Super School Student Chapter 207-208

Chapter 207

Ye Lu originally wanted to hide his strength for a bit, but it turned out to be a bit of a pitfall as he finished with another punch.

“Sh*t! D*mn you, since it’s already like this, there’s still no point in hiding it!”

Ye Lu looked at his flaming fist and thought better of it, so he looked at the old ghost “Human Head Yayan” across from him and smiled.

“Old man, come on!”

“He raised his hand and threw the head in his hand towards Ye Lu, and then moved in with the six masked dead soldiers, obviously understanding that he had no chance of winning.

The six deadly soldiers also used all their strength, all kinds of concealed weapons flying in the sky, and the six snowy katanas all lit up with a white light, these guys were obviously determined to play with Ye Lu’s life.


Ye Lu raised his hand and blew up the head of the “Human Head Yayan” before dashing up to him. He first blasted the “Human Head Yayan” to death and absorbed it.

The remaining six dead soldiers were much easier to deal with, one punch at a time.

Abe Yasuhiko frowned at the six dead soldiers who had fallen to the ground, these dead soldiers were not easy to train, ten of them died at once, which already gave him a headache, and what made him frown more was the way Ye Lu killed them with one punch, he felt that “ghosts” seemed to have no advantage over Ye Lu.


These Japanese dead soldiers were carefully trained to be super strong fighters, so they had already killed a lot of people in the “Yellow Springs venue”, and this time they finally got their comeuppance.

The crowd roared with approval.

Next to Yasuhiko Abe, a woman with her face half covered frowned at all this, because it was their “Bloodthirsty Rose” who was going to take the stage next.

“Since there is no limit, you ten of you can go together later.”

As the head of the Bloodthirsty Rose, Meng Lou Lan of course wanted to protect the members of her organisation to the greatest extent possible, even though they were not official members.

“The Bloodthirsty Rose was one of the special organisations among the seven major organisations, as there was no restriction on nationality, but there was a restriction on gender, both official members and contracted members had to be female.

So, soon, Ye Lu was surrounded by ten women.

“You guys admit defeat, I don’t fight women.”

Ye Luo looked at the ten women surrounding him and said.

As a result, one of the women looked at Ye Luo with clenched teeth and said.

“We can’t just concede defeat, the sisters have to try it out anyways, so let us learn the power of ‘One Fist Blood Shadow’.”

With those words, she raised the scimitar in her hand.

The other nine women also raised the weapons in their hands at the same time.

The scene became tense all of a sudden.

The audience also held their breath as they watched the field, everyone wondering how Bloodshot would handle it.


As the woman with the scimitar shouted, the ten women charged up in unison wielding the weapons in their hands, however, Ye Lu did not confront them head on, his figure kept changing like a swimming fish, no matter how the ten attacked, they could not touch him at all, following which, he drilled out of the circle.

“Blood Shadow, what do you mean by not fighting back?”

The scimitar woman looked at Ye Luo and questioned.

However, Ye Luo did not answer her, but stretched out his hand.

“Snap, snap, snap!”

All sorts of buttons fell from his hand onto the stage, and following that, the women realised that the buttons on their blouses had all been taken away by Ye Luo at some point, revealing their spring glory.





Only then did the crowd of women start covering up with different expressions, and the whole room fell silent while Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Well? Admit defeat, or I’ll have to take off your trousers!”

However, before the Machete woman could reply, suddenly a big old man in the audience roared out loud.

“You can’t admit defeat, let him take off!”

Hearing this voice from him, the people around them all burst into laughter.

The Machete woman, on the other hand, covered her chest with one hand and bent down to give a salute, saying.

“Thank you Blood Shadow for not killing me, I concede defeat!”

“I also concede defeat!”

“Admit defeat!”


All of them conceded defeat then slowly left the field, by now, Ye Lu had won sixty consecutive victories, this achievement was already quite bullish.

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”

“Blood Shadow!”


The audience shouted wildly again, killing ten people and releasing ten others, Blood Shadow had not only shown off his strong combat power but also his chest, which of course had once again garnered countless fans, especially those female viewers, who had gone nearly crazy.

“Oh, not bad, not bad, I’m going to become your fan.”

When he saw Ye Luo return, Black Meditation clapped his hands and said with a smile.

Ye Luo then looked at him and asked.

“What’s the arrangement for tomorrow’s boxing match?”

Tomorrow was the battle for the “Tirth Realm” at the “Forgotten River” venue, and since the fifth strand of spiritual energy in his body had not been formed, Ye Lu felt that he would not be able to win so easily this time.

However, although his cultivation level had not broken through and he still only had one martial art, he already had a rather powerful magic weapon, which made up for his shortcomings, so Ye Lu felt that it would not be too difficult.

Hei Hei said with a smile.

“You’ve fought six of the seven organizations, and the remaining ‘Underworld Judgement’ is not involved in underground fights, and you’ve already fought all twenty matches with the ‘Hell’s Gate’, so there’s no chance to fight them again. So the remaining forty fights will be ten against each of the remaining four organisations.”

“Since I don’t know your true strength, I’ve only arranged one match tomorrow against a full member of the ‘Gothic Bloods’, but I don’t know who they’ll send, and it won’t be an easy fight anyway.”

At the moment, in one of the underground branches of the Gothic Bloods, a very pretty girl was pestering her hall master, the Fire Rose.

“Auntie Rose, let me go, I want to fight Bloodshot so badly, let me go, let me go ……”

Fire Rose said as she looked into the girl’s turquoise blue eyes.

“No, your bloodline is quite pure and important to our ‘Blood Clan’, it’s too dangerous for you to go, that Blood Shadow is too scary.”

However, the girl was not moved at all and still wanted to go to the competition, seeing that Fire Rose was really insistent, she thought about it and said.

“I’ll bring my ‘holy weapon’ with me this time, so I can at least have time to admit defeat if I can’t beat you, so you can rest a*sured.”

“The Blood Clan was an extremely ancient race and had inherited the Thirteen Sacred Weapons, each of which was incredibly powerful, and this blue-eyed girl possessed one of them, the Mirage Mirror.

Hearing the girl’s words, Fire Rose thought for a moment and then said.

“Okay, but Jessica, you are one of the ‘Holy Maidens’ of the Blood Clan, so if you are in danger, you must admit defeat, understand?”

Jessica said with a tongue out and a smile.

“Don’t worry Auntie Rose, I’m not a fool.”

Seeing Jessica’s appearance, Fire Rose shook her head with a bitter smile, she really couldn’t be cruel to this child.

Ye Lu did not know that the Gothic Bloods had already chosen their candidate for the show. After he left the Yellow Springs venue, he couldn’t wait to run towards the back of the school because he wanted to try out how much the “Ghostly Underworld Flame” had grown.

“Hey, hey! Not bad, not bad!”

Ye Lu was quite satisfied with this, and then, he started to practice drawing the “weapon pattern”, he wanted to raise his gloves “Silent Trace” to “Xuan rank medium” before the battle tomorrow night, this pair of gloves would undoubtedly be his great strength, of course, the spiritual stone cultivation could not be delayed.

So, Ye Lu worked all night and did not go back to his bedroom during the day, but picked up the spirit stones and started to cultivate his aura.

So, what he didn’t know was that that Lin Qing was looking for him all over the world like crazy, but he found that Ye Lu had disappeared as if he had evaporated.

“Since I can’t find Ye Lu, let’s start with Qin Siyu, I don’t believe you won’t come out.”

Lin Qing gritted his teeth and said.


Chapter 208 Part1

In fact, from Lin Qing’s heart, he did not want to do it to Qin Shiyu, because doing it to Qin Shiyu would mean breaking with Ye Lu, and he originally thought that he could trade with Ye Lu for the “Soul Subduing Tower”.

Although the Soul Subduing Tower was very important to their family, it could not be used in other people’s hands because the “magic weapon” had already recognized its owner and it was useless for Ye Lu to take it.

However, he was really anxious in his heart, after all, no one knew when the old man would come out of seclusion, and once he did, it would not be long before he was finished.

The other thing that gave him a headache was that although he was a direct descendant, he was a waste of cultivation, so he could not invite the experts of the clan at all, which was why when he was cleaning up Ye Lu, he had called half a day’s worth of people but had not called anyone who could fight.

Soon, Lin Qing returned to the school with his men.

Qin Siyu’s whereabouts were not hard to find out, as she was currently preparing for the film with the directors, so she had been soaking in the house rented by the crew and working on it with everyone.

She found that she had learned simply too much new knowledge in the past few days, and she had also discovered that the profession of acting really wasn’t as easy as everyone thought.

Lin Danni had completely reined in her personality after this incident and was busy helping Qin Siyu in the crew, and the relationship between the two had become better and better.

“Just barge straight in.”

When he arrived at the location of the drama set, Lin Qing didn’t say much, and directly led the people to barge in, no matter how he said he was also an innate cultivator, these ordinary people couldn’t stop him.

He felt that even Ye Lu might not be a match for him.

“Who are you people?”

One of the playwrights looked at Lin Qing and the others and asked in confusion.

As a result, he was kicked out by Lin Qing.

“Qin Siyu, we meet again, we haven’t finished settling the score from before.”

He looked at Qin Siyu and said viciously.

Qin Siyu, in turn, frowned at him and said.

“Lin Qing, I don’t have any grudge against you, why do you have to target me so much?”

And Lin Danni also quickly stood up to Qin Siyu’s side and said.

“Yes, Silkyu and I have already made up, now we are good sisters, so there is no need for you to worry about it.”

As a result, Lin Qing said coldly.

“Worry about your sister, I’m looking for Ye Lu’s scene now, find a way to contact Ye Lu and ask him to come and see me, then I won’t look for your trouble.”

Lin Qing said as he looked at Qin Siyu.

If he could not break with Ye Lu, he did not want to completely tear his face off.

However, Qin Siyu shook her head very firmly and said.

“I won’t contact Ye Lu.”

Seeing Qin Siyu’s attitude, Lin Qing then gritted his teeth and said.

“Alright, then I can only take you away, then let Ye Lu come and communicate with me directly.”

He had no choice but to say that he was surrounded by his own clan members, and he did not dare to reveal that he had lost the Soul Subduing Tower.

Following this, the crowd walked towards Qin Shiyu.

As far as they were concerned, catching an ordinary woman like Qin Shiyu was as easy as a snap.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the first guy who went over suddenly flew up and hit the wall with a “bang!” and crashed into the wall with a bang.

Then, the crowd noticed that the aunt who had just been sweeping the floor suddenly appeared in front of them.

“What’s going on?”

“You …… who are you?”

“Did you just do that?”


The crowd looked at this sweeping aunt somewhat bewildered, even Qin Shiyu and Lin Danni were stunned, this aunt they were familiar with, she seemed to be the cleaning lady on this floor, they often saw her and would sometimes say hello, but how could they have ever thought that she was actually a hidden expert.

Hearing Lin Qing’s question from them, the cleaning aunt said calmly.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, you guys go home first and burn some incense, be glad that I am here to protect people and not to kill them, otherwise you would have been dead long ago.”

When the cleaning lady finished speaking, one of the Lin family’s “Tirth Realm” children said unconvincingly.

“What are you pretending to be? What kind of skill do you have to beat up a low-ranking cultivator?

He couldn’t finish his last words because the cleaning lady swung her broom and slapped him outside the door with a “bang!” The door was closed with a bang and no sound was heard, I don’t know if he died.

When they saw that a cultivator of the “Tirth Realm” had been swatted away like a fly, everyone had a surprised look on their faces, knowing that they had really met a master this time.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Qing was also very naked, he didn’t say anything extra and quickly led his people away.

“Looks like this matter will have to be discussed in the long run.”

After he came out, he rubbed his chin and pondered, the fact that Ye Lu could invite such an expert meant that he had a certain background, and Lin Qing would have to weigh his own weight.

And Ye Lu had been immersed in cultivation until this afternoon when he opened his phone.

As a result, he found a bunch of calls from Nie Yibiao and the others, so he hurriedly dialed it back.

“Ye Lu, you’ve finally called, there’s a person from the Lin family who is looking for you all over the world, so you should be careful.”

Ye Lu and them asked about the general situation, then told Nie Yibiao that if Lin Qing came looking for trouble again, let them cooperate with whatever Lin Qing said, just protect yourself, and don’t worry about the rest.

Then he made another call to Qin Siyu, who said that there was an expert protecting her and she was safe.

This put Ye Lu’s mind at ease, it looked like Black Meditation was still very powerful.

“This grandson of Lin Qing’s is still really unconscious.”

Ye Lu looked at the time, there was still some time before the boxing match in the evening, so he decided to go to the Lin family and look for Lin Sihai and ask him to control this grandson.

The Lin family was a big family in the capital and was also known as one of the four ancient martial arts families, so it wasn’t hard to find.

“Hello, I’m looking for Lin Sihai.”

Ye Luo said to the old man at the entrance who resembled the identity of a butler.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the butler was also taken aback, as it had been a long time since anyone had called the Tai Shang family head by his name, let alone the other party was a young man.

He shot a glance at Ye Lu and said.

“The Tai Shang Clan Master is in seclusion and cultivation, I can convey anything on his behalf.”

Hearing that Lin Sihai was in seclusion, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Then there’s nothing more, I’ll come back to visit another day.”

After saying that he left.

At this time, a woman came out of the villa, the same woman who had handed the Soul Subduing Tower to Lin Qing that day, and she looked at Ye Lu’s back and asked with some confusion.

“Uncle Li, what is this young man doing here just now?”

Uncle Li said with a frown.

“I’m also puzzled, he didn’t say anything about it, but he called the Tai Shang Clan Master by his name, it feels as if he knows the Tai Shang Clan Master very well.”

Hearing that Ye Lu actually called Lin Sihai by his name, the woman said with a frown.

“Young people nowadays are really getting rude.”

Lin Sihai was actually in seclusion, which made Ye Lu a little depressed.

“Well, in that case, if your grandson dares to mess around, I’ll just have to teach him a lesson on your behalf.”

Ye Luo muttered to himself, then walked towards the venue “The Shores of the Forgotten River”, although he only had one match today, however, he wanted to see how the others competed, after all, Ye Luo and Dokku Ao had only learnt fighting moves, they were still far from being able to use martial arts and magic weapons.

The venue at the “Shores of the Forgotten River” was much bigger than the previous one, and it was already packed early because Bloodshot was competing.

Through several competitions, Ye Lu found that the higher the level of the battle, the more it relied on martial arts and magic weapons, and often times, these two things could make all the difference.

And so it was, until we saw that the night was almost over, which arranged for Ye Lu to come out, as his match was the grand finale of the day.

“Today’s challenger to the legendary 60-win streak is the heavenly daughter from the ‘Gothic Blood Clan’ and the holy maiden of the ‘Blood Clan’, the invincible beauty Jessica!”

With the resounding voice of the host, the beautiful Jessica came out, however, Ye Lu froze violently when she saw her.

It was not because of how beautiful Jessica was, but because when he saw Jessica, Ye Lu suddenly thought of someone, that was Liu Mei.

He found that this “Blood Sage” looked somewhat similar to Liu Mei, especially her blue eyes.


Chapter 208 Part 2

“Could it be that Liu Mei is related to the blood race?”

Ye Lu pondered, he had talked to Liu Mei about her family history before, but Liu Mei only knew that her sister was Liu Xin and nothing else, and she said that Liu Xin had never talked to her about these things either.

Following that, Jessica then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Bloodshot, you know, you’re my idol, don’t let your water down today, don’t look at my young age, but I’m actually very capable of fighting.”

Jessica looked just like thirteen or fourteen, and looked as pretty as a doll, giving the impression that she couldn’t bear to hurt at all.

So, Ye Luo then smiled and said.


Seeing Ye Luo’s smile, Black Meditation then became a little worried.

Because others were not sure, but as the leader of one of the seven organizations, Black Hei knew very well that even though Jessica was a thirteen-year-old child, her cultivation level had already reached the late stage of the Placental Breath Realm, and this was because the Blood Clan was controlling her cultivation level to make her foundation more solid.

Moreover, because her bloodline is so pure, both her martial arts and magic weapons can be used with great power in her hands.

Therefore, Jessica’s combat power was much more powerful than that of an ordinary cultivator at the peak of the Placental Breath Realm, so if Ye Lu was careless, he would be out of luck.

This time, Ye Lu put on his gloves directly, because he also felt the extraordinary nature of the other party, especially the mirror on Jessica’s left forearm, which was actually a “Heavenly Grade” magic weapon, which made Ye Lu’s heart incomparably shocked.

“Blood Shadow, here I come!”

Jessica shouted, and then drew out a scimitar and rushed up.

As she rushed up, the scimitar lit up with a brilliant white light, followed by a continuous stream of chopping strikes that pounded like waves of the sea one after another.

In fact, at the beginning, Ye Lu didn’t think anything of it, because he and Dokku Ao had practiced this kind of fight many times, but he soon realised that this was not an ordinary attack, but some kind of martial art, and if he let it go on, he was afraid that it would become more and more terrifying.

This move, “Thirteen Repeated Slashes”, was Jessica’s favourite martial art, and could be stacked up to thirteen repetitions, however, she could only practice the first five repetitions, and now she had already reached the fifth attack.

However, at this moment, her attack came to a screeching halt.

It was because her attack was disliked back by Ye Lu, that’s right, a hard dislike without any technique, and it was just a punch that was solidly disliked on her own scimitar, following which, Ye Lu took a step backwards, and Jessica took six or seven steps backwards before she stood still.

“What strength!”

Jessica was also shocked by this punch, it was a real punch without any martial arts bonus, but it actually had such power, if the opponent used martial arts, it would be absolutely terrifying.

However, what she didn’t know was that Ye Lu’s only martial skill was that short version of the Candle Dragon Finger, he didn’t know any other martial skill, and that short version of the Candle Dragon Finger, since it was a short version, was actually not quite suitable for Ye Lu to use anymore, or at least the increase was not so obvious anymore.

“LOL! Brother Blood Shadow is really good, I’ll have to fight for real then.”

Jessica’s appearance began to change as she spoke, her originally blue eyes began to turn blood red, and what also changed were her teeth, two sharp fangs appeared, and long nails appeared on her hands.

At the same time, the scimitar in Jessica’s hand lit up with a blood-red glow on its pattern.

“It really looks like it’s going to play for real.”

Ye Lu’s expression also turned grave, as he currently had no gross martial arts skills and could only rely on the fighting techniques he had learned from Doku Ao to fend them off.


Jessica repeated her trick with the “Thirteen Heavy Slash”, and the attack came again in a cascade.

This time, Ye Lu learnt his lesson. He steadied his stance and then swung his fists in quick succession before Jessica’s chop was fully formed.





Each time they collided, Ye Lu felt his fists tingle and he would fall back a little.

What was even more terrifying was that her “Thirteen Heavy Slash” could not be contained and was stacking up one on top of another, with each stacking up a lot more powerful, and despite his best efforts, Ye Lu was still unable to block this terrifying attack, and he began to retreat step by step.

Immediately after, the fifth chopping blow, which was Jessica’s strongest chopping blow, also appeared.


Ye Lu was sent flying far away by the chop and crashed into the transparent shield, he felt a sweetness in his throat, obviously this strike had caused internal injuries.

“Sh*t! Martial skill plus bloodline, it’s really fierce enough!”

Ye Lu forced down that mouthful of blood, then clenched his fists and charged up.

Now was exactly the time when Jessica’s chopping attack ended, and it was also a good time to attack himself.

Seeing Ye Lu attack, Jessica did not panic, she quickly raised her left arm, and a red light lit up to form a protective shield around her, which was the ability of the Holy Weapon “Mirage Mirror”.


As Ye Lu attacked, he also unleashed his “Ghostly Inferno”, because the opponent was using a “Heavenly Grade” magic weapon, so if he didn’t attack with all his might, he might not have a chance.


Ye Lu’s blue-flame emitting fist hit the defence shield, but the shield only fluctuated for a moment and then blocked it.

However, Ye Lu didn’t stop there, his fists kept swinging like a rainstorm and blasted.

“Cluck! It’s useless, this is an absolute defense supported by the bloodline of the blood race, you are ……”

Seeing that Ye Lu had attacked for half a day without a brain, Jessica said with a smile, but she stopped in the middle of her sentence because she felt a pain in her left arm, a blue flame ignited her clothes and burst into flames, her whole arm was instantly enveloped by the “ghostly flame of the underworld”.

“I admit defeat!”

She quickly shouted.

Ye Lu also stopped attacking, he had just attacked one after another in order to allow the “Ghostly Inferno” to penetrate his opponent’s defence.

After cultivating for so long, Ye Lu had understood one thing, that was, the reason why others could not detect his true qi was because the spiritual qi in his body was at least one level higher than his true qi.

Therefore, Spiritual Qi could penetrate True Qi’s defence, of course the difficulty of penetration was related to the level of the opponent’s True Qi defence, but in terms of level Spiritual Qi was crushing True Qi.

Even though Jessica’s defence was strong, by allowing herself to be attacked one after another, the aura still penetrated her defence.


Seeing Ye Lu stop attacking, Jessica also let out a long breath to restore her previous state, however, her face was already as pale as paper.

Although the Bloods could greatly increase their attack power after transforming, the consumption was also incomparably huge.

However, immediately afterwards, a move by Ye Lu made her a little puzzled as Ye Lu suddenly walked over and whispered by Jessica’s ear.

“Little girl, what’s the WeChat number, add a WeChat.”

Jessica subconsciously said her WeChat number with a dumbfounded look, and only then did Ye Luo snap his fingers in an “OK” gesture.

Then, he took out a few more “regeneration pills” and handed them to Jessica.

“Apply half externally and take half internally, your arm will be fine in two days.”

After saying that, Ye Luo walked back to his side of the waiting area.

This battle had made him completely understand his shortcomings.

“Hurry up and become a ‘Shura’ and then turn on the ‘martial arts ability’, otherwise there’s really no use for your power!”

The difference between Jessica’s strength and Ye Lu’s was quite huge, but with a martial art like the “Thirteen Heavy Slash”, she could easily send Ye Lu flying and spit out blood.

However, before that, there was still one more thing to do, and that was tomorrow was the date of the battle at the Top of Purple Gold, and “Only Hands to Cover the Sky” had already launched a statement on the internet, saying that “Only Hands to Cover the Sky” represented the “Covered Sky Gang”, and if “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” was willing to kowtow to his mistakes at the Top of Purple Gold and promise not to mess with the “Covered Sky Gang” again, they would forgive him.

If not, three Killing Angels will be sent to kill the Masked Man tomorrow night