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Super School Student Chapter 213-214

Chapter 213

Seeing Sun Li fall, everyone froze, including the guy who was in charge of hosting.

He did not see any outgoing true qi on Ye Lu’s hand, which meant that it should have been an ordinary punch, but Sun Li did fall down.

He walked up to Sun Li with a grave expression and probed his nose and then touched his chest, his breath was gone, his heartbeat was gone, Sun Li was really dead.

From the look on the referee’s face, everyone could see that Sun Li was finished.

Although Sun Li was not at the peak of the “Pulse Raising Realm”, he had a family heirloom “Middle Grade” magic weapon, and his real combat power was comparable to the peak of the “Pulse Raising Realm”.

But he died, killed by a single punch.

At the same time, led by a woman, everyone shouted out loud.

“Stocking Masked Warrior!”

“Stocking Masked Warrior!”


For a moment, the slogans drowned out everything, and even the host could only frown and wait for everyone to quiet down.

It took a full minute for everyone to quiet down again.

Ye Luo then looked at the host and said.

“This one is too weak, is there one that can fight put out one.”

After saying that, Ye Luo then turned to look at the stage and said.

“Sons of the four ancient martial arts families, why are you guys so weak, did you hear what this guy just said? He called you all dog farts, you guys actually didn’t even let out a single fart, it looks like you are worse than dog farts.”

Hearing Ye Lu mention their ancient martial family once again, the four great families were also a bit hung up.

This was because it was a complete and naked slap in the face.

Long Fei of the Long Family stood up and said.

“This is our own family’s business, what’s it to you?”

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“It’s indeed none of my business, I just feel sad for you all, living without any spirit of adventure, only daring to cower in a turtle shell, not knowing that such a way you clans will never be able to emerge as supreme experts.”

At this time, that host then cleared his throat, and then slowly announced.

“Please welcome the second ‘Blazing Angel’ demon girl, Huo Huan.”

Hearing this name, the stage immediately erupted, obviously this “demon girl” was even more famous than the one who was “full of evil” just now.

Ye Lu did not know that this demon girl was famous because she was very high-profile on the internet, often showing photos, and was a half-Internet celebrity with her own fan base.

Moreover, she was now one of the announced heads of the “Heaven Sheltering Gang”.

This woman had a long and slender figure, with a very shapely figure, and was wearing very little. Like Sun Li just now, she also had a tattoo on her body, a fiery red scorpion on her chest, which stood out against her snow-white hemisphere.

After seeing this woman, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed.

Because this woman was actually at the “Combined God Realm” cultivation level, the strongest opponent Ye Lu had ever encountered.

“To actually send out an expert of the ‘Harmonious God Realm’, the ‘Heaven Sheltering Gang’ has indeed gone a bit too far.”

Lin Ruyue couldn’t help but spit out a comment even as she watched the scene.

However, the good thing was that this time, in order to build up momentum, the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” had not sent the strongest expert in each realm.

The main reason why the “demon girl” Huo Huan came out was to let everyone know that such an influential expert as Huo Huan had also been taken under the banner of the “Heavenly Clan”.

After Huo Huan appeared, she flew onto the stage, and when she saw the speed of Huo Huan, Ye Lu frowned.

From the information, this Huo Huan was indeed of demon blood, she was the child of a human practitioner and a demon beast “Cloud Leopard”, so just like the Cloud Leopard, she was also good at speed.

As a result, like the cloud leopard, she is also good at speed. The demon beast is a legendary existence, so in fact, the majority of Huo Huan’s bloodline comes from the demon beast.

Of course, the clan wouldn’t accept her because of her status. The demon race is weak and demons usually stay away from humans, so although Huo Huan is very talented, she doesn’t have a good life, and that’s why she was bought by the “Heavenly Clan”.

As soon as Huo Huan appeared, she immediately caught the eyes of the men in the audience, because her figure and clothes were simply too sultry.

“So beautiful, this is a siren, right?”

“Yes, the face is unbelievable!”

“I’m going to go backwards, I’m supporting this woman instead.”


While Huo Huan looked at Ye Lu and smiled and said.

“What exactly is your cultivation level?”

Like the others, she was curious about Ye Lu’s cultivation level, being able to kill Sun Li with one punch, no matter how one thought about it, Ye Lu couldn’t be at the Houtian realm.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Does all this matter?”

Hearing Ye Luo finish, Huo Huan also smiled and said.

“Alright then, but it just so happens to take you to try out my newly learned martial arts skills, I hope you really have two skills.”

Huo Huan made a starting stance after she finished speaking.

However, once she did so, Ye Lu was taken aback because this gesture was the starting stance of the “Candle Dragon Finger”, the only martial art he knew.

“Someone from the Xuantian Sect?”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, because the martial skills of the clan could not be pa*sed on, this woman was either a member of the Xuan Tian Clan or she had learnt the martial skills of the Xuan Tian Clan that had been pa*sed on.

Following that, Ye Luo felt a terrifying aura coming from Huo Huan’s fingers, and he immediately felt a huge pressure.

However, following that, Ye Lu was somewhat surprised because under this immense pressure, his own cultivation level, which had been falling short by a hair, finally broke through, and a fifth strand of spiritual energy appeared from his dantian.

At the same time, Huo Huan’s one finger also arrived.

It was too fast, and as Ye Lu had just been distracted for a moment when he broke through, he could only dodge slightly to avoid the vital point, but the finger still pierced a transparent hole in his chest.

However, this wasn’t the most troublesome part, the most troublesome part was the innate true qi that had entered his body.

These true qi ran wildly through his meridians. Luckily, the level of aura was so much more advanced than true qi that Ye Lu was not killed outright.

This time the wheel of time turned, and the person who remained still on the stage became Ye Luo, while Huo Huan took a few steps back and looked at him with his head tilted in a good way.

All the audience on stage were also watching the scene in silence.

Liu Mei’s heart was already in her throat, she was quite familiar with Ye Luo, so even though Ye Luo had changed his voice, from his body shape and other aspects, Liu Mei had already judged that this person should be Ye Luo.

“Don’t die, please!”

She prayed silently in her heart.

Likewise, the fans of the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” were also praying, as they were extremely worried that Ye Lu would suddenly collapse just like Sun Li.

Then, Ye Luo spat out a mouthful of blood. He spat out a mouthful of blood.


“Waaah! No way!”

“‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ is going to die?”


All the people were sweating for Ye Luo.

But of course, this mouthful of blood was fake, at this moment, Ye Lu was taking advantage of the stall of spurting out this blood to take out the spirit stone to fly in processing the true qi in his body, while adjusting his spirit qi to wait for an opportunity to move.

“LOL! It looks like it worked pretty well.”

Huo Huan was very satisfied with the blow, and following that, she smiled as she walked forward.

“Let me see what you really look like.”

As she spoke, she extended her hand towards Ye Luo’s head.

Seeing that Huo Huan was about to remove the stockings from Ye Luo’s head, everyone once again held their breath as this was something that everyone present was curious about.

In fact, everyone who came to see the fun was wondering, “What does the Stocking Masked Man really look like?

However, just as Huo Huan’s hand was about to grab the stocking, Ye Luo made a swift move, the same move, the same finger, but on Ye Luo’s finger shone a bright fire-red flame.

It was the “Red Lotus Karma Flame”.

This kind of flame was also the nemesis of demonic beasts, so the moment the flame appeared, Huo Huan’s brow furrowed.

She had seen the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” before, initially in the body of a fire pepper, but it was absorbed by Ye Lu.

“He’s Ye Luo!”

Lin Ruyue was astonished beyond words.

Another person who was equally surprised as Lin Ru Yue was the “Daoist Master Xuanhe” who had been watching the stands from the house. He was surprised that Ye Lu was actually using their Xuantian Sect’s unique martial art “Candle Dragon Finger”.

Outsiders might confuse the “Candle Dragon Finger” with the “Yi Yang Finger”, but Daoist Master Xuanhe definitely would not.

“How does he know the sect’s martial art?”

Just when Ye Lu thought she had gotten it, Huo Huan laughed, followed by a bright white light on the revealing dress she was wearing.

At the same time, she had grabbed the stocking on Ye Luo’s head and ripped it off.


Chapter 214

It turned out that this exposed dress of Huo Huan was not an ornament, but also a magic weapon, and when he saw the glow light up, Ye Lv regretted a little, if only he had just used his gla*ses to check out this dress as well.


This finger with radiant flames poked Huo Huan’s chest, and Ye Luo’s stockings disappeared at the same time.

Following that, everyone froze.

After the stocking disappeared, everyone did not see the true face of the “Stocking Masked Man”, there was still a stocking behind it, but the situation was a little different.

“Holy Sh*t! I thought his stocking looked thick today.”

At this point a man said as if it had dawned on him.

And right after that, Huo Huan started to back up.

Because, to her surprise, she found that Ye Lu’s aura could actually penetrate her defenses and bring the “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” into her body, although the amount was small, it still hurt her.


Huo Huan backed up quickly, and then began to meditate.

After all, Ye Lu’s martial art was a simple version of the Candle Dragon Finger, and its destructive power was very limited. She was worried about the “Red Lotus Karmic Flame” that had entered her meridians, and once her meridians were damaged, it would definitely have a huge impact on her cultivation later on.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, was rapidly absorbing the spirit stones to condense the fifth strand of spiritual energy.

He found that what Gla*ses had said was right, between life and death was incredibly helpful in improving his cultivation, he felt that the fifth strand of spiritual energy was growing tens of times faster than usual under the great crisis.

It was a pity that he had brought only a limited number of spirit stones with him.

The crowd below the stage, on the other hand, looked at the two people on the stage in some confusion.

During the first match, Zhang Li was motionless after being beaten, just now Ye Lu was motionless, and now both of them were motionless, so everyone was a little confused as to what the situation was now.

“Wasn’t the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’s’ strike just blocked?”

“I guess the attack was too strong.”

“How strong an attack was it that even the defences of the ‘Combined God Realm’ were broken?”

“How should I know.”


However, very quickly, Huo Huan dealt with the flames within his body, and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I really didn’t expect it, you’re actually so powerful, and up until now, I haven’t even figured out what kind of cultivation level you are.”

In fact, Ye Luo’s heart was also filled with emotions, he could deal with Saint Jessica at the peak of the “Placental Breath Realm” before, but now with the extra aura in his body, he still couldn’t deal with Huo Huan at the middle stage of the “Harmonious God Realm”.

“The difference in cultivation level is really a headache!”

Seeing that Ye Luo did not reply, Huo Huan attacked again.

However, this time, Ye Luo had already prepared for it, and with an additional aura in his body, he quickly began to dodge.


Huo Huan clearly sensed the change in Ye Luo, his reaction speed had clearly become faster than it had just been.

However, following that, Huo Huan’s footwork changed, she suddenly became extremely fast and erratic, Ye Luo felt like he would be stopped by his opponent no matter how he escaped.

“Another martial skill, headache!”

Seeing this fluttering step, Ye Lu understood that this must be some kind of martial skill again.

He felt more and more that the shortcoming of not having martial skills must be solved as soon as possible.

“Listen to me! I can help you ……”

Seeing that hard resistance was definitely not going to work, Ye Lu quickly changed his strategy, however, before he could finish his words, he was kicked by Huo Huan and flipped to the ground.


The old penetrating injury he had just sustained was still fresh, and with this blow, Ye Lu spat out a mouthful of blood once again before he spoke the second half of his sentence.

“Raise your cultivation ……”

However, Huo Huan did not seem to believe it as she continued to attack towards Ye Luo.

However, while dodging quickly, Ye Luo had already thrown two pills at her.

This “Demon Breeding Pill” was originally made by Ye Lu for the demon beast “Two-headed Love Snake”, which had already been fed to a second level Innate Demon Beast.

As soon as she got the “Demon Breeding Pill”, Huo Huan felt the rich medicinal power in the pill and she instantly understood that it was really useful to her, and extremely useful.

In fact, she had been having trouble with the pills for a day or two, most of them had no effect on her due to her physique, and this was the first time she had gotten a pills that really targeted her physique.

“I have a better one!”

Ye Luo said again quickly while the iron was hot.

This time Huo Huan’s heart really moved.

So, she quickly whispered as the two tangled together.

“Okay, I can spare your life, but the Patriarch will come out next and you will still die, I’m afraid.”

Ye Luo then quickly replied.

“I have my own way of doing this.”

In fact, he didn’t have a gross solution, he could only take one step first.

Hearing Ye Luo’s reply, Huo Huan thought for a moment and said.

“No, first give me all these pills you have on you first, otherwise, in case you die, wouldn’t I not be able to get a single hair.”

The situation of the two people on the stage exchanging words while fighting immediately aroused everyone’s suspicion.

Daoist Master Xuanhe also frowned.

He could obviously tell that Ye Lu had basically no chance of winning in front of Huo Huan, but the two suddenly stopped fighting and started exchanging gestures, which was very bizarre.

“What the hell kind of tricks is that kid playing?”

He muttered as he watched the stage, followed by him seeing Ye Luo not knowing what he had taken a bag of something and secretly gave it to Huo Huan, then Huo Huan sold a break and pretended to be knocked down by Ye Luo.

Although this flaw was quite clever and could fool the amateurs, it certainly could not fool the eyes of a patriarch like Daoist Master Xuanhe.

“Now you know how powerful I am, right?”

Ye Lu looked at Huo Huan, who was lying on the ground, and said coldly.

Huo Huan readily conceded defeat, she was not worried about the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” retaliating against her, after all, she was the child of a demon beast, if she dared to harm herself, the demon beast would come back one day and be in big trouble, to a demon beast, killing a Grandmaster was just like swatting a fly, no one wanted to take that risk.

The audience couldn’t understand what was going on here, all they knew was that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had pulled off another comeback.

“Come on! Stocking Mask!”

“Go stocking masked man, yeah!”

“I adore you, Stocking Mask!”


The audience cheered with excitement once again.

However, at this moment, Ye Luo did not have a slight feeling of relaxation in his heart, according to Huo Huan, he was about to fight against a terrifying “master”.

Although Ye Lu had never heard of a “Patriarch” before, there was no doubt that a “Patriarch” was definitely a level higher than a “God Harmony Realm”.

It should be a realm above the “Innate Expert” realm.

Of course, the fact that he had to fight Huo Huan with so much effort had to do with the fact that Huo Huan had a defensive magic weapon, and Ye Lu had just seen that the dress Huo Huan was wearing was actually a “medium grade” magic weapon.

Unless she was like Jessica and allowed herself to attack one after another, it was really hard to do much damage.

At that moment, the host once again waved his hand around and said in a loud voice.

“Everyone, be quiet for a moment.”

Once everyone had quieted down, the MC continued.

“Next, I would like to invite the last ‘Killing Angel’ to come out, I am afraid that none of you here have seen such a person before, as he is a ‘Patriarchal’ super expert, please welcome Patriarch He Xuan. ”

Hearing that there was actually a Patriarch making an appearance, many people from the four great clans stood up violently.

Although the “Heavenly Clan” had recently risen to fame, no one knew their true strength, but this time they actually sent out a “Grandmaster” expert, and a Grandmaster that no one had ever heard of before.

After that, Daoist Master Xuanhe slowly walked out of the room in his new clothes.

Everyone’s eyes looked at Daoist Master Xuanhe, who was wearing a black outfit inlaid with a golden dragon, looking really dominant.


There was no sign of him making any movements, and the man had already flown onto the stage.

While Daoist Master Xuanhe’s face was silent, as if nothing in the world could arouse his interest. In front of this invisible pretentious aura, the crowd present was deeply convinced.

“Patriarch, it’s really different.”

“Yes, the aura is just different!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a patriarch.”


Although the public did not know much about cultivation realms and such, they were familiar with the name “Patriarch”, and those who could be called “Patriarch” were all legendary existences.

Only after a long time did Daoist Master Xuanhe look at the stage and say in a light-hearted manner.

“There is no need to be so surprised, as Grandmasters are only common in our ‘Heavenly Clan’.”