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Super School Student Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211

When he arrived at this place, Ye Lu finally understood why “Only Hands to Cover the Sky” had placed the duel here, because there was a huge square at the top of the mountain, “Purple Gold Square”, a large part of this square was natural and a small part was artificial.

The square is surrounded by rocks, gra*s and trees, but of course the rocks and other places can be filled with people, and at the moment they are full of people, while in the middle of the square is a stage, probably for some kind of event.

In front of the stage are stone and iron seats, all of which are filled with people at the moment.

Around the stage, four grim-faced men in black were guarding it, so the audience couldn’t get up there. At the moment the whole square was almost overcrowded, and new people were still arriving one after another.

“Sh*t, it’s still an hour or so before ten o’clock, right, why are there so many people.”

Nie Yibiao and the others found that the best spots near the stage had long been taken, but fortunately the top of the hill was open enough, with rocks, gra*s, bushes and large trees, there were plenty of places to watch.

In addition, in order to make the stage more effective, the “Heavenly Clan” people also made several huge hernia lights, which illuminated the stage extremely brightly, and there was also a huge display screen at the back of the stage to show the details of the stage.

To be honest, Ye Lu also didn’t expect the scene to be so big, this was nigh on as scary as any diva’s concert by many times.

“Whoever ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is, this is really going to make him famous!”

Finding a suitable spot, Mu Zi Ze sat on a rock and looked down at the crowd of people below and said with some emotion.

In the “Purple Gold Plaza”, the four ancient martial arts families had their own good seats, because no one dared to mess with them and they had the power to expel others.

The people from each university gathered in small groups, because the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” was from the Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, so the Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine had the most people. These people were also the most rowdy.

The houses at the back of the stage were already occupied by members of the “Heavenly Clan”.

One-Eyed Dragon is now looking inside at some members of the Gang who are preparing to dress up as the Masked Silk Stocking Man, saying.

“If the Masked Silk Stocking Man doesn’t show up later, or if he gives up, you will go up and challenge him in the order I have just arranged, don’t worry, no one will die, but serious injuries will be inevitable, but of course, the benefits given to you will be enough for the injuries you will suffer.”

Several of the gang members nodded their heads.

To be honest, these few people were also under a lot of psychological pressure, as they were destined to be beaten up in a while, but they knew the ruthlessness of the Shade Sky Gang best, so none of them dared to resist.

Satisfied with this, the one-eyed dragon walked to another room next door.

In this room sat a Daoist priest in Daoist robes.

“Daoist Master Xuanhe, it has all been arranged, you will make your final appearance later, don’t worry, just kill them with a direct thunderbolt strike, let them see the strength of a patriarch, this is the clothes you have changed into, do you think it is still satisfactory?”

The one-eyed dragon looked at the Daoist priest sitting there and said respectfully.

He didn’t dare to mess with these masters of the sect, not to mention the strong ones of the “Xuan” generation, even the junior disciples of the “Yu” and “Qing” generations.

Daoist Master Xuanhe opened his eyes and looked at his clothes and said.

“It’s too plain, not flashy enough, change it.”

The one-eyed dragon immediately took out another one, he had prepared a lot of them anyway.

In the other room, the other two Killing Angels were ready to fight.

“There are so many people here, there are so many people with nothing better to do.”

One of them looked at the crowded scene outside and said with a grimace.

The other one, an expert of the “Combined God Realm”, was obviously much more sophisticated than him, and he said with a faint smile.

“Can’t you see? There are hardly any people over thirty years old, we’re getting old! It’s already the world of these young people.”

Indeed, not to mention him, an expert of the “God Harmony Realm”, even the “Killing Angel” of the “Pulse Raising Realm” was not too young, but fortunately, they were innate beings, so they still looked quite Fortunately, they were innate beings, so they looked quite young.

“Who do you think this ‘silk stocking masked man’ is? Will he run away early when he sees this scene?”

Another guy looked outside and said.

“Actually, that guy should only be a Houtian practitioner.”

The cultivator of the “God Harmony Realm” laughed and said.

“I’m sure he’ll run away, who doesn’t know the style of our Heaven Sheltering Gang? The first few times our organisation made a high-profile statement about being responsible for a certain incident, we should have been laying the groundwork then.”

“If we’re so high profile, will some other clan come and take charge of us?”

“I don’t think so, it’s said that that side of the ‘clan world’ isn’t peaceful either, so I guess it’s just about to change.”

In fact, not only the two of them, but almost everyone present was thinking about something similar, that is, who was the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” and whether he dared to come or not.

Some people were already arguing about it.

“The Masked Man in Silk Stockings will definitely come, do you think he’s as weak as you are?”

“Sh*t! Call me a wimp, then let’s bet that if ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ doesn’t dare to come, you’ll let me F**k you today.”

“Bet if you want, but if ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ comes, then I’ll get someone else to F**k me.”

At that moment, the boy sitting on the other side of her suddenly raised his hand and said.

“No need to find someone else, do you think I’m okay?”

The pair were instantly in a state of darkness.

With that, everyone was messing around and the time was getting closer and closer to the ten o’clock sparring session.

“Huh! Where did that fellow Ye Lu go?”

At this time, Nie Yibiao suddenly noticed that Ye Lu was no longer here.

“He said that the ‘spicy strips’ he just ate were of questionable quality and ran off to get diarrhea.”

An Le said with a smile.

Nie Yibiao, on the other hand, said with a heated smile.

“This guy wouldn’t have dropped the ball at a crucial moment, would he? Last time I thought he would have some kind of amazing performance in the girls’ dormitory, but it turned out to be no surprise at all.”

Nie Yibiao had kept in touch with Shen Luoyan and the girls, a beautiful dormitory, so they had asked about what happened that night, and as a result, Shen Luoyan and the girls said that Ye Lu had run away, and then what the outcome was they didn’t know.

At this time, Ye Yan and her two neighbours also arrived at the top of the hill.

“Why are there so many people?”

Ye Yan was also shocked by some grand scenes and, it looked like there were no more seats left.

“Hey, hey, don’t worry, we have vip’s oh, my lover has already taken my seat.”

Her neighbour who was upset about her breasts said with a smile.

Then he led the way towards the crowd, and after a difficult walk, importantly reached a place where there was an empty seat.


However, just as she arrived, Ye Yan heard a familiar voice, and following that, she saw Ye Qiu Die, but Ye Yan sat down coldly in her seat without saying anything.

Ye Qiu Die had a handle in Ye Lu’s hand, so she didn’t dare to say anything, so she could only smile and have someone hand over a bottle of drink to Ye Yan as a gesture of goodwill.

“Huh! You guys know each other.”

Ye Yan’s female neighbour said with a smile, and then she tugged her lover’s arm and introduced her.

“This is my new neighbour, you can thank her, I’m getting bigger here because of taking her elixir.”

Hearing this, her lover did not say anything special, but the drink in Ye Qiu Die’s hand fell to the ground with a “bang!” It fell to the ground with a bang.

She finally understood where the “breast enlargement pills” had come from before.

At this time, someone came up to the centre stage.

“All right, everyone, quiet down, quiet down!”

This guy said in a loud voice with a microphone.

Everyone instantly fell silent, and countless pairs of eyes looked towards the stage. Seeing that everyone had fallen silent, the guy continued.

“The appointed time is almost up, so I’ll just ask, ‘Stocking Masked Man’ where the hell are you?”

As he finished speaking, everyone started to look to the right and left, as they were all looking forward to the moment when the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” would appear.

However, no one stood up.

“He’s not really scared off, is he?”

“That’s too disappointing, my man!”

“No way, I’m sure he’ll come.”


Just as everyone was talking, a figure appeared from the rocks at the side of the venue.

“I’m coming!”

Ye Lu shouted.


Chapter 212

Everyone’s eyes “brushed!” All eyes turned to Ye Luo at once.

Ye Lu had just run quite far away in order not to be seen changing, and only then did he make it back in time, otherwise he would probably have been taken as a deserter.

“Sh*t! How come it feels like the stockings are thicker this time.”

“That’s right, when can we take the stockings off!”

“But what a great body, I like it.”


When they saw Ye Luo appear, everyone started talking, and following Ye Luo they headed for the centre stage, the crowd automatically parted a path for him to pa*s through smoothly.

At this time, someone began to mutter in a low voice.

“Don’t all masters fly by lightning?”

“That’s right, at least do a ‘swallow three over water’ or a ‘ladder cloud vertical’ or something?”

“People are low-profile, understand?”


In fact, Ye Luo knew in his heart that his was the one who didn’t know such an aspect of martial arts at all, otherwise he would have shown one off to them long ago.

Seeing that Ye Luo had just obediently walked onto the stage, everyone, including the host, was even more certain that this “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” was really just a post-tense practitioner, mostly at the level of “Ming Jin” or “Dark Jin”.

“Hey! Young people nowadays really don’t know how to be generous!”

The host shook his head, in his opinion, Ye Lu was making a fool of himself! Moreover, he felt that Ye Lu was already considered a dead man now, so he looked at Ye Lu and sighed once again.

However, he still looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Good, since you have come, then tell us your answer, do you want to kneel down or fight?”

It suddenly occurred to the host that perhaps Ye Lu had come here just to kowtow, after all, as long as he kowtowed, then he would understand his grudge with the “Heaven Sheltering Gang”.

The crowd also looked at Ye Luo on the stage, no one said anything, but they were all muttering in their hearts, part of them thought that Ye Luo must be here to fight, while the other part thought that Ye Luo should come to admit defeat, as the opponent was a gang, and Ye Luo’s level, even a layman could tell, was really not good.

However, Ye Luo, whose face was covered with stockings, shook his head and said.

“One fight!”

Although it was just a short cut two words but the whole room ignited.

“Sh*t! Really want to fight.”

“Too presumptuous, right? He doesn’t even know who his opponent is.”

“There should be three opponents.”

“I feel like this one is definitely finished anyway.”


After Ye Lu finished speaking, the whole venue’s discussion was completely lopsided, because from the performance of Ye Lu just walking onto the stage made everyone feel that Ye Lu was only a reckless hero at the strongest, against a club, just kidding!

However, as the person in question, Ye Luo was calm, because this was exactly how he wanted it to unfold, so that he could make his opponent drop his guard, and as long as his opponent developed a light heart, he would not be far from success.

“This rookie really has a problem in his head.”

Seeing this scene, the one-eyed dragon in the room also sighed, he felt that Ye Lu was here to kill himself, he must have been blinded by the aura of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, he really thought he was a warrior.

“What should we do?”

The first “Killing Angel” looked at the one-eyed dragon with a little surprise and asked.

The one-eyed dragon thought for a moment and said.

“Go ahead with the original plan, make a good show of it, you’re famous and cruel enough anyway.”

The guy hemmed and hawed before walking to the door carrying the horribly shaped long knife, while the one-eyed dragon signalled to the host.

The host looked at Ye Lu and smiled, then turned his head to the crowd present and said in a loud voice.

“Good! Since the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ wants a fight, then the ‘Shading Heaven Gang’ will give him this chance to fight, so please welcome the first ‘Killing Angel’, the evil Sun Li. ”

As the host’s words fell, a huge bare-chested man over two metres tall appeared on the stage. In this guy’s hand was a long blood-red sword about the same length as his height, and on his front chest, back, and arms were very dazzling tattoos, a green dragon on his chest, a white tiger on his back, and on his two arms were the Vermilion Bird and Xuanwu respectively.

When they saw this giant man come out, someone immediately shouted out.

“Wow! This is the guy who killed a clan last time, right?”

“Yes, it was him, and at that time, the ‘Shading Heaven Gang’ declared that they were responsible for this matter, and it was this blade.”

“According to the internet, isn’t this guy an expert of the ‘Nourishing Pulse Realm’, the first one to send such a strong person, how much does that mean?”

“A few meanings, it’s just a death anyway.”


The first person to send a “Pulse Raising Realm” guy, to be honest, Ye Lu also felt a little surprised, and what surprised him was that the other party was actually holding a “Xuan-rank middle grade” magic weapon.

Moreover, it sounded like this guy was not a nobody, so it looked like the other guy was preparing to crush himself.

However, Ye Lu didn’t say anything about it.

He performed a very magnificent martial art from afar, flying up like a bird and then landing on the stage as light as a feather.

This heavy and light move was performed by a huge man like him, who was more than two metres tall, and immediately won the applause of the audience.

Sun Li was also very pleased with the effect, as it was clearly more pleasing than using brute force.

Seeing Sun Li on stage, the MC then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Alright, our first blazing angel has come on stage, so we would like to invite our first blazing angel to say a few words to everyone.”

It looked like this had all been pre-arranged, so Ye Li stepped back and held his shoulders to the side to see what the hell they were up to.

Sun Li walked to the middle of the stage and he “bang!” With a bang, he poked his long blood-red blade into the stone floor of the stage, then looked at the crowd and said with a smile.

“I’m Sun Li of the ‘Shade Sky Gang’, you’re probably more familiar with my other name ‘The Evil One’, my dream is to ‘kill a thousand people’, only Unfortunately half of my goal has not been reached so far, but tonight I will collect the four hundred and sixty-eighth head in my life, that of the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’.”

“Perhaps some of you don’t know why we ‘The Masked Man’ are doing this, and you and I will tell you why.”

“Everyone already gave remember, right, a few videos about ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, the one on the second video that was spoiled by ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ was one of our own from the Shade Sky Gang, so we are going to do it for him this time No matter what the hell ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is, whether it’s Batman or Spider-Man, or whatever bullSh*t ancient martial arts family, if they dare to mess with us, we will let them die without a burial place.”

After saying that, he looked towards the area in the square where the four ancient martial arts families were located.

As a result, the four great ancient martial families did not say anything.

The reason was that although they were very famous and seemed to be very old and dignified, they actually knew their own sufferings because of their closed heritage, which had been pa*sed down to the present, the real strength of the ancient martial families was actually far from as strong as the rumours had it.

Seeing that the four ancient martial arts clans did not even dare to say a word, Sun Li became even more proud and arrogant.

He “bang!” With a bang, he pulled his blood-red long sword back out and turned to look at Ye Lu and raised a finger, saying.

“To deal with you, I only need one slash, one slash will definitely cut you into two pieces!”

And that this host looked in Ye Lu’s direction and said.

“That ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, do you have anything to say?”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, still maintained his posture with his arms wrapped around his chest and looked at Sun Li and said.

“Are you done pretending? If you’re done pretending, then hurry up and fight, so much talk is useless.”

Hearing Ye Li’s words, Sun Li sneered and said.

“Good, since you want to die so badly, I’ll make it happen, die!”

With those words, the red blade in his hand lit up with a long white blade aura, and then it slashed towards Ye Lu like lightning.

In his opinion, there was no need to use martial skills to kill Ye Lu, this slash was already enough to split him in half.



“‘Go Masked Man’!”


Seeing the two men strike, the audience shouted at the same time.

However, unfortunately, in Ye Lu’s opinion, there was still a small gap between the speed of Sun Li’s slash and Doku Ao’s, and while he dodged sideways, he stomped on the back of the slash, and the man had already reached Sun Li’s front.

“Holy f*ck!”

How could Sun Li not expect that the mole-like Ye Lu would have such a stance, he really regretted it, however, it was already too late.


A solid punch was thrown at his heart.

However, Sun Li was not sent flying by this punch, because Ye Lu knew very well that he could not kill a “Pulse Raising Realm” expert with just brute force, even if his opponent was careless.

Therefore, he used the dark energy of the “Candle Dragon Finger” in this punch. Although nothing could be seen on the surface, the rampant aura had already penetrated this guy’s heart.

After that, Ye Lv drew an arc in the air and landed back on the stage.

Sun Li, on the other hand, was still standing there motionless.

The square, which had just been buzzing with people, fell completely silent as everyone waited for Sun Li to make a further move, but he didn’t. The two-metre tall body suddenly fell to the ground with a “thud!” and the long knife fell to the side with a “clang!” It fell to the ground with a clang.

With just one move, Sun Li was dead!