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Super School Student Chapter 175-176

Chapter 175

To be honest, this condition was extremely tempting, because Dokgo Ao had already left the family, so the family’s resources would definitely not be given to them, so it was almost difficult for her to get such pills as the “Pulse Pill”.

However, in the end, she sighed and said.

“Forget it, I’ll leave then.”

After saying that, she put away the “Regeneration Pill” and prepared to leave.

Seeing Dokgo Qianshak’s performance, Lin Ruyue sighed and said.

“Wait, bring me the pills, I’ll give you a ‘Pulse Punching Pill’.”

In the end, Lin Ruyue decided to buy the three pills, because she felt that the division should be able to see the end of these three pills, other than that, if she could get the recipe for this kind of pills, the value would be unimaginable.

Ye Lu did not know that his pills had already been sent to one of the branches of the Pill Alliance, but he was still at the Iron Blood Martial School undergoing his demonic training.

However, he felt that after the endless training in the past few days, his combat level had risen dramatically.

So, Dokgo Ao taught him very hard.

After two more days, Miao Fengling came to Ye Lu again, this time her master had made her mute and said that if she could not be cured, she would remain mute.

Ye Lu was speechless at this teacher of Miao Fengling’s. He gave her a few pointers to help her solve this problem and then gave the modified “Finger Tiger” to Long Fei Xue.

In this way, the days pa*sed peacefully.

He found that Jin Kun, who did not like to talk, was actually quite kind-hearted. He was the one who fetched all the water and cleaned up the rubbish in the dormitory.

Also, he hadn’t left his dorm room again in the past few nights.

“It looks like he should have earned the money he needed.”

Seeing that Jin Kun was fine, Ye Lu was relieved, when he was in high school, he only had one nemesis, Zhao Yang, and now that he had four roommates, Ye Lu still cherished them.

In the blink of an eye, it was the penultimate day of military training, which would officially end tomorrow and the instructors would be going back.

It was also on that night that Ye Lu saw Jin Kun leaving the school again, he thought about it and followed him, it was too late to put on make-up, so he could only follow so directly.

Soon, Jin Kun arrived at a bar, and Ye Lu followed him in.

Once inside, he saw Jin Kun walking in a circle towards a room, at the door of the room were two men in black, Jin Kun took out an unknown object and showed it, following the two men nodded, he walked in.

“Looks like it requires a membership card or some such thing.”

Ye Luo muttered, and at that moment, it just so happened that a man beside him was about to go over as well.

Ye Luo quickly reached out to stop this person and said with a smile.

“Big brother, can you come over here for a moment, I have something to discuss with you.”

This person glanced at Ye Luo and then asked in confusion.

“I don’t know you, what is it that you want to see me about?”

Ye Luo waved his hand to one side, and the man alertly looked to both sides before following Ye Luo over.

After walking over, Ye Luo then reached out his hand and said with a smile.

“Actually, I have the same thing to give you.”

The guy immediately looked at Ye Luo’s fist curiously, Ye Luo slowly opened his fist, but it turned out that there was nothing in it, while the guy was puzzled, Ye Luo had already reached out and poked him in the body.

The man fell onto Ye Luo’s body, and Ye Luo helped him into the side of the room, and then took out all the cards he had with him, and there was indeed a very exaggerated looking card, one side of the card had a harsh ghost drawn on it, and the other side had the word “kill” and some numbers and so on.

“This should be it.”

Ye Lu picked up the card and then walked out of the room towards the entrance.

After showing the card, he easily pa*sed through the barrier and walked down a long flight of steps, before Ye Luo pushed open the door to an underground hall.

Inside the cage were two bare-chested strong men, one of whom was carrying a huge axe, while the other was holding an iron bar. The two men were beating each other, the sound of metal clashing was unusually loud, while the surrounding audience was shouting wildly along with them.

To Ye Lu’s slight surprise, most of these shouting spectators were dressed very decently and looked quite rich.

However, everyone looked extremely wild at the moment, and some of the women actually took off their underwear and waved them in their hands, supposedly having a good time.

Ye Luo saw that Jin Kun was sitting naked in the house that led to the middle cage on one side.

The entire venue was similar to the ancient Roman “Colosseum” in the movies, bowl shaped, with the cage at the bottom of the bowl, and two pa*sages on either side of the cage.

At this time, the people around suddenly let out a cry of alarm, and Ye Lu turned his head, only to see that the head of the bare-chested man with the iron bar had been chopped off by another guy with an axe, and blood gushed out like a fountain, staining a large area of the ground red, the scene was bloody.

However, it looked like the audience was watching with a good high, everyone was shouting wildly, followed by cheers.





I guess “Battle Axe” is the name of this bare-chested man.

Then a couple of guys walked in and took the dead body and the head that was still rolling on the ground, and a rather strong looking guy walked in with a microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here comes ‘Eight-Armed Nezha’, the unbeaten, battle-hardened superstar from ‘Hell’s Gate’ in eight fights.”

With his words, a large, tall man carrying two swords, one long and one short, walked slowly into the middle cage from the side.

The crowd thundered in approval as the guy walked in and raised his hands and waved the swords in his hands.

And the host continued.

“Challenging our ‘Eight-Armed Nezha’ today is a newcomer from ‘Shadow of Death’, a super martial artist who impressed everyone in the last match, and a master of the boxing art ‘Vajra ‘.”

After the host finished speaking, Jin Kun, who had long been prepared, walked into the cage wearing a pair of black metal boxing gloves.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo then walked down the grandstand and walked into the room where Jin Kun was before.

The reason why he did not stop Jin Kun was because firstly, with Jin Kun’s character he could not stop him, Jin Kun was just extremely stubborn and strong, and secondly, Ye Lu felt that stopping Jin Kun when he was not in the ring would undoubtedly be an insult to Jin Kun.

“Please, what do I have to do to get my friend out of the match, I can pay for it, as much or as little as I want.”

Ye Luo said directly after he walked in.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, a strong man with tattoos on his body smiled and said.

“Very rich aren’t you, but unfortunately, our ‘Shadow of Death’ also has its own rules, money is not good.”

When he heard that money was no good, Ye Lu looked at him and continued to ask.

“Then according to the rules, how can I get my friend out of this matter, if I need something in exchange, there are pills.”

If it could be exchanged for a treasure, Ye Luo did not care about what he had in his hand.

“Oh, none of it is good.”

The burly man laughed and said.

“Jin Kun signed a contract with us for twenty fights, as long as he doesn’t die, these twenty fights must be finished, we ‘Death Shadow’ are very contractual, of course, if there is a person whose level is not inferior to his to help fulfill the contract, this is compounded by the rules.”

After he had finished, Leaffall then looked at the cage and said.

“I’ll fulfil the contract for him, let him come down.”

The eight-armed Nezha who was using two swords was obviously more powerful than Jin Kun, because Ye Lu had already seen that Jin Kun was already injured in many places.

As a result, the strong man sitting opposite Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“This can’t be done, a match that has already started can only be terminated if one of the players admits defeat or dies, no one else has the right to interfere, this is also the rule.”

This was a bit troublesome, Ye Lu knew that with Jin Kun’s character, he would never admit defeat.


Chapter 176

And the burly man sitting in front of Ye Lu continued.

“Xiao Ya, take him to the medical examination to see if he meets the requirements, and if he does, sign the agreement first.”

When he finished speaking, a woman in a revealing outfit walked past and hooked her hand towards Ye Lu and said.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Luo then said with a frown.

“Can’t we hurry up?”

Xiao Ya said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, it’s fast.”

Ye Lu actually thought about trying to snatch the person directly, but he saw through his gla*ses that there were several “Pulse Raising Realm” experts sitting in the venue, and this was still on the surface, he didn’t know if there were any more experts in the shadows, so he was not sure about saving the person, not to mention that this place was called the “Underworld”, and it was unclear what kind of after-effects there would be after the rescue.

Soon, Ye Lu was brought to the side of an old man, who was an innate expert of the Placental Breath Realm. He reached out and touched Ye Lu’s hand, and then let his true qi travel around his body before nodding.

“The Ren and Du veins have been opened, and your cultivation is at the peak of Ming Jin.”

After saying that, the old man took out a plaque and hung it on Ye Lu’s chest, with the word “Ming” written on it, which should prove that he was a “Ming Jin powerhouse”.

Then the woman took out a stamped contract and said.

“Okay, if you want to save your friend, sign here, along with your real name and other information, and we will review your qualifications to see if you can participate.”

Ye Lu nodded, then quickly filled out all the information.

The two then went back to the room they had been in before, the pretty girl making an ‘OK’ gesture to the strong man, while Ye Lu looked at the cage.

Jin Kun looked shaken and his opponent, the one with the twin swords, was also injured but much better. Seeing that he had the victory in hand, this guy walked around the cage with his twin swords in his hands before shouting again and swinging his sword at Jin Kun.

The result was that to his surprise, Jin Kun did not dodge, he reached out and grabbed the long sword, allowing the short sword to pierce his body, while his right fist had already blasted his opponent’s head.


After a muffled sound, his opponent’s head was punched with a big hole, blood splashed, and the body fell to the ground with a “thud!” The body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Jin Kun, on the other hand, took a step backwards with his sword in his chest, and then fell to his knees with a “thud!” The stands were filled with roars, obviously pleased with the bloody result.

“Quickly, carry him back, there is still help.”

Leaffall said anxiously.

As a result, the burly man opposite him said.

“Whether there is salvation or not, that depends on whether you can come back alive or not, you are on next, if you can come back alive, I will save him, otherwise I have no need to save him, because, even if he is saved, he won’t be able to play in the short term, the ‘Shadow of Death’ never wants useless trash. ”

Leaffall nodded, then quickly said.

“Tell them to hurry up and start.”

Soon, someone carried Jin Kun out of the cage.

However, to the others, with such heavy injuries, although Jin Kun still had a breath in him now, he should be dead, and no one felt that Ye Lu could save the man.

Soon, that host came out, but, without waiting for him to speak, Ye Lu had already dashed over to take his microphone and said.

“My name is ‘Blood Shadow’, which one of you from that ‘Hell’s Gate’ is coming out, hurry up, I’m in a hurry.”

Seeing this scene, the whole venue fell silent, as this had never happened before.

The MC, who was also a practitioner, and not a low ranking one at that, was already a “strong practitioner”, was also a bit confused as to how Ye Lu had taken away his microphone so easily, as Ye Lu clearly had a sign with the word “Ming” on his chest!

He took the microphone from Ye Lu’s hand again and cleared his throat.

“Well, since the contestant from ‘Shadow of Death’ is in a bit of a hurry, then I’d like to invite ‘Hell’s Gate”s invincible powerhouse who has won ten battles and ten victories, ‘Heaven Shaking Savage Bear’ Take the stage.”

With the host’s words, a burly man who was more than two metres tall, covered in exuberant hair and carrying a huge hammer in his hand walked out from the opposite pa*sage.

This guy made a loud sound with every step he took, while the hammer in his hand would also slam on the ground.





Giving the impression that it was like an ancient savage beast had come back to life, the people in the stands all shouted wildly and some were whistling, presumably because they saw that Ye Lu’s size was too different from his opponent’s.

Ye Luo was not that kind of big body, and at the moment he was still wearing clothes and could not see his muscles, so he felt far worse than the barbarian bear.

“Kill that monkey!”

“Yes, tear him up!”

“Tear him up!”

“Tear him up!”


The audience all shouted in unison with excitement.

He could not wait for this guy to pose, he was still in a hurry to save someone.

Seeing Ye Lu charge forward without waiting for his opponent to make a full appearance, the crowd once again boiled up, because the more unconventional the play, the more they liked it.

Seeing Ye Lu rush forward, the barbarian bear grinned cruelly, then swung his huge hammer and smashed down.

Ye Lu dodged sideways, then stomped his foot on the hammer handle, the man rose up in the air, followed by a fist that disliked the guy’s chest.


This guy, along with the hammer in his hand, flew straight back across the room again, and with the force of the recoil, Ye Luo landed back in the cage with a beautiful flip in the air.

“Alright, you announce the next match, I have to leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Luo darted back to Jin Kun’s side.

The whole venue was silent and not a single person made a sound as the few rabbits rose and fell, no one had expected such a thing to happen, even that host was dumbfounded.

It took a few seconds before he picked up the microphone and announced.

“Ahem! I declare that the winner of this match is ‘Blood Shadow’ of ‘Death Shadow’.”

After he made the announcement, the crowd in the venue then chattered and chattered.

“What was that just now?”

“Was it really a one level fight?”

“Is that skinny guy a Ming Jin powerhouse? Was there a mistake?”

“That kid is so handsome!”


“The people on this side of Death’s Shadow were also shocked, this strike, this speed, this power, how could this be from a peak Ming Jin practitioner?

“Are you really a ‘peak Ming Jin’ practitioner?”

The strong man at the head asked Ye Lu with an incredulous look on his face.

However, at this moment, Ye Lu did not have time to pay attention to him, he was dealing with the wounds on Jin Kun’s body, but, to his surprise, he found that the wounds on Jin Kun’s body were far less dangerous than he thought, the wounds did not bleed too much, and after the short sword was pulled out, the wounds actually had the tendency to heal on their own.

“Jin Kun seems to be odd!”

While applying medicinal powder to Jin Kun’s wound, Ye Lu began to carefully check Jin Kun’s profile, because previously Ye Lu, in line with the principle of not prying into other people’s privacy, did not check the profiles of his friends around him.

As a result, Ye Lu found that there was an item called “Hidden Bloodline: Not yet awakened” on Jin Kun’s profile, which meant that Jin Kun should have some kind of strong bloodline and that was why his body was different from normal people.

After giving Jin Kun a few more “regeneration pills”, Ye Lu turned to look at the strong man and said.

“I am a ‘peak Ming Jin’ practitioner, didn’t I just finish the identification? Is there any problem?”

That strong man stood up and said with a smile when he saw that Ye Lu had finished his work.

“My name is Black Hades, a hall master of the Seven Major Organizations of the Underworld ‘Death Shadow’, if you have already treated your friend’s wound, there is something I would like to discuss with you.”

Ye Lu didn’t take Black Hades’ words, but said after thinking about it.

“You just said that it is possible to admit defeat during a duel, right, and what happens if you admit defeat?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words he then smiled and said.

“I understand what you mean, in fact the fighter and I are not a slave and slave master relationship, we are a win-win relationship, so if we win the match, the prize money is half for the fighter and half for us, when if we admit defeat, the fighter of course has to pay the losing half as well.”

Ye Luo did not expect it to sound quite fair.

However, at the same time, Ye Lu was relieved, it sounded like as long as the rest of the match was conceded, the matter could be settled with money, it wasn’t that Ye Lu didn’t like fighting and grinding, it was just that he didn’t like this feeling of being manipulated by others.

However, Black Meditation followed up by saying.

“However, you don’t have this treatment anymore, because he signed a life and death contract.”

Black Hades pointed to Jin Kun who was still lying down and continued.

“The advantage of signing this kind of contract is that you can get a part of the payment in advance.”

Following that, he then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“However, what I want to discuss with isn’t this matter.”