following that, the two drove to a car club like place, where there were luxury cars everywhere, however, the clear ones here were all female drivers.

Seeing Mo Xiaomi coming, the sisters all ran over.

“Quick, Xiaomi show us what that Ye Lu looks like.”

“Yes, let me see if there are three heads and six arms.”

“I’m curious whose stockings he used that day, next time you can use mine haha, the original flavor oh!”


The result is that everyone didn’t see to Ye Luo, went to see from the car came out a middle-aged man with a moustache.

“Hello guys, I am Luo Xian Sen.”

Ye Luo gave a salute and said politely.

At this point the crowd was confused, which one was this Mr. Luo?

Mo Xiaomi hurriedly explained.

“Actually, that person that day was not Ye Luo la, it was my wrong guess, this Mr. Luo is the real expert.”

The crowd looked at Ye Luo with some confusion, but they didn’t say anything, since Mo Xiaomi had said so, they chose to believe it unconditionally.

“Xiaomi, why do you still have a bike in your car?”

At this time, someone looked at Mo Xiaomi’s car in confusion and asked, in fact, Ye Lu also felt that it was a bit strange to have a bicycle in the car before.

Mo Xiaomi then smiled and said.

“I borrowed this from a friend, don’t underestimate it, it’s a top-of-the-line bike of more than 100,000 yuan, hey, it’s a pity that I can’t afford such a car in my life.”

Mo Xiaomi said as she touched the bike with some love.

This startled Ye Lu, he was a bit confused, what kind of bike was so expensive? It looked like this friend of Mo Xiaomi’s was quite rich.

However, the group didn’t dwell on this matter as a girl shouted loudly.

“Sisters! Let’s go, we’ll give those men a little show tonight!”