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Super School Student Chapter 173-174

Chapter 173

Free to move around, Ye Lu walked towards the bleachers and began to study it on the bleachers.

Ye Luo felt that it seemed a bit difficult to fix this matter without any flaw. It was true that the aura in his own body would not be sensed, or at least, it would not be taken as true aura, but if he used his aura to do something on the other side, one, the other side could feel it, and two, there were so many people around, it was likely that he would see the flaw.

Moreover, Ye Lu observed through his gla*ses that this instructor was also a cultivator, such a person was in extremely good physical condition, it was impossible for him to have problems such as suddenly falling down with leg pain, so he had to think of a more clever way to do it, at least so that all the people who saw it could not see the flaw.

After all, almost all the freshmen were watching.

There were quite a few sons of big families among these freshmen, and these people might not be at a high level themselves, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with their vision, so they had to succeed in fooling them to do so.

“How do I do that?”

Suddenly, Ye Lu thought of a way out.

He himself knew two more things than others, one was that he could refine pills and cure diseases, an ability that was not very useful in this matter, and the other was that he could refine weapons.

The other method that Ye Lu thought of was to draw “weapon patterns”.

The formations made up by these “patterns of laws” were very varied, and now was a good time to use them. So, Ye Lu looked around and saw that no one seemed to be watching him, so he sat down on the bleachers and began to draw the formations quickly.

After he finished drawing, he sat down on the edge of the bleachers and looked at the playground one by one, he suddenly felt that this kind of lively scene was quite interesting.

Such hustle and bustle was what university life was all about! It was so colourful and interesting.

Soon, the formation training came to an end, and that instructor smiled as he walked to the bleachers, while the cla*s was arranged on one side of the bleachers, and people from other cla*ses also came together and surrounded the bleachers, obviously, this was all arranged by that instructor, so that no matter what Ye Luo did, he could not hide.

For his part, Ye Lu stood up and walked up to the instructor and said with a smile.

“Isn’t it, as long as I can touch your head I win? We made a deal, you can’t renege on it, so many people are watching.”

The instructor said with a smile.

“That’s for sure, I never go back on my word.”

Only then did Ye Lu nod, then smiled and stepped back, of course, as he did so he had already activated the formation.

Seeing this scene, the people at the bottom all started to talk.

“This kid really doesn’t know the sky is high, and he really wants to fight!”

“Yes, doesn’t he know that the instructor is a Dark Strength powerhouse, how can he get close to an ordinary person, it’s simply for nothing.”

“Who says no, not to mention touching the head, for such an expert, I don’t see how you can touch any part of your body at all.”

“Yes, touch me and I’ll eat the soar.”


Through the discussion below, Ye Lu found that it was just as he thought, unlike the previous Liao city, there were obviously people in the capital who knew about cultivators.

Ye Luo stood quickly when he had almost retreated, then looked at the instructor and said with a smile.

“You do it!”

The instructor originally wanted to let Ye Lu attack, and to do a ripple himself, using his hand alone to dissolve the opponent’s attack, wanting to use this to put on a show, but he did not expect Ye Lu to follow the rules and let himself attack first.

However, looking at Ye Lu’s smiling face, he thought to himself.

“Well then, let me deliver a clean and beautiful blow and knock him down, but I can’t hurt him or use my full strength, otherwise I won’t be able to force myself enough!”

To deal with someone like Ye Luo if he still used his full strength to fight, in his opinion, it was obviously a bit self-defeating.

So, he said with a smile as he walked towards Ye Luo.

“Don’t worry, I’ll only use one hand, if I use other parts to attack you, it’ll count as my loss.”

He felt that he should be okay with this P***y, especially with the confident smile on his face, he had practiced for a long time for these college girls, as he knew very well that this was the best time to pick up girls in his military career.

However, what he didn’t expect was that when he was about to walk up to Ye Luo, Ye Luo suddenly pointed at the sky and said.

“Look, a grey machine!”

Of course he wouldn’t fall for such a little trick, besides there was no sound at all in the sky, there were no clouds, it was clear as day, there was a hairy plane.

However, immediately after that, the dumb thing happened, he felt a force rising from the ground, this force sucked his feet, then another force but through the meridians made him lift his head upwards violently, as if he was really looking at the plane, and what was even more dumb was that his body was also bound.

At the same time, Ye Falling quickly took a step forward to reach out and touch him on the face.

At the same time as Ye Falling’s foot landed, the bondage and the strange sensation disappeared again.


“That works too!”

“Where’s the plane?”

“So deceitful, the instructor is so innocent.”

“That’s what they call a pure heart, I like it.”

“Yes, such a pure-hearted boy is hard to find nowadays.”

“I love you, instructor!”


The crowd of women suddenly rose up.

Originally, the instructor was still very depressed, but hearing the girls’ comments and shouts, he suddenly realized that this seemed to be not bad, so he scratched his head and smiled somewhat awkwardly.

In fact, he was completely dumbfounded in his heart, he didn’t know what the hell was going on just now.

That Ye Lu clearly hadn’t touched him at all, yet he himself had been hit, this was completely unscientific, was it a remote control, he had never heard of such kung fu, he looked down at the ground again, there was nothing on the ground, he took two steps back and forth and found nothing all the same.


In fact, just now Ye Luo took a step forward with the purpose of triggering the formation’s mechanism to make it disappear.

It was a superimposed formation, consisting of the Binding Formation and the Pulse Control Formation, with the Binding Formation holding the person in place and the Pulse Control Formation manipulating the operation of the person’s meridians.

Luckily, this instructor was only an ordinary Dark Power powerhouse, so it did not require a particularly complex and powerful formation to solve the problem.

However, although Ye Lu had speculated, no one said anything bad about him, after all, for an ordinary person, there was only a little trick to play in such a situation.

Seeing that his aim had also been achieved, the instructor then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Alright, you’ve won, today’s training is all over, I’m granting you special permission to move freely during your military training.”

After saying that, the instructor and Ye Lu looked at each other and smiled, anyway, both of them had achieved their objectives, and there was no grudge between them, it was a win-win situation.

Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize, however, were slightly disappointed, as the two of them were still waiting for Ye Lu to bash the instructor and engage in a counter-kill scene or something.

At this moment, in the Miao family, Lin Ruyue was looking at Miao Fengling with some surprise, because she didn’t expect Miao Fengling to be able to cure her eyes. After this period of observation, she already had a better understanding of the Miao family’s medical skills, as well as Miao Fengling’s level, and the questions she came up with followed her teacher’s principles, which were sick to the point of despair.

In fact, her thought was that as long as Miao Fengling could get the right symptoms and prevent herself from being completely blind, she hadn’t even thought about the matter of her curing herself.

Moreover, just now Miao Fengling had said that she was cured by using dark energy, which was even more incredible, even her dad should not have this insight.

“Come over here and I’ll take a look.”

Lin Ruyue said without moving her voice.

The character Lin Ru Yue cosplayed today was Tsunade from Naruto, and her snowy white bulging breasts were too big for her eyes.

Lin Ruyue didn’t care about that, she stretched out two hands and pressed both of Miao Fengling’s temples, Miao Fengling’s face was almost buried between her two B**bs, following that, she found out the end, she found out that Miao Fengling wasn’t treated with the dark energy, but with drugs.

“This nee-san must be hiding something.”

Although Lin Ru Yue had big breasts, she wasn’t brainless, so she thought about it and said.

“Good, well done, next I will set a new task, you have three days ……”

At this moment, Ye Lu had already left the playground, he found a secluded place and began to study the pair of “finger tigers”, he wanted to improve the finger tigers first, to help Long Fei Xue get rid of the trouble.

However, what Ye Lu did not know at this moment was that someone was frantically looking for him.


Chapter 174

Master Xiao Liu has been going crazy these last few days, he has been asking around and looking for news of Mr. Luo, but Mo Xiaomi refuses to reveal anything, while others have absolutely no idea about this man, which makes him very depressed.

Of course, it wasn’t him who was really looking for Mr. Luo, but his teacher.

Ever since he had seen the “weapon pattern” and learned of Mr. Luo’s existence, Liu Yun’s teacher had been obsessed with wanting to see him.

In addition, Liu Yun also found out that his teacher had been going to the mountain behind the Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine frequently recently, and he didn’t know what he was up to.

In fact, Liu Yun did not know that his master Tie Zonglin actually wanted to meet Ye Luo again, because the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Ye Luo was extraordinary, but of course, more importantly, Ye Luo was too young, and with such a high level of insight at such a young age, he dared not imagine how terrifying the person behind Ye Luo was.

If he could receive guidance from such a master smith, Tie Zonglin felt that he would be able to go even further.

However, to his disappointment, he came every morning and the other party did not come.

What he didn’t know was that Ye Lu was busy sparring with Doku Ao these days, so his morning practice was cancelled by him for the time being.

“Looks like we’ll have to think of a way to put some pressure on Mo Xiaomi.”

Grandmaster Xiao Liu began to think about it.

In the evening, Ye Lu had already practiced the patterns on his “finger tigers” that needed to be reworked and started to transform the pair of finger tigers, and just as the transformation was completed, several people from the same dormitory came back.

Just as they entered the room, Mu Zi Ze held up his mobile phone and shouted.

“Let me show you guys a hot news ah, there’s a guy who’s going to date the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’.”

When he heard that there was something about himself, Ye Lu put down his “burin pen” and looked at Mu Zi Ze and asked.

“Little Mu, what’s the situation?”

Several other people were also curious, because after the third video about the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” was exposed, the popularity of the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” had skyrocketed, and he was just about to become a hot character.

“Hey, hey!”

Mu Zi Ze said with a smile.

“It’s a guy with the screen name of ‘Only Hands to Cover the Sky’, he asked ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ to fight in seven days, if he doesn’t take the challenge, he’ll harm a college student every day, now everyone is frantically reposting this challenge post. .”

When he heard the words “Only Hands to Cover the Sky”, Ye Lu understood who the other party was.

It should be someone from the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” who was causing trouble.

It seemed that the rumors about the “Heavenly Clan” were true, and they were probably really vicious and vengeful.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and asked Mu Zi Ze.

“Is this ‘Heavenly Clan’ very famous? Is it more powerful than the big clans?”

As a result, Mu Zi Ze looked at him with a look like a mountain boy and said.

“Don’t you know, gangs are the most terrifying in this world, they have to be more terrifying than those clans, it’s the same as a closed system and an open system, do you see if our country got stronger instantly after the reform and opening up?”

Ye Lu pondered slightly, and it turned out that what he said really seemed to have some truth to it.

Mu Zi Ze then went on to say.

“‘The ‘Shade Sky Gang’ is a gang that has only suddenly risen in the past few years, and is known for its cruelty and love of holding grudges, so basically no one dares to mess with them, and this time I think most of the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warriors’ wouldn’t dare to answer the battle, and if they really dare to go, it If they really dare to go, they will undoubtedly be making an enemy of the ‘Heavenly Clan’, which is no different from seeking their own death.”

Hearing Mu Zi Ze’s words, Ye Lu also started to look up the news about this challenge.

As a result, he found that the message was easy to search for.

The time and place of the battle was clearly written, it was at another mountain in the capital called “Purple Gold Mountain”, and the date was seven days later at 10pm, and at the end of the post there was also a sentence.

“On the night of the full moon, at the top of the Purple Gold Mountain, a sword will come from the west and cover the sky with only one hand.”

Don’t say it, it was really a bit of a duel of masters.

“Seven days later?”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, tomorrow the new batch of “Luminous Stones” from the “Hundred Flowers Sect” would arrive, so he could probably add another surge of aura before the duel, but what made Ye Lu a little unsure now was that he didn’t know what level of opponent the other side would send, as for running away, he never thought about it.

After another while, when the lights were about to go out, Jin Kun came back.

From afar, Ye Lu could smell the blood on Jin Kun’s body, and indeed, after entering the door, everyone saw that Jin Kun had injuries on his face as well as his body.

“Sh*t! Jin Kun, did someone hit you?”

Seeing that Jin Kun was injured, Nie Yibiao immediately became nonchalant as he looked at Jin Kun and yelled.

“Who the hell is it, and who dares to touch my brother? Let Brother Biao take revenge for you.”

As a result, Jin Kun just calmly said two words.

“No need.”

From his expression, it was impossible to tell if he was being bullied, but, to be honest, Jin Kun had been the same face as a poker since he arrived, so people couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“Jin Kun, you’re not going to play black boxing, are you?”

At this time, Mu Zi Ze stroked his chin and thought about it and said.

Hearing Mu Zi Ze’s words, Jin Kun glanced at him, then silently walked to the washroom to wash up.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, was a little curious and asked Mu Zi Ze.

“Little Mu, what the hell is black boxing?”

Mu Zi Ze said as he once again looked at Ye Lu with the eyes of a mountain boy.

“Black boxing is short for underground fighting, under the surface there is an underground world, in that world people are responsible for a*sa*sinations, hiring and so on all kinds of dark hooks, of which black boxing is the most famous, and it is voluntary principle anyone can participate, it is a place where all kinds of strong people fight, of course it is also a place to make money and resources, business is a hot mess. ”

Hearing Mu Zi Ze’s words, Ye Lu found that this world was really big and big, there was actually some kind of underground world besides the gangs.

Following that, Mu Zi Ze then looked in the direction of the bathroom and said.

“Ah Jin, if you’re really playing black boxing, I advise you to hurry up and quit, I’ll give you money if you’re short of it, going to that place is going to kill you.”

However, Jin Kun was silent as always, and Mu Zi Ze had to shake his head helplessly.

Ye Lu went on to fight Dokku Ao the next day, and without any surprise, Dokku Qian Sha managed to steal three “regeneration pills” from Ye Lu’s clothes, Ye Lu didn’t know this, he wouldn’t be bored to count how many pills were left, three were missing, he didn’t even notice.

The reason why he had to come to the branch with the pills was because many of the pills were “special”, that is, they were not sold openly, because then the supply would not meet the demand.

Lin Ru Yue was sitting in the shop, studying her medical books, because soon there would be a “Pill Master’s Conference”, a grand event of the “Pill League” in the secular world, when all the pill masters from all over the country would gather to compete, not only the pill masters of the “Pill League” in the secular world, but all the pill masters in the country would participate, so she had to prepare well in advance.

At this moment, a young girl suddenly walked in.

“Excuse me, is this kind of elixir from your ‘Pill Alliance’?”

Dokgo Qianshak took out three “regeneration pills” and asked.

Lin Ruyue took the pills over to her, her eyesight was quite high, and when the pills arrived in her hand, she felt the raging medicinal power in the pills, which was obviously more powerful than the trauma pills made by their ‘Pill Alliance’.

“Is there such a potion?”

She muttered in her heart, while looking at Doku Qian Sha and asked.

“Where did you get this kind of elixir?”

Of course Dokgo Chisha couldn’t say that she had stolen it, so she thought about it and said.

“I got it by chance, but unfortunately, I only have these three capsules, so I wanted to ask if this was a special elixir from the ‘Pill Alliance’?”

Lin Ru Yue said after thinking about it.

“This is not our ‘Pill Alliance’ elixir, however, I am very interested in these three grains of elixir, can we buy them for us?”

Dokgo Qianshak said with a smile after thinking about it.

“Yes, you can, however, you have to exchange them for a ‘Pulse Punching Pill’.”

Lin Ru Yue smiled when she heard Dokgo Qian Sha talk about the “Pulse Pill”, which was a pill that could help cultivators at the “Tirth Breath Realm” to enter the “Pulse Raising Realm”.

So, she thought about it and looked at Doku Qianshak and said.

“Alright, just tell me who made this elixir, and I can agree to exchange it with you.”