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Super School Student Chapter 191-192

Chapter 191

“Yeah, it’s all cured!”

“It looks like a bit of a trigger, though.”

“I wonder if it will survive?”


Fire Lie had someone send the fire pepper inside, and he was also a bit worried as he looked at Ye Lu who was covered in flames, and equally worried were Lin Ru Yue and Zhu Qi Huang and the others.

They didn’t want the Master they had just recognized to die like this.

Following that, everyone saw that the flames on Ye Lu’s body suddenly started to slowly weaken, after that there were blue flames that started to appear, Ye Lu turned into a state of half blue flames and half red flames, then the two flames started to gradually fall back down, eventually all the flames disappeared and turned into a complete Ye Lu again.


Ye Luo let out a long breath, then slowly stood up.

However, right after that, he heard the woman’s shriek.

“Aaaah, shame on you!”


“So you’re still looking?”


At this time, Ye Lu realized that his clothes were all burnt out, which was a bit embarra*sing, and he was instantly a bit embarra*sed, after all, there were hundreds of people here, and each of them was a head and a face.


A tablecloth was placed on Ye Lu’s body, and then Lin Ruyue whispered in his ear.

“Master Ye Lu, good money, thick and long!”

Hearing Lin Ru Yue’s words, Ye Luo wanted to find a crack in the ground, but unfortunately, there was no crack in the ground here, and he found that the fire pepper he had just saved was currently looking at himself with a red face even with the support of a few girls.


Ye Lu coughed, then wrapped the tablecloth tightly and said.

“Then there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

As a result, Fire Lie immediately stopped him and said.

“Don’t, don’t, Master Ye, our Fire Family has to thank you properly for this, quickly, set up a feast, everyone, everyone has a gift from our Fire Family, no one can leave, everyone will not return until they are drunk.”

After he finished he looked at the people around him and said.

“Quickly, go and take Master Ye to change his clothes.”

This time a girl smiled and led Ye Lu away.

Zhu Qihuang then stroked the beard on his chin and said.

“Our master teacher is really out of the ordinary!”

Miao Renlong, on the other hand, said somewhat sourly.

“Che, you’ve taken all the benefits, I’ve got nothing.”

Zhu Qi Huang then looked at this old friend and said with a smile.

“How can you say you didn’t get any benefits, now that I’m calling your precious daughter ‘senior uncle’ when I see her, her entry into the ‘Pill Alliance’ is a foregone conclusion, what else do you want to get out of it?”

Hearing Zhu Qihuang say this, Miao Renlong couldn’t help but heave a smile as well.

Indeed, his daughter was now untouchable.

Soon after, Ye Luo changed his clothes and reappeared in front of everyone, he waved slightly awkwardly to everyone, then he was dragged by Fire Lie to the main guest seat, of course Lin Ru Yue and Zhu Qi Huang and the others all sat next to him in the VIP seat, and the others could only be the company.

However, these people did not feel that the position was unfair, Ye Lu’s toughness and all the incomprehensible miracles he had shown made these people understand that Ye Lu deserved this position.

“What the hell is that elixir that can form cocoons just now, it’s too awesome too!”

“That’s right, it’s beyond imagination.”

“That disease cure is too godly too, I’m afraid even if the elders come, they can’t cure it.”

“Elders? You underestimate the elders.”

“Come on, don’t be ridiculous, go and make a toast, you just despised someone.”

“Hey, hey, go!”


Following that, all the people came over to make a toast, Ye Lu of course did not refuse, anyway, he had the capacity of not getting drunk in a thousand gla*ses, this kind of cup of booze won the goodwill of the people at once.

“Magnificent, that’s how a man should be.”

“Indeed, big bowls of wine, fast and furious, that’s how one should live!”

“Master Ye is a great man!”


Next, Ye Luo was happy to have a big meal, when he left the table, Lin Ruyue suggested that we all go together, anyway, Zhu Qi Huang and Miao Ren Long both had cars, and the cars were both good.

Ye Lu thought about it and got into Zhu Qi Huang’s car.

At the same time, he sent a message to Professor Wu and Professor Qin, asking them to try to help him keep it a secret in their secular circles, but, looking at the way things were going today, the matter would be exposed sooner or later.

At this time, Lin Ru Yue said with a smile.

“Master Ye, if you give me one of those pills you just gave me, I can help you shut everyone up, how about that, that’s a fair deal, right?”

Lin Ru Yue said with a smile as she crossed her big white legs.

To be honest, this white flowery empress look of hers really made Ye Luo a bit uncomfortable, but he still thought about it and then nodded his head.

After seeing that Ye Lu had promised to give her a “Heaven Transformation Pill”, Lin Ru Yue got busy.

She began to send messages to the disciples in Ye Lu’s name, telling them to control the disciples under their teacher’s name and to keep the news about Ye Lu to themselves.

After thinking about the Mo Lian Sect’s style of doing things and the way Ye Luo had just acted, everyone eventually chose to listen to Lin Ru Yue’s words.

On the way back, Lin Ru Yue looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Someone once brought me a pill like this before, would you like to see if it came from your hand?”

As she said that, Lin Ru Yue took out a “regeneration pill”.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, it is from my hand.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s answer, Lin Ru Yue’s eyes lit up as she looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Then do you have the dan recipe?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Of course I do.”

Lin Ru Yue then said with a smile.

“That’s great, I’ve already reported this dan to the clan, as long as the ingredients on the recipe aren’t too expensive and the refining method isn’t too complicated, I think the clan will be extremely interested, and when the time comes, we can use this as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the clan.”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Good, it looks like you are very good at negotiating things, then I will leave this matter to you, remember to help Zhu Qi Huang and the others, you know what they want, as for Fengling, just teach her well, she is extremely talented, she is sure to become an excellent physician.”

Ye Lu was not worried about Miao Fengling because not only had she reached this level at a young age without any guidance from the Pill Alliance, but her unforgettable talent also gave her a promising future.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Zhu Qi Huang smiled happily.

It looked like he had really gotten lucky this time, and Ye Lu hadn’t lied to him, and had immediately delivered on everything he had promised.

However, before he returned to school, Ye Yan’s phone call came first, she told Ye Lu that the renovation was all done and asked him to hurry over with all kinds of pills to set up the shop.

Of course, Ye Lu agreed with a smile, and he went back to his dormitory to carry all the bottles and jars he had prepared before, and then rushed over towards Ye Yan’s shop.

Only after arriving did Ye Lu find that Ye Yan’s shop was decorated in a very simple yet unobtrusive style, in black and white with all sorts of details at the same time.

Ye Lu was also very satisfied with the decoration, although it was only a small shop of a few dozen square feet, the structure matched quite well, and of course, Ye Yan had also gotten herself a nice environment to look at the shop, with a computer and internet, as well as a separate small room where she could rest at noon.

“Come on, Ye Lu, bring all your medicines, I’ve prepared beautiful medicine bottles, you have to tell me the name of each elixir, its function, usage dosage and so on, I’ll record them all, in order to lighten your burden, I won’t advertise, just count when it sells.”

Ye Luo’s sales expectations for Ye Yan were the same, if he got a bunch of orders, he didn’t have so much time to refine, moreover, he wasn’t short of money at the moment, however, he felt that Ye Yan had some drunkenness in opening the shop, he asked Ye Yan and she didn’t say anything, so Ye Luo didn’t bother to care too much, just don’t get into any danger anyway.

The two of them spent the afternoon naming the pills, as they needed to have a name that was attractive and descriptive of their effects to attract more customers.

“Breast Enhancement Elixir”, “Beauty Elixir”, “Slimming Elixir”, “Pimple Removal Elixir”, “Spot Removal Elixir”, and “Spot Removal Dan”, “Eye Brightening Dan” ……

One by one, the names were all set, then Ye Yan called someone to come over and engrave all these names into one sign, then the bottles of these pills and the signs were all displayed on the various counters.

“There, just wait for the opening tomorrow.”

Ye Yan said with a smile as she looked at her shop.


Chapter 192

Leaffall then said with a smile.

“Then should we set off some firecrackers for the opening tomorrow!”

Ye Yan shook her head and said.

“No need, and don’t inform anyone, just open it in a low profile, these pills of yours won’t be worried about selling anyway.”

This was something Ye Lu was confident about, however, there was still one most important thing that had not been determined yet, and that was the price of these elixirs, which Ye Yan had never said.

“Older sister, how are you going to price them!”

Ye Lu couldn’t help but ask.

As a result, Ye Yan said indifferently.

“It depends on the mood!”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu could only smile helplessly, anyway, Ye Yan could toss it around however she wanted.

“Okay, but, old sister, if there is anything, feel free to find me, and how is the villa side of the renovation?”

Ye Yan nodded and said.

“I will look for you, the villa side is estimated to take some time, although all the most environmentally friendly materials, but want to live in how it will be two months later.”

Ye Lu thought about it, renovating a house is not the same as renovating a shop.

“Let me help you tomorrow.”

Ye Lu said with a smile.

Ye Yan then shook her head and said.

“No, you’d better study hard.”

In fact, Ye Lu did have arrangements for tomorrow, he was going to go and see Qin Shiyu, he was all kinds of busy before, and Qin Shiyu was also in military training so he hadn’t been able to go there, this time he was finally free and could go and see, due to the presence of that Lin Danni of the Lin family made Ye Lu a bit uneasy.

So, Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Good, then I won’t come, anyway, your place isn’t far from the school, I can come to you anytime.”

This small shop was located in a place in the middle of the two campuses, so it was very convenient for Ye Lu to go there, but Qin Siyu’s school was very far away from himself.

So, the two siblings had a dinner together, and after that they went their separate ways.

Ye Lu did not rush back, he found a secluded place and began to study the Red Lotus Flame he had just collected.

He found that although it was a flame from hell at the same time, the Red Lotus Karma Flame was the opposite of the Underworld Ghost Flame, it was a masculine flame that could be enhanced through cultivation.

“It’s a pity that you can only use ‘Yin Flame’ to refine the Flower, otherwise this ‘Red Lotus Flame’ should be able to improve faster than the ‘Ghostly Inferno’. ”

Ye Lu said with some emotion.

Flames like ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’ could be raised through normal channels, at least easier than ‘Ghostly Underworld Flame’ which had to be raised by devouring Yin Qi.

Unfortunately, there were two types of flames in the world, Yang Flame and Yin Flame, and different pills required different flames to be made.

“The ‘Heaven Transformation Pill’ will definitely be refined again, but only after the ‘Ghostly Flame of the Underworld’ has been upgraded. ‘ level?”

Ye Lu had actually been thinking about how to improve the ‘Spectral Ghost Inferno’ before, but this time he was far more eager than any other time.

“Should I go back to the place where the ‘Spectral Blossom’ grew?”

Ye Luo muttered somewhat helplessly, as that was the only place where he currently knew there were many ghosts, but those ghosts seemed to be a little too scary.

Therefore, Ye Lu thought about it and eventually gave up on this plan.

The next morning, Ye Lu set off for the Yanjing Film and Television Academy, a good film and television school in China.

Ye Yan’s shop also opened early, without any ceremony, he didn’t even buy any flower baskets or other things, he just opened the door of the shop silently.

This small, una*suming shop, “Luyan’s Pill Shop”, was opened in this way.

This was the name Ye Yan had given the shop, taking one word from her own name and one from Ye Lu’s. According to her, this was a joint shop between the two of them.

However, there weren’t many shops like this in the capital, because none of the shops in the Pill Alliance had the word “Dan” in it, because there weren’t many people in the Pill Alliance who were really good at alchemy, and the Pill Alliance, as its name implied, was a sect that relied mainly on medicine.

Of course, in fact, every sect is a behemoth, and the water inside is unfathomable, and not something you can pry into with Ye Lu’s current strength.

“What kind of a shop is this next to?”

Ye Yan’s neighbours began to talk with some confusion.

“I don’t know, it was only stocked yesterday, it seems to be some elixirs, it opened quietly anyway, all I know is that the owner’s wife is really very pretty, she should be the prettiest in our area, so I think whatever it sells, it should do a good business.”

This was agreed by another person.

“Why don’t we go over and have a look, after all, we were neighbours until she closed down and we’re pretty bored here most of the time.”

The other shopkeeper agreed with this, so the two women hit it off and they walked into Ye Yan’s shop together.

Ye Yan originally thought that customers had just opened the shop, but it turned out to be the two little sisters from the neighbourhood next door, so she smiled and said.

“You two are here, thank you for helping me look after the shop these days, here are my goods, take whatever you need, it’s my thank you gift.”

When the two heard Ye Yan’s words they both became curious and they began to go back and forth in the shop.

“Are these things real?”

A shopkeeper asked with some skepticism.

“Like this one for removing spots, I’ve used quite a few similar products and it’s hard to get rid of a small patch of cla*s.”

Ye Yan said with a smile.

“Then just take a few capsules and try it out, it doesn’t cost you guys any money anyway.”

The other one also said curiously.

“Then I’ll take this breast enlargement dan, I’ve always you feel that my breasts are a bit small.”

Hearing that she was going to take the breast enlargement elixir, Ye Yan then looked at her and said with a smile.

“You should take less of this elixir, otherwise you’ll be in trouble if it’s too big, take four of them, then take them one by one and see the effect before you continue.”

“Remember, it’s only free this once oh!”

The two shopkeepers were somewhat skeptical as they took the pills and left.

At this time, Ye Yan saw the first customer come to her door.

Long Feixue had prepared quite a few gifts for Ye Yan’s shop, but of course, she did not know what the nature of Ye Yan’s shop was.

Of course, since Ye Lu had given her the “Beauty Pill”, she would not give Ye Yan anything else for her beauty. She had chosen some precious jewellery, watches, limited edition bags, perfumes and other things that women like.

When she arrived at Ye Yan’s shop, she realised that the shop was really just as Ye Lu had said, a small shop in a very remote area.

“Hello, welcome to the small shop, today is the first day the shop is open, the whole shop is discounted.”

Ye Yan looked at Long Feixue and said with a smile.

As a result, Long Feixue looked at Ye Yan and said with a smile.

“You are Ye Yan, Ye Lu’s sister, right, really beautiful, I am here to give you congratulatory gifts, come, quickly bring in all the gifts.”

With those words, two people walked in carrying various gifts.

This confused Ye Yan a little, she looked at Long Fei Xue and asked in confusion.

“We shouldn’t have told anyone about the opening of our shop, you’re Ye Lu’s girlfriend, right? However, you do have the looks to match our family Ye Lu.”

Ye Yan said as she looked Long Feixue up and down and nodded her head.

Long Feixue’s good looks and outstanding temperament made Ye Yan very satisfied.

However, when Long Feixue heard Ye Yan’s words, her face immediately turned red.

She hurriedly waved her hand and said with some embarra*sment.

“No, no, we are just ordinary friends.”

Ye Yan said with a smile.

“Oh, don’t be embarra*sed, if you weren’t a girlfriend, how could Ye Lu only talk to you about this matter, well, you are quite to my liking, see what pills you like, old sister will give them to you for free.”

To be honest, Ye Yan was really satisfied with Long Feixue, especially the shy expression just now was what pleased her the most, because she felt that so many girls now no longer knew what it meant to be shy.

Originally, Long Fei Xue was ready to run away immediately, but when she heard Ye Yan mention “pills”, she nodded in her heart and walked towards the various bottles on display.