Super School Student Chapter 209-210

Chapter 209

Apart from Ye Lu, many others were preparing for tomorrow’s battle at the top of the Purple Gold, including the people from the “Heaven Sheltering Gang”.

“At the headquarters of the Black Dragon Mountain, a few guys were discussing the battle for the next night.

“Our aim is to make everyone understand that anyone who dares to resist our gang will be killed mercilessly.”

A tall, one-eyed man looked at the crowd and continued.

“The reason we chose such a netizen is that we want to rely on the power of the internet to show off our power, so this time, there will be a ‘clan master’ expert on the scene.”

When they heard the one-eyed guy mention “master cla*s”, they were all taken aback.

“In the secular world, a person with such a level could start a sect or rule a large family, so everyone also called such a super expert a “Patriarch”.

“Isn’t it a bit too much to ask for a ‘Grandmaster’ level expert to deal with such a small person? After all, from the latest video, the other party is only a Xiantian realm practitioner, right?”

Someone asked, somewhat puzzled.

As a result, the one-eyed dragon said.

“No, our aim this time is to deter, so that everyone understands that even if a mole dares to mess with our ‘Heavenly Sheltering Gang’, we will still give it a thunderous blow, and also to let those big families know that our ‘Heavenly Sheltering Gang’ has super strong people at the ‘Patriarch’ level.”

After he finished speaking, the other man then looked at him and said.

“Does our ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ really have ‘clan master’ level super powerhouses? How come I’ve never seen one before.”

Being asked this, the one-eyed dragon then became a little embarra*sed as he looked at the man and said.

“You don’t need to care about this matter, anyway, tomorrow night there will definitely be a ‘Sovereign-level’ super expert sitting in, so you guys just arrange for another ‘Harmonious God Realm’ expert, and a ‘Pulse Raising Realm’ expert will do, just look for the kind that has a shape that can attract people, magnificent martial skills, and a higher grade of magic weapon.”

The other one had to nod, but then another one followed and asked.

“Old Doku, isn’t there just one of that what’s-his-name ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’? What are we preparing so many people for, and there’s the ‘Patriarchal’ big shot who doesn’t even have a chance to appear, right?”

As a result Cyclops said as he held up a finger and wiggled it.


“Actually, there isn’t just one ‘Stocking Masked Man’, have you forgotten that there have been several ‘Stocking Masked Men’ of different cultivation levels over this period of time, and that it was also these layers of ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is what made this matter so hot, right?”

“In fact, these later ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ were all arranged by me.”

The crowd was once again taken aback when they heard the One-Eyed Dragon’s words, but then the One-Eyed Dragon continued.

“So even if that real ‘Stocking Masked Man’ really was a goon and he didn’t show up, or if he took a knee, there would still be another ‘Stocking Masked Man’ who would appear and he would say that the previous The ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ was a fake and he was the real one, and then our play could go on, and anyway that guy had his face covered in stockings, so no one would know what he looked like, would they?”

It was only after Cyclops finished that everyone came to their senses.

“High! That’s really high!”

“No wonder you’ve been a warlord for so many years, you really do have two brushes.”

“Bull indeed, this should have been a set up a long time ago, right?”


Hearing the compliments from the crowd, the one-eyed dragon then laughed out loud in triumph.

“Thanks to give for the lift, in fact, there are many times I admire myself, why do you think I am so talented? Could it be that I was a tailor in my last life, I feel like I could do it if I was given a chairman, wahhhhhhh ……”

And in the dorm room, Mu Zi Ze had a similar question.

“Who do you guys think this ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is anyway? Why do I get the feeling that he appears slightly different every time? No matter what his figure and movements are, they all change a bit.”

Mu Zi Ze said while flipping through his phone in his dorm room.

Nie Yibiao, on the other hand, said while playing a game.

“Why do you care so much? We’ll all know tomorrow night when we get to the top of the mountain, that hellhole is quite far from here, so get your stuff ready tomorrow, no one can be improvised.”

As a result, Mu Zi Ze said with a smile.

“And say temporary something, that kid Ye Lu is not temporary also something, he has not come back in the past few days, and a buttload of trouble, the Lin family dare to offend, hey, too can cause trouble.”

Nie Yibiao then said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I asked Ye Lu, he said he’ll be there with us tomorrow, and according to reports, almost eighty percent of us from the whole school will be there.”

In fact, the situation at school was similar to what Nie Yibiao said, even Liu Mei was preparing for tomorrow’s trip to the mountains.

“‘Stocking Masked Man’ …… stockings …… my stockings ……”

Liu Mei looked at the stockings that were placed on the bed with only one left and fell into a deep thought, because the other stocking had been taken by Ye Lu that day.

“Ye Lu couldn’t be the ‘Stocking Masked Man’, could he?”

She muttered to herself.

From the timing, from Ye Lu’s bizarre behaviour and from his actions, Liu Mei felt that this “Stocking Masked Man” was a good match for Ye Lu.

That was why she had to go up to the mountain, otherwise she didn’t really like to get involved in all the fun.

“Hey, looking at the stockings again, you’re not also obsessed with the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, are you?”

Her roommate said with a smile as she watched Willow’s face.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it can’t be someone around you, there’s no such thing as coincidence.”

Willow laughed noncommittally at this.

Another person who was also staring at the stockings was Mo Xiaomi, because she suddenly remembered the night of the car race, when her stockings were taken by Ye Lu, and then of course the “stocking masked man” reappeared that night.

“That nasty masked man can’t be Ye Lu, can he, running around with my stockings.”

Mo Xiaomi muttered to herself, but when she thought of her stockings on Ye Lu’s face, her face started to blush.


The dormitory where Gu Shiqi was.

Shen Luyan and a few other sisters were surrounding Gushiki.

“Gushiki, just come with us, what’s so funny about those bottles and jars of yours, you can be our bodyguard when you go, otherwise a few of us won’t feel safe.”

“That’s right, you’re the boss of our dorm now, go for it.”

“Maybe ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is a handsome guy.”

Everyone was talking and persuading.

Since the last incident, the dormitory had taken Gushiki as its core, and not only that, everyone had slept in Gushiki’s rented house.

In the end, Gushiki couldn’t argue with everyone and had to agree.


The Ye family in the capital.

“Qiu Feng, do you really want to go to Purple Mountain tomorrow night?”

Ye Qiu Die asked as she looked at this genius brother.

Ye Qiufeng was the best cultivator of his generation in the family, and at a young age he was already at the peak of the Innate “Tirth Realm” cultivation, and not only was he very talented in cultivation, he also handled interpersonal relationships well, so he was the one who handled many of the family’s dealings with young cultivators.

Of course, what they can do at their age and cultivation level is not a big deal, it’s just exchanges and sparring with other clans or gangs and so on.

“Yes, because there is a rumour that the ‘Shade Sky Gang’ might be against us ‘ancient martial arts families’, so grandpa asked me to go and see what the ‘Shade Sky Gang’ Sister, why don’t you come along too?”

In fact, this rumour was put out by the “Heavenly Clan”.

Of course, the purpose was to make people pay more attention to this matter, and also to prepare for deterring these ancient martial arts families.

So, apart from the Ye family, several other big clans were also doing the same thing.


Long Family, Long Feixue’s residence.

“Sister Long, aren’t you in a bad mood lately, I’ll ask you out tomorrow, are you free?”

Mo Xiaomi said to Long Feixue over the phone.

Long Fei Xue was indeed not in a good mood recently, thinking that she was being talked to by various people in the family in the past two days, including various elders in the clan whom she had never met and who had not bothered to meet her before, all of whom were asking one thing: “Who is Mr. Luo? Can you improve the magic weapon or refine some pills for the clan?”

And Long Fei Xue turned them all down without even thinking.


Chapter 210

She knew that although Mo Xiaomi seemed unreliable, she was actually a good kid.

Of course, this time the Long family has likewise arranged for people from their own family to go up to the mountain tomorrow to see what’s going on.


Yanjing Film and Television Academy.

The meeting room of the film crew of “Do Not Approach Alive”.

Director Feng Xiao looked at the crowd gathered in the conference room and said with a smile.

“We’ve all been busy enough these past few days, so tomorrow night I’ll take you all to see a lively event, and we’ll see how real masters fight, which should help us design the plot of the Daoist priest catching ghosts and fighting spells.”

Everyone got curious and inquired.

“What is there to see tomorrow?”

Feng Xiao then said with a smile once again.

“You youngsters should be better informed than I am, haven’t you heard about the news that has been dominating the headlines lately? The Masked Man in Silk Stockings.”

As soon as the words “Silk Stocking Masked Man” were mentioned, it dawned on everyone.

“Oh, you mean this? Of course we know about this, it’s hard not to know, it’s all over the media and our friends’ circles.”

“Is it going to take us to the ‘top of purple and gold’?”

“Hey, I was going to say I was going to take time off, but it looks like I won’t have to.”


The crowd all chattered about it, all looking excited as hell, especially Lin Danni who loved to watch the fun the most.

Qin Siyu certainly couldn’t spoil everyone’s fun either, so she followed the custom.

However, what she didn’t know was that some of the people around her had already been bribed by Lin Qing, and one of the playwrights immediately broke the news to Lin Qing.

“Great, it looks like our chance has come.”

After hearing this news, Lin Qing smiled, the top of the Purple Mountain would definitely gather a lot of people by then, and with so many people, even an expert might not be able to take care of things properly, not to mention the distance from the city to the mountain, there were many opportunities on the way.

“I must find some good hands this time before I do.”

Lin Qing said as he rubbed his chin.

However, just as he finished his words, he heard someone say outside the door.

“To find good hands, I can help you.”

Following that, a figure Lin Qing was extremely familiar with appeared in front of him, it was none other than the Japanese Yin-Yang master, Yasuhiko Abe, who had clashed with him before.

“Why is it you?”

Lin Qing subconsciously stepped back.

If it wasn’t for this Yasuhiko, he wouldn’t have lost the “Soul Calming Tower” at home last time.

Lin Qing’s first feeling was that the other party had come to trouble him.

However, Yasuhiko Abe said indifferently.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to find you in trouble, lend a step to speak alone.”

At this, Lin Qing then hesitated a little, but then, Abe Yasuhiko smiled and said.

“Huh! Don’t worry, if I wanted to kill you I would have done so long ago, you’re the same wherever you are, so why go around in such a big circle?”

Lin Qing thought about it and eventually nodded and followed Abe Yasuhiko out.

Walking to a corner, Abe Yasuhiko then looked at Lin Qing and said.

“Last time was a misunderstanding, in fact, your father and I are friends, I originally came to help your father get the position of ‘family head’, if he had told you in advance, there shouldn’t have been such a big misunderstanding, and I wouldn’t have lost such an important thing, don’t worry, I will help you get it back. ”

“The ones protecting Qin Siyu now are the ‘Shadow of Death’ of the Underworld, but don’t worry, we, the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’, are not afraid of them, since we are involved in this matter, we will naturally help to the end. ”

Lin Qing thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

Following that, the two discussed the details, Lin Qing knew Qin Shiyu and Lin Danni a little better, while Abe Yasuhiko had the manpower, and the two of them hit it off immediately.


The Miao family.

The first thing that Lin Ruyue was thinking about was what Miao Fengling had said, she said she wanted to go see the masters fight and asked her to come along, to which Lin Ruyue had no problem, what she was thinking about at the moment was what kind of look would be good to get to go?

She didn’t know how to dress up for the time being, as she had been told by Master Mo Lian that she was not allowed to wear thong-shaped panties.

So, he looked at Miao Fengling and asked.

“Tell you what, Master Fengling, if you can help me think of a character I can cosplay, I’ll go with you.”

Miao Fengling said with a smile.

“This, ah, I’ve already thought of it, how about the Water Shadow Shoumei from ‘Naruto’?”

Hearing Miao Fengling finish, Lin Ruyue immediately snapped her fingers and said with a smile.

“As expected of my senior uncle, it’s her, I’ll go and prepare my clothes now.”

After saying that, Lin Ruyue left in a blaze of glory.


Ye Luo did not know that there were already so many people ready to be the audience of his duel, he was now seriously refining a kind of pill, this kind of pill he had prepared the ingredients for a long time before, only, she was unable to use the “Underworld Ghost Inflammation” in her body before, so she had not done it, this time he decided to try it.

However, this time he decided to give it a try. However, this time, he failed to refine one pill in ten stoves.


Ye Luo let out a long breath and then began to adjust his breathing so that he could gather a new “Ghostly Underworld Inferno” for the next round of refining as soon as possible.

Ye Lu felt that although this refinement was unsuccessful, it was very helpful to both his cultivation and the “Ghostly Inferno”.

Now that the magic weapon “Silent Trace” had been upgraded to the “Middle Xuan Grade” and the fifth aura was almost on the verge of condensation, Ye Lu was waiting for the completion of the “Heaven Stealing Pill”.

The side effects of this pill were obvious: it would lead to a period of weakness, which varied from person to person, depending on the circumstances of use and the individual’s physique.

After today’s fight with Jessica, Ye Luo understood that there would be many more fierce battles in the underground boxing tournament, so the more cards he had, the better.

So, after a brief rest, he began to refine again, anyway, he still had quite a lot of materials prepared before.

It was not until late in the evening that he arrived at the place he had agreed with Nie Yibiao, and only two of these “Heaven Stealing Pills” had been made.

“The flame is still no good!”

Ye Lu said with some emotion.

The “Red Lotus Flame” was indeed faster than the “Ghostly Underworld Flame”, but the “Red Lotus Flame” had been combined with himself for too short a time, so at the moment, the flame was not as strong as the “Ghostly Underworld Flame”. “Moreover, Ye Lu had never used this kind of masculine flame before, so he needed to get familiar with it.

“Ye Lu, why are you still carrying a big parcel, do you think you are going on a trip?”

At the meeting place, seeing that Ye Lu was actually carrying a bag, Nie Yibiao asked in disbelief.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What if you go and pick up a girl, you must be prepared to spend the night in the mountains! You guys are so short-sighted, you’re destined to be bachelors for life.”

As a result, Nie Yibiao suddenly said in a slightly sour voice.

“Not necessarily oh, that big beauty Shen Luyan seems to have fallen in love with our family Jin Kun.”

Hearing Nie Yibiao’s words, Ye Lu also looked at Jin Kun with some curiosity, and as a result, Jin Kun laughed heatedly, however, his laugh did have the flavour of a silver lining here and there.

“Hehehe, okay!”

Ye Lu smiled and patted Jin Kun’s shoulder, Jin Kun’s performance that day was indeed very manly.

“Let’s go, let’s go, pick up girls, pick up girls!”

Seeing this scene, Mu Zi Ze immediately urged on.

So, everyone immediately put their things on Nie Yibiao’s buggy and headed towards Zijinshan Mountain together.

“The Purple Mountain was a very high mountain near the capital and covered a large area, but fortunately, there was a mountain road that could be driven up to the mountain. It was time to go.

“Sh*t! How many people have come here?”

Nie Yibiao said with a dissatisfied look on his face.

Fortunately, there was a gra*sy area in front of us where we could park, and some cars had already driven past, so the group stopped and started walking up the hill.

In fact, what everyone didn’t know was that there were more than one person heading this way at the moment, including a happy-looking Ye Yan.

She had been dragged here by two neighbours, saying that it was so easy to have a lively time still watching the bird shop, and since Ye Yan’s business was now opening up and the fire was simply unbearable, she also wanted to clear her head for a while, so she agreed to do so.

After walking for about twenty minutes, Ye Lu and the others finally saw the top of the purple and gold.