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Super School Student Chapter 189-190

Chapter 189

At the same time, Lin Ruyue turned towards Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong and said.

“You two, hurry over here and kneel down to Master, it’s is your Master Ye Lu.”

Zhu Qi Huang and Miao Ren Long were already completely confused, the two of them had no idea what was going on, especially Zhu Qi Huang, he didn’t understand why just now he was lecturing Ye Lu, but in the blink of an eye, he had to kneel down to Ye Lu, and Ye Lu’s status had also changed from his student to his “Master”, what was the situation and what was the meaning of this?

However, there was no time to think, since Master Lin Ruyue had said so, they had to kneel down first.

So, the two men also quickly fell to one knee, then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Greetings, Master!”

Among them were Professors Wu and Qin, who could not understand why Master Lin Ruyue, with Zhu Qihuang and another person, was kneeling in front of Ye Lu and calling him “Master”.

Master meant that Ye Lu was Master of Master Lin Ruyue’s master’s master, what concept was this? This was too unacceptable.

At this point, Lin Ruyue stood up and said.

“This is the master that my Master Mo Lian has recently accepted, and Master Mo Lian has ordered that all her disciples, as well as the registered disciples, should bow down when they see Master Ye Lu.”

Hearing such a solemn explanation from Lin Ruyue, the crowd, including Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong, then understood that it seemed that this matter was true.

Following that, Master Shen then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ai yell! You little brat who hasn’t even grown up yet, and you’re still Master Mo Lian’s master, what qualifications do you have to be this master?”

The others also said with a heated laugh.

“Hehehe, it’s not like you’ve used some underhanded trick to fool Master Mo Lian, is it?”

“I don’t think so, Master Mo Lian’s lineage has always been of a bad standard, it’s only right to have a master of a lower grade.”

“Haha, Master Mo Lian, including her disciples, is actually responsible for being funny in the ‘Medicine League’.”

“That’s right, hahahahahahaha ……”


Following that a whole bunch of people started laughing wildly.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, said indifferently.

“Master Fire, first hurry up and get your precious granddaughter out of the water and then put her properly on the bed, don’t worry, I will guarantee to cure her later.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Fire Lie hurriedly let Ran do as he was told.

Ye Lu then slowly turned to look at everyone present and said.

“First of all, I would like to tell you that I became Master Mo Lian’s master in a fair competition with Master Mo Lian, and then I would like to say that I have the identity card of the ‘Pill Alliance’, so I am indeed a member of the ‘Pill Alliance’. ”

As he said that, Ye Lu took out a card, which was the symbol of the “Pill Alliance” identity.

Then, he continued.

“Lastly, I would like to say that since I am really Master Mo Lian’s master, then I am your elder, since you admit that you are from the ‘Pill Alliance’, then you should know the rules of the Pill Alliance, apologize!

Ye Luo said the last two words very heavily and used his aura, so everyone present heard Ye Luo’s words clearly.

The whole room fell silent, a pin drop could be heard, followed by someone saying loudly.

“You little brat forget about the old ones, you are also qualified ……”

The one who spoke was none other than Master Ouyang, who had once been ready to take a look at a doctor before, and he looked at Ye Lu with an arrogant look on his face, not looking the least bit inclined to apologize.

However, just at this time Ye Luo had already moved, his speed was extremely fast, like a ghost he rushed to Master Ouyang’s front, then raised his hand and gave him two slaps.



These two sounds were so crisp that everyone fell silent again.

After the beating, Ye Luo then looked at Grandmaster Ouyang and said coldly.


As a result, Master Ouyang stared at Ye Luo and said.

“You dare to hit me, you ……”

Before he could finish, Ye Luo had already kicked him and sent him flying, then followed him like a shadow looking at Master Ouyang and said.


Master Ouyang opened his mouth and said.

“You ……”

Ye Lu brought his foot up again.

Master Ouyang quickly nodded his head and said.

“I apologize, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have insulted Master Ye Lu ……”

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“I don’t mind your insults, I’m just a loser, however, you have to apologize to Master Mo Lian, and Lin Ruyue.”

After Master Ouyang finished apologizing, Ye Luo turned his head to look at the other people from the “Pill Alliance” and said coldly.

“All those who just insulted Master Mo Lian, apologize to me, otherwise he is an example, I can make an exception today for women I will also beat.”

The entire room was once again silent as Ye Lu turned to look at Grandmaster Shen and said calmly.


Master Shen swallowed and finally opened his mouth to say.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have insulted Master Mo Lian ……”

Following this, one by one, all the disciples of the Pill Alliance who had just spoken out of turn began to bow their heads and apologize, none of them dared to resist, nor did they dare to show an expression of dissatisfaction.

At this moment, Lin Ruyue’s face was already smiling like a flower, just now she was still depressed about having such a young and unreliable master, but she didn’t expect that the next second this master would be so powerful, not to mention the medical skills, just this level of beating and the character of fighting at the first word, very much like the style of Master Mo Lian’s school.

Moreover, seeing that the interns of the “Medicine League” all apologised obediently without daring to say a word, Lin Ruyue felt so happy in her heart, she was simply overjoyed.

Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong were already surprised beyond words, especially Zhu Qihuang, he never thought that Ye Lu’s identity was actually real, and that these so-called “Pill Alliance” masters could just beat him up at his hands.

“But, why was Master Ye so polite to me before?”

Zhu Qi Huang was also a little confused, with Ye Lu’s level he would have crushed him a long time ago, yet he was so polite to himself before, saying that he would stand for punishment and reprimanding him without complaining.

Of course, the one who was most confused was Miao Fengling, who was standing on the side.

How could she have ever thought that this master she had casually acknowledged was so bullying, simply bullying, and she suddenly realised something, that is, if Ye Lu was Master Mo Lian’s master, and she was Master Ye Lu’s disciple, then counting up, she was Master Lin Ruyue’s senior uncle.

Sure enough, Lin Ru Yue turned her head to look at her and asked.

“Fengling, is the other master you mentioned Master Ye Luo?”

Miao Fengling mechanically nodded her head.

As a result, Lin Ruyue immediately bowed and said in a very solemn manner.

“Master Uncle is above, accept Lin Ruyue’s obeisance.”

This time both Miao Fengling and Miao Renlong were terrified, especially Miao Fengling she hurriedly grabbed Lin Ruyue’s hand and said.

“No, no, you are still my master.”

Lin Ruyue, however, shook her head and then said.

“No, I never said that I would take you as my disciple, and Master Mo Lian does not allow us to take disciples either, only that I have instructed you when I saw that you are good at learning, and I must not mess up the rules of the Master’s school.”

Seeing the solemnity of Lin Ruyue’s words, Miao Fengling had no choice but to accept with trepidation.

Zhu Qihuang and Miao Renlong looked at each other, and both of them could see the joy in each other’s eyes, because since Ye Lu was so powerful, it was possible that he could really bring them into the “Pill Alliance”.

Of course, Miao Renlong was more happy for Miao Fengling, for now it seemed that his genius daughter was a done deal.

As for Ye Lu, he looked at the room full of people and said with a smile.

“Very well, I know that you all may still be unconvinced in your hearts, it’s just a pity that so many of you don’t even have a single one who can fight, but don’t think that I’m fooling around here, as your elder, I’m bound to show a few hands to make you bunch of rabbits happy and convinced.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, everyone silently bristled, in everyone’s opinion, Ye Luo was the most capable of fighting among these healers, but should not be the most capable of healing among the capable ones, everyone was convinced of Ye Luo’s fists, but not his medical skills.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, waved his hand towards Zhu Qihuang and said.

“Professor Zhu, come here for a moment.”

Hearing Ye Lu use the word “you” to address himself, Zhu Qi Huang immediately said with some trepidation.

“Master, don’t be so polite, what do you want to order.”

Ye Lu smiled and changed his title.

“Didn’t I tell you before that I wanted to raise your cultivation a bit more to become a ‘Xiantian master’? Today your creation has come.”

With those words, Ye Lu took out a ghostly blue pill and said with a smile.

“This is a ‘Heaven Transformation Pill’, so you should take it now.”


Chapter 190

This time not only Zhu Qihuang was confused, everyone present was confused, because no one had heard of such a pill as the “Heaven Transformation Pill”, the “Pill Alliance” did have a pill to aid in ascension, called the “Heavenly Pill”, but it was only an aid, not a pill that could be eaten to enter Heaven.

In fact, the crowd did not know that the pills that Ye Lu had made with spiritual energy were really “spiritual pills”, which was why Ye Lu’s pills were so powerful.

However, this was all an afterthought, no one dared to believe Ye Lu’s words, at least for the time being.

“How can there be such an elixir?”

“Yes, it’s too heaven defying, it’s a Houtian to Xiantian, a leap in essence.”

“Who says otherwise, let’s see how he ends up when he fails to pretend.”


Lin Ruyue also quietly walked up to Ye Lu’s side and whispered.

“That Master Ye Lu, is this P***y too big, what happens when it fails?”

Ye Lu smiled and also whispered.

“Don’t worry, your master can’t do anything else, but he has yet to fail at pretending to be a P***y.”

After saying that, he made a very second hand gesture of “victory” towards Lin Ru Yue, while Zhu Qi Huang had already gritted his teeth and swallowed the blue “Heaven Transformation Pill”.

After swallowing it, he quickly sat down and began to prepare for his breakthrough.

Immediately afterwards, a blue glow emanated from his body, which looked like thin blue threads that began to swirl, intertwine and coil in the air after coming out of his body.

No one said a word, but watched this incredible scene. In no time at all, a blue cocoon formed around Zhu Qihuang, similar to the cocoon formed when an insect hatches.

Everyone thought of the phrase “breaking the cocoon into a butterfly”.

The people who had just been talking about it were now silent, because they all felt that perhaps Ye Lu really wasn’t talking nonsense.


Following that, cracks began to appear on this blue cocoon.




Soon, the cracks grew more and more, and with a “BOOM!” With a loud sound, followed by, this cocoon broke open, followed by the sound of Zhu Qihuang’s loud laugh.

“I’ve broken through, I’ve finally broken through, hahahahaha ……”

Hard to hide his joy appeared on his face, for he had waited for this moment for far, far too long.

This breakthrough made him feel refreshed, his years of depression were almost swept away, turning into an innate being was almost like doubling his life expectancy, equivalent to living again, for a casual cultivator like him with no family and no background, how could he not be happy.

Following that, he turned around and “flopped!” With a sound, he knelt down towards Ye Luo.

“Master, Zhu Qi Huang is here to thank you!”

This time, he finally acknowledged Ye Lu from the bottom of his heart and heart.

Seeing someone who had been stuck in a bottleneck for many years break through to the Ascendant realm just before their eyes, everyone was still immersed in shock.

Following that, everyone’s eyes changed when they looked at Ye Luo.

They finally understood that Ye Lu was really not pretending, people had real skills. The one who was in the most excited mood was undoubtedly the host of this gathering, Fire Lie.

Seeing Ye Luo’s miracle-like performance, he felt that his granddaughter had finally been saved.

For his part, Ye Luo hurriedly helped Zhu Qihuang up, then looked at the people around him and said.

“I don’t know how this hand I’ve shown is, if everyone has a more powerful potion than mine they might as well take it out for a competition.”

Seeing that the crowd did not say anything, Ye Lu continued.

“Perhaps everyone still has doubts about my medical skills, so I will show you what it means to be a doctor again.”

After saying that he turned his head to look at Fire Lie and said.

“Has your granddaughter’s side been dealt with, push it over, I’ll help her heal the disease on her body.”

Hearing that Ye Lu wanted to cure his granddaughter, Fire Lie immediately nodded his head and said.

“Good! Quickly, push the young lady out.”

Hearing that he was going to cure her, everyone in the entire hall came towards the podium in front of them, everyone was curious as to how Ye Lu was going to treat this person who could not detect her pulse, nor could he apply needles, nor could he even get close to her.

In fact, what everyone did not know was that Ye Lu was in a state of ecstasy at the moment, because in this fire pepper’s body there was another fire, the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” fire, which, like the “Ghostly Inferno” in Ye Lu’s body, was also a fire from hell.

However, her physique and her family’s lost gongfu had made her miss the time to control the fire in her body.

All Ye Lu had to do was to extract the Red Lotus Flame from her body and plant it inside herself.

This operation was originally very dangerous, after all, the fire was about to sprout and grow out of control, which was also the reason for the fire pepper’s illness, but it was relatively easy for Ye Lu, the first “Pill Ability” had a very detailed method to collect the fire.

However, Ye Lu had a second advantage, and that was, he still had the “Ghostly Inferno” fire sprouting inside him.

That was why Ye Lu dared to collect the Red Lotus Karmic Flame with such confidence.

“Old Mr. Fire, when I heal in a while, I may touch Miss Fire, please don’t be offended, I don’t mean to be frivolous.”

Fire Pepper couldn’t wear clothes, this state would be more than inconvenient, Ye Luo had to explain beforehand to do so.

Fire Blaze quickly nodded and said.

“As long as I can keep Pepper alive.”

Only then did Ye Lu nod, then reached out and clutched Fire Pepper’s wrist.




Everyone looked at this scene in surprise, because no one saw Ye Lu release true qi in his hand and just grabbed Fire Pepper’s wrist by his physical body, did he not want his own hand?

However, everyone immediately realised that nothing had happened to Ye Lu.

Ye Lu concentrated on probing the Fire Pepper’s body and found that, just as he had thought, the fire of the Red Lotus Flame was indeed in the Fire Pepper’s dantian.

Ye Lu lifted a small cover on the lower half of the iron shield, then reached in and pressed on the Fire Pepper’s dantian.

Fire Pepper knew that this action was a bit indecent, but she couldn’t care less about that at the moment because she felt a cool sensation coming from Ye Lu’s hand, something she hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

And the surrounding crowd could not see where Ye Luo’s hand was reaching in to touch, but everyone could see flames begin to rise up on Ye Luo’s exposed arm, which slowly traveled up the arm and soon reached the elbow, shoulder, and neck ……

The clothes also instantly turned into flying ash, but Ye Lu did not have the slightest intention to stop.

“Is this …… playing for keeps?”

“It won’t be burned to death, right?”

“I don’t know!”

“It’s drawing fire!”


The crowd was worried when they saw half of Ye Lu’s body covered in flames, however, Ye Lu did not stop and soon the flames completely enveloped him and he turned into a blazing fireman.

However, apart from his clothes being burnt, his body and hair and so on were not much worse.

At this moment, Ye Luo was concentrating on controlling the fire inside the fire pepper to move towards his body step by step, because he could not let this fire go violent, once it went violent, it would no longer be a fire, at that time, with Ye Luo’s cultivation level it would be a fool’s errand to try to devour it by force again.

“Come on!”

Following that, he silently roared in his heart, “Brush!” In a flash, the seed of “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” finally entered his body, and the flames on the fire pepper’s body also disappeared in an instant.

“Grandpa …… grandpa …… oooh ……”

Fire Pepper finally said the first words since these days, followed by tears of joy, and Fire Lie couldn’t help but grab Fire Pepper’s hand.

The first time I saw the “red lotus karma fire”, I had already withdrawn my hand and started sitting on my knees to concentrate on subduing it.

“Sh*t! This is too dense!”

Someone let out a sigh of relief.