Super School Student Chapter 187-188

Chapter 187

As expected, just as Miao Renlong had said, there was more than one master this time, and this Master Shen was also very young, only about twenty years old, but this master seemed much more easy-going than the one just now, and at least smiled kindly at everyone before walking in.

After that, many more masters from the Pill Alliance appeared.

The appearance of these masters dwarfed the mundane masters who were still somewhat famous, especially Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong, who could only watch from afar.

However, the two of them knew that they were only here to watch the fun, they didn’t need to do any real healing themselves, as there were so many masters around anyway.

Each of the masters of the Pill Alliance came from a different discipline, and they were all in competition with each other, representing the dignity of their discipline.

Therefore, there is not a particularly cordial atmosphere between these masters.

As for these disciples, they all belong to different factions, so they all stand together according to their factions.

For Master Mo Lian’s faction, there were only two of them, Miao Renlong and Zhu Qihuang, at the moment.

“It seems like the others shouldn’t come again, after all, after what happened last time, it made everyone feel a bit awkward.”

Last time, it was the smoky female disciple beside Master Mo Lian who came to the internship, and as a result, she actually got drunk during the party, and that scandal was too big, and of course, the female disciple who carried the whip last time was also bad enough.

Anyway, in the eyes of the disciples, all of Master Mo Lian’s disciples were so out of character that they feared they would be humiliated even if they came.

Sure enough, when they saw that the master of the Mo Lian lineage was slow to appear, someone came over and looked at Zhu Qi Huang and said with a smile.

“Your grandmaster won’t escape this time, I’m afraid he’ll make a fool of himself again this time.”

“That’s right, I say why are you guys following such a grandmaster, Master Mo Lian is notoriously abnormal in the ‘Pill Alliance’, why don’t you guys transfer to us.”

“Hehehe, I wonder what will come out of the master this time.”


This was what Miao Renlong was worried about, he was aware of Lin Ruyue’s style.

“Auntie ah, please just wear something normal today ……”

He began to pray silently in his heart.

At this time, a voice suddenly rang out from the doorway.

“Please have ‘Pill Alliance’ Master Ms. Lin.”

Following that, there was a clamour at the door, which caused Miao Renlong’s heart to shiver, followed by a look in the direction of the door, and then his jaw almost dropped.

He saw that Lin Ruyue was this time wearing a gorgeous red dress with long hair draped over it, the top of this outfit was in the shape of a deep V. The top was short to just above the navel, while the deep V split right from the navel, resulting in two huge white breasts and a deep cleavage in the middle being perfectly exposed, it was obvious that Lin Ruyue was not wearing a bra.

From the navel down to the crotch bone, Lin Ru Yue’s white belly and water snake like slender waist were all on display, and underneath she wore a red split skirt that went up to the root of her thighs.

“Wow! Empress, HanC*ck!”

“Yeah, it’s almost like the empress is possessed!”

Some people who knew what they were doing had already discerned who Lin Ru Yue was cosplaying this time, but this place could be full of professors and physicians, and very few people really knew about the secondary genre, so everyone else was pointing.

“Is this Master Mo Lian’s disciple? How shameless!”

“No, I feel it’s so big and white.”

“Well, the legs are also long!”

“I wonder if the panties are on?”


Lin Ruyue became the focus of everyone’s attention as soon as she appeared, while Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong quickly turned their heads, showing a look of who is this person? I don’t know her.

But Lin Ruyue didn’t care about that, she “clicked!” She walked up to the two men and said with a smile.

“How about it, am I beautiful today?”

Zhu Qihuang was seeing Lin Ru Yue for the first time, and the white flowers were too shiny, so he didn’t dare to say anything, while Miao Renlong quickly stuck out his thumb and said solemnly.

“Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!”

Lin Ru Yue nodded in satisfaction at this.

However, she was the last Master to enter the place and after she entered, on the podium in front of her, a very majestic looking old man with black hair laced with fiery red hair stood up and said.

“I thank you all for coming to my humble abode to help my granddaughter. It has been too many years since our Fire Family has been able to have a Fire Control Master, but the ‘Pill Alliance’ has always taken good care of our Fire Family. ”

After saying this he bowed deeply to the crowd.

Following that, he then said once again.

“I will not say any more polite words, because my little granddaughter’s condition is indeed very serious, so first of all, I implore you all to take a look at her condition, and I hope that this time I can save her life, and my Fire Family will definitely remember the kindness of all of you.”

At these words, a hospital bed was pushed out, this bed was covered with an iron cover, at one end of the cover revealed the head of a beautiful woman, this woman’s hair and eyebrows, even her sweat hair were all fiery red, at the moment she was pushed out, she opened her eyes violently, two flames shot out from her eyes, this scene looked exceptionally terrifying.




The crowd was shocked by the fire man that pushed out.


Looking at his granddaughter, Fire Lie said with a sigh.

“Originally, our Fire Family was secretly celebrating the birth of Pepper, thinking that finally a child with a pure bloodline had been born, but to our surprise, her body has started to show abnormalities since the first few days, and now it is completely out of control.”

No one said a word, for the situation before them was somewhat beyond their imagination; they were all battle-hardened doctors, but they had never encountered such a situation before.

“I’m not going to lie to you all, this bed and the cover on it are specially made, if it was anything ordinary, it would have been burnt to ashes by the flames released from the chillies.”

Hearing Fire Blaze’s explanation, the crowd was once again taken aback by what was a shocking and strange disease.

“Let’s just ask everyone to help look at the treatment.”

Fire Lie said as he looked at the crowd with anticipation.

The crowd all looked at each other in disbelief, such a strange disease, could it really be cured?

Everyone was silent as they looked at Fire Pepper who was lying on the hospital bed, but no one dared to really do anything.

After a long time, one of the masters of the Pill Alliance, the arrogant-looking Master Ouyang, said slowly.

“All right, let me try and see what her pulse is all about.”

He stepped forward and stretched out his hand, in which white breath was swirling and dancing, obviously not only exuding his true qi, but also using some special martial arts technique.

Everyone held their breath as they watched this scene, and this Master Ouyang was obviously extremely careful as well, as his hand moved very slowly.

“Hiss hiss!”

However, just as his hand was about to touch Fire Pepper’s wrist to, the flames suddenly rose up and he quickly retracted his hand in fear, but it was already a little too late as the flames had already burned his fingers.


He let out a heart-rending scream, followed by everyone seeing that his fingers had been burnt red.


The crowd was also taken aback.

“How is this going to be treated when you can’t even take a pulse?”

“Yes, this disease is really too difficult.”

“According to this situation, there’s no way to take medicine, right? Won’t it all burn to ashes once it goes into your mouth.”


Just when the crowd was at a loss for words, a shout suddenly appeared from outside.

“Please invite Mr. Ye, the master of the ‘Medicine League’.”

Then, the crowd watched as two figures, a man and a woman, walked in from outside; the man was extremely handsome looking, while the girl was very young and petite.

In fact, at this moment, Ye Lu was also in a state of tears and laughter, this “Pill Alliance” Mr. Ye, was all said by Miao Fengling and the man at the door.

Moreover, seeing that there were so many people in the room, both Ye Lu and Miao Fengling were a bit confused.

Miao Fengling and Ye Lu said they were treating a person, but it seemed like it was not that simple.

Miao Fengling was also confused, she was thinking, isn’t this the task given to her by Master? How come there were so many people and how come Master was also there?

Lin Ruyue, on the other hand, looked at Ye Lu and said with wide eyes in surprise.

“It’s you!”

Hearing Lin Ruyue speak and then looking at Lin Ruyue’s huge breasts, Ye Lu also said in surprise, pointing at Lin Ruyue’s proud breasts.



Chapter 188

At that time, on the train, Ye Luo was very impressed with Lin Ru Yue’s daisy look, especially the pair of white eyes, he could not figure out how she did it at that time.

Of course, Lin Ru Yue was also impressed by Ye Luo’s methods of healing.

She had thought of Ye Lu more than once afterwards, but she didn’t know Ye Lu’s name or where he was, so the matter was left open, but how could she have ever expected to meet Ye Lu again here?

“How did you become a master of the ‘Pill Alliance’?”

Lin Ru Yue asked, pointing at Ye Luo.

Ye Luo had to heave a smile and said.

“False, false, it was Fengling who was joking, how could I be from the ‘Pill Alliance’.”

Miao Fengling also gave a quirky smile before jumping over and grabbing Lin Ruyue’s arm and said with a smile.

“Hehehe, I don’t say so, that person won’t let me in, I can miss Master, so I have to use this method, so don’t be angry Master.”

At this time, Zhu Qi Huang then looked at Ye Lu and said with an angry frown.

“Why have you come here to fool around, do you know who the people here are and what they are all about? Hurry up and go to the side and stand properly for me.”

After being hit by Zhu Qihuang’s face, Ye Lu hurriedly went to the side and stood obediently to watch the fun.

Zhu Qihuang looked at Lin Ruyue and said embarra*sedly.

“Hey, Master Lin, I’ve made you laugh, this is one of my unreliable students, from a small place, just a freshman, don’t know the rules, don’t be angry.”

Although Master Mo Lian might not accept him as a disciple, as long as he could enter the “Pill League”, Zhu Qi Huang would be satisfied.

However, before Lin Ru Yue could say anything, the woman, Master Shen, spoke up first.

“Hey! You Mo Lien Clan people are all so unreliable, you dare to use the identity of the Pill Alliance to cheat, how dare you, but unfortunately, they are all trash.”

Hearing her sneering words, Lin Ruyue immediately quit as she looked at Grandmaster Shen and said.

“This is the concubine’s own business, when did it become your turn to take charge.”

His expression and movements resembled the female emperor HanC*ck from the King of Thieves, and even Ye Lu couldn’t help but give her a silent nod of approval for her exquisite cosplay skills.

However, Master Shen did not take Lin Ruyue’s fury seriously as she looked at her and said with a smile.

“Master Lin, if you prove that Master Mo Lian’s is not a waste of time, then you can cure Miss Fire’s illness ah, cure it and I will obey you and call you a big sister every time I see you.”

After she finished, Lin Ru Yue you looked at the Fire Pepper lying there in silence, because she also did not know what should be done to cure the Fire Pepper’s illness.

So, she stared at Grandmaster Shen and said.

“Shen Yishan, then can you cure Miss Fire’s illness?”

As a result, Shen Yishan smiled and said.

“Of course, otherwise why would I ask you, do you think I’m a fool like you?”

Hearing that she could actually cure Fire Pepper’s illness, everyone else also became curious.

Lin Ru Yue also forgot about Ye Luo as she looked at Shen Yisan and asked.

“How can you cure it?”

Shen Yishan said with a smile.

“Master Fire help prepare a big bath tub, the bigger the better, the kind that can fit the bed.”

Hearing her words, the crowd suddenly understood what Shen Yishan wanted to do, she should want to put the fire pepper in the water to cool it down, and then it would be all right to take the pulse or perform other life-saving treatments.

Hearing her words many people nodded their heads and said.

“That’s really a good idea then.”

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Yes, it’s still Master Shen who is smart!”


Ye Lu didn’t say anything, but smiled and waved a greeting to Professor Wu and Professor Qin, he also didn’t expect to meet quite a lot of acquaintances here.

Professor Wu and Professor Qin were also both very friendly and greeted Ye Lu.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, these two professors who liked to tussle with each other were actually registered disciples under one teacher.

“Why is Ye Luo here too?”

Professor Wu said with some confusion as he looked in Ye Lu’s direction.

Professor Qin, on the other hand, said with a smile.

“Hey, this time Ye Lu dares to impersonate someone from the ‘Pill Alliance’, that old curmudgeon Zhu Qi Huang will definitely not spare Ye Lu, I have a feeling that Ye Lu is about to be removed, so we both just wait for the collection.”

Teacher Wu also said with a smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Ye Lu to have the ability to never forget, so don’t grab it from me this time, you know we have to memorize all kinds of prescriptions in Chinese medicine, it would be a waste for you guys to have Ye Lu for acupuncture and ma*sage.”

The two of them had been following Ye Lu’s approximate movements.

Soon, a large tub filled with water was carried in and the folded hospital bed was folded up, then the crowd put the fire pepper inside the tub along with the hospital bed.


Immediately after the fire pepper was put into the water, the water boiled and white steam quickly rose up, while Master Shen had already quickly opened the metal cover of the bed and started to apply the needles.

Of course, as it was a woman who was being treated, the others were of course not allowed to visit, so the others could only watch the white smoke that filled the room from afar.

Ye Lu knew that they were definitely going to fail, however, he didn’t say anything and started to observe the fire chillies instead.

Soon, Master Shen came back with a depressed look on her face from the smoke-filled healing area that had separated her.

Just by looking at her expression, she knew that the treatment must have failed.

“What’s going on? Master Shen?”

The crowd began to ask.

Grandmaster Shen shook his head and said.

“It doesn’t work, the silver needles won’t go in at all, they melt as soon as they touch the skin, I don’t know what kind of silver needles will do the trick.”

At this time, Lin Ru Yue then looked at her and asked.

“Master Shen, even with such silver needles, can you really know how to treat it? Do you know the cause of Miss Fire’s illness and the specific problem?”

This time Grandmaster Shen was silent.

Because he really did not know, not only her, but actually many people present did not know.

At this time, a man suddenly said.

“Do you guys see if this is a feasible solution? How about we use more, colder ice water to soak Miss Fire, and then take the opportunity to give her some medicine that can control this going off the rails?”

Everyone thought about it, and then a number of people started to respond.

Ye Xi was unable to see any more, he coughed twice and then said in a loud voice.

“I say, gentlemen, are you people really here to save people and not to commit murder? If you keep on tossing around like this, Miss Fire is going to be tossed to death by you all.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words everyone turned their heads to look in Ye Luo’s direction.

Then, everyone realized that the one who spoke was actually the teenager who had just pretended to be the “Pill Alliance”.

Everyone froze for a moment, and then one of them looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Student boy, don’t pretend to be a punk, who are you to come here and say anything.”

“That’s right, don’t you think that impersonating our ‘Medicine League’ is a trivial matter, we just haven’t had anything to do with you yet.”

“Yeah, we just wanted to wait for Miss Fire’s matter to be finished and then deal with you, we didn’t expect you to want to die so badly and come out to jump around in advance!”


Everyone’s impression of Ye Lu was already bad, plus so many masters didn’t speak, when was it Ye Lu’s turn to speak.

Hearing everyone’s words, before Ye Lu said anything, Lin Ruyue quit first, in her opinion Ye Lu was still someone who belonged to their Master Mo Lian’s lineage anyways, even though Ye Lu was not even a named disciple, but, he was Zhu Qi Huang’s student, then she could not let Ye Lu go.

She said in a loud voice.

“Shut up, when did it become you people’s turn to tell us what to do with our people.”

Just as she finished her words, Zhu Qihuang shouted loudly towards Ye Lu.

“Ye Lu, what’s wrong with you? It’s not your turn to speak here, so hurry up and get out of my way.”

With those words, he walked over and prepared to reach out and drag Ye Luo away.

However, at this time, Lin Ruyue suddenly reached out and blocked her way, then looked at Zhu Qihuang’s eyes and said.

“Zhu Qihuang, what did you say his name was?”

Zhu Qihuang was a little annoyed by Lin Ruyue’s such a solemn enquiry, and he stammered slightly and said.

“Ye …… Ye Luo, his name is Ye Luo, my student.”

Lin Ruyue then turned her head to look at Ye Luo and asked.

“Are you Ye Luo from Liao City?”

Seeing Ye Lu nodded, Lin Ru then murmured.

“No wonder, no wonder ……”

Everyone didn’t know what Lin Ru Yue meant by no wonder, however, right after that she made a move that made everyone puzzled, she walked up to Ye Lu and then knelt down on one knee very solemnly and said.

“Master is above! Accept disciple Lin Ruyue’s obeisance.”