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Super School Student Chapter 203-204

Chapter 203

However, it was not the only one that appeared, there was a large group of other ghosts that appeared at the same time as it, all of these ghosts were clear female ghosts, many of them had a bloody patch on their chests, they should have been wounded in the chest, following that, Ye Luo saw the information related to this ghost.

“Name: Sake-tun Boy, Origin: Japan, Rank: First cla*s evil ghost, Description: one of the hundred ghosts in Japan, the leader of the ghost clan during the Heian period, specializing in seducing virgins and feeding on their nipples, sucking their yin energy, a ferocious virgin killer ……”

Seeing that this guy was an “evil ghost”, Ye Lu understood that this was something that he could deal with.

The current level of his own against the “Vein Raising Realm” is barely enough, it is estimated that the “God Harmony Realm” can not even handle himself, this guy is a full realm higher than the “Innate Expert”, this is a bit of a pitfall.

“I’m glad I didn’t rush forward.”

Ye Lu let out a breath of relief, but that Lin Qing frowned.

He hadn’t expected to encounter so many ghosts here, and the one in the lead gave him the impression that it was quite a powerful fellow.

However, he had the “Soul Suppressing Tower” in his hand, so he was not worried.

“Ye Lu, I didn’t expect you to keep a back-up!”

Lin Qing said with a sneer, not realising that this was not something from China, but a ghost from Japan.

Following that, a man wearing a tall black hat and a long white shirt appeared.

Of course Ye Lu couldn’t let him go and quickly opened the information about this person.

It turned out that this guy was called Yasuhiko Abe, a yin and yang master from the Japanese Yin and Yang Rao, and his cultivation level was an innate practitioner of the “Harmonious God Realm”.

At the same time, Ye Lu began to look up information about Yin-Yang masters.

As a result, he found out that Japanese yin and yang masters are similar to Chinese Taoist priests or shamans, in that they know about astrology, face reading, drawing charms and reciting incantations, and using various magic weapons and spells, as well as being proficient in ghosts and monsters.

This Yin-Yang master, Yasuhiko Abe, spoke a Japanese word after he appeared.

Lin Qing didn’t know Japanese, so he didn’t know what he was saying, but Ye Lu’s gla*ses had an automatic translation function, so he knew that this Abe Yasuhiko was asking if the female ghost had just hurt Lin Qing.

The female ghost shook her head.

Immediately after that, Ye Luo saw that several spooky figures had also appeared behind and around Lin Qing, and it looked like Abe Yasuhiko was not going to let Lin Qing leave.

“Hey, who are you? What the hell are you doing dressed like an opera singer?”

When he saw this guy in a tall hat appear, Lin Qing probably understood that he was mistaken, but he didn’t take him seriously because he had the “Soul Subduing Tower” in his hand.

Abe Yasuhiko looked at Lin Qing and smiled, then said in pure Mandarin.

“You must be a practitioner, but since you’ve seen the Swallow of Wine, there’s nothing you can do but die here.”

He said it plainly, as if he was talking about a very uncommon thing.

Lin Qing, on the other hand, blew up as he looked at Yasuhiko Abe and said.

“F*ck, who the f*ck are you, talking out of your a*s, out of the New East? Do you think wearing a high hat is something, you want me to die, I want to see who dies.”

However, just at that moment, that Drinking Tuna made the first move.

It took out a red gourd from its waist.


He reached out and pulled off the stopper on the mouth of the gourd, and followed it by raising this gourd.


The female ghost, Ah Hang, took the brunt of it and was directly taken in by this gourd-shaped magic weapon.


The “Soul Suppressing Tower” in his hand could indeed put away ghosts, but he could not do so with his current cultivation level.

Then, “Brush!” , “Brush!”, “Brush!” The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the ghosts. ……, one by one, all the ghosts, such as Ah Yan, Ah Poison, Ah Jump and so on, were taken in by the gourd.

“F*ck, my ghost, come back, grandpa will have to scold me to death.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Qing cried out in heartache.

Luckily, although that gourd was terrifying, it had a limited radius to attack, and all the ghosts immediately ran back, while Lin Qing’s expression turned a lot more gloomy.

These were all intermediate level ghosts, which corresponded to humans at the “Pulse Raising Realm”, but they were all easily sucked away by the other party, which made him feel a bit more stressed than ever.

Both sides wanted to kill him, and he couldn’t afford to mess with either side, so he hoped that they would fight so that he could escape.

And, of course, things were going the way he wanted them to.

“The one with the tall hat, you really don’t want to let me go?”

He looked at Yasuhiko Abe and said with a frown.

For his part, Yasuhiko Abe said blandly.

“Of course, if you regret it, just regret that you shouldn’t step into this courtyard. Don’t worry, not only you, but the whole Yanjing City, including the whole China, will follow in your footsteps, so go in peace.”

With those words, he waved his hand.

That Wine Swallow Boy led countless little kids towards Lin Qing.

“Sh*t! You think I’m afraid of you!”

He bit his middle finger and smeared blood on the Soul Subduing Tower, then quickly raised it up.

These ghosts were obviously much more powerful than the ones that Hang and the others had just seen, and were already advanced ghosts.

As expected, after these guys appeared, Yin Yang Master Abe Yasuhiko also frowned slightly, but Saketon Boy and the others didn’t stop and still walked towards Lin Qing’s location.

“Holy f*ck! Looks like we’ll just have to let the ‘evil spirits’ out.”

Seeing this situation, Lin Qing frowned tightly, then gritted his teeth and began to mumble something under his breath not knowing what he was saying, and soon terrifying fluctuations began to appear.

This wave was no weaker than that of the boy who had swallowed the wine, and it looked like Lin Qing had also unleashed an “evil spirit”.

Sure enough, a somewhat exaggeratedly shaped ghost slowly appeared in front of Lin Qing, this creature was huge and over three metres tall, carrying a huge wolf tooth stick like weapon on its shoulder.

“Hehehe! I can’t believe it was a little doll that summoned me out, it’s a bit interesting!”

This fellow said while giving a cold glance towards Lin Qing.

Being seen by this fellow, Lin Qing instantly felt a little creeped out, as if he would be crushed to death by the other party at any moment, and he could also feel the other party’s deep hostility.

However, this evil spirit carrying a wolf tooth stick didn’t really make a move.

He looked at Lin Qing and said.

“It looks like you junior still doesn’t know, although you were able to release me, you don’t have the chance to take me back, but thanks for giving me my freedom, don’t worry, I won’t kill you because I can’t handle your Lin family, I’ll hold this guy off for you, you hurry up and leave.”

With those words, this guy then swung the wolf tooth stick in his hand and charged towards the drunken boy.

“Sh*t! You still have some conscience.”

Lin Qing looked at this fellow and muttered, then shouted with the guys around him.

“You guys, follow me and charge out.”


The evil ghost carrying the wolf tooth stick was already fighting with the drunken boy, while Yasuhiko Abe frowned at the scene, honestly, he hadn’t expected the other party to release a ghost of the evil ghost cla*s at all.

It looked like this ghost was not much weaker than the Sake Swallow Boy at the moment, and although the Sake Swallow Boy had been growing, this growth took time, and Abe Yasuhiko was actually just waiting for the Sake Swallow Boy to really grow up.

“It’s not that easy to leave.”

Abe Yasuhiko looked at Lin Qing who was fleeing and said coldly.

Following that, he led his men to block Lin Qing’s path, although he was not as powerful as the Wine Swallow Boy, it was not too difficult to deal with Lin Qing and those ghosts of his.


After stopping Lin Qing, he “brushed!” He opened the fan in his hand, and countless blue flying swords began to fly out of it.





One by one, the brats around Lin Qing were chopped into black smoke.

“Holy f*ck! Then another one!”

Lin Qing was also driven to desperation, and this time he bit through his left middle finger to release another “evil ghost”.

It was a female ghost in red, her face was white, her long hair was flying like an upside down waterfall, and on her hands were sharp claws over a foot long.

Seeing that another “evil spirit” had appeared, Yasuhiko Abe understood that he could not stop Lin Qing this time.

Lin Qing took the opportunity to jump out of the high wall and ran far away.

However, before he could take a few steps, a figure dashed past him, snatched the “Soul Suppressing Tower” from his hand and disappeared in a flash.


Chapter 204

This man was, of course, Ye Lu.

He had been thinking about how to escape since the beginning. In fact, when the two “evil spirits” started to fight, he had already moved slowly, but he did not expect that another “evil spirit” level ghost could be released from Lin Qing’s tower, and when that ghost appeared, Ye Lu had already quietly tumbled out from the far wall.

After he got out, he slipped silently to this side and lurked here, aiming at the “Soul Suppressing Tower” that Lin Qing was holding.

In Ye Lu’s opinion, this was a good thing!

“Woori, this …… is in trouble now!”

This is the most important treasure of the family, how can he explain if he loses it?

“Wasn’t that Ye Luo just now?”

He muttered as he looked at the direction where Ye Lu had disappeared, he felt that most of it should be Ye Lu’s doing, although he didn’t have any basis, but, it was just as bad if it was Ye Lu’s doing, how could Ye Lu give it to him easily.

“This time, I’ve really lifted a stone to smash my own feet, Lin Danni you B*tch, you’ve got me killed.”

Instead of self-criticism, this B*****d blamed Lin Danni.

He quickly picked up the precious “Soul Suppressing Tower” in his hand, but he discovered, to his dismay, that “Heavenly Grade” magic weapons could already be claimed by bloodline, so he could not use the “Soul Suppressing Tower” without the Lin family’s bloodline.

“Sh*t! This is too dumb!”

Ye Lu looked at the “Soul Suppressing Tower” and muttered in a depressed manner, however, on second thought, if this thing was in the hands of the other party, such as Lin Qing, he might have to fight against the “evil spirits” carrying the wolf tooth stick.

When he understood this, he felt much more relaxed.

Then he realised he hadn’t brought his mobile phone with him in his haste, and he wasn’t wearing any clothes either, he was currently in his cla*sic three-pointed style and barefoot.

He didn’t know that a man was filming him nearby and putting it on the internet with the headline “Super beautiful siren near medical university”.

Ye Lu put this “Soul Tower” into the “Burning Heaven Furnace”, then thought about it and used his gla*ses to call Gu Shiqi.

“Ye Lu, are you alright.”

Gu Shiqi asked anxiously on the other side of the phone.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“It’s fine, but, unfortunately, that ghost hasn’t been solved either, so you shouldn’t stay in the dormitory for the next few days ……”

Ye Luo felt that the Japanese Yin-Yang master wearing a high hat was definitely not that easy to solve, so there should be quite a bit of trouble to follow.

However, just at this time, Gushiki suddenly said on the other side of the phone.

“Ye …… Ye Lu, it’s not good, Shen Lu Yan and the girls are all standing up, just …… like zombies heading out, it looks so scary ……”

Hearing Gu Shiqi’s words, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Good, don’t stop them, put on your clothes and bring the love snake to follow them ……”

Gu Shiqi obediently followed with the love snake, while following, she was reporting the location to Ye Lu.

In fact, Ye Lu knew that such a thing would happen sooner or later, because the poison in several people’s bodies is a toxin that can manipulate the mind, the reason why Ye Lu did not help several girls pull out the poison is because he wanted to see what kind of person was up to, this kind of toxin, once he made a move to pull out the toxin the other party would inevitably know, then it would have alerted the snake.

However, Ye Lu did not expect the other party to do it so quickly.

Only two of the four girls were wearing pajamas, and the other two were wearing only a pair of underwear, so they were walking around the campus like ghosts, and Gushiki also felt inexplicably a little creeped out.

“What if the doorman sees it later?”

She muttered in some disbelief, but, following that, she noticed that the doorman was asleep as was the hostess aunt, so it looked like the other party was prepared for this.

For his part, Ye Lu followed the route that Gu Shiqi had mentioned and watched from afar.

Following that, he then saw a person in the small park.

This person he also knew, it was the same guy who had once treated Shen Luoyan on the train before.

“So it was him.”

Ye Luo muttered with some sudden realization.

Then, he noticed that there was another person sitting on a bench on the other side of the park in a very depressed manner, looking as if he was worse off than dead.

It was Lin Qing.

Letting two “evil spirits” go was already a big crime, and losing the “Soul Suppressing Tower” was a crime he could no longer afford, even if he was the closest direct descendant, he could hardly be absolved.

If he was willing to talk to the family about this matter, it would certainly be easy for the family to deal with Ye Lu, but he wouldn’t dare to mention it to anyone, and if anyone knew about it, he would be dead.

That was why he was so chagrined at the moment.

On the other side, Gao Bing was laughing and looking at Shen Luyan and the others who were walking over, and when a few people came cutting close, he snapped his fingers and said with a smile.

“Shen Luyan, it’s been a long time, the milk you ordered is still good lately, right?”

Shen Luyan and the few of them had a habit of drinking milk collectively before going to bed, it turned out that this Gao Bing was the one who did the trick on this matter, following which he continued.

“This is Miaojiang’s famous ‘love compulsion’, although it is not the top of the line, but it really does not seem to be a name in vain!”

Hearing Gao Bing say the word “Miaojiang”, Ye Lu then suddenly realized.

“No wonder I feel some familiarity with this poison, it turns out to be the toxin of Old Lady Compulsion’s lineage.

Ye Luo looked at this scene and muttered secretly.

Shen Luyan had regained her ability to speak as she looked at Gao Bing and said.

“The person you want is me, can you release all my sisters, they are innocent.”

Ye Luo did not expect this girl to be the first to think of her sisters in the dormitory, which was quite rare, however, Gao Bing would obviously not listen to her.

Gao Bing looked at the four girls and said with a smile.

“For things like women, I’m a person who never has too many, and your roommates are all quite good looking, so it’s not bad to have a little fun.”

As he said that, he looked at the important parts of several girls with lustful eyes, then turned his head to look at Shen Luyan again and said.

“How can I say that my Gao family is also the number one in the capital’s herbal medicine business, you B*tch from the countryside actually refused me several times, what a shame to give! Take off your clothes for me.”

Controlled by the love compulsion, Shen Luyan had no ability to resist, so she had to do as she was told.

However, at this moment, Gao Bing suddenly jumped up with a scream, followed by turning around and running with a frenzied face without looking back.

The two-headed love snake had just bitten Lin Qing and Gao Bing, and the reason why Gao Bing ran wildly was to find Lin Qing, as the love poison of the two-headed love snake was gender-neutral.

At this time, Shen Luoyan had already taken off her pyjamas and thrown them on the floor, revealing her beautiful body.

Then, she felt a pill being pushed into her mouth.

“Luyan, take it and let’s go.”

Gu Shiqi draped her clothes over Shen Luoyan’s body, and then fed the other sisters with a “poison antidote” as well.

At this moment, Ye Lu was sitting in a corner of the park, watching the show while silently exercising his kung fu, because he had also been bitten by one head of the “two-headed love snake”, so when the other head of the snake bit someone else, he would also be unable to control himself.

Luckily, he was a bit further away from Lin Qing, and Gao Bing had already hugged and nibbled Lin Qing.

“Gushiki you are actually enmity, you wait for me.”

Ye Lu sat there and muttered in depression while operating his gla*ses.

He had just asked Gushiki to cure the snake poison on him, but it turned out that Gushiki said that Ye Lu had stolen into her nest and wanted to punish him so she didn’t care about him at all.

At this time, the windows of the surrounding houses began to light up one after another.

The park was actually very small, and most of the people around were student couples who were out to rent, so Ye Lu had just sent messages to all these people through his gla*ses, asking everyone to come and watch the fun.

At the same time, he also hacked into the major live streaming platforms through the gla*ses and started to live stream to Gao Bing and Lin Qing in HD.

“These gla*ses are really powerful!”

Ye Lu found that the “auxiliary ability” of these gla*ses was simply awesome.

However, what he didn’t know was that at this moment, in a corner of the capital, a Miaojiang woman suddenly opened her eyes.

“My love compulsion has actually been broken.”

She said with some surprise.