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Super School Student Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153


“Let’s go!”

These hot girls looked like they weren’t afraid of anything, and immediately started their sports cars and drove out of the clubhouse one by one, and then drove towards the countryside.

The venue for the competition was “Sunset Mountain”, a relatively large mountain in the west of the city, but a long way from here.

“Is the guy Xiaomi found okay? He doesn’t seem to have anything to do with racing, does he?”

In the other car, one of the sisters looked at the person next to her and said.

“I don’t think so, most of Xiaomi has been fooled again this time.”

“You don’t think those rich kids will come up with any poisonous tricks.”

“It’s hard to say, this time the race is downhill, then it’s really a competition of skills, their cars are good but their skills are really not necessarily better than ours.”

This sister said confidently.

However, Mo Xiaomi’s side of the story was different.

Mo Xiaomi was a bit worried and said.

“I don’t think we can win the match today.”

Seeing Mo Xiaomi’s gloomy expression, Ye Lu asked with some confusion.

“Why can’t you win? Also, if you can’t win, why do you still want to go to the competition, isn’t that asking for trouble?”

As a result, Mo Xiaomi said slowly.

“We can’t win because we’re not familiar with that track at all, plus that track is notoriously difficult, it’s full of sharp corners, and it’s a downhill track, so I guess the speed won’t be too high, but it will be very dangerous to go through the corners, and although those guys aren’t very skilled, they should run that track a lot, so we basically have no chance.”

“As for why I still agreed, it’s because I’m not scared, how can I possibly concede with them, I really can’t believe I can’t outrun them if I fight to the death.”

In fact, Mo Xiaomi is gambling on that one in ten thousand chance, because this is not a competition of car performance, as long as there is skill, although not familiar with the track, but, there is a little chance to win.

Ye Lu did not expect Mo Xiaomi to be so hard-headed, so he thought about it and said.

“Alright, good luck then, I’ll just remind you of one thing.”

Hearing how serious Ye Lu said, Mo Xiaomi also said with a straight face.

“What is it, just say it.”

Ye Luo then said slowly.

“Make sure to wear your seat belt when you race, safety first.”

As a result, Mo Xiaomi almost didn’t drive the car outside the road with a black line, this is all some gross advice!

After driving for a while, “Sunset Mountain” appeared, which looked unusually tall and even treacherous in the darkness of the night.

“We’ll drive down from the top of this hill.”

Mo Xiaomi said with a grave expression, and soon, the group arrived at the entrance of the track.

“Everyone, pay attention to the track.”

Mo Xiaomi reminded the crowd.

This was perhaps the only chance they had to get familiar with the track, even though it was up a hill.

The track was not very wide, but two cars should have no problem overtaking each other. What impressed Ye Lu was that the track had too many bends, just coming in was a series of five sharp turns, if there was a slight mistake this could really roll into the ravine next to them.

Further up the road, Ye Lu saw that there was actually a cliff section, in short, it was definitely an extremely difficult track, and Mo Xiaomi’s frown was already getting tighter and tighter.

It didn’t take long for the caravan to reach the top of the mountain, and at the starting place at the top, Jin Shao was already waiting there with dozens of people, and dozens of cars.

And Master Xiao Liu had changed into a racer’s outfit and was standing by his side.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that, Mo Xiaomi, you really have guts!”

Shao Jin said as he looked at Mo Xiaomi and exhaled a smoke ring.

Mo Xiaomi pushed open the car door and walked down and said coldly.

“Do you think I’m as weak as you guys? Who am I afraid of, Mo Xiaomi?”

Seeing Mo Xiaomi’s appearance, Jin Shao wiped his saliva and smiled as he continued.

“Fine then, the bet is still the same as the previous bet, if you lose, you will tongue kiss me once, and you sisters will kiss my brothers once, if I lose, we will kneel and kowtow and call you aunties, how about that?”

Mo Xiaomi was just about to speak, but Ye Lu said first.

“Not good.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the crowd all looked at him, and that young Jin looked Ye Luo up and down for a moment before saying coldly.

“Which onion are you? What right do you have to say that.”

Mo Xiaomi then quickly said.

“This is Mr. Luo, he is our special advisor and can make any decision on our behalf.”

Hearing Mo Xiaomi’s words, Sands then asked.

“What about what you said?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Since it’s a competition, how can we be short of winnings, I have a few million in cash here, we’ll use that as a bet, how about that? You won’t be unable to lose, right?”

As a result, Young Jin said with a skittish smile.

“Cut, a few million is nothing, bet on it.”

At this time, Mo Xiaomi looked at Jin Shao and asked.

“How do we compare?”

Jin Shao said as he puffed on his cigarette.

“Of course, whoever is the fastest wins, both sides will each put up people, two at a time, the loser will withdraw, the winner will continue, no repeat entries until one side has no one, don’t worry, we will put up as many people as you put up, we won’t take advantage of you in terms of numbers.”

The rules of this competition were fair and reasonable, so Mo Xiaomi nodded her head.

At this time, Master Xiao Liu next to Jin Shao suddenly took a step forward, reached out and patted Mo Xiaomi’s car and said.

“This car looks good!”

Following this, he revealed an astonished expression as he realised that his dark energy had actually been blocked, and completely.

“What a powerful ‘weapon pattern’!”

He was shocked, because he was also a refiner, so of course he knew the gold content of this kind of “weapon pattern”.

“It’s really good!”

So, he said as he gave it another pat, followed by another one.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, it’s really good, how come it doesn’t break?”

Having been told off by Ye Luo, Master Xiao Liu immediately walked to the side somewhat embarra*sed, and it was then that the girls understood that just now this man was using a dark trick.

Ye Lu wasn’t angry, he smiled and walked over to Young Master Jin’s car, then said.

“It seems like Young Jin’s car is not bad, look how bright the headlights are.”

Both Jin Shao and Master Xiao Liu guessed that Ye Lu must also want to do some damage, but the two of them were not worried at all, especially Master Xiao Liu, this was his master’s masterpiece, if the car had not been damaged last time, Jin Shao’s money would not have been worthy of such a powerful “weapon pattern”, so he was very confident in his heart.


Ye Lu’s hand slapped on the cover of the machine, followed by the sound of the car’s engine stopping and the headlights going out, turning it into a dead car.

“Huh! So this car is just like Jin Shao, it’s a strong outside cargo, how did it go out?”

After the car was shot dead, Ye Luo said with a puzzled look at the car.

Tens of thousands of Tso Nima sped past in Jin Shao’s heart as he stared at Master Xiao Liu, while Master Xiao Liu looked bewildered, as he was also dumbfounded in his heart right now.

“What exactly is this Mr. Luo’s cultivation level?”

He looked at Ye Luo with some surprise, then walked over and reached out his hand and said.

“I’m glad to meet a high level person like Mr. Luo, my name is Liu Yun.”

Ye Luo also smiled and said as he reached out to shake the other party’s hand.

“Luo Zhiqiu!”

And Liu Yun immediately froze, because he actually did not feel true qi within Ye Luo’s body, which meant that the other party was actually not a cultivator, or at the strongest, a Ming Jin cultivator.

Ye Lu ignored Liu Yun who was frozen there motionless, he drew out his hand and looked at Jin Shao and said.

“Then what are you waiting for, let’s start the match!”

Jin Shao glanced at Little Grandmaster Liu who looked as if he had been frozen in place, then nodded and said.

“Good, then we’ll compete, how many of you are out?”

Mo Xiaomi looked at her sisters, then thought for a moment and said.

“We’ll put up eight people.”

Jin Shao you nodded then said.

“Good, then we’ll put up eight people as well, Xiao Lin, you go for the first match.”

He pointed to a very tall racer and said.

The guy made an ‘OK’ gesture and then got into his car and started the bike.

Mo Xiaomi thought for a moment and said.

“Jinxiu, you go first, I’ll go with you.”

When they heard that Mo Xiaomi wanted to join them, everyone showed a puzzled expression, one more person in the car would basically mean that they would lose 100% of the time.

“Mo Xiaomi, do you have a blister in your head?”

Jin Shao looked at Mo Xiaomi and said.

However, Mo Xiaomi ignored him and instead followed Jinxiu towards the car door, then said coldly.

“Who said you can’t race with a co-driver?”


Chapter 154

Ye Luo did understand Mo Xiaomi’s mind, as long as one person could win the race anyway, Mo Xiaomi was prepared to give up Jinxiu to familiarise herself with the track, it was too difficult to take a track that was completely unfamiliar, not to mention the difficulty that this track was known for.

“I didn’t expect this nee-san to have some brains.”

Ye Lu looked at Mo Xiaomi and nodded.

As far as the current situation was concerned, this strategy of having give and take was indeed the most appropriate strategy.

Jin Shao and the others of course immediately understood Mo Xiaomi’s intentions, but he lit a cigarette and said with a smile.

“It’s a waste of effort, our people can drive this track with their eyes closed, you can’t win.”

Ye Lu didn’t say anything but looked at the two cars that were flying down the track, he didn’t know Mo Xiaomi’s racing skills so he couldn’t tell if she had a chance or not, however, looking at the current situation, what Jin Shao said was right, after a straight section into the first turn, Jinxiu’s car started to fall behind significantly and after that the gap got bigger and bigger, it looked like this track was really hard.

That little Master Liu then walked up to Ye Luo’s side and asked.

“That, Mr. Luo, may I ask if you drew that ‘weapon pattern’?”

Ye Luo turned his head to look at him and said with a smile.

“Does it have a dime to do with you?”

This B*****d had just tried to make a move on Mo Xiaomi’s car with Jin Shao, if he hadn’t drawn the ‘weapon pattern’ in advance, and the ‘weapon pattern’ was powerful enough, otherwise he would have really fallen into his trap.

Liu Yun smiled a little embarra*sed and said.

“No, no, but I am curious, you are not a cultivator, how did you destroy that car? That car is a ‘weapon pattern’ drawn by my master.”

Ye Lu looked at him and said indifferently.

“Is your master very awesome? Actually, it’s not that I’m so powerful, it’s that his car’s performance is so poor that it’s typically useless in appearance.”

Seeing that he couldn’t ask anything from Ye Lu, Master Xiao Liu had to give up, he didn’t dare to come across with Ye Lu, he vaguely felt that Ye Lu was somewhat unfathomable.

On the other hand, Jin Shao had a relaxed look on his face.

“Come on, open a case of beer, eat and drink, let’s get high!”

He shouted to the crowd.

Obviously these people had prepared for this, and soon, all sorts of things were set out, and there were actually people with cards, playing landlord.

Seeing these people yelling and drinking and starting to celebrate in advance, the people from Mo Xiaomi’s caravan were all depressed and wanted to go over and scold them, but they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to scold each other with so few people.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, it’s not yet known who will die.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, all the women also cheered themselves up.

“That’s right, our ‘Beauty Team”s driving skills are no mean feat, let Little Mimi teach them a lesson later and let them know who is still the ‘God of Sunset Hill’.”

“Yes, let them see the ‘God of Sunset Hill’.”

“No need for little Mimi, I think Sister Xinran will do, right Big Sister?”

The one called Xinran should be the leader of this “beautiful girl caravan”, hearing the other sisters’ words, she also smiled and said.

“Yes, let them see my big sister’s style later.”

Amidst all the chatter, the two cars had just driven back.

“Xiaomi, how’s the situation? Can it be fixed?”

Seeing Mo Xiaomi come back, everyone gathered around, however, Mo Xiaomi’s expression was a bit gloomy.

She didn’t speak, and Jinxiu, who was beside her, spoke first.

“It’s a bit difficult, especially there are a few corners that are difficult, a little bit of poor control and the possibility of hitting the guardrail is extremely high, especially the last five sharp turns in a row, where we will probably fall behind a lot, moreover, their car’s acceleration system is better than ours, we have even less advantage on the straight road.”

Unfamiliar with the corners and with no advantage on the straights, this battle was indeed a bit difficult to fight.

“What should we do next?”

Someone without an idea began to ask.

This time it was Captain Xinran who spoke up.

She looked at the mountain road and said.

“Let’s send one of our best men to try it out this time and do our best to drive and see how far we are from them.”

As the saying goes, “If you know your enemy, you can’t lose a hundred battles”, and this was indeed necessary.

So the second man came on, and as the other side had won, the other side, of course, was still driven by the man called “Kobayashi”, who smiled in disbelief when he saw the new man coming and said.

“It looks like I’m all that’s left.”

The second girl ignored him and got into the car, while we stood at the top of the hill and watched the two of them start to speed down the hill.

Sure enough, the girls fell behind slightly on the acceleration section, as the other car accelerated quickly, but the gap was not significant, as the two were about a third of a body length behind each other through the first turn, followed by the second turn, after which the gap widened again.

However, it seemed that the girls gradually became familiar with the track after a few turns, and actually did not fall behind much in the later turns, but helplessly, although they did not fall behind but could not overtake their rivals, and eventually the most difficult successive turns, again fell behind, so the gap was still quite obvious in the end.

“It’s a shame, if only we had been given more time to practice, we could have won for sure.”

The crowd nodded back.

From a technical point of view, Team Maiden didn’t feel that bad, but the gap between the track and the cars made it very difficult to overtake their rivals.

“No, I want to see it again.”

After seeing the problems in the race, Mo Xiaomi gritted her teeth and said.

Another look would mean that another person would fail, but no one said anything, after all, there was nothing anyone else could do.

So Mo followed the car one more time, and by now Team Beauty had lost three games in a row.

“Hey, it looks like I’m really going to have you all in one pot.”

Kobayashi said with a grin on his face.

“I’ll do it this time.”

Captain Xinran said after thinking about it.

Her skills were comparable to Mo Xiaomi’s, however, Mo Xiaomi was more daring while Xinran was a bit more steady, so if even Xinran couldn’t manage it, I guess it would have to be Mo Xiaomi.

If Mo Xiaomi lost too, it would be a complete failure.

“Sister Xinran, go for it!”

“Go for it!”

“Beat those stinky men!”


Everyone started to give Xinran a boost of energy.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, Xinran ended up failing too, and it was only then that everyone realised that the speed just now was not the limit of that other car, which could still accelerate even faster.

“Holy Sh*t, what kind of a car is that?”

“No way, how much does this Termo cost to modify.”

“This speed, this damping is no one.”


This time everyone really got to see the superb performance of this car.

And across the room, Young Kim smiled and said.

“How about that? Amazing, this is one of the god cars I built, although you guys played one to death, but this one you can’t win, this is the god of cars.”

Whether it was the god of cars or not Ye Lu didn’t know, but the performance was great anyway.

However, Ye Lu also found another thing that was hard to understand, that is, he found that Xiao Lin seemed to have improved a lot in this race than before all of a sudden.

“There seems to be something odd about that racer.”

Ye Lu looked at Xiao Lin and said.

“Did he take dope, how did he become so powerful all of a sudden?”

At this time, another girl suddenly said.

“It’s not doping, I remembered him, he’s a professional racer, what’s his name again, I forgot, he should have hidden his strength just now and deliberately acted like he was similar to us.”

“That’s right, when you said that I remembered, his name is Lin Yang is indeed a professional racing driver, he seems to have won a race of some kind.”

At this time, another person also said as if he had dawned on him.

It seemed that Mr. Jin had already thought about it and wanted to let this guy go through to the end and crush all the people from the “Beauty Team” in one go.

“We’re going to lose now.”

Someone said dejectedly.

At this time, Mo Xiaomi suddenly walked up to Ye Luo’s side and asked.

“Mr. Luo, you said that this car is strong and I won’t die if I fasten my seat belt, right?”

Ye Luo didn’t know what Mo Xiaomi was going to do, so he nodded mechanically.

Mo Xiaomi then smiled and said.

“That’s good.”

After saying that, she walked over and started the car.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, suddenly understood somewhat what she was going to do.

“This crazy person!”

Ye Luo muttered with some surprise.