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Super School Student Chapter 205-206

Chapter 205

This Miaojiang woman was one of the two disciples that the old woman had brought along before. At this moment, in front of her, smoke was lingering on the ‘Divine Wood Cauldron’, and it was obvious that she was using the Divine Wood Cauldron to cultivate some kind of compulsion technique.

“Is it possible that my stealing of the ‘Divine Wood Cauldron’ has been exposed?”

She muttered darkly.

“I don’t think so, everyone else died that day except for that naked man, so I guess this guy Gao Bing has provoked some expert from the capital.”

For this woman, she was not worried about the experts in the capital, what she was most worried about was the side of the compulsion tribe, she was also a member of the compulsion tribe, so she was very impressed with the cruelty of the tribe.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow to ask Gao Bing, if it’s not possible, we’ll discard this pawn.”

After saying that, she went into cultivation again.

“Why is this guy Gao Bing so bad?”

The few girls who had regained control of their bodies started talking while following Gouxie in the direction of the school, and at the same time asked about the ghost.

According to Ye Lu’s instructions, Gushiki had to tell them that the ghost had been disposed of by Ye Lu.

However, Ye Lu felt that Yasuhiko Abe might not send the ghost to Shen Lu Yan’s dormitory anymore, but he should also send those female ghosts to other places to collect virgin yin energy to feed the “Sake-tun child”.

“This B*****d said something about even the capital being finished, so I guess there’s some big conspiracy.”

Ye Lu rubbed his chin and began to think.

However, at the moment, this matter was not something he could handle, not to mention the terrifying “Wine Swallow Boy”, even Abe Yasuhiko and those more powerful female ghosts were not something he could deal with.

“Let’s hope this Jap is bluffing.”

Ye Lu muttered darkly.

And the place where Lin Qing and Gao Bing were getting it on had started to turn lively, because of the live broadcast, many people had identified their location to watch the live broadcast.

Seeing that they were almost done screwing, Ye Lu found a homeless man who was sleeping on a recliner, he gave this homeless man the few hundred yuan he had just asked for from Gu Shiqi and asked him to send a message to Gao Bing and Lin Qing.

“Sorry, you two, someone just asked me to give you a message, he said that if you two dare to go against him again, he will cut you so that you can’t even get laid.”

After saying that, Wander turned and left, leaving behind Lin Qing and Gao Bing who were looking at each other with blank faces.

“It seems like ki feels good too.”

Lin Qing said as he hugged Gao Bing.

Gao Bing subconsciously nodded his head.


Ye Lu walked back to the school, Gu Shiqi gave his phone back to him, he then saw the missed calls from Jin Kun and the others, he thought about it and gave the call back to Nie Yibiao.

“Ye Luo, are you alright, there’s a female ghost looking for you, An Le was scared so he told it about your whereabouts, he’s afraid you’ll beat him up.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, that female ghost is finished, you tell An Le not to take this matter to heart, in fact it’s me who dragged you guys into this, sleep well, I won’t go back tonight.”

After saying that, Ye Lu hung up the phone.

He had already sent him a message yesterday that the third and fourth fights would be held back-to-back, with the “Transformation” fight tomorrow and the first “Placenta Realm” fight the day after tomorrow, and the battle at the top of the Purple Gold was about to begin.

So, he first found some shops, changed his clothes and took the tools he needed, and then walked to the back of the mountain.

There were two things he had to do, the first was to use the “lower-grade spirit stones” to raise his cultivation level, and the other was to start modifying that magic weapon, the “Trace of Silence”, so that if he raised it to “middle-grade Xuan”, he would undoubtedly have more leverage.

The next night, Ye Lu arrived at the “Yellow Spring Venue” as scheduled, the venue for the battle between the strongest of the Realm of Transformation.

“Ye Lu, this is the promised magic weapon, ask your friend to take care of it.”

Black Hades smiled and handed over a compa*s-like object, Ye Lu of course smiled and accepted it, following which, Black Hades said with a somewhat serious expression.

“Ye Lu, don’t be polite for the first ten matches today, kill all your opponents.”

Hearing Black Meditation’s words, Ye Lu then froze for a moment, while Black Meditation explained.

“The opponents in front of you this time are all from the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’ from the island, which is also one of the seven major organisations, and the ones who are going to come out today are all the ‘dead soldiers’ they have trained, these ‘dead soldiers ‘ only challenge our Chinese people in boxing matches and never leave them alive, and I have not seen them in a bad light for a day or two.”

As Black Meditation spoke, Ye Lu looked across the street, and sure enough, there was a large group of men in black across the street, all of these men had their heads wrapped in black turbans, while in their waists were long Japanese swords, typical of the attire of a Japanese ninja.

Seeing this scene Ye Luo then nodded his head.

After the MC made the announcement, Ye Lu was the first to walk up to the centre of the ring, which was no longer a cage, but a stage ringed with some kind of special transparent gla*s, as the venue was so big that the cage would not be able to see the fight.

Seeing Ye Lu appear everyone shouted out.

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”


Following that, four ninjas came from the opposite side.

At this point, the audience began to shout at the top of their lungs.

“Kill them, kill these devils.”

“Avenge our dead brothers and sisters!”

“Bloodshot kill them!”


The background music also changed at the same time to the rousing “Jing Zhong Hui Guo”, and Ye Lu also felt his blood boiling up.

The four Japanese ninjas did not say anything, and the four of them tacitly threw out various concealed weapons from their hands, all of them were dark green and emitted a white shimmering light, which were obviously poisoned and infused with external true qi.

It seemed that Black Hei was right, these guys never wanted to give the other side a chance to admit defeat and stay alive in the first place.

“Alright, in that case, you all go to hell.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart.

He had learnt about the use, dodging and handling of concealed weapons with Dokko Ao, so he didn’t even put these concealed weapons in his eyes.


Ye Luo ignored these concealed weapons and instead charged straight towards a dead soldier, while those concealed weapons that were shot at Ye Luo were all casually knocked away by his light hand.

Although Ye Luo did not have any external true qi, he could infuse his aura into his clothes, just like the “Iron Cloth Shirt” written in martial arts novels, after infusing his aura, his clothes became as hard as iron, so he was not afraid of these concealed weapons, after all, these concealed weapons were only issued by the “Transformation Power”.


Ye Luo punched this guy in the chest.

Since the opponent had no intention of leaving him alive, Ye Luo had no need to be polite, and this punch sent him flying far away and hit the transparent gla*s cover.

Blood instantly stained a large portion of the gla*s cover with a sweet red color.

“Good! Go Bloodshot!”

“Go for it, Bloodshot!”

“Bloodshot, I love you!”


When they saw Ye Lu resist the opponent’s concealed weapon, and then knocked him out straight away, the crowd started to shout.

It looked like these so-called “dead soldiers” had really killed a lot of fighters, otherwise everyone wouldn’t have been so excited.

After that, the three ninjas looked at each other and then drew their katanas at the same time and charged at Ye Lu.





Three punches, three simple punches, and all three guys flew out, splattering blood on the spot, these three strikes were clean and unadulterated.

“It looks like tomorrow’s boxing match shouldn’t be a problem either.”

Seeing this scene, Black Hei also let out a long breath, these twenty wins today should be secure, so that Ye Lu would have already won a crazy sixty straight, I’m afraid the whole underground world would be shaken.

Then, Ye Luo saw a familiar person appear from the waiting area of the island, it was the Japanese Yin Yang master Yasuhiko Abe whom he saw in the clearing yesterday, however, at this moment, Yasuhiko Abe was not wearing the clothes of a Yin Yang master, instead, he was wearing a suit and tie looking just like the one who bought insurance.

“So he’s from the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’.”

When he saw Abe Yasuhiko appear, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed slightly, if Abe Yasuhiko was alone, it would be fine, but if he belonged to the “Society of the Extreme Way”, then it would be very difficult to deal with him, because each of the seven major organizations in the underground world were huge, not something that could be compared to the family gangs in the capital.

By this time, the host had shouted again.

“Next match is one on six, Bloodshot will have exclusive access to six of the top ninjas of the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’, so buy to leave!”


Chapter 206

Hearing the host’s words, Yasuhiko Abe waved his hand and called the two ninjas to his side, then handed them two box-like objects.

Ye Lu quickly turned on the query function of his gla*ses and found out that it was something called a “ghost niche”, which could store ghosts.

Yasuhiko Abe looked at the two ninjas and said.

“You can carry it when you identify it later. This is a primary ghost, so you can try that guy’s strength and not let the Chinese become ‘Shura’.”

Since there was no requirement for practitioners to participate in the underground boxing tournament, ghost cultivators who practiced the “Ghost Raising Technique”, cultivators who practiced spirit pets, and cultivators who practiced summoning techniques could all participate, but the requirement was that the items carried had to be contracted to them or linked to their bloodline, this was to avoid cheating.

For the seven major organisations, although the Earth rank martial arts techniques were important, what was more important was honour, especially as the Yakuza Society and the Shadow of Death in China had always been enemies.

The two ninjas took the “Ghost Niche”, and then six of them came towards the ring where Ye Lu was.

However, when he saw this scene, Ye Lu smiled.

Because to be honest, he was short of “Ghost Qi” to feed his “Ghostly Inferno”, and the other party had sent two “Style Ghosts”.

However, the audience didn’t know these things, they were still cheering for Ye Lu.

“Let’s begin!”

As the host’s words fell, the six ninjas attacked quickly, but this time, their attacks were mainly on the two ghosts, as they were much stronger than them.

After the two “style ghosts” were released, Ye Lu saw their appearance clearly.

The other one was a five or six year old child holding a sharp knife stained red with blood. This fellow just appeared with an evil smile that was a little creepy.

These two ghosts were not good people at first glance.

Ye Lu quickly looked at the information about the two ghosts, the old one was called “Human Head Yayan” and the child was called “Blood Blade Kid”, both of them were at the peak cultivation level of primary ghosts, that is, the strongest existence among primary ghosts, corresponding to the peak cultivator of the human’s “Fetal Breath Realm”.

Therefore, Ye Lu’s expression also turned grave.

This was actually the same as starting tomorrow’s battle in advance. Moreover, according to this, I was afraid that during the battle between himself and the “Pulse Raising Realm”, the “Extreme Daoist a*sociation” would send a ghost from the “Harmonious God Realm”.

“Looks like it’s going to be a bad battle.”

However, Ye Lu did not take out the arrow of the Sunset Arrow, it was not necessary to deal with such level of ghosts, but, in order to make the battle better tomorrow, Ye Lu took out his glove “Silent Scar”, in fact, he should be able to deal with these two ghosts without the glove, however, revealing too much strength would undoubtedly attract more powerful enemies, so Ye Lu thought that he might as well show his weakness first and wait for the best time to explode.

As expected, when he saw Ye Lu take out his magic weapon, Abe Yasuhiko’s expression relaxed a little. With his “Ming Jin” cultivation, Ye Lu’s powerful crushing all the way had made everyone a little confused about Ye Lu’s depth.

Now there was a nickname for Ye Lu called “One Fist Blood Shadow”, which meant that no matter who his opponent was, “Blood Shadow” could solve it with a single punch.

Today, we finally saw Ye Lu take out his magic weapon, which was undoubtedly a great improvement.

“It looks like the limit of ‘Blood Shadow’ is the ‘Placental Breath Realm’.”

Seeing this scene, Black Meditation couldn’t help but mutter.

This was beyond his expectations, knowing that Ye Lu’s official realm, the realm he was rated at in the Underworld, was only “Ming Jin Power”, which was three small realms and one big realm away from the “Placental Breath Realm”, and the difference between these realms was a world of difference.

“This one can definitely become a second ‘Shura’ in time.”

Black Hades looked at Ye Luo and nodded in satisfaction.

He also didn’t expect that this chance by chance had brought him such a big surprise, looking at the situation, he would definitely be commended this time, and he felt that someone from the headquarters would soon come to pull Bloodshot into the fold.

Also watching this scene with bated breath were the spectators.

It was the first time they had seen Bloodshot use a weapon, and it was actually a pair of gloves, which was very much in keeping with Bloodshot’s penchant for using his fists.

However, what puzzled many people was that there were only two more opponents than last time, so why did Ye Lu use a weapon?

“How dare you use a ghost, that’s really despicable.”

At this time, someone in the audience couldn’t help but shout out.

Of course, these people were also attracted by the name “Blood Shadow”, otherwise they wouldn’t bother to watch the lower ranked matches.

“A ghost? Where is it?”

“Is there really a ghost, is it trying to harm the ‘Blood Shadow’ warrior?”

“Why can’t I see anything, where is the ghost?”

Hearing that there were ghosts, the audience were all talking about it.

And Ye Luo had already put on his gloves.

The gloves had already been partially repaired by Ye Lu, and although they were not yet “middle grade”, they were almost ready.

Ye Lu had only used the gloves once before, when he had used Long Fei Xue’s pair of “Ice and Fire Gloves”, and on that occasion he had only used aura and not flame.

This flame was guarded by so many terrifying “ghost bats”, so there must be something extraordinary about it. Since Ye Lu had obtained the seeds of the “Ghost Inferno”, he had not used it for anything other than refining the “Heaven Transformation Pill”.

“Ghostly Inferno, let’s let you have a taste of meat today.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, then clenched his fist and ran the “Ghostly Underworld Inferno” into his hand, ready to release the flame for an attack.


The first one to attack was the kid with a sharp knife, he smiled shamefully and then dashed in front of Ye Lu, the sharp knife stabbed Ye Lu’s throat without hesitation.


However, what awaited him was a punch from Ye Luo that emanated blue flames.


“Blue fire!”

“It’s beautiful!”


The audience was immediately attracted by the flame released by Ye Lu, after all, this was only the “Huang Quan venue” for “Hua Jin”, even if someone used flame, they could only release a very small flame attached to their fist, and the flame released by relying on true qi to push the magic weapon was real fire, the same as the external release of true qi, the real fire only had one colour which was slightly whiter than the normal flame.

This time, however, Ye Luo released a brilliant blue flame, and the flame tumbled endlessly, it was called a beautiful one, no wonder many people were fascinated by this flame, especially the women.


The fist with the blue flames instantly blasted the brat’s chest.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, this punch actually made the “Blood Sword Kid” appear as a prototype, and everyone saw his hideous appearance before the “Blood Sword Kid” turned into a black “Ghost Qi”.


The Ghostly Inferno hungrily absorbed all the “ghost energy”.

The audience was stunned by the appearance of the “Blood Sword Kid”.

“Holy Sh*t! There’s really a ghost!”

“What the hell was that? It scared the bird out of me.”

“Is it possible to use ghosts in a race?”


While the crowd was talking, Abe Yasuhiko’s brow furrowed, because he had just thought that Ye Lu was going to put on a weapon and fight to the death, but he didn’t expect him to settle the fight with a single punch the next second.

He was also surprised when the cup he was holding fell to the ground with a clang! He had not expected Ye Lu to kill his opponent so easily, for his opponent was a ghost!

“One Fist Blood Shadow!”

I don’t know who shouted, but everyone else followed suit.

“One Fist Blood Shadow!”

“One Fist Blood Shadow!”


The neat and unified slogans drowned out everything.

Ye Lu looked at his fist, then said with a somewhat helpless sigh.

“Looks like it’s messed up again!”